Thursday, 2015-08-06

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khalebioshello . I'am try to write a new recipe which goal is to install a little hello world program07:58
khalebiosthe code is here
khalebiosi have an error when running : bitbake -b  ../../../recipes-extended/test-hello/test-hello_0.1.bb08:01
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LetoThe2ndkhalebios: configure sounds like the source is autotoolized. so you better should depend on the autotools.class infrastructure.08:05
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khalebiosso i have to add inherit autotools in my recipes?08:06
LetoThe2ndkhalebios: instead of bluntly tinkering the recipe, i'd suggest reading chapter 5.3 of the dev manual, and then take a careful look at the second example under
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LetoThe2ndplus, i think the yocto-layer create command also gives you some working example recipe to base of if you wish so.08:12
bluelightningmorning all08:15
wtoIs there a way to have yocto/oe unpack a tarball to some different directory?08:16
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wtoI have a recipe where I want to download two tarballs, but their internal structure both begin with the same directory (so they would be merged when unpackging)08:16
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wtoSo a.tar.bz2 and b.tar.bz2 both contain "specific_dir/" as top-level inside the tarball.08:23
wtoI would like to have them separated, but I have no power over the tarballs (so I can't change them myself).08:23
bluelightningwto: there is a way yes, one moment08:24
bluelightningwto: add ;subdir=subdirectoryname08:24
wtobluelightning: ah, to the SRC_URI-line?08:25
bluelightningwto: yes08:25
wtoThat's a neat solution!08:25
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zwerchHello guys. I'm struggling with a psplash issue. I need to have a full 1080p logo in psplash, but it seems that the bar is somehow breaking the splash screen, there is a black full-width line and the logo is cut weirdly. Is there a way to maybe disable the whole bar?08:30
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khalebiosRE -hello!!!09:38
khalebioswhy i can't rewrite my /etc/network/interfaces wuth ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND09:39
bluelightningkhalebios: you'll need to write to ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/network/interfaces otherwise you'll be trying to write into your build host's /etc09:41
khalebiosi have this line:  cp ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/network/interface ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/network/interfaces;09:44
khalebiosbut nothing change in my interfaces files09:44
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bluelightningkhalebios: ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is actually a list of functions to call09:46
bluelightningkhalebios: you need to create a shell function that does the cp and call that from ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND09:46
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khalebiosso to resume: add a shell09:56
khalebiosi am trying start09:56
khalebiosi am trying that09:56
khalebiosi made this:10:01
khalebiossetinterfaces(){ cp -f ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/network/interface ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/network/interfaces; }10:01
khalebiosand after10:01
khalebiosROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "\setinterfaces;\"10:02
khalebiosnothing changes10:02
javier__hi, if there is a way to ask in a recipe if a specific package has been added to the image?10:02
javier__something like ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES',...) but for packages?10:02
javier__I've a recipe for an app that has a QT frontend but I only want to add a dependency to qtbase and enable the frontend in configure if the qtfoo has been added to the image10:03
bluelightningkhalebios: what is with the \ ?10:05
javier__already split the QT frontend in a different package so the front and backend can be installed separately10:05
khalebios\ I use it to add other thing to the ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS8COMMAND10:05
bluelightningjavier__: no, you can't do that I'm afraid10:06
bluelightningkhalebios: items in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND are separated by ;10:06
khalebioswhat do you do when you whant to change line?10:07
javier__bluelightning: that explains why I was not finding in the docs, so what's the good practice for this case?10:07
javier__bluelightning: to allow the user building and install the QT frontend or not?10:08
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bluelightningjavier__: well, build time decisions about optional functionality for individual recipes are usually done through PACKAGECONFIG10:09
