Tuesday, 2015-10-27

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parrot2what does EXTRA_OECONF_BASE, EXTRA_OECONF_INITIAL  and EXTRA_OECONF_INTERMEDIATE mean in gcc-4.9.inc inside the meta layer?01:52
qknightparrot2: github link to the file maybe?01:52
parrot2qknight: sure...wait01:59
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parrot2qknight: here you go http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/plain/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-4.9.inc02:00
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qknightparrot2: For some platforms its useful to be able to configure LTO so provide a variable02:02
qknightto allow this to happen.02:02
qknightparrot2: a global switch for some very important compiler settings?02:03
qknightparrot2: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/plain/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-configure-common.inc seems it is set from here02:04
qknightparrot2: and it is initially "" but you can pass it different values using something like this, i suppose:02:05
qknightPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtbase = " tools icu examples accessibility gl udev openssl widgets developer sql-sqlite sql-mysql sql-psql sm"02:05
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qknightjust a guess though02:05
qknightparrot2: https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/LinkTimeOptimization LTO02:05
turbo-joehello all, I keep getting warnings/errors saying WARNING: missing /lib/modules/4.2.3-armv7-x2 does anyone know how I can get that module installed?02:11
parrot2qknight: ok...thanks for the heads up02:11
qknightturbo-joe: where and why do you get the warnings02:12
turbo-joewhen installing through apt-get02:12
qknightturbo-joe: did you install ~/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8-20150619-yocto/build_t4240rdb-64b_release$ ls tmp/deploy/images/t4240rdb-64b/modules-t4240rdb-64b.tgz02:14
qknightturbo-joe: your paths are obviously different than mine02:14
turbo-joeI just got ubuntu loaded on emmc and I am trying to get it setup with lxde and a few other pieces of software02:14
qknightturbo-joe: which boadr are ya using?02:15
qknighthttps://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=17666 <- does this help02:19
turbo-joehonestly I am kind of clueless on what that module is or does. this is my first time with ubuntu on the beaglebone black02:22
qknightturbo-joe: might be the kernel modules, do you have anything in /lib/modules?02:23
qknightturbo-joe: go there, type: du -a /lib/modules and paste me the output02:23
turbo-joethats it02:24
qknightturbo-joe: then you don't have any kernel modules... ok02:24
qknightturbo-joe: might be ok though02:24
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qknightturbo-joe: zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i '=m$'02:25
qknightturbo-joe: check that output02:25
qknightturbo-joe: a better way is to use paste.ubuntu.com02:26
qknight'uname -a' says?02:26
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qknightturbo-joe: you are on my ban list rihgt now because you are literally spamming me02:33
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turbo-joesent output in pm qknight03:44
turbo-joeok sry about that03:44
turbo-joeLinux arm 4.1.10-ti-r21 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Oct 9 06:05:02 UTC 2015 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux03:45
turbo-joethats the previous command you asked03:45
turbo-joeI'm so sorry03:45
turbo-joeI never used paste.ubuntu.com before03:45
turbo-joeqknight: can you see that something is missing, or maybe something went wrong when I flashed the BBB?03:45
turbo-joeand I truly apologize for the spam, I honestly didn't know better as ignorant as that sounds.03:45
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qknighthow to setup my own meta-foo04:49
qknightit seems not to find my own bb files tough04:49
turbo-joeI thought I lost ya for a sec04:49
turbo-joeis there an image of ubuntu with a gui? even an older one.04:51
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LetoThe2ndOx4: good morning. if i'm not answering here, chances are that i'm not around. generally, keeping support in this channel is always good because it doesn't limit the answers to what one supporter know, and others can profit too06:20
LetoThe2ndOx4: so if nobody answers here, maybe try the ML or such.06:20
LetoThe2ndqknight: for creating your own meta layer, the easiest way is to just use yocto-create-layer and then add it int your bblayers.conf06:23
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Ox4LetoThe2nd: ML?07:54
LetoThe2ndOx4: mailing list07:55
