Wednesday, 2015-10-07

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ryanstur1erHey guys, I have a layer I have found that I want to add to my project, and it says to add it to sources/layers.txt01:54
ryanstur1erbut I don't see that referenced in the developer documentation anywhere01:54
ryanstur1erCan someone point me in the right direction?01:54
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kergothsources/layers.txt isn't associated with oe-core mechanisms, most likely it's one of the custom setup script setups. are you using a chip vendor sdk or something?02:01
kergothyou could always clone the layer you want and bitbake-layers add-layer /path/to/the/layer02:01
ryanstur1erThat's the reference02:03
ryanstur1erI'm building a recipe that requires that I 'npm install' some package dependencies, since it's a nodejs application02:04
kergothfrom a quick google, it sounds like layers.txt is an angstrom-specific file used by its setup scripts.02:05
kergothjust clone it yourself instead of relying on a script to do it, and add thel ayer to BBLAYERS in conf/bblayers.conf or use the aforementioned bitbake-layers command02:05
ryanstur1erahh dang I googled the heck out of that jazz02:05
ryanstur1ersorry, I guess i could have figured that out on my own02:06
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ryanstur1erIf I want to build a back-rev of a recipe, where is that typically specified?02:32
ryanstur1ersorry, I guess i could have figured that out on my own02:38
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ryanstur1ergah sorry, new irc client02:39
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namrawhere can i find the features supported by a yocto kernel? in the kernel-dev manual there's an example for a very old kernel 3.4 and there it states the metadata definition of features can be found in the kernel tree meta/cfg/...04:30
namrabut the search doesn't find that repo and there's no meta directory in the kernel source tree of 4.104:31
namrai'd like to use a newer kernel for the valleyisland bsp, thus i want to write a new recipe. i looked at the recipe that comes with it for kerenel 3.10 and there it enables the valleyisland-io04:32
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xulferso writing a brand new recipe, or are you looking for one to do a bbappend off of?04:36
namrabrand new kernel recipe to use kernel 4.1 with the a specific feature for the valleyisland bsp. but for that i need to know if that feature is supported04:38
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drouhi guys05:38
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drouis there anyway to override something in a .inc file ?06:16
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_4urele_drou, I would say that you can create a new recipe in another layer06:36
_4urele_drou, create a bbappend?06:36
drouactually, i want to override SRC_URI variable of meta-qt5/recipes-qt/qt5/ which is required by several qt5 recipes06:37
droui just want to add ;procotol=http in the default SRC_URI06:38
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_4urele_drou, did you tried a bbapend? (overiding just the SRC_URI06:44
drou_4urele_: not really, i just wanted to avoid creating a lots of .bbappend. otherwise, i'll have to create a qtbase_git.bbappend, gtsvg_git.bbappend, qtwebkit_git.bbappend...06:47
_4urele_drou, sry i'm not sure how to do this ;)06:49
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namrahm how to build an intel bsp? trying to build an image with the valleyisland bsp and followed that guide:
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namrabut when running the build command it complains it can't find recipes for the kernel recipes07:09
namrameta-intel/common/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_3.10.bbappend and meta-intel/meta-isg/meta-valleyisland/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_3.10.bbappend07:10
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namrado i have to clone the according kernel?07:12
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premobosshello! total newbie in yocto here! my board is cubieboard2, ARM embedded system. it it supported by yocto?09:01
maxinpremoboss: yes.. using meta-sunxi :
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premobossmaxin, i gitted the yocto, but now i dont cnow how to proceed.10:11
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maxinpremoboss:  this will help:
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belenpremoboss: you might also want to try the Toaster UI. It might help somehow to get you started. There is a tutorial here
premobosstanks all10:14
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LetoThe2ndndec: concerning yesterday, see
LetoThe2ndndec: i've checked that the two included examples should be working fine and give you a good idea of the concept.11:00
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ndecLetoThe2nd: thx11:06
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ryanstur1erQuestion about packages12:00
ryanstur1erWhen a recipe is called XXX-native12:00
ryanstur1erthat's the package that's built for the target architecture, correct?12:01
ryanstur1erand XXX is for the build system?12:01
ryanstur1erOr do I have that backwards?12:01
neverpanicXXX-native is for your build system12:01
neverpanicXXX is for the target architecture12:01
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lzmhow can i get the target's CC variable in a native recipe?13:19
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ryanstur1erI have no idea, but I am curious why you need it - can you elaborate?13:21
lzmthe recipe will create a wrapper script that can switch between gcc and my own compiler13:25
lzmand i can build other recipes with that wrapper script by setting CC_pn-bla = "wrapper_script"13:25
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acidfuhow can I pass "-Wall" from yocto recipe to gcc ?13:33
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bboozzooacidfu: try CFLAGS_append in your recipe13:48
lzmi managed to recreate CC by inheriting from cross13:57
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acidfubboozzoo, thx !14:20
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ryanstur1er@lzm Neato14:29
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ryanstur1erIf I create a new layer, the recipes I define in my layer aren't added to an image unless they get appended to IMAGE_INSTALL14:30
