Monday, 2015-10-12

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lazaohello guys05:20
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mckoangood morning07:11
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AlexVaduvaregister Gridlock_12307:34
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dolphinany meta-intel maintainer hanging around? I think the common directory should be rename into meta and conf directory moved inside it08:19
dolphinnow the meta-intel layer kind of breaks when you want to override scripts, have to use "common/recipes-..." path instead of just "recipes-"08:20
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mckoandolphin: meta-intel maintainer hangs on #at9108:38
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mckoandolphin: oops, sorry, misunderstood08:39
* mckoan hates jet lag08:39
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jbrianceauclopez: ping08:51
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simonlI need to support several hardware variations. This would involve a couple of different configuration files in the rootfs and a different device tree. Would that justify a different MACHINE? Seems kind of painful to use for such minor differences (which do need to be kept track of during package upgrades)09:29
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jmleoHello ! I have a strange error with some python packages, don't know if it is related to the debug-tweaks... I get :10:27
jmleoERROR: Function failed: write_specfile10:27
bluelightningI doubt it's related to debug-tweaks10:29
bluelightningodd that there's absolutely nothing in the way of error detail10:29
jmleobluelightning: cleanall and redoing the bitbake on the package is ok10:30
jmleoand then another one fails10:30
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[Sno]JaMa: why should udev not be MACHINE_ARCH?10:46
rburtonstuff should only be machine-arch if absolutely needed, as then everything that depends on it (quite a lot) is also machine-arch10:48
JaMabecause many recipes depend on udev and they would effectively became MACHINE_ARCH as well10:48
rburtona neat way of saying "this may be machine arch but honestly it doesn't change any any meaningful way" would be useful, afaik SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE is too broad a hammer for that?10:50
rburtonbut that's a 2.1 discussion and right now we're trying to get 2.0 out :)10:51
JaMayes SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE is all or nothing, when set depending recipes won't rebuild even when udev intentionally changes API & ABI11:00
[Sno]JaMa: understood - and agreed, I rework the udev patch than11:01
JaMaas discussed in we need something to remove just some variables from sstate signature of dependent recipes11:01
yoctiBug 5970: enhancement, Medium, 1.9, richard.purdie, VERIFIED FIXED, sstate signature generator issues11:01
rburtonJaMa: remove package_arch?11:01
JaMarburton: in this case? to remove MACHINE_FEATURES, lsusb, pciutils and usbutils11:03
JaMawhen looking at udev signature e.g. when buildng xserver-xorg recipe11:03
JaMain other words to be able to say, that the udev ABI is the same when it was built with or without usb and pci support11:03
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[Sno]is there a sane way to have different DISTRO_FEATURES for different machines? or isn't that recognized?11:28
dolphin[Sno]: I think you'll want to have MACHINE_FEATURES and DISTRO_FEATURES, then look at the COMBINED_FEATURES code11:29
bluelightningdistro and machine are meant to be orthogonal, so the system isn't really meant to work in that way11:29
dolphinat oe-core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf11:30
[Sno]JaMa: in that case there should be a better solution for udev than moving the responsibility to DISTRO_FEATURES when it's not sane11:30
[Sno]I understand the price is high - but wrong and quick solutions aren't the answer to avoid high costs, are they?11:31
rburtonchanging udev to be machine arch is also wrong and quick ;)11:32
[Sno]rburton: I understand that - and searching for a better way11:32
[Sno]stupid [Sno] - JaMa suggested PACKAGECONFIG and not DISTRO_FEATURES - this can be handled in local.conf or own distro/my.conf11:33
JaMadefault PACKAGECONFIG value can be set based on DISTRO_FEATURES11:38
JaMabut that leaves you option to easily change it if it doesn't match with expectations11:39
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Ox4hello guys11:54
Ox4is there a way to set PATH variable without user's login?11:55
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mckoan0x4 /etc/rc.local12:13
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Ox4mckoan: I don't see such file there12:17
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mckoanOx4: you have to create it, try google-ing13:04
Ox4mckoan: yes, I googled it already, but it is for tiny system, no?13:05
Ox4mckoan: and I don't see it in the mega manual13:06
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Ox4also how can I modify rcS script in the etc/init.d directory to build an image?13:14
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Ox4I think it will be better to patch rcS in sysvinit package13:37
