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paulgbest bet is to have a look at meta/classes/useradd.bbclass and see what it does with the params.00:01
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dhircI am having some issues getting a base yocto image to boot on the beagle bone black, u-boot appears to boot, but I get errors such as "No valid environment area found", "unrecognised filesystem type" etc. I am following the instructions in the README.hardware, but it doesn't specify how to partition the sdcard. I tried having yocto generate a ".sdcard" image to avoid this, but that failed.. I did this trivially for an imx6 wandboard, but I have had no luc00:37
dhirck with the Beagle Bone Black.. Any help would be much appreciated00:37
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ntldhirc: maybe helps?  there's partitioning info at least01:02
dhircntl: thanks for the response. the thing that is missing for me are the steps to partition the sdcard like this. I found a blogpost somewhere and followed it, but still no luck. I find it strange that all the docs refer to cylinders vs sectors as this is deprecated by fdisk. Adds some confusion.01:09
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nerdboyhm, i see distro-feed-configs but nothing for apt feeds01:49
nerdboyand google is amazingly unhelpful on this topic01:49
nerdboyanybody got an example of apt package feeds?01:50
* nerdboy has always used opkg until now01:50
nerdboythe generic debian apt feed stuff isn't much more help either...01:50
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kergothnerdboy: did you read package_deb.bbclass and the python modules? could be of use, iirc we generate and use feeds for the rootfs population the way we do for the other package manager02:00
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nerdboyis that really the best/only place to look for setting up apache/sources.list?02:22
nerdboysomething like and a blurb for apache .conf would be a little more obvious...02:23
* nerdboy on a short schedule with no time for extended "research" task02:24
nerdboyfallback to opkg for now...02:24
kergothi really doubt many people use debian packaging / apt with yocto at the moment02:26
* kergoth shrugs02:26
nerdboyi would just use ipk but somebody requested it...02:26
nerdboyon another topic, should i not use TUNE_FEATURES_append?02:28
nerdboyand set DEFAULT_TUNE instead?02:28
kergothi think that would be preferred, generally, yes02:32
nerdboydo you ever TUNE_CCARGS_append ?02:33
kergoththe only time i've done so is when using custom / external toolchains with custom tuning arguments, if i don't want to override the entire tune files02:36
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* nerdboy wondering about that for the last couple of weeks...02:38
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nerdboyand otavio, i got another dev board, rebuilt the imx28evk stuff on master with -fslc and everything boots up fine02:55
nerdboyonce you find the magic boot sdcard jumper info...02:56
kergothe.g. (re TUNE_CCARGS)02:58
nerdboyexcept for the slight interrupt deadlock on boot, it looks good02:58
nerdboy[    4.409925]  *** DEADLOCK ***  <=  whee!02:59
nerdboyi think we can fix that...02:59
nerdboynot quite as much fun as "printer on fire?"03:00
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dhircI am building the core minimal image and have included "alsa-lib alsa-utils alsa-tools". However, I need to use a USB soundcard and this is not being discovered by ALSA. What feature do I need to add to get USB Audio working?04:16
redengindhirc, you'll most likely have to add the usb audio to the kernel modules04:51
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hitlin37hi, is there any similar activity in yocto that do apt-get thing for packages. i would like to try recent build and from there, add packages06:59
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milan_can I make "KERNEL_CONFIG_" optional, based on some DISTROOVERRIDES set ?08:00
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bluelightningmorning all08:34
frschitlin37: yes, the package manager for ipk-packages in Yocto is called opkg08:34
LetoThe2ndfrsc: and smart/rpm for rpm, dpkg for debs.08:35
LetoThe2ndhitlin37: the problem is not that much getting the pacakge manager (its just dome inherit flag), but you actually have to make the repository available to the target08:35
raykinsella78Mourning Paul08:36
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bluelightninghi raykinsella7808:40
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_4urele_Hi everyone08:50
_4urele_i'm trying to build a kernel module with external source ("EXTERNALSRC_pn-module" inside the local.conf, but it doesn't work I get an error at compile time : "make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop."08:53
_4urele_whithout external source I cant build it without any error08:54
bluelightning_4urele_: is that perhaps because your module can't be built with the source directory being separate from its build directory?08:57
bluelightning_4urele_: if so, set EXTERNALSRC_BUILD_pn-module to point to the same path08:58
_4urele_bluelightning,  tried this also and I have the same error...08:58
bluelightning_4urele_: well, that error is telling you it can't find the makefile, that says it's running make in the wrong directory09:00
_4urele_bluelightning, could it come from the recipe? I have those 2 lines : S = "${WORKDIR}/${PN}"09:06
_4urele_B = "${WORKDIR}/${PN}"09:06
bluelightning_4urele_: you can find out what's being used by doing bitbake -e recipename | less09:12