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khalebioson question: does ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND been executed at the last time of the compilation?10:20
javier__bluelightning: thanks, I'll investitage about PACKAGECONFIG. I've seen that other recipes used but not completely understading how it works.10:22
bluelightningkhalebios: I'm sorry I don't quite understand the question... ?10:24
khalebiosi see that in one recipes : init-ifupdown  .. they are a FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}-${PV}:" command10:26
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khalebiosi understand that this recipe upgrade the interfaces file10:40
khalebiosbut this doesn't work10:40
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jkubluelightning: I'm trying out devtool with a texinfo upgrade but am not sure how to get started in this specific situation: If I update texinfo version (and SRC_URI checksums) and then run "devtool modify -x texinfo ~/src/texinfo" it fails because the patches fail to apply to the new version...11:08
jkubut those patches are exactly what I want to fix and I thought devtool would help there... maybe I've misunderstood something?11:08
bluelightningjku: the upgrade case isn't well-handled right now - we've got someone working on it atm:
yoctiBug 7642: enhancement, High, 1.9 M2, leonardo.sandoval.gonzalez, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , devtool: add recipe upgrade functionality11:10
jkuok, thanks11:12
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AzaToth_where do I find recipetool?12:18
AzaToth_(n00b question I know, but...)12:18
AzaToth_have done the usual . oe<TAB>12:19
bluelightningAzaToth_: in fido (1.8) and later it's included in scripts/ so after setting up the environment it should be in your path12:19
AzaToth_we're sadly still using daisy12:20
AzaToth_need to look into migrate to fido12:21
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mcfriskWhat's the correct way to increment package version numbers after applying patches in a .bbappend?13:29
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bluelightningmcfrisk: use the PR service, it will then happen automatically13:31
mcfrisksigh, can't get servers like that up and running...13:32
mcfriskI guess I can add a magic original+2 or something..13:33
mcfriskthanks bluelightning13:33
bluelightningcan't? why?13:33
mcfriskcorporate crap13:36
bluelightningyour build machine can't connect to localhost ? that's the simplest setup...13:36
bluelightningthere's basically no server to set up then, it's started and stopped with the build process13:37
bluelightningPRSERV_HOST = "localhost:0"13:37
mcfriskwe have distributed build machinery so need a central location which is tricky with corporate IT...13:38
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bluelightningif your IT is placing such restrictions on internal servers, that's unfortunate13:40
jkuthe screen recipe includes this in SRC_URI: "${DEBIAN_MIRROR}/main/s/screen/screen_4.0.3-14.diff.gz;name=patch" -- that is the debian/-directory contents as a diff. Why on earth would we patch it in to the source directory?13:43
bluelightningjku: I guess it's a convenient way to pull in the patches from debian13:44
mcfriskjku: if a source package follows Debian source package, that directory can contain patches Debian applies to upstream sources13:44
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jkuwhere would I see those patches being applied?13:46
gatispHello, everytime I try to run "devshell" for a yocto recipe, it stays forever at the "0: myrecipe-1.0-r0 do_devshell (pid 31378)" line. But works fine on another PC. Has anyone experience this?13:48
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jkubluelightning, mcfrisk: what I mean is: I can see (40!) patches in {S}/debian/patches/ but I don't see what mechanism would be used to apply them13:52
mcfriskjku: you're right, they don't seem to be applied in yocto/master, or some magic happens in default actions13:53
mcfriskthis means that screen is really buggy in yocto?13:53
bluelightningmcfrisk: when you say they don't seem to be applied, how are you determining that?13:56
bluelightningjku: in theory, log.do_patch13:57
mcfriskbluelightning: reading recipe13:58
mcfriskcan I see master build log of screen somewhere? build server?13:59 only applies the debian patch, not the patches in the patch14:00
jkubluelightning: but also in the recipe right? the debian patches (the ones that end up in {S}/debian/patches/ ) can't get applied without being specified in the recipe somehow, right?14:01
mcfriskmaybe screen changed patch format in recent years/decades14:01
mcfriskoriginal old style debian patches were plain patches to orig source tree, nowadays they manage patch series under debian/ and apply them before compiling..14:01