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fredcadeteoh yocto gods, any tips for how to debug when a task doesn't work when launching bitbake but works when inside the devshell?15:20
fredcadeteI am starting to despair15:20
rburtonmore context would be useful15:21
LetoThe2ndrburton: doesn't right-clicking help?15:21
rburtonreading the run.[task] in the work directory might be useful15:21
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fredcadeteit's a vendor kernel (the story starts promising)15:23
fredcadeteif I do `bitbake vendorkernel` it fails at do_configure, saying "no such target 'oldconfig'"15:24
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fredcadeteif I go into the devshell and call the run.do_configure, everything goes well15:24
fredcadeterburton: thanks, I tried that. It looks good to me and gives good results when I run it15:25
rburtonfredcadete: sounds like the directory its running in is wrong15:26
fredcadeterburton: It's a possibility15:26
rburtonthrow a echo `pwd` at the beginning and see15:26
fredcadeteadding that echo with a do_configure_prepend? I'll try that15:27
rburtonthat will work15:27
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fredcadeterburton: indeed. it's running in an empty directory. I think it can be related to work-shared15:30
fredcadeteI have a direction, thanks A LOT15:30
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rburtonthat's five minutes of consultancy time, rounded up to 30 minutes, at my standard rate of £100/hour.  I'll send the invoice this evening15:30
xulferHm is there a good method for tracking one set of branches in one image, and another set in another image?  Including stuff in the BSP layer?  I guess I could create multiple configs but that seems a bit extreme for what I'm trying to do.15:32
fredcadeterburton: sure, I'll send it to my HR department and let them sort it out15:32
rburtonfredcadete: if you're running oe-core master there were some changes to what directory it builds in, so if the bsp hasn't been tested i'm not surprised it failed.15:33
xulferBasically trying to come up with one full image that follows our current release, and another 'dev' image that follows our various bleeding edge branches.15:34
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fredcadeterburton, the record: Got it. The vendor kernel's recipe was overriding do_configure and calling `oe_runmake`. But with a poky upgrade, it now has to call `oe_runmake_call -C ${S} O=${B}15:49
clopezjbrianceau: pong ?15:50
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jbrianceauclopez: hi, your name showed up in the meta-browser git history15:52
jbrianceauclopez: about the chromium recipe, I'm wondering if the license is correct15:53
jbrianceauclopez: it's declared as BSD, which is fine for chromium-src code, however there are also many 3rd party libs in the google archives, that are not BSD15:53
jbrianceauclopez: for instance ffmpeg in src/third_party/ffmpeg is LGPL-2.1 and is used by chromium15:56
clopezjbrianceau: yes, also the render engine (blink now, webkit before) is bsd/lgplv2 mixed15:57
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jbrianceauclopez: correct. Is there a way to declare this in a yocto recipe ? I think I've already seen licenses with logical operators like | &16:00
clopezyou can check the debian copyright file, they tend to pay more attention to licenses than others16:00
jbrianceauclopez: very interesting, thanks for the link16:01
clopezjbrianceau, yes .. check the recipe for webkitgtk_2.8.5 on oe-core/poky (master)16:01
jbrianceauclopez: will do, thanks a lot for the info16:01
clopezyou are welcome :)16:02
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xulferclopez:  Do you guys use a custom do_fetch / do_unpack for that?16:12
xulferUse a webrtc recipe at work, and it's... an unwieldy nightmare to say the least.16:12
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raykinsella78if I want to over the default init system ... PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/runtime_init_manager = "sysvinit"16:31
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raykinsella78cool and the gang16:42
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clopezxulfer: i don't think.. we only list the different licenses and hashes on the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM variable16:45
xulferclopez: How do you deal with depot_tools checkout then?16:47
xulferThat's our whole issue right now.16:49
clopezxulfer: i don't deal with that... the chromium tarball should already include all third_party deps inside16:53
xulferOh.  Hmm... I might look into that.  Because I could just extract webrtc from there.16:54
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clopezxulfer: why don't you add the webrtc git repository as SRC_URI ?16:57
xulferIt has a bunch of third party deps, and stuff that only gets pulled down via fetch / gclient16:58
xulferI thought about trying to parse the chromium + webrtc DEPS tree to make a version that I could adapt to our webrtc layer16:58
xulferbut seems like more work than maintaining the monstrosity that is our current recipe16:59
xulferI mean it works now, but it overwrites so many hooks in yocto that dependency checking doesn't even work for it16:59