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mckoangood morning08:06
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Ox4ok, one more try :) On my board I have serveral partitions: 1) for kernel with partition size 8Mb and 2) for rootfs - 116 Mb. I have to create one img file which includes kernel and rootfs. How can I do that?08:13
bluelightningmorning all08:14
bluelightningOx4: assuming you're using a recent version, you could use wic08:14
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Ox4bluelightning: yes, I am using git version08:26
Ox4bluelightning: currently I am using dd utility08:28
Ox4bluelightning: but thank you for the link08:29
bluelightningwith wic you can still produce a file that you dd to the device,08:29
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Ox4bluelightning: yes, I am investigating the source of wic08:31
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parrot2bluelightning: ping08:53
bluelightningparrot2: pong08:54
parrot2bluelightning: not sure if that's your area of responsibility, what does EXTRA_OECONF_BASE, EXTRA_OECONF_INITIAL and INTERMEDIATE mean in http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/plain/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-4.9.inc08:55
bluelightningparrot2: it has to do with the separate times that we build glibc, though the "intermediate" is obsolete I think08:56
lazaois there a way to have something like the bb.utils.contains by giving a wildcard?08:57
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parrot2bluelightning: so if I plan to enable libgomp, is it not the best way if I simply replace --disable-libgomp in that inc file with --enable-libgomp ?08:58
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parrot2I do plan a bbappend on this but I'm not sure if the autotools will be happy with both --enable and --disable there08:59
bluelightningparrot2: libgomp is already enabled when we build glibc properly, AFAIK09:00
bluelightningparrot2: I don't think you want to enable it for glibc-initial09:00
parrot2bluelightning: I don't think libgomp is there since I couldn't find it in the deploy/rpm directory. Also, my stock core-image-sato-sdk don't have it either09:02
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bluelightningparrot2: actually, it seems like libgomp comes from gcc-runtime not glibc09:04
bluelightningparrot2: if you build gcc-runtime, or add libgomp to some packagegroup or your image, you will have it09:04
LetoThe2ndconcerning this gcc fun - is there a known goot way to have gcc-runtime and libgfortran for native to depend on?09:05
bluelightningwouldn't you be relying on the host for that?09:06
LetoThe2ndhm, would i?09:06
bluelightningif it's native, and it comes from gcc, I would have thought so09:07
bluelightningI'm not an expert in that area by any means though09:07
parrot2bluelightning: I guess I will add libgomp to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL then ?09:08
bluelightningparrot2: that should do it yes09:09
parrot2just want to make sure I dont hit my head with hammer again09:09
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: then why are we building all those native tools anyways and not relying on the host?09:10
bluelightninginterestingly though, libgomp and libgomp-dev are in the RRECOMMENDS for packagegroup-core-sdk which should be in core-image-sato-sdk (unless you've removed tools-sdk from IMAGE_FEATURES, that is)09:10
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: because a lot of the time we've found unfortunately we can't rely on the host09:10
bluelightningI think it's possible we might re-evaluate some of the things we're building09:11
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: thats what i mean.09:11
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parrot2hmm...I tried out this recipe https://github.com/bmwcarit/meta-ros/blob/master/recipes-extended/freeglut/freeglut_2.8.1.bb and everything went well except I couldn't find the resultant rpm package within the tmp/deploy/rpm . Any idea? I first thought it was missing pkgconfig and I inherited pkgconfig as well. But no luck :-(09:17
lazaohelp anyone?09:17
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LocutusOfBorg1bluelightning, do you have yocto write permissions on git?09:20
LocutusOfBorg1hi BTW09:20
LocutusOfBorg1"# opkg-utils is for update-altnernatives :("09:21
LocutusOfBorg1there is a typo09:21
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bluelightningLocutusOfBorg1: I don't, I have the ability to send patches, just like all of us ;)09:26
bluelightninglazao: there is no function to do that, you can use whatever python functions you like in in-line python, so you could define a function with def ... and then call it09:29
