Friday, 2015-09-25

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #512 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #489 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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_4urele_hello did someone ever tried to build gst-python 1.4.0?07:59
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joseppcmaxin: hello!09:13
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maxinjoseppc: hello !09:14
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dguthrieI am using "bitbake -e myrecipe" to produce a environment file which I post process. I have to do this for ~300 recipes which is09:42
dguthrie very slow. Is there a way of generating the 300 environment files with one execution of bitbake which is much faster09:42
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bluelightningmorning all10:08
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mcfriskhmm, maybe I'm missing something but why doesn't meta-qt5 provide a qmake package too?10:17
dguthrieI am using "bitbake -e myrecipe" to produce a environment file which I post process. I have to do this for ~300 recipes which is very slow. Is there a way of generating the 300 environment files with one execution of bitbake which is much faster10:36
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theriorslideHello, I have an odd question and sorry for this. My question is: For example I have an OS image created with Yocto. Will be this image compatible for installing it on all devices that supports Yocto? or there should be done some modification before creating the image? I don't have right now the time to learn about Yocto and that's why I am asking this here. Thanks!10:54
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theriorslideI mean.. is the same image compatible with all devices that supports Yocto OSs ?10:54
bboozzooI'm trying to send a dev-manual patch to Scott Rifenbark, but I'm getting bounced with 550 Address rejected, anyone know what's up? is Scott no longer with Intel?10:57
theriorslidecan somebody help me please :-s ?10:59
bluelightningdguthrie: you might consider writing a python script that uses tinfoil11:16
bluelightningdguthrie: here's an example:
bluelightningin the next release (2.1) hopefully we should be simplifying (and documenting) the API11:17
bluelightningtheriorslide: our build system is very flexible, so there's no guarantee two OSes produced by two different people would be compatible if they're heavily customised - but if they had mostly the same config, they would be11:18
bluelightningbboozzoo: he's not, no... srifenbark at is his current address11:19
bluelightning(he is still doing docs work)11:19
bboozzoobluelightning: thanks11:19
dguthriebluelightning: thanks11:34
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dguthrieIs it possible to use a MACHINE_FEATURE as an override11:37
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theriorslidebluelightning: Thanks!12:06
_4urele_hello again!12:17
_4urele_I am building pygobject and I would like to specify the python interpreter, it is possible with "--with-python=PATH"12:18
_4urele_but how to tell the correct path?12:18
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_4urele_ok this is stupid ;) I just wrote python2.7 and bitbake and configure did the job ;p12:21
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bluelightningdguthrie: no, you'd need to use a construct like VAR = "${@bb.utils.contains("MACHINE_FEATURES", "featurename", "yesvalue", "novalue", d)}"12:43
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WarheadsSEHello all. I am having a problem with xserver-xorg 1.17.1 compiling. We've enabled xinerama via PACKAGECONFIG and now, all builds end up failing with missing drm.h durin the build of video-modesetting . I've checked the sysroot, and there are quite a few. I'm still digging around, but if anyone has input, that would be much appreciated. I have the compile log, if anyone needs more specific details.12:49
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mcfriskmeta-qt5 question: why can't my SDK depend on nativesdk-libqt5core-dev which seems to provide the qmake spec files? bitbake just says nothing provides it but after built the ipk is there and can be installed manually..13:02
bluelightningmcfrisk: where are you adding it?13:12
mcfriskbluelightning: in a packagegroup RDEPENDS_${PN}13:13
JaMadon't use "nativesdk-libqt5core-dev", that's how it was renamed by debian.bbclass13:14
JaMathe correct value is something like nativesdk-qtbase-dev13:14
mcfriskbut that does not exists13:15
mcfriskor do does nativesdk-qtbase-dev exists at 'bitbake' time but real ipk's have different names?13:16
JaMathat's what debian.bbclass does13:17
mcfriskNothing RPROVIDES 'nativesdk-qtbase-dev'13:18
JaMaPACKAGES = "${PN}-tools-dbg ${PN}-tools-dev ${PN}-tools-staticdev ${PN}-tools"13:19
JaMacheck buildhistory which package got renamed to nativesdk-libqt5core-dev13:20
bluelightninghmm, oe-pkgdata-util doesn't support looking into the SDK nativesdk namespace, I'll have to fix that13:20
