Friday, 2015-10-02

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kergothdamn, found a number of bugs in the shallow git support, glad that wasn't merged yet :)00:33
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #512 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #509 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #498 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning06:55
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RagBalWhat is the best task to prepend if I want to copy a device tree file to a kernel source dir? I use linux-dtb.inc06:57
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bluelightningmorning mckoan, all07:23
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RagBalWhat is the best task to prepend if I want to copy a device tree file to a kernel source dir? I use <<< will do_install_prepend do?08:37
bluelightningRagBal: by definition do_install would happen after compilation - is that what you want?08:44
RagBalDevice trees won't be compiled during do_compile right?08:46
bluelightningI honestly don't know, I don't deal with device trees often myself08:46
bluelightningI would advise looking at what actually does to know for sure08:47
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RagBalIt appends both do_install and do_deploy, during do_install it actually compiles the device tree. So prepending to do_install seems right08:54
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bboozzooneed advice, I'm using meta-gateworks, and they explicitly add thigs like fsl-rc-local, hostapd, wpa_supplicant, dropbear, iproute2 etc. in MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS, IMO that's wrong, and I'd like to override it at least by adding MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS_remove = '...', what would be a good place to do it?09:20
bboozzooI'd like to avoid adding it in local.conf if possible09:20
bluelightningbboozzoo: your custom distro config would be the best place...09:21
rob_wanybody know me a good backlight governor .. able to interface xorg and store settings etc ?09:22
bboozzoohm ok, can I inherit a distro like classes? I already have a custom distro using systemd that's defined elsewhere and it's shared between a couple of boards09:22
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bluelightningbboozzoo: no but you would do something like MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS_remove_machinename = "..."09:23
bluelightningso it would only apply to that specific machine09:23
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bboozzoobluelightning: sounds good, thanks09:24
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raykinsella78bluelightning: Got time for a git question?09:26
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bboozzoobtw. does it actually make any sense to add pkgs like dropbear, wpa_supplicant to MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS? I'd normally expect only firmware packages listed there09:26
bluelightningbboozzoo: no, that isn't good practice IMO09:26
bluelightningbboozzoo: that's distro policy being forced into the machine definition09:27
bluelightningraykinsella78: sure09:27
bboozzoobluelightning: that's what I thought, thanks a lot :)09:27
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raykinsella78bluelightning: how do I list local changes on my branch.09:28
raykinsella78bluelightning: when I merge upstream to my local branch my local changes get pushed way down in the git log.09:28
raykinsella78bluelightning: these are my changes pending upstream, how do I pull them out - so I know what is local and what is upstream09:28
raykinsella78bluelightning: make sense?09:28
bluelightningraykinsella78: the answer I think if I understand what you're saying is don't merge, rebase instead09:30
bluelightningthat way your local changes will always be on top09:30
raykinsella78bluelightning: I usually use rebase to merge local changes into a single commit, reword commits etc.09:31
bluelightningright, but when you do git-pull the default behaviour is merge rather than rebase09:32
raykinsella78bluelightning: thats silly -
bluelightningthere's a --rebase option though I believe09:33
raykinsella78bluelightning: fetch and rebase .... great.09:33
raykinsella78bluelightning: thanks for the help09:37
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ohmyHello everybody10:09
ohmyi'm stuck since three days i hope i can get some help here10:10
ohmyi'm using yocto for IMX6 board and i'd like to use Qt over Wayland10:10
ohmyWhile Wayland Weston build and run correctly i'm stuck with QtWayland10:10
ohmyWhen Qt is build the wayland plugin isnt and i dont know how to make it10:11
ohmyany idea please ?10:11
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bluelightningohmy: AIUI from reading, qtwayland *is* the Qt wayland plugin12:21