gatisp.. i guess it fails to spawn a terminal for some reason "DEBUG: Attempting to spawn terminal "gnome"" is the last debug msg I see14:02
jkuit would have had to be >4 years ago when screen was probably moved from meta-oe14:02
jkuwell, I'll try to upgrade, we'll see how that goes14:02
mcfriskjku: maybe a sanity test for this?14:03
bluelightninghmm, this is interesting... it's possible the person who added the patch missed this14:06
jkuthere's a couple of other recipes that have the same setup and I don't see them using the patches either14:06
jkuwell, that is tomorrows project: now I walk the dogs. Thanks for bouncing back some ideas14:09
mcfriskwell, it's not really a suprise, I can see that yocto packages are not really well maintained compared to debian/ubuntu/fedora/redhat/centos. Just not enough people and testing in yocto. Real distro users are missing in open source world at least.14:09
bluelightningI think you may be underestimating the number of commercial users of our project14:10
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bluelightningof course we have bugs... everyone does14:10
mcfriskbluelightning: well I can see how little the commercial users are actually a) testing, b) co-operating with other distros with security support etc c) the quality of commercial additions to yocto.14:11
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* mcfrisk is on the dark^R^Rcommercial side14:12
bluelightningwell, that's a little too general to respond to I'm afraid...14:14
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mcfriskyes, sorry for complaining here. I'll try to send patches instead...14:15
bluelightningI don't mind complaints, but they need to be a bit more specific14:17
bluelightningFWIW, Intel pays me and a number of others to work on the project; I know the same is true of other organisations that are YP members14:17
mcfriskyes I know, and that does help.14:19
mcfriskBut 20 active developers, 2 reviewers for oe-core, that isn't matching Debian's 1000 devels (of which maybe 300 active) and 5 security support ppl. And yocto is about bleeding edge, not long term support for servers.14:21
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bluelightningwe have a slightly different problem space though, and far fewer pieces of software being packaged14:22
mcfriskbut in the end some products would actually need lts style security support for various packages. companies paid to such support don't really seem to be doing anything in the embedded/automtive space at least. They just fork and run away without looking back.14:24
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #428 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Failure [failed CheckForGPLv3] Build details are at
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gatispWhen in devshell and running "" my recipe inherits autools I get "configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs. If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'."14:54
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bluelightninggatisp: you may find the devshell does not have all arguments set to enable compilation - because some of those are task-specific14:55
bluelightnings/argument/environment variables/14:55
gatispbluelightning, task-specific? Am I missing something in my work-flow for this to work properly?14:56
bluelightninggatisp: well, to rephrase, devshell won't ensure that your custom script will get the correct arguments to configure15:02
kergothgatisp: you shouldn't run configure directly or through scripts in the sources, we run configure with specific arguments. do a configure with bitbake, then drop into devshell and run the ../temp/run.do_configure* script15:02
kergothhey all15:02
bluelightninghi kergoth15:02
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gatispkergoth, bluelightning : thanks for the tips, I will try your suggestions15:04
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mcfriskshould yocto -doc packages install to /usr/share/doc/$PN or /usr/share/doc/$PN-$PV ? I find that $PV in path odd...15:15
bluelightningmcfrisk: I can't see that there's an explicit setting of that anywhere - which recipe's packages are you seeing this in?15:18
gatispkergoth, right, now things start to looks as expected, thanks again. I was not aware of this workflow, from docs I assumed that in devshell I can run commands in a same way as if I was on the desktop for example.15:18
mcfriskbluelightning: libxml215:18
kergothgatisp: generally you can, but cross-compilation is not a trivial thing, we do a lot to make it work properly, which includes running configure and make with the right arguments to get the expected results15:19
bluelightningmcfrisk: possibly that project follows the RH style, because on my CentOS box, subdirs of /usr/share/doc have versions in the name15:19
