Monday, 2015-07-27

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drouhi guys06:30
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void-devGood morning!07:53
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bluelightningmorning all08:11
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droui've got a problem fetching a git repository for qt gstreamer, when i do a git clone in a tmp directory, it is working and the repository is not empty, whereas it remains empty in yocto build environment08:36
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drouand i get the following error:  CMake Error: The source directory "/var/yocto/build/tmp/work/core2-32-poky-linux/qtgstreamer/1.0-r0/git" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.08:37
drouin my qtgstreamer recipe, i just added SRC_URI = " and SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"08:37
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sm0ketsthello good morning08:56
sm0ketstI'm using my own kernel and defining in the machine configuration the PREFERRED_PROVIDER accordingly, also the depends in the image. I can build it and boot it properly (AFAIK) in the target machine but while building I'm getting the NOTe message about definning thePREFERRED_PROVIDER. I've checked the bitbake -e to see what is in the variable and seems ok with the new kernel. Any clues?08:59
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darkspikeHi All... how can i get the javac compiler in the installer generated by populate-sdk ?09:11
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yann_Hi! When running bitbake linux-yocto, I'm having this error: [kernel]: An auto generated BSP description was used, this normally indicates a misconfiguration.09:14
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yann_I'm using a bbappend for linux-yocto and I've an scc file describing my machine09:15
yann_So I think I should not have this warning.09:15
yann_Am I wrong?09:15
yann_I checked the source of the updateme script and it seems it will always warn if using an out of tree scc file.09:16
AzaToth_is rpm recommended over ipk and deb?09:16
sm0ketstdarkspike: maybe this can be useful ->
yann_Is it normal?09:16
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miandonmenmian_how can i find the kernel headers on yocto after a build09:54
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mckoangood morning09:57
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darkspikesm0ketst: thanks, it clears the path for me.11:10
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sm0ketstdarkspike: I've also found interesting info at
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roosemberthHello everybody, I'm working on a am335x port. I'm basing my configuration on the am335x-evm board. but I'm using a custom kernel. Kernel compiles fine and petty much everything works ok, but at task 1682/1684 (do_rootfs) I get the following error:)12:05
roosemberth| Collected errors:12:05
roosemberth|  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for domosafety-userspace-1.0:12:05
roosemberth|  *    kernel-devicetree *     kernel-devicetree *12:05
roosemberth| Collected errors:12:05
roosemberth|  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for domosafety-userspace-1.0:12:05
roosemberth|  *    kernel-devicetree *     kernel-devicetree *12:05
roosemberth|  * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package domosafety-userspace-1.012:05
roosemberthhere's a sample of my image recipe12:06
roosemberthIMAGE_INSTALL = "domosafety-userspace-1.0 packagegroup-core-boot ${ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE_BOOTSTRAP} ${CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL}"12:07
roosemberthIMAGE_LINGUAS = " "12:07
roosemberthLICENSE = "MIT"12:07
roosemberthinherit core-image12:07
roosemberthROOTFS_PKGMANAGE = "opkg opkg-collateral-domosafety ${EXTRAOPKGCONFIG}"12:07
roosemberthIMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE = "524288"12:07
roosemberthIMAGE_FEATURES += " ssh-server-openssh package-management "12:07
roosemberthDo you have any idea on what can be causing this error?12:07
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LetoThe2ndroosemberth: does your kernel recipe properly define the dtb you need?12:09
LetoThe2ndas kernel-devicetree fails, it maybe just doesn't know *which* devicetree it needs.12:10
roosemberthyes, it's defined12:11
LetoThe2ndwell then you have to dig deeper why it cannot be installed.12:11
roosemberthThis is part of my linux recipe"12:12
roosemberthinherit kernel12:12
roosemberthrequire recipes-kernel/linux/linux-dtb.inc12:12
roosemberthrequire recipes-kernel/linux/setup-defconfig.inc12:12
roosemberth# Pull in the devicetree files into the rootfs12:12
roosemberthRDEPENDS_kernel-base += "kernel-devicetree"12:12
roosemberthIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-image kernel-devicetree "12:12
roosemberthINITRAMFS_IMAGE = "initramfs-cbox-normal"12:12
roosemberth# Add a run-time dependency for the PM firmware to be installed on the target file system.12:12
roosemberthRDEPENDS_kernel-base_append_ti33x = " am33x-cm3"12:12