ohmybluelightning: yes, bitbake qtwayland does not output any error, but Qt5 build does not include the plugin12:22
bluelightningwhat does that mean? where are you looking?12:22
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ohmybluelightning: i'l looking in Qt5 (/usr/lib/qt5) i have wayland-decoration-client wayland-graphics-integration-client wayland-graphics-integration server folders12:25
ohmybluelightning: but12:25
ohmybluelightning: when i run examples from HW (-platform wayland or by exporting the required QT_QPA_ variable) i have ther following error "This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "wayland"."12:27
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bluelightningok, so have you ensured that qtwayland is actually included in your image?12:29
bluelightningjust building it doesn't do that12:29
bluelightningin case you haven't seen it:
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ohmybluelightning: thank you so much indeed i was flashing the wrong image, now i can run Qt5_cinematic experience and it segfaults :( i want to kill myself :(12:43
bluelightningohmy: doh... please don't kill yourself though, it's not that bad ;)12:43
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ohmybluelightning: i've been using framebuffers, X11 for years, everyone says that wayland rox and i'm really frustrated now, weston compositor runs perfectly, i can run the weston-* samples, when i run Qt based applications they simply segfault12:46
bluelightningunfortunately this is well outside my realm of expertise... a segfault at that point could be caused by all sorts of things12:50
ohmybluelightning: yes i know, of course the frustrating thing is all the videos running the same applications using the same yocto meta fsl arm branch and the same HW targets12:51
ohmybluelightning: i mean there's too many videos showing that everything works well12:51
Crofton|workohmy, try asking on th elist, maybe someone there has done it12:57
* Crofton|work is packed and hopes to escape before the flood12:58
bluelightningCrofton|work: flood?12:58
Crofton|workHeavy rain, flooding around here this weekend12:58
bluelightningCrofton|work: ah ok... good luck and see you in Dublin12:58
Crofton|workyes, I have a spare day in the schedule, hopefully it is not swallowed up by travel issues12:59
ryansturmerif I have a recipe that is added to an image, how is the version of the recipe to use specified?12:59
Crofton|workdemo is even done12:59
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Crofton|workryansturmer, the latest12:59
ryansturmerThe latest is always used?12:59
Crofton|workbarring preferred version and defualt preference settings12:59
ryansturmerIs it possible to override that?12:59
bluelightningand layer priorities12:59
ryansturmerThis intel edison package I've downloaded is poky-1.7.something and in the IMAGE_INSTALL they add e2fsprogs13:00
ryansturmerwhich comes in at version 1.2613:00
ryansturmereven though the newest version is much newer than that13:00
Crofton|workis there a ecipe for a later one?13:00
Crofton|workurg, what release name does 1.7 mean?13:01
bluelightningspecifically, a recipe available in your configuration13:01
ryansturmerso I'm here:13:01
ryansturmerand I see a newer version13:02
ryansturmernot sure if that means what I think it means13:02
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Crofton|worksearch on PREFERRED_VERSIO13:02
bluelightningryansturmer: try bitbake-recipes show-recipes e2fsprogs13:02
bluelightningthat would be13:02
bluelightningbitbake-layers show-recipes e2fsprogs13:02
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ryansturmerhmm, that shows the correct version13:06
ryansturmerso perhaps I was looking at the wrong version number13:06
ryansturmerI am trying to rebuild the package again now, and will reexamine the error13:07
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ryansturmerDon't know what I was thinking13:11
ryansturmerThat is absolutely the correct version number :P13:11
ryansturmerI'm still getting all these multiple definition errors, but that maybe I can solve.13:12
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ryansturmerHas anyone else run into this?  e2fsprogs is failing with about a zillion multiple definition errors.13:24
ohmyCrofton|work: i've posted 3 messages on meta-fsl-arm since yesterday, without answer for the moment13:24
ryansturmerI've read that gcc5 changed the way inlines work when it moved to the new C standard, and to get the old behavior, you have to pass -fgnu89-inline to the compiler.13:25
ryansturmerbut to no avail.13:25
ohmybtw i have tried to rebuild the filesystem many times, even if i have added qtwayland to IMAGE_INSTALL_append section, the plugins are put into my sysroot but never copied to the generated .sd image, anyone knows how to fix this ?13:27