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: always remember, less is more!09:13
_4urele_LetoThe2nd, more or less ;)09:13
bluelightningI prefer to do more with less myself ;)09:14
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: ++09:14
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nerdboyyeah, you should see the guy put away the pizza and beer09:20
nerdboydo more with less he says...09:21
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ljoseAny ideas what is required to be able to use Unicode filenames with yocto?09:23
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Guest13581I am struggling add usb audio to the minimal image. I understand that I may need to alter the kernel config. I went through menuconfig and generated a .config file, but I don't know where to put that file in the yocto build system? Also, is that all that would be required with the minimal image, along with adding alsa packages, to get usb audio working?09:28
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nerdboythere's a config snippet thing in the kernel lab doc09:29
nerdboyworked when i tried it...09:29
LetoThe2ndbasically place the .config file there where the recipe for your particualr machine expects it09:30
LetoThe2ndprobably adding audio orwhatsitcalled to the machine configuration is a good idea then too09:31
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nerdboythe snippet thing doesn't need a full .config09:32
LetoThe2ndMACHINE_FEATURES i mean.09:32
nerdboyand you just append i to the src_uri09:33
LetoThe2ndnerdboy: depends a bit on if your kernel recipe is already prepared for and using snippets, or rather a blunt complete configuration09:33
nerdboyotherwise plop your own defconfig09:33
* nerdboy has made such recipes09:34
LetoThe2ndthats what i meant. drop it there for your defconfig09:34
nerdboypretty sure snippets work with anything derived from yocto-linux recipe09:34
Guest13581can you explain what snippets are?09:35
LetoThe2ndbut given no details on the machine/kernel recipe in use, all discussion is moot09:35
nerdboyin the kernel-lab09:35
nerdboyit's literally a config snippet of just what you want to change...09:36
nerdboyread the doc and try it and it will make more sense...09:36
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LetoThe2ndGuest13581: basically, work through
LetoThe2ndnerdboy: i guess the correct term for the snippets for skimming the docs is "configuration fragment"09:39
nerdboysounds right09:39
nerdboyactually fragment sounds a little broken09:40
* nerdboy likes snippets better09:40
Guest13581ok thanks for the pointers09:41
Guest13581Another question I have, is there somewhere I can search for image_feature packages? Like a yocto website that lists all available packages?09:43
nerdboyi got some good feedback on the crashcourse handout, seemed to work okay at hackerspace last week09:44
nerdboynext time we make a bsp layer...09:44
nerdboyoops, time to go09:45
LetoThe2ndGuest13581: you mean like
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LetoThe2ndGuest13581: but remember that an image_feature is not a package, the nomenclature is a bit misleading otherwise. and be aware that this list is only comprehensive for the poky repository, as any layer can add features as needed.09:56
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Guest13581LetoThe2nd: That's not what I meant. I want a list of packages that can be added. For example "alsa-lib" or09:59
Guest13581"dropbear" etc. I believe you can search through bitbake, but it would be nice if there was a UI based way to browse the available packages.10:00
Guest13581Think I found one:
LetoThe2ndGuest13581: recipes != packages, again10:02
LetoThe2ndGuest13581: and generally looking for recipes, i'd rather suggest
Guest13581yeah sorry - there is a lot of jargon with yocto I have not got my head around..10:05
LetoThe2ndGuest13581: no problem. I'm just pointing it out because if you later expect to install some package by using the recipe name, it *can* fail as a package name not necessarily matches the recipe name exactly.10:06
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ljoseAny ideas about get a en_US.UTF-8 locale working ?10:17
ljoseCannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory10:17
ljoseI trying to set LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-810:17
Guest13581LetoThe2nd: I require libstdc++ for my image and I can add it to the image. However, I can't seem to find a recipe for it? Is this a different 'thing'10:27
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bluelightningljose: I guess you need to install the appropriate locale data files10:35
bluelightningljose: you would do that by setting IMAGE_LINGUAS10:36
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bluelightningGuest13581: libstdc++ is a package produced by the gcc-runtime recipe10:39
ljosebluelightning: I have set IMAGE_LINGUAS="en-US"10:43
bluelightningljose: I think you want "en-us"10:43
ljosebluelightning: I will try that thanks10:44
bluelightningI wonder if we ought to just be lower-casing it10:44
ljosebitbake thinks nothing needs to be rebuild when I change that10:45
ljoseTasks Summary: Attempted 3105 tasks of which 3105 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded10:45
LetoThe2ndGuest13581: yes thats exactly what i meant. recipe != package10:53
bluelightningljose: which image are you building?10:54
bluelightningljose: ok, so core-image-minimal explicitly sets IMAGE_LINGUAS to "" itself on the assumption that a minimal image wouldn't have any of those in it10:56