bluelightningotherwise it's exactly what I'd use in this instance13:20
JaMaOE @ ~/build/oe-core/buildhistory $ git grep nativesdk-libqt5core-dev13:21
JaMapackages/x86_64-nativesdk-oesdk-linux/nativesdk-qtbase/nativesdk-qtbase-tools-dev/latest:PKG = nativesdk-libqt5core-dev13:21
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bluelightningyou can do what it does manually though by looking in pkgdata, if you don't have buildhistory enabled13:21
bluelightning"pkgdata" being tmp/sysroots/<nativesdk sysroot/pkgdata/. runtime-reverse would be the subdir to look in13:21
mcfrisksigh, so I'm on dizzy plus quite new meta-qt, buildhistory doesn't show nativesdk-libqt5core-dev13:23
mcfriskthanks JaMa, that seems to be it13:25
mcfriskso debian.bbclass is mapping package names from bitbake to ipk, or did I get it wrong?13:26
bluelightningit occurs during do_package, so it's before the ipk/rpm/deb creation13:27
mcfriskok, I got completely lost after recipes were not matching to ipk file names and opkg output13:29
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mcfriskqmake, moc and spec files are now in my target but using them fails since some of the config files have paths from build env there. I guess patching needed...13:50
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applepiHi all..  I am still new to yocto, so this might be obvious..  I have several recipes that should be generating a uImage, an initramfs-uImage, and a ubifs.  However, after adding a new recipe that should be getting added to the ubifs, I installed it to the board and it didn't appear to be there.  It *does* appear to be in the rootfs it generates.14:59
applepiSo, even though the UBIFS timestamps were updated, I thought maybe it hadn't fully regenerated them?  So I rm * the deploy/images/at91sam5ek/ directory, and now it's ONLY generating the ubifs, no uImages15:00
bluelightningapplepi: not sure what's going on with the ubifs, but the uimage is produced from the kernel, and because you've built it once it marks the task as completed - deleting the output file doesn't reset that15:02
bluelightning(this is why there is a file in tmp/deploy/images with "do not delete files in this directory" in capitals)15:03
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bluelightningnot that you can't delete files in there, you just have to understand that they won't necessarily be regenerated just by deleting them15:03
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applepibluelightning, does running clean on a recipe that builds a uImage not tell it to rebuild the uImage?15:10
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yoctiBug 8398: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , Want to unbreak systemd <=> dbus circular DEPENDS but unable to for a DISTRO which includes ptest15:25
joshuaglbah, copy/paste error - apologies15:25
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bluelightningapplepi: if by recipe you mean the kernel recipe, yes15:31
bluelightningapplepi: if you mean the image recipe, it's not the image recipe that actually produces the uimage - it's just that the image recipe has a dependency on (or rather a dependency chain leading to) the kernel recipe15:32
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applepibluelightning, so I would need to clean what it depends on..  or is there something I can give it that will clean it and all the way back up?15:38
applepibluelightning, I come from a buildroot background and this has sort of been thrust upon me..  I've tried going through the documentation but the volume of it is overwhelming..15:39
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kergothapplepi: just clean virtual/kernel and rebuild the image15:46
* kergoth yawns15:46
kergothwhat the hell. this shouldn't even be possible15:47
kergothERROR: ParseError at /scratch/cedar/layer-updates/meta-oe/meta-oe/recipes-extended/liblognorm/ Could not include required file defaultpkgname.inc15:47
kergothhow the heck did PN not get set from that filename?15:47
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* kergoth checks to see if he broke something horribly in his local changes15:47
kergothHmm, this isn't the first time I've had to re-parse every layer.conf to get at info we throw away from the initial bblayers setup. Would anyone else find it useful to retain LAYERDIR for each BBFILE_COLLECTIONS entry, so we can map between layer name and layer root path?15:49
* kergoth wonders if bitbake should store that15:49
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kergothgenerally i'm not a fan of adding crap 'just in case', or if someone might find it useful, but in this case it's info we already had, and just didn't retain15:51
* kergoth yawns15:53
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kergothwow, this makes no sense. if i define RECIPE_LAYERNAME = "${@bb.utils.get_file_layer('${FILE}', d)}" i get a *parse error* in a recipe due to PN not being set properly. what the hell? that makes no sense, but stashing my local change to use that function results in a successful parse15:59