ohmyAFAIK  IMAGE_INSTALL_append is enough to force a package to be depolyed on the rootfs i'm i wrong ?13:29
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bluelightningryansturmer: is this e2fsprogs-native?13:31
bluelightninghonestly I'd save your sanity and just build on a host distro that doesn't impose gcc5 for now13:31
bluelightningsince you're stuck with 1.7 for the moment13:32
bluelightningohmy: yes... you have a leading space in the value you're appending right?13:32
ryansturmerAh I had a feeling you'd say that.13:33
ryansturmerit's been so educational, though! :P13:33
ryansturmerNothing gets you familiar with a build system like having *all the problems*13:34
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ohmybluelightning: yes of course13:37
bluelightningryansturmer: gcc5 has been a royal pain for everyone it seems :/13:37
bluelightningohmy: ok, well that will definitely include it in the image... whether or not it appears in the sd card image depends on how that's produced; it's been a while since I have used meta-fsl-arm so I'm not sure specifically in that case13:38
bluelightningryansturmer: which distro are you using out of interest?13:39
ryansturmerI'm super happy to continue slogging through it - it's fun finding these issues, although I do have to get real work done, so I'm creating a VM13:45
ryansturmerArchlinux is sort of your worst case test platform13:45
ryansturmerbecause it's a rolling release distro13:45
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ryansturmerWhat ubuntu release is recommended?13:45
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ryansturmerIs ubuntu "destkop" recommended over "server"13:46
bluelightningI don't think there's much difference as far as we're concerned13:46
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ryansturmerI'm grabbing the 14.04.3 LTS of ubuntu desktop, unless there's a compelling reason to go with the server version, etc.13:47
bluelightningthat should be fine13:47
bluelightningofficially we don't support rolling release distros for exactly this reason13:47
bluelightning(though some do build on them)13:48
ryansturmerIn general I can roll with the issues associated with rolling release13:48
ryansturmerbut gcc5 is a mess for this kind of thing13:48
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #513 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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_taw_ohmy: same problem here, bitbake -e says _append packages are in the IMAGE_INSTALL, but nothing gets installed14:13
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sa2ajjpidge: hi. i've been reading the and i wonder if it was converted from something else?15:09
sa2ajjon a related, would it be useful if it's converted to sphinx (my tool of choice for documentation)15:09
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sa2ajjs/related/related note/15:12
*** ryanstur_ <ryanstur_!> has joined #yocto15:12
pidgesa2ajj, yes, there is a google doc. I want to eventually convert it to pydoc since that's what the project uses.15:15
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sa2ajjany reason not to use sphinx? :)15:16
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sa2ajji wonder since i think sphinx became more or less standard way to document python projects15:18
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sa2ajjon a slightly related note, is that google doc linked anywhere?15:19
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sa2ajjpidge: would you still consider a sphinx version?  i'm looking at yocto autobuilder and to improve a bit the formatting of the manual (something are just very difficult to read)15:30
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pidgesa2ajj: sure, I'd consider. send a proposal to the list. cc me elizabeth.flanagan@intel.com15:40
sa2ajjok, thanks15:40
sa2ajja link to the original google doc would help :)15:40
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ryansturmerFriggin ubuntu build is working fine :)15:42
ryansturmer(So far)15:42
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kergothoops, forgot to support nobranch=1 in the shallow git support16:48
* kergoth mutters16:48
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kergothsince i heavily prune the shallow repo to make sure it doens't keep around stuff it shouldn't, i have to make sure we have a ref pointing at the srcrev, otherwise it'll be removed.. so in the case where the commit is a tag i need to make sure i create the tag ref, and also handle both annotated and non-annotated, and abort if nobranch=1 and the commit isn't a tag, since we won't be able to make it shallow without a ref..16:49