bluelightningljose: you may wish to take the opportunity to create your own image recipe (which you should really do anyway)10:57
ljosebluelightning: Where should I start is there any samples?10:58
bluelightningljose: my usual recommendation for image recipes is copy and modify10:59
ljosewhy doesn't work if I set LINGUAS in my local.conf?11:00
bluelightningljose: this may be of interest:
bluelightningljose: not for core-image-minimal, as I said the recipe is explicitly setting its own value for IMAGE_LINGUAS11:00
bluelightningljose: you can override that but honestly you are going to need your own image recipe if you're doing anything more than basic experimentation, so you should probably just go ahead and create one11:00
ljosebluelightning: ok I will try that11:01
LetoThe2ndGuest13581: for example libstdc++ seems to come from
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: right that's what I said above ;)11:03
Guest13581Thanks to you both11:04
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: oh sorry didn't realized you answered the question already.11:05
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: lunch break hitting hard :P11:05
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lzmI've added the report from the tool as an attachment.11:07
lzmoops accidental paste11:07
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bluelightningAndersD: don't give up on us now ... ;)13:44
AndersDbluelightning, Nah, too many windows and virtual machines here... ;)13:48
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sm0ketsthi all13:54
sm0ketsti'm not so good at stty so my question is why '# stty min 0 time 100' while is running just to have a timed-out read? what am i missing?13:57
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ftonelloHave anyone used smartpm with USB?14:07
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ericbutt1rshi.. SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} += ".." is not working for me.. can i pass more than one service to this?14:35
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bluelightningericbutt1rs: it looks like you should be able to14:40
bluelightningericbutt1rs: have you used bitbake -e recipename to check if the value is being set to what you think it should be?14:40
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ericbutt1rsbluelightning: i think i can pass more than one service, like they do it here:
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* paulg notes that still doesn't have the xz compressed file the fetcher wants.16:00
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paulgmeta-gnome/recipes-gnome/gnome-keyring/ hasn't changed in over a year.  Did some recent fetcher change start searching for xz ahead of bz2?16:09
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC16:10
kergothunlikely, the fetcher doesn't change the filenames16:10
paulghrrm.  trying to understand why this just started happening in the last day or so....16:11
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has quit IRC16:12
kergothexamine its SRC_URI directly with bitbake -e or bb-show16:12
kergothsee if something appended it16:12
joseppcpaulg: maybe gnomebase.bbclass has changed16:13
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has quit IRC16:14
joseppcpaulg: commit 429985: "classes/gnomebase: change tarball compression to xz"16:15
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has joined #yocto16:15
* paulg reads16:15
joshuaglI think your recipe can set GNOME_COMPRESS_TYPE to fix that16:15
joshuagl"fix" aka workaround16:15
joshuaglI'd imagine 2.32 is older than the switch to xz?16:15
paulgguessing so.16:16
paulglooks like that commit didn't touch keyring (and it should have...)16:17
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto16:18
joseppcit does modify classes included by keyring though16:21
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paulgI'll let my build run to ensure I've got all the new additions and then spam out a patch -- thanks joseppc for the pointer to that commit.16:25
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nerdboyotavio: forgot one thing17:26
nerdboyafter imx28evk i tried wandboard and the weston image17:27
nerdboyit dies on alsalib looking for missing headers17:27
nerdboy*on master17:27
nerdboysame fsl/poky/oe layers17:28
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otavionerdboy: which weston?17:47
otavioi mean, which image17:47
nerdboycore-image-weston, which you have a bbappend for in fsl17:47
paulggnome-disk-utility fails to build but at least no 404 fetcher issues; patch sent.17:49
*** ljose <ljose!> has joined #yocto17:49
nerdboyapparently it still depends on some non-standard arsc-something package/headers17:50
nerdboyalso, it's not clear on what machine/soc to set for quad17:52
nerdboyis it all just "wandboard"?  how does it know it should be mx6q or whatever?17:52
ljoseHi, I'm having issues getting a en_US.UTF-8 locale to work, I have set IMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us" in my image, but trying to set locale fails17:53
ljoselocale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory17:53
ljoseI also have GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_US.UTF-8”17:53
ljoseany ideas what could be missing?17:54
* nerdboy got into a weird state trying to set that stuff a while back17:54
nerdboyhad to take it all out to get my x keyboard config back17:55
nerdboylocale stuff could also be documented better17:55
* nerdboy needs to bug scott again about accepting slave labor help...17:56
nerdboyljose: thanks for the reminder17:56