bluelightningparrot2: you should look into the logs and packages-split under the workdir for the recipe09:33
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lazaobluelightning: thanks, so you mean there is no way to have my function properly defined when executing bitbake -e myrecipe? i need to define a python function to override the variable then call it in a do_task?09:36
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bluelightninglazao: no, there definitely is09:38
bluelightningyou don't need a task to do this09:38
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lazaobluelightning: so, if i define a python var_replacement() {} function, how do i call it in my recipe?09:41
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bluelightninglazao: see meta/recipes-extended/pam/libpam_1.2.1.bb for an example of doing this (search for "get_multilib_bit")09:41
LocutusOfBorg1well, sending a patch for a typo fix seems an overkill09:42
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bluelightningLocutusOfBorg1: I've got a patch here locally, I can send it out with my next set after the release if nobody gets to it first09:46
LocutusOfBorg1do you use git send mail to send patches? I tried to use it for a patch on meta-raspberrypi09:48
LocutusOfBorg1I admit I like more github pull requests09:48
bluelightningI use either git-send-email or our create-pull-request/send-pull-request scripts09:49
bluelightning(the latter wrap git-format-patch and git-send-email anyway)09:49
bluelightningif you've not yet seen it : http://www.openembedded.org/wiki/How_to_submit_a_patch_to_OpenEmbedded09:50
jmleoIs it possible to replace a class like we can replace a bb in custom recipes ? say I want to use a custom classes/devshell.bbclass and create a meta-mymeta/classes/devshell.bbclass will it be used ?09:51
bluelightningjmleo: if you ensure your layer's directory appears first in BBPATH09:52
bluelightningjmleo: because of order of operations, that can be dependent on the order the layer appears in BBLAYERS in bblayers.conf09:52
jmleobluelightning: ok, thanks09:52
bluelightningjmleo: because of that I usually recommend that you avoid doing that; use an additional class, or send a patch for the one you want to modify09:53
bluelightningin the end we all benefit if the classes are as flexible as is practical, and you avoid maintenance burden in the future09:54
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xerenthey guys, I need to put together a kernel patch, and I was planning to do that by diffing kernel sources from work folder. problem is I need to clean that up first, e.g. i'd like for yocto to perform the do_unpack and do_patch steps only10:01
xerentany tips?10:01
fredcadetebitbake linux-yocto -c cleansstate10:01
fredcadetebitbake linux-yocto -c patch10:01
fredcadeteI guess10:01
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xerentseems to work :)10:06
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fredcadeteno problem10:27
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[Sno]during simplifying meta-java bootstrap I hit (hopefully) one remaining problem10:44
[Sno]there're several recipes providing virtual/javac-native10:44
[Sno]and there can be only one ...10:44
[Sno]since jikes ecj-bootstrap-native provides virtual/javac-native (Java 1.5), Icedtead7-native provides virtual/javac-native (Java 1.7) and openjdk-8-native provides it (Java 8) - and openjdk-8 requires icedtea7 which requires ecj-bootstrap-native which requires jikes-initial-native - how give a user the chance to pick one in the middle and say: that's enough for me10:46
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mtownsendHi, I'm using PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_deb" which works great and gives me dpkg, is there a way to stop it from installing apt to?  I'm using Daisy.11:43
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bluelightningmtownsend: you could set ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE in the image to just "dpkg"11:47
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@host202-80-dynamic.180-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it> has joined #yocto11:52
*** soderstrom <soderstrom!~soderstro@> has joined #yocto11:52
mtownsendbluelightning: Thank you, sounds promising, I'll give it go.11:53
*** codewarrior_ <codewarrior_!c39feabe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:00
codewarrior_can someone expain me a difference between do_rootfs[postfuncs] and ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND12:00
codewarrior_are the functions there called in the same point?12:01
codewarrior_if so which one I should use?12:01
