Thursday, 2015-07-30

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kergothhmm, wonder what the status is of the ptests. last time i ran them on an image they exploded all over the place02:12
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vmesonFun... ERROR: Tried running useradd command 10 times without success, giving up -- that just started showing up on our 32 core builders in the last week or two: ~2015071603:20
vmesonthese systems are overloaded so we might have just exceeded the count of 10 due to an improvement in another part of bitbake/oe-core. Investigating.03:24
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #423 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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HappycatHi, i have a question, i'm adding a 3.8 kernel recipe to meta-xilinx. I started using the same folder hierarchy from my meta-XXX folder. Just like i would do for a bbappend. I have everything (patches, config) but i can't find the way to tell bitbake to use my kernel. (and i don't even know if using the same hierarchy works for a bb file instead of bbappend ? ). I already used the COMPATIBLE_MACHINE. and now i must admi that i am a07:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #420 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
Ox4morning guys07:44
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mckoangood morning07:46
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ndecHappycat: you need to set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel to point to your custom kernel recipe.07:56
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HappycatOk, so i have to change my recipe, now i have the same name and hierarchy as meta-xilinx. I must have my own kernel name and hierarchy so ?07:59
ndecHappycat: not sure what you are calling a hierarchy? is that a layer?08:04
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HappycatYes, by hierarchy i mean if i have a in a recipes-nothing folder inside a meta-something i create a meta-mylayer inside it i put recipes-nohing and my X.bbappend in it.08:05
HappycatIt's asking me for a LICENSE, i must have mistaken somewhere08:06
ndecso, what you want to do is make your own custom kernel recipe (which doesn't exist yet), right?08:06
ndeci am confused by your reference to .bbappend08:07
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HappycatYeah sorry , it was a bad explanation :/, I want to add my kernel recipe for a 3.8 kernel. (currently meta-xlnx only provide 3.14 and 3.19 kernel). But i don't want to edit the meta-xlnx layer. I'd like to use several .inc that i found inside it. So i did just like i would with a bbappend, i didn't want to override anything else that the version of the kernel. Preventing it to build a 3.14 / 3.19 and build mine without touching a s08:09
ndecHappycat: you can't override the 'version' with a .bbappend08:10
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ndec.bbappend is only to make modification in an existing recipe. what you need is a new recipe.08:11
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ndecyou can make your own layer with meta-foo/recipes-kernel/xxx/yyy.bb08:11
ndecand you can include the .inc from meta-xilink08:11
HappycatYeah i know, arg i don't know how to explain it :p ndec that is what i did exactly !08:11
ndecwell, then that's good ;-)08:12
Happycati don't have bbappend, i mean i used recipes-kernel/linux/linux-xlnx_3.8.bb08:12
Happycatwell i created it.08:12
ndecok, does your recipe build, at least?08:12
HappycatIt is asking me for a license, but i'm confuse i thought i would detect a kernel recipe and don't ask for a license , no ?08:13
ndecevery recipe needs to set LICENSE.08:14
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Happycatreally ? but i didn't see any LICENSE in the linux-xlnx 3.14 or 3.19 recipe. i'll check again so :)08:15
ndecit's in which is included08:16
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HappycatOk i see it :) thanks so i have to figure out why it's not included08:17
Happycatit sould be as i'm using the .inc from linux-xlnx08:18
ndecHappycat: looking at , i am not sure you can include it in a separate layer, though. it wouldn't find "require "08:20
HappycatOk, i was wondering why it wasn't working , why can't i include it ? So creating my own recipe not using would be the only possible sollution ?08:23
ndecif you 'include' the file, then when it is parsed it will try to process the included file which has "require", so it will try to load this file too, but it cannot find it.08:24
Happycatok :/ so it would be mandatory to put my recipe in linux-xlnx folder (inside meta-xlxn).. i have to check if it would be acceptable :/08:25
Happycatthanks a lot for the help :)08:25
ndecwell, the meta-xlinx .inc file could be patch to allow what you want to do.08:26
ndecrequire recipe-kernel/linux/ , should work.08:26
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HappycatYeah but isn't the configuration process based on config fragments ? i have a full defconfig , i thought it was incompatible with fragments no ?08:38