kergothalthough.. hmm16:49
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eboltonhey all, found a strange bug...I've added cmake and bison to an SDK. If I install the SDK to a non-default directory and try to build a cmake project that uses bison....bison looks for the M4 scripts in the DEFAULT SDK dir and fails20:27
eboltonI can't see anything obvious in the bison or autoconf recipes that would cause this, so I'm not sure where it's coming from20:28
kergothinstalling the sdk should run a relocation script to replace hardcoded path references in any text files / scripts. binaries usually need wrappers that it can adjust the paths in20:29
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bbhossHey all. I'm using an intel edison with the latest image intel distributes, and it seems to be missing the install command. Is this normal, and how do I fix it?21:03
kergothDoesn't surprise me at all, unless you're doing development on target it's unlikely you'd need it, and we have images specifically for that21:04
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bbhosskergoth: well it has make, cc, and friends along with a full node.js environment, lol21:13
bbhossI'm actually trying to run erlang on the poor thing21:14
kergothare you talking about the host or the target?21:14
kergothand which image is it for the target?21:14
kergothnot familiar with what intel ships, offhand21:14
bbhossjust fooling around right now21:14
bbhossbut yeah, everything compiles but install is missing so I can't install it21:15
bbhossprobably will end up making my own bsp but I don't have a linux machine right now21:15
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #515 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
kergothlooks like install is usually from coreutils21:16
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bbhosskergoth: looks like installing that package did the trick21:17
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dasabhihey guys i am trying to cross compile again, using kernel version 3.8.721:39
dasabhilast time some one suggested something that fixed my compiling issues21:39
dasabhii am having some issues again when i run the following command make ARCH=i386 CROSS_COMPILE=i586-poky-linux- -j821:39
dasabhithis is the error message i see
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kergothsounds like you should google. this channel isn't for general embedded linux help..21:50
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kergothhm, wonder if the issue with piping bitbake output messing up the terminal ever got fixed22:02
seebsHmm. Doesn't sound familiar.22:03
seebsAlthough... I think bitbake does stuff based on is-a-tty, and bitbake writes to both stderr and stdout, but pipes by default do not include stderr, so I would sort of expect it to cause weirdness.22:03
kergothit should really be checking the tty it's writing to. if it's writing color to stderr, then stderr needs to be a tty22:06
kergothand the same for stdout22:06
kergothoh, right, i have a branch that fixes that while adding the stdout/stderr split to scriptutils22:09
kergothbut i never moved it to bitbake22:09
kergothwell, fixes it for the color bits at least22:09
kergoththere's other bits done by the UI22:09
kergoth constructs two formatters instead of using the same formatter for both stdout and stderr, and enables color based on isatty for each handler's individual stream22:10
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neverpanicDoes pseudo actually work on OS X at the moment?22:52
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seebsneverpanic: sorta?23:30
seebsAt least, last I checked, although the xattrdb stuff probably won't.23:30
seebsIt has not been heavily-tested, but I do periodically run some basic tests on it.23:31
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neverpanicseebs: well, bad news is, El Capitan breaks it for any binary that comes with the system.23:32
seebsI am not surprised.23:32
seebsThat seemed like a really likely security thing for them to add sooner or later.23:32
neverpanicso anything in /usr/bin and /bin23:33
neverpanicThere is an easy workaround that I may up implementing for my use case, though, and that's having a "shadow copy" of /, wrapping execve and posix_spawn and whenever a protected binary is called, copy it to the shadow copy (which will strip the protection) and run it form there23:34
kergothglad they added the protection, should have done it sooner. though it does interfere with certain apps capabilities, for the best in the long run23:38
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kergothdamnit, using --no-sysroot-suffix for meta-sourcery is breaking my build, which doesn't make any sense23:52

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