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mcfriskbluelightning: some -doc packages include example code which can be used for testing e.g. the SDK15:24
mcfriskso I'll ignore this version number in path15:24
ftonelloIs the openembedded conference in Dublin open to anyone?15:24
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bluelightningftonello: I believe so yes15:29
frayyup.. just have to register, pay the small fee and show up15:29
frayELC-E.. there is the OpenEmbedded meeting part that is open to any e.V. members..15:30
WarheadsSEHello all, having a bit of a conundrum issue:
bluelightningfray: I guess he means OEDEM, there shouldn't be a fee for that AFAIK15:30
*** likewise <likewise!> has quit IRC15:30
WarheadsSEdespite having PREFERRED_PROVIDER_ set, it is not listening ?15:30
bluelightningfray: and Philip did say all are welcome15:30
frayahh yes.. OEDEM is different15:30
bluelightningWarheadsSE: linux-firmware-rtlwifi is a package right?15:31
WarheadsSEit is a packagename15:31
bluelightningWarheadsSE: unfortunately using PREFERRED_PROVIDER to specify a provider for a runtime target (i.e. a package) doesn't actually work15:31
* WarheadsSE sigh15:31
yoctiBug 6149: normal, Low, Future, paul.eggleton, NEW , Setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER to select between multiple runtime providers does not work15:32
* bluelightning notes the bug is assigned to him :(15:32
bluelightningI think the conclusion would be try to avoid getting yourself into that situation15:32
*** jonathanmaw <jonathanmaw!> has quit IRC15:32
otavioIs Josua online?15:35
bluelightningotavio: which one? Lock?15:35
bluelightningjoshuagl: ^^15:35
WarheadsSEbluelightning: sigh, my next recourse is one of two, PNBLACKLIST or DEFAULT_PREFERENCE alteration.15:36
otaviojoshuagl: The perf fix is locking me up; is it possible for you to merge it into fido? it is in fido-next for a while15:36
*** gizero_ <gizero_!> has quit IRC15:40
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto15:43
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WarheadsSEbluelightning: on that same vein: bitbake linux-firmware-rtlwifi15:47
WarheadsSEERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'linux-firmware-rtlwifi'. Close matches: linux-firmware15:47
* WarheadsSE facepalm15:47
bluelightningWarheadsSE: bitbake does not take package names on the command line, only build-time targets (i.e. recipes)15:47
WarheadsSEYou can tell me I need to set a preferred provider, but can't find it15:47
bluelightningright, that's a known issue as noted15:48
WarheadsSEYeah, one of those joyous pains that probably crosses the same point of pain15:48
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*** afxez0r <afxez0r!~afxez0r@> has quit IRC15:58
kergothyou can always specify an explicit non-runtime preference, and bitbake will obey it to resolve runtime15:59
kergothe.g. PREFERRED_PROVIDER_foo = "foo", if foo is the recipe you want which emits the package in question15:59
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-rtigorgbcbgfcioz> has quit IRC16:01
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:02
WarheadsSEtrying that now16:04
WarheadsSEK, warning stopped16:05
WarheadsSEWaiting to see which it builds16:06
*** marek__ <marek__!> has quit IRC16:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #423 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
*** archer121 <archer121!0e8bb972@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:15
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archer121Hi, I want to set a flag in cmake for a recipe (-D WITH_CUDA=ON). What I did is that I added it to EXTRA_OECMAKE variable in it's recipe file. But it gives the following error: please have a look and help me out16:18
neverpanicdid you try -DWITH_CUDA=ON?16:19
archer121wait a second...16:21
archer121I guess that did the job.16:22
archer121neverpanic: mind if I ask some general questions about yocto?16:22
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto16:23
neverpanicDon't mind if you ask here, but I may not be able to answer -- not a Yocto expert myself.16:23
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto16:23
*** hsychla <hsychla!> has quit IRC16:24
archer121SO, who really uses yocto? Mostly people do it as part of their work in a company, right?16:24
WarheadsSEit is mixed, I know of a few people that do it for their own from-scratch-but-with-others-help linux distro/installations16:25
archer121Well, that's what I am here for. I want to build a minimal disto for my board. It looks very simple with yocto.16:26
archer121What I do is to add all the recipes, the bsp, and then mention the packages I want installed in build/local.conf. Then do a bitbake core-image-minimal, and voila!16:28
archer121I just wanted to know if I am doing it correctly. Ofcourse I am supposed to make a layer byself. But this is not a large project. So it wont matter. Right?16:29