joshuaglhmm, any documentation for bitbake-whatchanged beyond the commit logs?08:39
joshuaglit doesn't appear to be mentioned in the ref-manual or dev-manual08:39
ant_workit is indeed 'incompatible'08:43
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ant_workpls read meta-skeleton/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-custom.bb08:43
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bluelightningmorning all08:45
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Ox4guys, it there a posibility to print out from which commit yocto fetches changes for particular package?10:12
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abelalhi guys10:31
abelali am getting a build failure on the master branch10:31
abelalthe do_install step for python fails10:31
abelalIllegal instruction (core dumped)10:32
abelalmake: *** [sharedmods] Error 13210:32
abelalERROR: oe_runmake failed10:32
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Ox4abelal: debug it10:40
Ox4abelal: do you have core dumps?10:40
abelalOx4: I am trying to I do not get the core dump10:40
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abelalOx4: i will be trying the devshell to see if I get anything more10:41
Ox4abelal: good boy :)10:41
abelalOx4: how can I make 'make' more verbose10:41
Ox4for bitbake?10:41
abelalnope when i am in the devshell10:42
abelali should say make -vDDD10:42
Ox4but I suggest to redirect it to a file10:42
Ox4abelal: what are you going to do in the devshell?10:42
abelalOx4: I would run the make command that fails in the do_install process10:43
abelalto see if it gives anything more10:43
abelalbut I would like to see 'make' being more verbose about all it10:43
abelalbecause although it says core dumped i am not getting any dumps10:43
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #415 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
Ox4abelal: the you have to set V=1 in the makefile10:45
Ox4sorry not in the make10:46
Ox4just add V=1 as a parameter10:46
abelalOx4: i should probably simply add it to EXTRA_OECMAKE? for python10:48
Ox4abelal: I thinks yes10:49
abelalOx4: i am getting "[ 4530.844683] traps: python2.7[22442] trap invalid opcode ip:2b9e9153ec54 sp:7ffc1f5b13f0 error:0 in[2b9e9153d000+6000]10:50
abelal" in my dmesg10:50
abelalpossibly a host side issue as the same build runs fine on another host10:51
Ox4abelal: whish system are you using?11:06
abelalOx4: it's a Ubuntu 14.04 system11:06
Ox4which kernel?11:06
abelalOx4: i have python 2.7.6 installed11:06
abelalOx4: 3.13.0-61-generic11:07
Ox4so ancient :-(11:07
Ox4anyway if you run some python script is it executed successfully?11:07
abelalOx4: no issues with python... not on host console neither in devshell11:10
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lpapphey, I wonder if reboot could be moved to busybox.suid?11:18
lpappI wish to be able to reboot the board as some dedicated user.11:18
lpappcurrently, we use our own suid reboot binary, but to be fair, since these days busybox seems to be split into two parts with Yocto, I wonder if it makes sense or that still cannot help us?11:19
ftonelloAny idea why my oprofile package is not shiping opcontrol or operf?11:19
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lpappwell, anyway, we can certainly override what goes into non-suid and suid?11:29
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AzaToth_Can I say build from a tag defined as parameter, or will it always build from the given branch given in the conf?12:58
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vmesonthe qemuarm64 sanity test failure appear to be a host configuration error: | (qemu) qemu:qemu_cpu_kick_thread: No such processReleasing lockfile of preconfigured tap device 'tap1'13:21
vmesonWill pidge handle that once the west coast of NA wakes up.I'm trying to figure out who is involved in maintaining system sanity so that I can pitch in....13:27
rburtonpidge is in GMT13:28
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vmesonAzaToth_: I don't follow. You can checkout your oe-core /bitbake/ foo layer to whatever commit/tag/branch you like. Of course only certain configs are sane...13:29
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vmesonrburton: ok. no pidge in the channel. Who can confirm that the build failure is due to an error in the buildbot config and fix it?13:30
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vmesonlpapp: reboot should not be suid as a default. You should make that change locally if that makes sense for your work.13:32
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pidgesomeone rang?13:33
bluelightningvmeson: what suggests to you that that's a configuration error ?13:34
vmesonHi pidge. I'm trying to help out with some of the autobuilder errors. Be patient as I learn how the YP AB works..13:34
vmesonI just guessed that tap0 would be the default device used.... qemu) qemu:qemu_cpu_kick_thread: No such processReleasing lockfile of preconfigured tap device 'tap1'13:35