fredcadeteif I remember correctly, do_rootfs[postfuncs] calls every function in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND12:04
bluelightninger, no12:04
bluelightningcodewarrior_: if you want to do anything with the actual image contents you will want ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND12:05
fredcadetegaaah ok12:05
bluelightningdo_rootfs[postfuncs] will only get called after all of the image construction and image file generation has been done12:05
bluelightningby which time it'll be too late to actually influence it12:05
soderstromI'm working on adding support for NextThingCo C.H.I.P in the meta-sunxi layer. But I'm having issues with getting the files generated under tmp/work/chip.../linux-chip/4.2.0-r0/image into the final root filesystem. I'm currently generating one ext4 system for local mounting and viewing, and also an rootfs.ubi that should be placed on the device. However in both of these the contents from ..4.2.0-r0/image12:07
soderstrom is missing. I feel like I am missing something really obvious, am I?  Is my qeustion related to the current discussion?12:07
codewarrior_bluelightning: so ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is called before do_rootfs[postfuncs]12:07
codewarrior_those sound bit similar12:07
codewarrior_and it's hard to find good explanation when each "hook" is run12:08
LetoThe2ndsoderstrom: well does your image recipe contain kernel, devicetree, modules and all that? otherwise they're not pulled in12:08
bluelightningcodewarrior_: postfuncs are a generic mechanism, available for any function12:08
bluelightningcodewarrior_: but just like everywhere else, the function itself runs before all of its postfuncs12:08
codewarrior_and what if I will use do_rootfs[prefuncs] and corresponding ROOTFS_PREPROCESS_COMMAND12:09
bluelightningprefuncs happen before anything is done for the image generation12:09
bluelightningsee http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND and the vars that surround it if you haven't already12:10
codewarrior_but are the two I've mentioned executed in different point12:10
bluelightningif you could explain what you're trying to do perhaps I could offer advice12:10
codewarrior_or it doesn't really matter12:10
soderstromMy linux recipe looks like this: https://github.com/soderstrom-rikard/meta-sunxi/blob/master/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-chip_4.1.0.bb12:10
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has quit IRC12:10
bluelightningcodewarrior_: absolutely they are, that's what I said12:10
codewarrior_bluelightning: I want to store image manifest12:11
LetoThe2ndsoderstrom: not the kernel recipe defines what goes into the image, the image recipe does.12:11
bluelightningcodewarrior_: what kind of manifest?12:11
LetoThe2ndsoderstrom: by default, an image does *not* contain kernel and such, it has to be specifically included.12:11
soderstrombut in the machine config I do a lot of wierdness: https://github.com/soderstrom-rikard/meta-sunxi/blob/master-soderstrom/conf/machine/chip.conf  (wrong branch on previous link)12:11
codewarrior_like file with device name, build number and time12:11
bluelightningcodewarrior_: into the image?12:11
codewarrior_place it somewhere in /etc/manifest or something12:12
codewarrior_into the image12:12
codewarrior_but as the very last step12:12
bluelightningcodewarrior_: so it turns out we already have functionality to do this that is fairly easy to enable and customise12:12
codewarrior_so that I know all the details12:12
bluelightningcodewarrior_: meta/classes/image-buildinfo.bbclass12:12
codewarrior_I will take a look12:13
codewarrior_but is it possible to store build time, device name and some custom fields12:14
bluelightningyes, it's easy to do that assuming those are all represented by variable values12:15
bluelightningyou just set your own value for IMAGE_BUILDINFO_VARS listing the names of the variables you want put in the file12:15
bluelightningDATETIME would give you the build date/time12:16
codewarrior_is DATETIME the same as used to create the name of the image?12:16
soderstromLetoThe2nd: Ah, well that do make since :) Thanks12:17
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!~dmoseley@2606:a000:120a:a108:4024:828:4094:dfca> has quit IRC12:17
LetoThe2ndsoderstrom: have fun12:17
soderstromLetoThe2nd: Always :P12:18
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*** psadro <psadro!~Thunderbi@2620:0:ed0:800a:72f3:95ff:fe1d:9866> has joined #yocto12:20
codewarrior_bluelightning: thanks for your help12:21
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has joined #yocto12:26
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*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning12:33