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raykinsella78signing off17:15
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lpappbluelightning: hey, are you there by any chance?17:39
lpappor anyone :)17:39
lpappwhat is the preferred way of downloading some proprietary software which has to go through the usual username and password authentication?17:40
lpappI can sure use wget, too, but then what is the point of mentioning the source, etc... these are the confusions that I have got.17:40
bluelightningthere is nothing built-in for that that I know of17:42
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lpappbluelightning: so I just put the nasty wget and decompression stuff into do_install as I understand then?17:46
*** IvanSB <IvanSB!> has quit IRC17:47
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lpappbluelightning: actually, do_fetch instead?17:56
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC17:57
kergothcan't yoiu just use an http uri in SRC_URI and use a .netrc to supply the authentication?17:59
kergoththat's what i usually do when i need https rather than ssh for our git repositories17:59
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bluelightninglpapp: you could always just append to FETCHCMD_wget18:02
kergothI <3 environment-setup.d for the sdk18:03
kergothalso, if you don't want to put a real private url in the recipe, you can use a fake one coupled with PREMIRRORS18:03
* kergoth yawns18:03
clopezxulfer: maybe you can pull all the stuff via gclient, create a tarball  (without the .git directories to trim the size) and upload it somewhere, then make the recipe pull that tarball18:03
bluelightningkergoth: interesting idea18:03
kergothI've done that before :)18:04
kergothhave also written a custom fetcher supplied by a layer that used an external fetch tool to handle the customer's authentication / access to the files for a case where there was a standalone fetch tool18:05
lpappbluelightning: hmm, FETCHCMD_wget expects the parameters that I would pass to wget?18:05
bluelightninglpapp: yes... see the default value in meta/conf/bitbake.conf18:05
xulferclopez:  Yeah I've been thinking about that as well.18:05
lpappbluelightning: ok18:09
lpappkergoth: yeah, the recipe will remain private, too18:09
frayat the YP Dev Days David Reyna presenting some things on using mirrors for private urls..18:09
*** challinan <challinan!> has quit IRC18:09
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto18:09
kergothheh :)18:10
lpappbluelightning: btw, it seems I need to use two wget commands, one for the login to store the cookie and then another for the actual download using the cookie from the previous command, so I assume that for this, I will need my own custom do_fetch?18:10
clopezclopez: another option is to run gclient in do_unpack[postfuncs] ... the chromium recipe does something similar for fetching the ozone-wayland layer when its enabled18:10
lpappor they can somehow be combined? I am not quite a wget pro user.18:10
kergothxulfer, clopez: depending on how in depth you want to get, this could be a candidate for a custom bitbake fetcher.18:10
lpappwhat I exactly mean is: wget --save-cookies cookies.txt --keep-session-cookies --post-data 'username=foo&password=bar'
lpappwget --load-cookies cookies.txt
kergothahh, right18:12
clopezor maybe add an extra step between do_unpack and and do_patch18:12
kergoththat makes sense, FETCHCMD_wget does indeed sound ideal for that case18:12
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!> has joined #yocto18:13
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kergothlpapp: I'm going through open issues in meta-sourcery, do you know if the issues you had with it are still outstanding?18:14
lpappI think they are resolved now, thanks.18:14
xulferkergoth: I'm interested, but not familiar enough to know if it's worth me working on.18:14
* kergoth nods at xulfer 18:14
xulferIn the sense that I'm only allotted so much time by work to work on stuff like that.18:15
lpappso I would put the parameters for the first wget run into FETCHCMD_wget and then the second to?18:15
kergothI think you'd have a few options:  run the --save-cookies before the bitbake, have a separate recipe do it with FETCHCMD_wget saving the cookies into a known path, or do a second wget in the main recipe before do_fetch, e.g. with an additional task18:16
*** fray <fray!~mhatle@> has quit IRC18:16
*** radzy <radzy!> has quit IRC18:16
lpappok, I will need to look it up again how to create a custom in-between task.18:18
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has quit IRC18:20
*** radzy_lunch <radzy_lunch!> has joined #yocto18:20
*** jchonig <jchonig!> has joined #yocto18:23
kergothaddtask fetch_login before do_fetch; do_fetch_login () {}18:24
kergothor so18:24
kergothof course, you'll presumably be hardcoding a password in a recipe with that approach, unless you have it pull that from somewhere external18:24
* kergoth yawns18:24
*** stiandre <stiandre!> has joined #yocto18:25
*** fray <fray!~mhatle@> has joined #yocto18:27
lpappyes, I will hard-code it for now.18:27
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC18:29
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*** jchonig <jchonig!> has joined #yocto18:29