rburtonit uses tap[n] based on the number of concurrent qemus running right?13:36
pidgevmeson:  are you seeing this on the main AB?13:36
vmesonI'll be spending some time getting buildbot and YP AB running locally but I havent' done that yet...13:36
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vmesonpidge: yes: [07:33] [Notice] -YoctoAutoBuilder to #yocto- build #76 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests]  Build details are at
pidgerburton: yes. We generally use the setup tap script in poky. let me take a look at this...13:36
* vmeson reads the error message again and reconsiders his assumption...13:37
pidgevmeson: well, remember. One autobuilder may be running a whole lot of qemu sessions. I forget how many taps we set up but it's quite a few. 24?13:38
bluelightningvmeson: "qemu:qemu_cpu_kick_thread: No such process" suggests to me a qemu bug13:39
vmesonbluelightning: yeah. I've had some coffee now. I agree. I'll see if I can reproduce the error locally.13:40
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[Sno]is it possible (and if: how) to use a yocto-builddir for two machines (first build for machine A, then for machine B)?17:58
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bluelightning[Sno]: yes, and just change MACHINE value (or ensure it's set with ?= in the configuration and then pass it in from the external environment)17:59
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wobblyhi i am looking for help with installation to an SSD.19:05
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atoztoaHi everyone, I created a new stackexchange proposal. Can you guys please vote?
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davisi'm trying to pull down a file and I get a checksum error. It says this error can be avoided by adding lines to your recipe. It gives some lines to add , but I don't know where to add these lines? in the layer.conf for this recipe or in a config file in poky tree?20:18
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davisalso, I'm using hob and I can not copy and paste the log ocmments from the issue message list. Is this log kept someplace in file system? I see a bunch of .log files in build/tmp/work but nothing for this particular package.20:21
davisahh, i found it. poky/tmp/log/cooker/beaglebone/*.log20:23
davisi added the log suggestion to meta-oracle-java/conf/layer.conf as a hail mary. perhaps I'll get lucky.20:25
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davisso this seems to be building the java package.20:40
davisI'm also trying to get the lcd cape working.  Currently it does not. dmesg shows drm (direct rendering module) for a tilcdc driver. I'm guessing that is Texas Instruments lcd controller.20:42
davisso maybe the lcd is in the kernel, but it needs something in userspace to enable it.20:43
davisis there a package for the sato recipe which needs to be modified to specify a 4D systems LCD cape? its something I got from sparkfun or adafruit.20:43
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davisis there a way to config the kernel config via hob?20:59
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wobblyhello i am trying to install my core-image-sato image to a SSD that i partition...22:00
wobblyis there already a standard script or process for this?22:00
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wobblytried the instructions here:
wobblybut the grub-install failed with "grub-install: error: /mnt/target doesn't look like an EFI partition."22:02
wobblyi am trying to install to a big SSD, i want to have some data and backup partitions on it too..  so i should just be able to use the ext3 and then configure grub...22:03
wobblyi found some scripts that look like install scripts in initrd recipes in poky i think... i need to go and look again22:03
wobblyi was also wondering what the iso is for22:03
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wobblyany advice??22:05
paulgI usually populate the partiton (un tar into it) and then chroot into it and run grub from there.22:08
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paulgyou have to mount dev and proc in the chroot to keep grub2 happy.  and this assumes grub is in your installed fs.22:09
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paulgthere are probably more user friendly ways to do it ; I just do that because that is what I've done since the beginning of time ; before yocto even existed.22:10
paulga system rescue CD (on USB key) is a good way to bootstrap so you can untar and populate the partitions IMHO22:11
paulgsystem rescue assumes x86 of course.22:11
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wobblyhm ok thanks paulg thinking about your answer.  yeah i have used chroot before, it sounds like that might work23:57
wobblylet me see if i have grub installed and try.  maybe i will try syslinux also23:58

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