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mtownsendbluelightning: Your suggestion work a treat, many thanks!!12:38
*** lazao <lazao!c32a382b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC12:39
bluelightningmtownsend: no problem12:41
mtownsenddpkg is complaining that ldconfig is not on the path, is this part of busybox? do I need to alter it's configuration?12:51
*** hamis_lt_u <hamis_lt_u!~irfan@> has joined #yocto12:52
bluelightningmtownsend: at least when using the default libc of glibc, /sbin/ldconfig is installed from the glibc package12:53
fredcadetemtownsend: another possibility is that /sbin is not on the path when you launch dpkg12:54
mtownsendbluelightning: I'm using eglibc from the linaro external toolchain I think.  I'm a bit stuffed then.12:54
bluelightningmtownsend: hmm ok, could be that they package that differently? I'm not very familiar with that12:55
bluelightningmtownsend: can you verify /sbin/ldconfig is not there?12:56
mtownsendfredcadete: find / -name "ldconfig" returned nothing12:56
mtownsendI'll have a dig around in the linaro stuff to see if it's there somewhere.12:57
mtownsendThe linaro toolchain has sbin/ldconfig in it's installed directory but it's not been packaged up by Yocto, weirdly the man pages were :)13:00
bluelightninger, under normal conditions that would generate a warning/error at packaging time13:02
mtownsendWould something like PREFERRED_PROVIDER_ldconfig = "external-linaro-toolchain" work?13:02
bluelightningI doubt it13:02
bluelightningPREFERRED_PROVIDER only works when there are actual providers of that item along with things depending on it, I don't think that's true for ldconfig13:03
bluelightning(when I say actual providers, I mean where more than one recipe states that it PROVIDES that thing)13:04
mtownsendok found the external-linaro-toolchain recipe. I'll see if I can append it and get it to package up ldconfig.13:05
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hanDerPederhi, is it possible to have several git repos in SRC_URI? trying to compile a linux kernel with some backports13:48
*** aime-Pierre <aime-Pierre!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto13:48
bluelightninghanDerPeder: it is, yes13:54
jkuhanDerPeder: yes. see example with named URIs in http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#new-recipe-fetching-code13:54
bluelightningjku: actually I don't think that section quite covers multiple git URIs, though perhaps it should13:55
bluelightninghanDerPeder: you just need to add ;destsuffix onto one (or both) of the SRC_URI entries, to tell it to check out the files to a subdirectory other than "git"13:56
jkuoh that's true13:57
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soderstromLetoThe2nd: Thanks again for the help, my rootfs now looks the way I expected it too ^^.14:02
LetoThe2ndsoderstrom: :-)14:03
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*** Arjenlodder <Arjenlodder!d57f8fec@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:16
ArjenlodderI hope I'm at the right place. I ordered a mediabox with a Yocto linux on it.14:17
LetoThe2ndArjenlodder: besides some minor nomenclature, go ahead and state your case of emergency, then wait for rescue :-)14:20
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto14:21
bluelightningFYI Arjenlodder and I have been discussing this on #poky14:23
bluelightningthough this is a better channel14:23
ArjenlodderYeah, that's why I stopped, sorry14:23
ArjenlodderI need to install GCC somehow, but it has no package in the smart repository14:24
hanDerPederbluelightning: thank you14:25
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LetoThe2ndArjenlodder: so what you're looking for now is a package repository for your box, right?14:26
ArjenlodderI guess so, yes14:26
LetoThe2ndwell then - not knowing any details about your thing, the canonical way would be replicating the distribution that came with it first, and and then build whatever you want for it.14:28
*** cbzx <cbzx!~cbzx@CPE0015f275ebd6-CM00195edd810c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has joined #yocto14:28
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bluelightningor poke the provider of the distro to provide package feeds and/or proper instructions on how to use them14:30
*** aime-Pierre <aime-Pierre!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto14:30
LetoThe2ndor that :-)14:30
qknightLetoThe2nd: yeah, thanks for that layer hints. i had that and it didn't find a package there because foo-1.2.bb vs foo_1.2.bb issue. stupid me14:35
LetoThe2ndqknight: ah, nice to hear you found it.14:37
qknightLetoThe2nd: yes! ;-)14:38