kergothIt'd be nice for the fetchers to better support supplying authentication, handing it off to the commands they run via whatever mechanism is appropriate, rather than us having to directly feed it into the processes it runs (e.g. running ssh agent, netrc, ..)18:30
kergoththough that'd have its own downsides, i guess... but today it's a really leaky abstraction :)18:30
*** challinan <challinan!> has quit IRC18:30
kergothi often use git over ssh with a forwarded ssh agent to do my builds on a remote VM, but then i detach the session and come back later and my build has failed since detaching and disconnecting means no more access to my forwarded ssh agent :)18:31
kergothcourse, i could use a local key instead, probably should at some point18:32
kergothis there a recipe naming convention for nativesdk recipes that only install a script into environment-setup.d?18:32
kergothi'm doing nativesdk-env-<something> at the moment18:32
kergothmeta-sourcery arranges to install one of those now, to avoid having to ship a multilib suffix symlink:
*** kbingham <kbingham!> has quit IRC18:35
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lpappERROR: Function failed: Unpack failure for URL:...18:52
lpappbut actually, my source is not compressed... it is just *.bin.18:52
lpappdo I need to override do_unpack with empty content in this case?18:52
kergoththe default do_unpack should just do nothing for a .bin. there's no handling for *.bin in bitbake18:53
kergothbut you can explicitly set unpack=no as a url parameter as well18:54
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto18:54
lpapphmm, in that case, I am not sure why the do_unpack task fails.18:55
lpappmight be my mistake in the url where I used .../$(PV)/$(PN)-$(PV)...18:56
lpappperhasp ${} instead of $()18:57
kergothah, that woudl spawn a bunch of subshells for the first shell it tries to run using that :)18:57
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has left #yocto18:57
kergothso it tries to run a command "PV" in a subshell18:57
lpappyeah, thanks18:58
lpappnot sure what to do with LIC_FILES_CHKSUM in case of propietary binary software.18:58
*** belen <belen!> has joined #yocto18:59
lpappI already have LICENSE = "Proprietary".18:59
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:59
lpappoh, I have to use CLOSED instead of Proprietary19:01
kergothProprietary will still require license terms, afaik. CLOSED however is a generic closed source all rights reserved type thing, doesn't require a license file19:01
kergothwtf, my mac is ignoring a /etc/hosts file entry in favor of something it looked up19:02
kergoththe dns server does *not* know better than my hosts file19:02
Snert_then change the order. Hosts first.19:03
Snert_instead of asking DNS forst.19:03
lpapphmm, sh ./mybinary.bin does not seem to work as it cannot find the binary file, even though it is in the ${WORKDIR}19:05
lpappperhaps I need to be explicit with that.19:05
*** aehs29 <aehs29!aehernan@nat/intel/x-cembyqyxaesqlvot> has quit IRC19:06
lpappalso, the binary in WORKDIR seems to be 4 KB, so I assume the wget session did not work out as I wished.19:07
*** radzy_lunch is now known as radzy19:08
rburtonkergoth: remember anything in /etc is considered legacy on OSX if you've a modern app19:08
lpappI assume that I need to enable the task history to see what wget commands are executed, etc?19:09
kergothrburton: true19:09
lpappcan one package in a recipe depend on another package in the same recipe?19:10
rburtonlpapp: rdepend? of course.19:10
kergothSnert_: yeah, just need to figure out *how* :) not exactly as trivial as nsswitch.conf on a mac, sadly, and it differs between versions19:10
* kergoth rolls eyes19:10
lpapprburton: yes, so that package bar requires package foo, but foo and bar packages are built from recipe foobar_0.1.bb19:11
rburtonPN-dev depends on PN19:11
rburtonso it happens in almost every recipe already19:12
*** Snert <Snert!> has quit IRC19:12
lpappso if I say REPDENDS_${PN}-bar = "FILES_${PN}-foo", it ought to work, yeah?19:13
rburtonRDEPENDS_${PN}-bar = ${PN}-foo19:13
rburtonerm, with quotes as appropriate19:13
lpappah, sorry, yes.19:14
lpappyou are right, thanks.19:14
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lpapphmm, if I say FILES_${PN}-foo = "....../etc/", then I can say " FILES_${PN}-foo_exclude = "....../etc/exception" ?19:41
rburton_remove exists19:42
rburtonbut ewww19:42
rburtonjust fiddle the order of PACKAGES19:42
rburtonthe file matches are applied in order of PACKAGES19:42
rburtonso -bar can package /etc/exception and then -foo can package /etc/*, assuming -bar is listed before -foo in PACKAGES19:43
fray_remove though only removes from a variable.. since the FILES_pkg is shell globbed.. remove won't do anything -- runs before any such globbing19:43
fraybut as rburton says.. the right way is adjust the PACKAGES order19:44
rburtonerm, yeah, not sure why i wasn't parsing that right in my head!19:44
* rburton blames the Rebel Gold he just opened19:44
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lpapprburton: yeah, this is a new context, so I have one package, but I do not wish to grab everything19:48
lpappit would also be cumbersome to match one-by-one, excluding would be ideal. Thank you for _remove.19:48