ftonelloAnyone going to OEDEM ?16:30
ftonelloI am interested in attending, what should I do?16:30
*** lordzen <lordzen!> has quit IRC16:37
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto16:42
DS__Hi, I created a recipe that inherits cmake to build a library. I defined in the FILES_${PN} what are the files generated by the library, however I get a QA error because apparently it creates a "/usr/src/debug" folder in the package and puts the source there. QA complains I didn't put those in the FILES variables. How do I stop those sources from going there?16:42
DS__The CMakeLists.txt file only has directives to install the generated library16:42
WarheadsSEarcher121:  I would suggest making a packagegroup16:42
WarheadsSEyou should isolate "your" layer, always16:43
WarheadsSEthat way moving parts under you won't bite you in the proverbial ass16:43
archer121WarheadsSE: Why?16:43
DS__archer121: it's always great to create your layer, because if you upgrade other layers you might lose your recipes, confs, etc.16:44
archer121DS__: The point is, I don't have any.16:44
*** wschaller <wschaller!> has quit IRC16:44
archer121I just need OpenCV with CUDA support. That's all16:45
DS__archer121: from what you've said earlier, you wanted to add a flag for cmake in a recipe. This is something that could get lost if you did in someone else's layer16:45
WarheadsSEthat makes for a very good .bbappend in your own layer.16:45
DS__What WarheadsSE said16:45
WarheadsSEthen, moving foward, when you update the underlying (origin) layer, you don't have to remove that edit, and then add it back16:45
DS__You can append recipes with your own stuff in your own layer. It's an idea similar to "patching" someone else's code16:45
archer121DS__: ah, I get in now.16:46
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:46
archer121Yocto build system is superb cool. I will be making my on layer.16:46
DS__archer121: When I started working with yocto (not long ago) I hardcoded my changes in all layers. That became a nightmare to fix when yocto 1.8 was released, because I wanted to upgrade and couldn't16:47
DS__Since then I learned how to do that properly :)16:47
archer121DS__: I get it.16:47
WarheadsSEthat and make good use of repo16:48
archer121DS__: So now you are not including meta-oe. You just make your on .bb, and refer to .bb found in meta-oe or other layers for reference.16:49
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:49
DS__archer121: no. I include meta-oe, but I never modify stuff that's in there16:50
WarheadsSEthat is what .bbappends are for16:50
DS__If I want to modify a recipe, I create a .bbappend in my own layer that modifies the recipe I want16:50
archer121DS__: OK. rings bells... I need to read more16:50
DS__I recommend reading the entire section as well16:51
archer121yeah, I'm reading it now16:51
archer121One more question: I can cross-compile binaries on yocto. So I make a recipe. Or say I don't have vim in the build image which I flashed. So i do a bitmake vim. Where does the output do?16:54
DS__archer121: if you only bitbake vim, bitbake will build that recipe for the machine configured in your local.conf, but will not add it to any images16:55
archer121I can add manually over ssh. but where is the binary?16:56
archer121or where is the built binary?16:57
WarheadsSEsee DEPLOYDIR16:57
WarheadsSEbut yocto can cross compile.16:57
DS__It's better if you just add it to your image, and bitbake will take care of installing it in the proper location. But if you really want to do it manually, check your build/tmp/work/machinename/vim16:57
archer121ok, so in .bb, the DEPLOYDIR would be pointing to somewhere in tmp16:57
WarheadsSEand build/tmp/deplot/ipk/xx/vim*16:58
WarheadsSEarcher121: please see DEPLOYDIR in the manual16:58
WarheadsSEit is well defined.16:58
archer121sure sure16:58
*** wschaller <wschaller!> has joined #yocto17:01
WarheadsSEkergoth: hmm, looks like that didn't quite work.17:01
WarheadsSEstill getting that rtlwifi-new building17:02
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archer121Good Day17:40
*** archer121 <archer121!0e8bb972@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto17:40
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #82 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
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*** RP <RP!~richard@> has joined #yocto18:10
kergothdamnit, my plan of attack for git shallow support isn't viable, will have to make more invasive changes18:14
*** Biliogadafr1 <Biliogadafr1!~User@> has quit IRC18:16
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto18:17
lpapphi, why do I get this mess? /opt/polatis/2.0/sysroots/x86_64-polatissdk-linux/usr/share/misc/magic.mgc, 855: Warning: offset `������' invalid18:17
lpapp/opt/polatis/2.0/sysroots/x86_64-polatissdk-linux/usr/share/misc/magic.mgc, 855: Warning: type `������' invalid18:17