qknight$perl $perlFlags -e 'use DBI; use DBD::SQLite;' fails on the ubuntu host when doing cross compliation of nix to PPC6414:39
qknighti'm not sure, do i have to install DBI on the host to get that working?14:39
xerentI've created and applied a patch to kernel sources which is applied OK, but building the kernel fails. the error message is kind of vague. it ends after  'LD  drivers/gpu/built-in.o' line and make returns Error 2. Patch only applied to hid driver. How can I get more information about what's failing really14:39
*** cbzx <cbzx!~cbzx@CPE0015f275ebd6-CM00195edd810c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has quit IRC14:41
bluelightningxerent: we build the kernel in parallel, is it possible the error got printed some way up in the logs?14:43
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@host202-80-dynamic.180-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC14:43
xerentdunno. I just did bitbake linux-yocto-rt so that's the only thing building14:44
*** Arjenlodder <Arjenlodder!d57f8fec@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:48
bluelightningxerent: yes I know, I meant make parallelism rather than multiple tasks14:48
xerentyes, I got it14:50
xerentI found the real error, thanks :)14:50
bluelightningno problem :)14:51
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mtownsendIs it ok to have ${@bb.utils.contains("TCMODE", "external-linaro-toolchain", "external-linaro-toolchain-utils", "" ,d)} in IMAGE_INSTALL variable of my distro conf?15:31
qknighthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12980313/ <- why does this only create nix-dev and nix-dbg but not a package called nix?15:32
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has left #yocto15:32
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LetoThe2ndqknight: maybe it doesn't install anything into the pathes matched by FILES (purely guesswork!)15:35
qknightLetoThe2nd: yes, i might have screwed the 'make install'15:35
mtownsendqknight: what's in the tmp/work/../nix/image directory?15:35
qknightrpm -qlp for /home/linux/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8-20150619-yocto/build_t4240rdb-64b_release/tmp/work/ppc64e6500-fsl-linux/nix/1.10-r0/deploy-rpms/ppc64e6500/nix-* shows it is basically empty rpm files, the nix-dbg contains some headers15:36
qknightwhich is odd15:36
qknightmtownsend: which directory exactly?15:36
mtownsendqknight: Where nix is built, it's exact path will depend on your conf.  but it should be in something like tmp/work/xxx/nix/yyy/image15:38
mtownsendwhere xxx is target architecture, mines cortex9t2hf-vfp-neon-oe-linux-gnueabli15:39
mtownsendyyy will be version15:39
*** rburton <rburton!~Adium@host86-133-126-245.range86-133.btcentralplus.com> has quit IRC15:40
mtownsendMy understanding which may be wrong :) is that this is where the files get installed to.15:40
mtownsendI'm thinking your do_install is overridding things and not installing to the correct directory.15:41
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*** Jackie is now known as Guest1343015:43
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fredcadeteHi. I'm trying to build gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly with "x264", and getting a QA "installed but not shipped" error15:56
*** rmull <rmull!~rmull@nooperation.org> has left #yocto15:57
fredcadetedoes someone know if it's working for them?15:57
fredcadeteor it was just me that screwed up15:57
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mtownsendDoes anyone know the best way of including a package if external-linaro-toolchain is being used.  I tried using TCMODE and bb.utils.contain but this doesn't work.16:01
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fredcadetein case anyone's interested, I had to add FILES_gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-x264 += "${datadir}/gstreamer-${LIBV}/presets/GstX264Enc.prs" to fix the QA error with x26416:04
*** cbzx <cbzx!~cbzx@CPE0015f275ebd6-CM00195edd810c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has joined #yocto16:05
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mtownsendignore that +-, i must have accidentally leant on the keyboard.16:13
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mtownsendI was checking the wrong value in TCMODE, with the right value "external-linaro" it works16:17
qknightmtownsend: thanks. i think https://nixos.org/wiki/How_to_install_nix_in_home_(on_another_distribution) says i have to set the prefix also, so maybe /usr/local/bin in yocto just won't get me any package called nix-1.1016:19
qknightmtownsend: so your assumption with wrong directory holds true16:19
mtownsendqknight: Is there not a nix recipe already that you can use?16:20
