Sunday, 2015-11-01

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nerdboyyou didn't say what release/branch02:28
nerdboylooks like it inherits pkgconfig so it should work02:28
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madrazrHi. I am trying to open a devshell using bitbake -c devshell linux-yocto and the command gets stuck.02:41
madrazrI tried to run the command with -DD and in the debug logs, I see this:02:42
madrazrDEBUG: Attempting to spawn terminal "tmux-running"02:42
madrazrDEBUG: Attempting to spawn terminal "gnome"02:42
madrazrand it just sits there doing nothing02:42
madrazrCan someone please help me to fix this?02:42
vmesonmadrazr: can you look at pstree? Is there a tmux seesion that you could attach to?03:05
* vmeson tries: bitbake -c devshell linux-yocto on master.03:05
madrazrvmeson: ran pstree, did not find tmux. I don't have tmux installed on my machine.03:06
vmesonmadrazr: can you pastebin the part of pstree that involves bitbake?03:07
madrazrvmeson: sure, give me a moment03:07
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* vmeson sets conf/local.conf to OE_TERMINAL = "screen" and finds that bitbake -c devshell linux-yocto ends up with a shell in .../tmp-glibc/work-shared/qemux86/kernel-source03:15
vmesonmadrazr: are you running X locally?03:15
madrazrvmeson: yeah03:16
madrazrvmeson: this is completely on my local machine03:16
vmesonhmm, and you're building in the same user as you logged into graphically?03:16
madrazrvmeson: yeah, I think it's the same user. Unless sourcing poky/oe-init-build-env has changed anything03:17
vmesonit might be a bug, try setting conf/local.conf to OE_TERMINAL = "screen"   after kill -9 <pid of that gnome-terminal from pstree -p >03:17
vmesonmy local system is a lowly laptop so I build on a server. it would take more time and disk space to build than I care to expend right not but someone should look into this...03:19
vmesonyou could  open a defect or just wait a bit for someone else to give you a tip.03:20
vmesonmadrazr: what was  OE_TERMINAL set to for you?03:20
madrazrvmeson: I don't think it is set to anything at all03:21
madrazrvmeson: I set to screen now, something seems to be happening03:22
vmesonmadrazr: cool. I'm finishing up now. good luck.03:24
madrazrvmeson: thank you so much!03:24
madrazrvmeson: I see a screen session now, make fails. But that's for a different reason I guess03:25
madrazrvmeson: in any case, thank you so much!03:25
vmesonmadrazr: you're welcome.03:25
madrazrvmeson: still need to figure out how to do this without screen. screen is annoying locally because, it is hard to scroll up03:25
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madrazrWhere do I see the log for the screen session, if there is any?03:29
* Snert googles screen log03:32
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hanthings_Hi. I'm working on a recipe that depends on ruby and some gems. Whats the best way to install these gems? Using post instalation scripts? Or can I use ruby-native?06:15
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madrazrI am trying to build an out of tree kernel module on my host. While running configure I get checking06:51
madrazrchecking for libudev.h... no06:51
madrazrconfigure: error: Missing /usr/include/libudev.h06:51
madrazrhow do I install these headers on the host06:51
madrazris there a recipe for it already?06:52
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Azuriumhello, trying to repost this question again here, maybe somebody sees it:11:55
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LetoThe2ndAzurium: without having gone too much into the details of your post, usually this is not how installing things on anything yocto based works.12:18
LetoThe2ndAzurium: mostly because there is no such thing as a "yocto linux"12:18
AzuriumI might have got it wrong then12:19
LetoThe2ndAzurium: basically, the canonical way is to rebuild the image for your device including whatever you need, in your case gphoto12:19
Azuriumbut the Yocto project is responsible for developing that image right?12:19
LetoThe2ndAzurium: nope, thats the main point of misunderstanding.12:20
Crofton|workIf you want to build an image that you can compile stuff on, you should set the tools-dsk IMAGE_FEATURE12:21
Azuriumso then the intel community just took that yocto linux(ok how do you call it?) and rebuilt it for Galileo?12:21
AzuriumI mean for the Quark processor?12:21
LetoThe2ndAzurium: yocto provides poky, which is kind of a distribution building kit. and people use it to build whatever they want to ship on their devices.12:21
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LetoThe2ndAzurium: and as far as i know, the process of building a image for the galileo is documented12:22
LetoThe2ndAzurium: see for example12:24
AzuriumI understand, but this seems a lot of hassle(not that I'm not considering tackling with it!), and as you said it's... the canonical way12:24
LetoThe2ndAzurium: one would do that first, and then add whatever wanted into the automatic build12:25
Crofton|workalso, you should find a channel for people using your hardware12:25
AzuriumI haven't found an active one12:25
Crofton|workThe Yocto Project is about building emebdded linux disributions for all sorts of hardware12:25
LetoThe2ndAzurium: the point is that the images built using these mechanisms usually are not able to compile stuff, or only have a very rudimentary support for doing such12:26
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LetoThe2nd(I do not know the extent available in your very image)12:26
Azuriumwell at least that sheds some light on what I should do12:26
AzuriumI'm still a bit confused since somebody on the intel community forums succeeded with this thing back in 2014, but I think they've done it on the Galileo Gen. 1 ( I use the gen. 2)12:27
Azuriumand that's what the guy did: compiled this on the board12:28
LetoThe2ndit is not realted to the board itself12:28
Azuriumanyway, I'll look further and see what I can do12:28
LetoThe2ndit is related to the image in use. and if his/her image did have extended support for native compilation, its of course possible12:29
Azuriumif I have further questions I'll probably come here again since it's IRC community closest to the subject12:29
Azuriumthank you very much for the response12:29
LetoThe2ndhave fun12:30
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qknighthey. how to put libboost and cmake into the SDK built with 'bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5'?14:29
qknightseems to be a good start but does not tell me how to add cmake for instance14:32
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verynewHow do I set PACKAGECONFIG that has options like "--with-tls=gnutls,,gnutls libcrypt" ?16:40
verynewsay I want it to use libcrypt16:40
verynewoh i see.. there is another option that is --with-tls=libgcrypt16:41
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kergothverynew: i think the intent was to add the ability to escape the , so it wouldn't be treated as a separator, but I'm not sure if anyone ever implemented it..16:51
vmesonhanthings: just mimick: meta-ruby/recipes-extended/imsettings/ -> FILES_${PN} += "${datadir}/dbus-1/*" will work but maybe there's a better way for ruby gems.16:54
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vmesonhanthings: you should probably read
vmesonbut it seems to me that there are not many people using ruby in oe-core/meta-openembedded.17:01
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qknighthey. i have a freescale QorIQ toolchain with a gcc. is there a simple way to find arch,fpu and float settings so i can compile a gcc anew with the correct settings?18:24
qknight <- for comparison, this are values used for ARM boards18:25
qknighti'm on PPC64 (powerpc)18:25
qknightnot sure where i would find these settings/specifications for the board i am on18:25
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #524 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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