nerdboyotavio: tried a couple machine name variations and it just yelled at me for anything but "wandboard"17:57
*** grma <grma!> has quit IRC17:58
ljosenerdboy: could it be DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " libc-locales"
kergothyou shouldn't need to set libc features directly, those are set via the libc distro features variable, which is done by the distro18:06
kergothand most distros include libc locale support out of the box18:06
nerdboyno idea18:06
kergothso that seems unlikely18:06
kergothalso, just use bitbake -e and see what your DISTRO_FEATURES is set to already18:06
otavionerdboy: check soc family; it needs to be as cubox one18:07
nerdboymore or less learned that the hard way (mucking with libc features)18:07
nerdboycubox one?18:08
nerdboyotavio: you mean there is support for cubox i4pro etc?18:08
nerdboy*the i.MX6 ones18:08
* nerdboy has one of those too18:08
nerdboyand the example would be where?18:09
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nerdboyotavio: cubox is also on linux-fslc-4.1 on master?18:17
otaviono; neither wandboard18:17
nerdboywandboard/udoo have been on 4.x for a while in rcn repos18:18
nerdboyyou should have a recipe for that18:18
nerdboyone (big) patch on top of mainline18:20
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto18:20
nerdboylatest denx u-boot18:20
nerdboyotavio: i guess i kind of assumed that stuff was going into your 4.1-pathces branch?18:21
nerdboy*patches even18:21
nerdboy*that stuff being robert's iMX patches, etc18:22
* nerdboy thought he was still "catching up" on gentoo side18:22
nerdboydid i actually win?18:23
* nerdboy better get his ass to the barber shop for real...18:24
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otavionerdboy: not yet; 4.1 has mostly backports18:43
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daleg_has anyone encountered problems with python and UTF-8 encoding issues in their .bb files?23:05
kergothnope. what python version?23:06
daleg_2.7 on ubuntu 14.0423:06
daleg_ie; what it ships with23:06
*** berton <berton!~fabio@> has quit IRC23:07
* kergoth does builds all day every day on 14.0423:07
daleg_when it comes time to roll my kernel deb package, it bombs on line 330 of meta/classes/package_deb.bbclass23:07
kergothwhat's the exact behavior/23:07
daleg_there error is:23:08
daleg_Exception: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 56: ordinal not in range(128)23:08
daleg_the thing is, I've gone through all my own .bb/.bbclass files and made sure that they're ascii-encoded23:08
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nerdboyarg, i was stuck with that error in trac for a while23:10
nerdboydaleg_: not sure about the exact cause in your case... did you install all the recommended build deps, etc?23:11
daleg_yeah, I'm kind of pulling my hair out over this one, including using 2 different methods to ensure the files are ascii-encoded (using iconv, and manually in vim)23:11
daleg_all that junk is present and accounted for23:11
nerdboyand what is your locale setting?23:11
nerdboyrather, is your locale correctly installed (assuming utf8)23:12
daleg_and the build goes along fine until it hits the part where it writes out the kernel deb23:12
daleg_yeah, it's en_US.UTF-823:12
daleg_I could try setting LC_ALL to C23:13
* nerdboy sets a handful in gentoo conf file, runs locale-gen and everybody's happy...23:13
nerdboyand a eselect locale blah blah23:13
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~trevor@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto23:14
nerdboydaleg_: maybe try switching and switching back?23:14
*** sameo_ <sameo_!samuel@nat/intel/x-sgphbrsppjfjfbzy> has joined #yocto23:14
nerdboybut i suspect some python dep has the same issue that we saw in trac23:14
nerdboywhat python versions does ubuntu support?23:15
* nerdboy has 2.7.10 as 2xdefault and 3.4 as 3x default23:15
* nerdboy calls in Fearless Leader...23:19
nerdboyschedule like a damn 3-star23:20
nerdboy"sir, bathroom break at 0947, shake lt col blah blah's hand at 0952. next..."23:21
nerdboybetter watch that second coffee or you'll blow the whole day's schedule23:22
daleg_2.7.6 and 3.4.0 is what ships on ubuntu 14.0423:22
daleg_with 2.7.6 being the default /usr/bin/python23:22
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has joined #yocto23:23
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* nerdboy note sure if python3 is "officially" yocto-supported23:29
nerdboyyou could try it...23:29
nerdboy2.7.6 sounds like the buggy version tho23:29
* nerdboy would replace the crufty version23:30
*** ftonello_ <ftonello_!~quassel@> has joined #yocto23:30
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dhircI would like to clear our the "build/tmp/deploy/images/beaglebone" directory. But there is a readme saying not to delete these files. I have a bunch of old builds that I want to remove, how do I do this?23:31
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kergothwe should think about auto-prepending do_ to the task in a recipe:task construction23:51
kergothconsidering you can only run tasks, not arbitrary functions, that way, afaik23:51
nerdboydhirc: i don't suppose you saved sstate-cache outside /tmp did you?23:53
nerdboyif not, nuke /tmp and put it outside your build dir in local.conf23:54
nerdboythen rebuild23:54
*** lomancer <lomancer!> has left #yocto23:54
nerdboythen go shopping and buy a gift (flowers maybe?) while it builds23:55
* nerdboy should take his own damn advice...23:56
nerdboythe flowers, not the sstate-cache...23:57
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