roosemberth# Add a run-time dependency for the VPE VPDMA firmware to be installed on the target file system.12:12
roosemberthRDEPENDS_kernel-base_append_dra7xx-evm = " vpe-vpdma-fw"12:12
roosemberth# Default is to package all dtb files for ti33x devices unless building12:12
roosemberth# for the specific beaglebone machine.12:12
roosemberthKERNEL_DEVICETREE_ti33x = "cbox-NAND.dtb"12:12
roosemberth -- -- and part of my machine config:12:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_VERSION_linux-libc-headers_CBoxNAND = 3.212:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_CBoxNAND = linux-domosafety12:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader_CBoxNAND = u-boot-domosafety12:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/uenv_CBoxNAND = uenv-domosafety-nand12:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_PROVIDER_kernel_CBoxNAND = u-boot-domosafety12:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_CBoxNAND = u-boot-domosafety12:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_PROVIDER_ltp-ddt_CBoxNAND = ltp-ddt-legacy12:14
roosemberthPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/gettext = gettext12:14
roosemberthRDEPENDS_kernel-base += kernel-devicetree12:14
roosemberthKERNEL_DEVICETREE_CBoxNAND = cbox-NAND.dtb12:14
roosemberthKERNEL_IMAGETYPE = uImage12:14
roosemberthI already tryed using the "-DDD" Option on bitbake, but it won't tell too much, just installed packages and lots of paths12:16
bluelightningroosemberth: can you please use pastebin instead of pasting a bunch of lines in here ?12:18
roosemberthyes, sorry12:18
roosemberthany ideas?12:25
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AzaToth_I'm trying to have a SingleBranchScheduler, but even though I see the commits end up in buildbot, I cant figure out if it's even possible to trigger a build on a commit event12:42
AzaToth_is it? and if so, how?12:42
AzaToth_also is it possible for it to trigger on external repo changes; for example if the source for a package is changed12:44
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roosemberthHello, anyone has a clue on why kernel-devicetree cannot be installed12:47
AzaToth_see for my current "qa" setup12:47
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mcfriskare there many open bugs and race conditions in sstate cache handling in dizzy?12:49
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roosemberthFor the record, I think I figured out why why kernel-devicetree cannot be installed: It was that the recipe was not able to find the right devicetree file, I moved into the kernel sources and I'm testing right now13:31
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Ox4kergoth: hey13:45
TuTizzhi all, how can I remove -Wcast-align from gcc in a recipe?13:45
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Ox4kergoth: I am trying to build an image with debugging symbols, but I receive the following error:
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Ox4TuTizz: bbappend file?13:49
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TuTizzOx4, yes, but should I add -Wno-cast-align in my CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS or should I remove -Wcast-align form them? And do not knwo how to do it13:51
AzaToth_SingleBranchScheduler does work atm right?13:54
bluelightningpidge: ^13:55
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pidgeAzaToth_ Yes, it should13:55
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AzaToth_pidge, while the commits ends up in the "changes" column in waterfall, the buildset containing the schedule is empty and stuck in idle13:56
pidgeAzaToth_, Look at README-NEW-AUTOBUILDER and the docs. No one has reported anything odd about it.13:57
AzaToth_well, search google doesn't even indicate anyone is using it :)13:57
pidgealso, the dev doc may help13:58
pidgeAzaToth_, ^^^13:58
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Ox4TuTizz: do you want remove this flag?14:09
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TuTizzOx4, yes, CFLAGS_prepend="-Wno-error=cast-align" seam to work14:11
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pidgeAzaToth_, see msg14:15
Ox4TuTizz: but it doesn't remove, it prepends the flag14:16
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TuTizzyes you are right now both of flags (-Wno-error=cast-align and -Wcast-align) are present14:20
Ox4TuTizz: but you asked 'how to remove', right?14:23
TuTizzyes it is14:24
Ox4TuTizz: I think you should use CFLAGS_remove then14:26
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TuTizzOx4, your modification did not removing the CFLAGS, could It be because the -Wcast-align CFLAGS is gcc dependant and I trying to remove the CFLAGS of the bluez recipe?14:50
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #410 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergothOx4: are you installing gdb into the image? if so, that's probably okay to ignore. the issue there is, gdb provides both gdb and gdbserver, whereas the gdbserver in meta-sourcery only provides gdbserver. the latter can be useful if that's all you need, but otherwise not so much15:21