* kergoth boggles15:59
* kergoth ponders15:59
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applepiSo can anyone help me understand how recipes-kernel/linux/ gets pulled in to this recipe I'm working on?  I'm trying to understand this better as I go.  It's definitely the image that it's building, but I have ZERO idea why and it's really frustrating me.  I can't find anything pointing to that file..16:04
dguthriebluelightning: when I use your script to execute bbhandler.cooker.showEnvironment(), the result isn't the same as if I use "bitbake -g <myrecipe>". I get a lot of "no history recorded" in the text output. Is there a way of storing the variable history16:06
applepiI'm building ./recipes-core/images/, which inherits core-image, but I can't find any hint of where the kernel is referenced anywhere16:07
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kergothapplepi: bitbake -g -u depexp fooboard-image-base16:08
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kergothHmm, I like the oe-local-files bits in devtool on mut, but it'd be nice in the long term for them to be git tracked, with update-recipe updating those files if they change in git (i.e. rebase -i / amend)16:33
* kergoth yawns16:33
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kergothstill a good step as is though16:34
* kergoth gets more caffeine16:34
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kergothbluelightning: you should think about adding whitelist.bbclass to meta-oe, just to ensure nobody has to go digging through feature branches or mailing list patches if they need it16:43
kergothjust so there's somewhere to grab it *from*16:43
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bluelightningkergoth: I suspect people will have the same objections to merging it there17:05
kergothHmm, I suppose. maybe we need another layer for random useful bits that live there lacking anywhere else to live17:06
kergoththough meta-oe has historically been just that :)17:06
* kergoth shrugs17:06
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* kergoth browsing through the bugs on the yocto 1.9 features page :)17:07
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kergothhmm, was it jama that wrote a distro/bsp layer sanity testing script? I know there was one other than mine, but i can't for the life of me find the thing17:43
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kergothhuh, first time building with oelint enabled, that's a lot of warnings17:50
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kergothrburton1: did you ever make any progress with eventually removing bitbake's knowledge of ${B}? did you manage to determine which functions are relying on the default behavior?20:40
kergoth(just curious)20:40
rburton1kergoth: i removed ${B} from bitbake's default mkdir and fixed whatever broke20:45
rburton1so that's a step in the right direction20:45
rburton1the question then is what is the desired behavior for the next release20:46
kergothHave we done builds with and without that and checked for changes to the metadata or the output? e.g. buidhistory-diff?20:47
kergothI'm assuming we won't be merging the removal of ${B} from exec_func until 2.1 to reduce risk, right?20:47
kergothI hate things like this, where any reliance on the current behavior is implicit, all we can do is hope the change in path results in breakage rather than changed behavior :)20:49
* kergoth would hope that this change would be in 2.1, bitbake really shouldn't be knowing about ${B}, and these races we keep hitting and you keep fixing are getting old :)20:50
rburton1have a think about what the default behavior should be though20:51
rburton1if no dirs, just no chdir?20:51
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rburton1i should run a test where if dirs isn't specified it chdirs to a directory it then deletes, that should make any use of cwd obvious20:52
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kergothhmm, that's a good question. we don't want overhead. Ideally we wouldn't rely on any other path variables either. I'd think either $TOPDIR or /tmp if we don't go with a generated temporary directory20:54
kergoths/overhead/too much extra overhead/20:54
kergothguess would have to prototype and see how it affects performance20:54
rburton1or just not chdir at all - no overhead there!20:55
rburton1but yeah, $topdir is reasonable to have determinism20:56
rburton1instead of just "what the previous task left it as"20:56
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kergothyeah, my concern with doing nothing would be yet again someone will assume it always runs in a certain place, and then that assumption will break21:05
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kergothHmm, just noticed bitbake checks sstate mirror object availability even when I'm just doing a bitbake -S printdiff. I wonder if that's really needed21:43
kergothah, perhaps21:43
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