*** Guest37995 is now known as thiagoss19:48
kergothif you only have one package, and have a bunch of files that won't be packaged at all, you'd be better off just rmeoving the files you don't want in packages in do_install, otherwise you'll get installed-but-not-shipped QA failures anyway19:49
kergothif you do want them packaged, just in a different package, then rburton's suggestion about PACKAGES order is the best solutjion19:49
lpappyeah, it is a quick hack :)19:50
lpappI am trying to separate packages in one recipe into two.19:50
kergothas was just mentioned, _remove is unlikely to work for you here. lit's used to remove words from a variable. If FILES includes e.g. /etc/ or /etc/*, you can't _remove /etc/foo and expect that to do anything19:50
lpappand instead of doing everything in one go, I just copied the original recipe, and I am removing the packages from that recipe that are supposed to be in the other recipe.19:51
lpappand vice versa19:51
lpappbut currently, they both build from the same repository19:51
kergoththe fastest way to add a new package that grabs something instead of the main apckage is to prepend it to packages, as rburton just said..;19:51
kergothmuch simpler than mangling FILES_${PN}19:51
lpappthe reason for this move is that we grabbed some upstream proprietary dependency into our software's recipe and they really ought to run for their own versions.19:51
lpappand as far as I know, all the packages in a recipe will run under the same version.19:51
lpappI am happy to ignore the QA warnings for today.19:53
lpappwill fine-tune it another day.19:53
lpappmy boss wants me to get something working ASAP :)19:53
kergothPACKAGES =+ "newpackage"; FILES_newpackage = "/etc/foo"; RDEPENDS_${PN} += "newpackage". done.19:55
* kergoth gets food19:55
lpappas the last resort, being explicit about every file might bring me to somewhere.19:55
lpappbut yes, you are right, I will get the warnings.19:55
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kergothman, nothing screws up my day like an unexpected rebuild from scratch of every freaking recipe19:57
kergothgo from a 5 minute build time to a couple hour build time in seconds :(19:58
lpappyeah, that can be undesired.19:58
kergothI try not to multi-task too much so as to avoid losing track of where i'm at, but that's tough when you're stuck waiting on a bunch of long-ass compiles19:58
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lpappso I have a new package now coming from the new recipe, but I guess there will be problems at the upgrade process... as a package is replaced by another now.20:23
lpappwhat is the best way to solve this? Is there some variable to set in the new recipe for the new package to replace the "old" package from the "old" recipe?20:23
lpappso that the upgrade process remains smooth.20:24
kergothwell, rreplaces+rconflicts, rprovides is only needed in certain cases20:25
lpappyeah, we use CONFLICTS on Archlinux in PKGBUILD iirc, but I might be wrong.20:25
lpappcool, so the new package bar will replace foo if I say this in bar's recipe for instance: RREPLACES_${PN} = "foo (>= 1.2)"20:27
kergothyeah, but foo will stay installed unless you also add it to RCONFLICTS20:27
lpappah, so the triumvirate is the best to be specified in my case that you mentioned :)20:29
lpappthanks again.20:29
*** [Sno] <[Sno]!> has joined #yocto20:29
kergothiirc the debian policy manual has a section on this too20:29
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xulferkergoth: Have any docs regarding writing a custom fetcher, or know where I could begin looking?22:41
kergothonly the bitbake code, really. bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/*.py22:42
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kergothwhat's up with the duplication between OECORE_TARGET_SYSROOT and SDKTARGETSYSROOT?23:48
eboltonhey all, I have a strange dependency issue: I need to build python-imaging with tk support to run a script we use, the problem is python-imaging uses the python-native executable during its compile step, but if I add tk-native as a DEPENDS to python-native I get a dependency loop23:49
eboltonI've already put a day into getting tk-native to build correctly (the recipe as is in 1.7.2 is pretty broken)....and the dependency loop looks ugly...not sure if its worth the effort23:50
kergothI don't see why you'd need tk-native to be a dep of python-native. just have python-imaging depend on tk-native.23:51
eboltonpython-native detects the presence of tk and builds/deploys a lib called _tkinter if it finds it23:52
eboltonotherwise you get this:23:53
eboltonPython build finished, but the necessary bits to build these modules were not found:23:53
ebolton_bsddb             _tkinter           bsddb18523:53
eboltondl                 imageop            nis23:53
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eboltonthat't from the python-native do_install log23:54
kergothI don't see a trivial way to resolve that without splitting the python-native recipe/build into two pieces, unless you can find a way to avoid python-native being pulled in by tk-native23:54
eboltonI'll spend some time trying to break the dependency tree....thanks kergoth23:56
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