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #405 of nightly-rpm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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otaviorburton: replied regarding gst :)17:19
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rburtonotavio: next time i'll engage brain17:20
otaviorburton: no worries :)17:20
otaviorburton: please reinvoice the need of proper upstream-status field and like17:21
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otaviorburton: this is new fsl guy for yp work and we need to put them in shape ;)17:21
kergothhmm, odd. WARNING: QA Issue: locale-base-sq-mk rdepends on glibc-binary-localedata-sq-mk, but it isn't a build dependency? [build-deps] — how exactly is this showing up when both of those packages come out of the same recipe, glibc-locale?17:25
kergothpretty sure we don't need ourselves in DEPENDS17:25
paulgmaybe when we are all 80+?17:26
* paulg runs17:26
bluelightningthat is an odd error though I'd have to agree17:27
bluelightningwell, warning17:27
bluelightningit can't be too dumb to know when it's dealing with an RDEPENDS within the same recipe, surely ?17:27
kergothhrmph, glibc's utils require libgcc, but libgcc needs glibc, and external toolchain's lack -initial passes to resolve the interdependency. guess i'll have to explicitly add the rdeps and bypass any build-deps qa failures17:28
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rburtonkergoth: i managed to make that appear when playing around with the dirs patch, but it doesn't happen "normally"17:46
kergoththe locale thing?17:47
kergothstrange. you'd think if that was going to show up, it'd always show up17:47
kergoththough it shouldn't at all17:48
kergothi need to play around with my oe-selftest series again.. though i still dont' see how they could possibly be affecting the results of bitbake builds run by the tests..17:48
rburtondidn't richard fix that?17:49
rburtonyour perfectly reasonable bitbake calls were exposing a bug in the toaster class17:49
kergothah, did he? i must have missed that email17:50
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kergothah, there it is18:01
kergothoh, right, i forgot i experimented iwth turning off gmails' thing where it bypasses filters for "important" mail, but with that off, replies to mailing list threads i participated in will get archived and not hit the inbox, so i missed the reply18:02
* kergoth turns it back on18:02
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rburtonkergoth: indeed19:39
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kergothMy working theory on the glibc-locale build-deps warnings is that certain external sourcery toolchains don't have all the binary localedata, so we end up with some locale-base packages emitted for locales which have no binary localedata. since those aren't listed in the glibc-locale PACKAGES, we get a QA failure, even though it's not possible to fix the qa failure, since no recipe emits that package at all.19:41
* kergoth digs further19:41
rburtonkergoth: fwiw, i replicated without an external toolchain :)19:42
kergothi think the rest is accurate, though, i think there's a mismatch in the locales for which locale-base is emitted vs those for which binary localedata is emitted19:42
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kergothrburton: heh, in this build glibc-binary-localedata-ja-jp.eucjp and glibc-binary-localedata-ja-jp.utf8 were emitted, but locale-base emitted .euc-jp and .utf-8, respectively, so thats what it depended on. mismatch due to a single dash :P19:59
* kergoth rolls eyes19:59
* kergoth disables use of precompiled binary locales to see how the behavior differs20:03
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RPkergoth: I'm not sure I want to know...21:38
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #411 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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kergothhuh, i didn't realize using ^ at the beginning of a bracket expression in shell is unspecified behavior, that ! should be used instead (e.g. [!a-b] not [^a-b])23:07
kergothseebs: did you know about that one? i'm not sure how i missed it.. i guess because most shells seem to handle both23:08
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seebsI did not know about that one. Wow!23:43
seebsI may have known about it in the past but I had apparently forgotten.23:43
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kergoth"The description of basic regular expression bracket expressions in the Base Definitions volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001, Section 9.3.5, RE Bracket Expression shall also apply to the pattern bracket expression, except that the exclamation mark character ( '!' ) shall replace the circumflex character ( '^' ) in its role in a "non-matching list" in the regular expression notation. A bracket expression starting with an unquoted circumflex character produces23:49
kergoth unspecified results."23:49
* kergoth fixes a couple of his scripts23:49

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