ryanstur1eror unless another recipe depends on them, is that correct?14:30
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acidfummm, I have a recipe to build gpsd, it creates libgps.a ( gpsd/3.14-r0/gpsd-3.14/libgps.a ) but when tie library is installed into ( tmp/sysroots/litecell15/usr/lib/libgps.a  )14:47
acidfuall the symbols are stripped out of the .a :|14:48
acidfuif I do the nm -s on libgps.a in the installed dir I get nothing14:48
acidfubut nm -s on the libgps.a created in the gpsd directory is find14:48
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ryanstur1erWhat do I do in the situation where I have 2 layers that provide a recipe with the same name14:53
ryanstur1erthat are in fact different recipes14:53
acidfuchange the priority14:54
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acidfuhey folks, does it exist something like INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP but for .a (archive) file ?15:10
acidfubecause that juste prevent the binaries from being stripped :|15:10
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ryanstur1erIf I deleted my work/tmp/deploy directory, and I want to re-build my image, how do I do that without having to re-compile everything?15:21
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ryanstur1eroooh wait I think I may know15:22
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ryanstur1erbitbake -c clean <imagename>; bitbake <imagename>15:24
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rburtonyeah that works, or bitbake imagename -C rootfs will probably work too15:28
rburton(forcibly re-run the rootfs task on imagename)15:28
acidfuarm-poky-linux-gnueabi-strip /work/poky/build/tmp/work/cortexa15t2hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gpsd/3.14-r0/image/usr/lib/libgpsd.a15:29
acidfuHow do I block the strip ?15:29
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rburtonacidfu: if you actually mean, i want gpsd debugging info, install gpsd-dbg15:31
acidfuim cooking my own recipe15:31
rburtonyou are aware there's a gpsd recipe already right?15:31
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acidfuI am15:32
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acidfuthere must have something to inhibit the static libraries to be stripped :}|15:37
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jmesmonIs there a way to ask bitbake what is causing a package to be installed?15:58
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ryanstur1er@jmesmon You can do bitbake -g16:33
ryanstur1erit will produce a couple of helpful dependency graph files16:33
ryanstur1erwhich you can render with graphviz if you like, but they are human-readable too16:34
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acidfuis there a "target" called something like post_populate_sysroot()16:53
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!> has joined #yocto16:53
acidfuwhere I can do some stuff after the files are copied to the sysroot ?16:53
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kergothits unlikely you want to be doing that. the sysroot population is automatic for good reason16:54
acidfuif you tell me how to prevent a static library from being stripped, I won't need to try to find a work around :) hehe16:55
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bryan__Hello Everybody17:31
bryan__i want to add ibus-hangul, imhangul packages in yocto...Do we have any recipe for these packages?17:32
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bryan__can anyone help in this?17:38
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ryanstur1erIs there a way I can get bitbake to show the output of the task it's performing at the shell?18:20
ryanstur1erI know it performs tasks in parallel, but if I'm just running tasks on a recipe onesey-twosey, is it able to print out the output of, (for example) configure, make, etc.?18:20
ryanstur1erAll the "verbose/Debug" options I have found expose the internals of bitbake, but not the underlying tasks18:22
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neverpanicryanstur1er: you can find the output in the logfiles, but I doubt that's what you're after?18:22
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ryanstur1erI can, I just prefer a workflow where I don't have to hunt for a logfile every time I do a build18:24
ryanstur1erI was hoping there was maybe something I could pass to bitbake to get it to squirt it out to the shell18:25
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ryanstur1erAnother question I have is:  If I do a bitbake -c clean <recipe> and then bitbake <recipe> shouldn't that result in a recompile?18:31
ndecryanstur1er: in general, no. because there is the sstate cache18:32
ndecso if no build parameters have changed, the package isn't rebuilt but reused from the cache.18:32
ryanstur1erIf I've made a change to my recipe file, and I want to provoke it to basically re-build that recipe from scratch what do I need to tell bitbake?18:33
ndec-c cleansstate would clean the local work tree, and remove the prbuilt from the cache18:33
ryanstur1erAh that did it.18:34
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ryanstur1erlittle by little!  Man, I'm going to start a cheat sheet for this stuff - none of the cheat sheets I've found out there cover some of these seemingly really-important nuggets.18:35
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ryanstur1erI have added "install -d ${D}/my/directory" in the do_install step in a recipe I'm developing, and I get the QA warning that /my and /my/directory are "installed but not shipped"18:51
ryanstur1erThis is just an empty directory I want created on the target rootfs for configuration files for my application -18:52
kergothsee the yocto docs about packaging.18:53
kergoththe content in ${D} is broken up into multuiple binary packages (those listed in PACKAGES), each including the files/patterns in FILES_<packagename>18:54
kergoththat path you created isn't included in the default paths for the default binary packages, so you'd ahve to add it18:54
kergothe.g. FILES_${PN} += "/my/directory"18:54
kergother, /my, actually18:54
kergothbut you get the point18:54
ryanstur1erI only have the one package, so I have to add it to the files list for that package.  What is "shipped" is what is specified in FILES_<packagename>18:57
ryanstur1erand what is installed is what I actually dropped in {D}18:57
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