qknightmtownsend: for yocto?16:21
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mtownsendqknight: I've just had a look at nix and didn't realise it was a Linux distro. Can Yocto build another Distro?16:26
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC16:27
rburtonmtownsend: yocto builds whatever distro you want, it isn't a distro itself16:28
xerentif you want ubuntu, yocto won't build that for you though16:28
xerentit's a tool for creating your own linux distributions16:28
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qknightmtownsend: i have yocto on ppc64 and i want to deploy apps there using nix16:33
qknightmtownsend: nix is a package manager and nixos is using nix as a distribution16:34
qknightmtownsend: i want to bootstrap nix with a ppc64 toolchain on my target16:34
mtownsendqknight: ok got you.  how does it build nix package manager, cmake, autotools etc?16:34
mtownsendqknight: What happens if you comment out your do_install?16:35
hanDerPederim trying to add some backports for my kernel, seems that kconf/conf gets compiled for target, not host. how can I change this?16:38
hanDerPederdo kernel recipes switch between native and cross toolchains?16:44
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JaMaso good feeling to delete 4K+ oe-core e-mails.. pity it won't help getting my pending patches merged or at least getting some feedback on them17:08
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bluelightningJaMa: what did you just delete?17:09
JaMamy local oe-core e-mail folder17:09
bluelightningI hope you're not giving up...17:09
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JaMabluelightning: I did gave up couple months ago17:09
rburtonJaMa: the thumb stuff is in a local branch but just been too busy to test/review it properly17:10
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JaMabut this cleanup has nothing to do with it.. it was just selective cleanup, because mutt was starting to open that folder a bit slower17:10
rburtonJaMa: was there anything out important and outstanding?  didn't spot anything apart from the thumb things in your world build summary last time i read it.17:10
bluelightningFWIW, I am really pushing hard to get this patch process improved (by pushing I mean attempting to muster resources to solve it); I can't promise anything but I am working on it17:11
JaMahttp://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2015-September/111123.html feedback would be nice17:11
JaMahmm this one was merged, yay!17:12
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nine_pt_I have a recipe when execute bitbake -c devshell package it have my patches applied, when generate the ipk don't have it ...17:20
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nine_pt_I don't have any error on log,17:21
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* armpit hopes he's not on the deleted email list17:39
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Croftonzeddii, you awake?17:39
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jatacwhat's the best way to copy an image onto a target machine and boot from a hard disk? I used the .hddimg but ran into a "Waiting for removable media..."17:57
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qknighthey. i compile a c++ project natively on the yocto target platform and it tells me:21:32
qknightsrc/libutil/types.hh:5:18: fatal error: string: No such file or directory21:32
qknightso what am i missing?21:32
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qknighthey, i need some pointers:\22:33
qknighthttps://community.freescale.com/thread/309578 tells me how to use meta-toolchain-qt522:33
qknightand i'm using poky but with daisy repos22:34
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qknightanyway, the documentation mentiones the poky-eglibc-x86_64-arm-toolchain-qt-1.4.1.sh    SDK, here it is actually called: fsl-networking-eglibc-x86_64-ppc64e6500-toolchain-QorIQ-SDK-V1.8.sh22:35
qknightand another thing which bugs me, they both seem to have a very differnet FS structure22:35
qknightfor instance, in QtCreate i'm supposed to set the compiler to something like: /opt/poky/1.4.1/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-22:36
qknightbut in my installation from fsl-networking-eglibc-x86_64-ppc64e6500-toolchain-QorIQ-SDK-V1.8.sh i have /opt/fsl-networking/QorIQ-SDK-V1.8/22:37
qknightand i can't even find an executable file ending with 'gnueabi-'22:39
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qknightand the ones i find have arm in their name but i'm actually deploying to PPC6422:40
qknight... confusion ...22:48
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