lpappwhen using file on a binary?18:17
kergoththat's .. weird18:18
lpappthe file in question is generated by the Yocto SDK that I created for our image.18:18
lpappit is clearly platform differences18:18
lpappx86_64 file and 32 bit arm, but it did not use to be like that. I experience this mostly with the Yocto SDK.18:18
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto18:20
kergothif the magic file is in the x86_64 sysroot, then that came from the nativesdk-file build, which wouldn't have anything to do with arm18:21
lpappThis is what I ran: file `find ./ -name foo.o`18:22
lpappfor me it is hard to tell because I just built the object using the ARM SDK.18:23
lpappafter running the usual environment setup script.18:23
kergothit sounds like the magic file itself is corrupted, i doubt it has anything to do with what you're running file against18:24
WarheadsSEOKAY, so other question... how would I know what is causing this recipe to build ?18:26
*** afxez0r <afxez0r!afxez0r@nat/intel/x-xuyjhlvrwufduldu> has joined #yocto18:26
lpappkergoth: oh, could it be with my SDK generation then?18:29
lpappI still think it is something with x86_64 because my colleagues cannot see this issue and they are using x86 ubuntu :)18:29
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto18:30
lpappbut it could be that the x86_64 SDK generated is corrupted.18:31
lpappor perhaps something made it so after the installation?18:31
lpappI dislike this x86 and x86_64 troubles all the time for embedded development :p18:32
lpapplife would be so much easier if people used 64 bit on the host more and more.18:32
lpappWarheadsSE: which recipe?18:32
lpappWarheadsSE: cannot you grep for depends?18:32
WarheadsSEone in my layer, that I don't want.18:32
WarheadsSEit's got a provides that kernel-module-rtlwifi & i need the one from the kernel package, and not that kernel-module-rtlwifi-new_XXX.bb18:35
*** dv__ is now known as dv_18:36
lpapppreferred provider maybe?18:36
WarheadsSEalready tried.18:37
WarheadsSEneed: kernel-module-rtlwifi (made as part of the kernel, runtime package)18:37
WarheadsSEthis also PROVIDES that18:38
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lpappah, okay, sorry for not being useful then ;-)18:39
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto18:40
kergothodd that the preference didn't work, worst case i'd just pnblacklist the thing18:42
*** zenx <zenx!~quassel@> has quit IRC18:42
WarheadsSEthats looks like the only real option I seem to have.18:42
WarheadsSEWhich is going to be lovely problematic.18:42
lpappnot a yocto question, but is there a way to check the architecture and platform a binary is built for without file?18:48
lpappsince file does not seem to work due to the magic file, I would still like to identify that about a binary :)18:49
*** likewise <likewise!> has joined #yocto18:50
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khem`lpapp, readelf -d ?18:54
khem`tools will need a proper ELF header to give the info if that is not proper then I guess no tool will be of help18:54
lpappok, so this breakage with the magic file is then serious enough18:55
lpappwhat could have potentially caused it and how to fix it?18:56
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:56
khem`hmm may be not18:56
khem`try doing readelf -e18:56
lpappreadelf -d was not okay18:56
lpappbut I was also thinking of nm or readelf.18:56
lpappok, I will try that.18:56
aehs29lpapp: you ca also do 'file foo;18:57
aehs29file foo*18:57
lpappthanks, it seems to work18:57
aehs29oops just read that18:57
khem`readelf -h <binary> | grep Machine18:58
khem`hmmm objdump -f output is more closer to file output19:00
khem`man nm19:00
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WarheadsSEkergoth: looks like machine/x.conf w/ blacklist seems to have fixed that, finally.20:14
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fivefootsevenDoes anyone know if there is a way to force a recipe to always rebuild and prevent it from just loading from the cache each time?20:43
paulgwhy wouldn't you just do a "bitbake -c cleansstate <pkgname>" when needed?20:50
fivefootsevenSo the recipe adds a buildID in the form of a timestamp to the /etc/os-release file and so I don't really want to have to manually clean it each time.20:51
javier__fivefootseven: I believe -f also forces a build20:55
paulgsounds like a job for ROOTFS_PREPROCESS_COMMAND20:57
paulgI use that to capture the date of the build, and then insert that into the default hostname if no other hostname was specified in the local.conf20:59
paulgof course, with yocto, there are typically 38 ways you can come at any given task.  :)21:00
fivefootsevenThanks everyone for your help. It looks like ROOTFS_PREPROCESS_COMMAND is exactly what I need. Will try moving over to that now...21:01
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