Tuesday, 2015-12-22

kergothit's not 'somepkglist', it's the package name00:00
kergothi.e. '${PN}'00:00
paulgwell, in this case it is a hand crafted pkglist I've created.00:00
paulgaking to packagegroup_base above etc.00:00
paulgi.e.   sth like this is what I'm trying to append grub to:00:01
paulgRDEPENDS_packagegroup-builder-extended = "\00:01
paulg    bash-completion \00:01
paulg    bzip2 \00:01
paulgand then I add:00:01
paulgRDEPENDS_packagegroup-builder-extended_append_x86 = " grub"00:02
paulgRDEPENDS_packagegroup-builder-extended_append_x86-64 = " grub"00:02
paulgseems sane at 1st glance but when I added the two lines, it didn't rebundle my rootfs with grub in it for x86-64.00:03
kergothdid you actually examine the value of RDEPENDS_packagegroup-builder-extended with bitbake -e ?00:03
paulgI tried that but oddly it doesn't appear _at_all_00:05
paulgfigured it just wasn't exported or similar...00:05
kergothbitbake -e doesn't only show exported variables00:06
kergothit won't show *unexported* vars, but it shows other vars exported or not00:06
paulgSeems I only get to snoop a couple internal yocto pkglist vars....00:08
paulg$ bitbake -e  cube-builder |grep RDEPENDS_packagegroup00:08
paulg# $RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-boot [2 operations]00:08
paulg# $RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-full-cmdline-sys-services00:08
kergothsounds like you've got other problems, then, if your changes aren't taking effect at all00:09
kergothi.e. that bbappend is in the wrong location so isn't parsed00:09
paulgcould be ; it is right underneath the main definition, so that seems sane00:10
paulgI'll strip the _x86-64 suffix and see if just a bare _append works, as an intermediary test.00:10
paulgmaybe I've got the arch var wrong.00:10
kergothif the main definition isn't showing up in bitbake -e, something is seriously broken, override or not00:10
paulgif so, I'll blame fray_  :)00:11
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paulgooh.  that seems to have triggered a re-do of the do_rootfs step.00:13
paulg(unfortunately that takes ages)00:14
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paulgok, grub is now bundled in, so I've got the arch var wrong.  (independent of wtf is happening with "bitbake -e")00:17
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megha_deyHi, when building the kernel from meta/recipes-kernel/linux, how does yocto know whether it has to provide a 32 bit configuration or a 64 bit one? [I tried setting the $MACHINE variable in the local.conf to x86_64, but when I build my custom kernel with no defconfig file provided, it by default takes the 32 bit config]01:03
paulgmegha_dey, I'm using the bleeding edge yocto-dev kernel, and I use this to piggy back off the existing sane config...01:14
paulgMACHINE ?= "genericx86-64"01:14
paulg# linux-yocto-dev won't get a sensible .config w/o the below01:14
paulgKMACHINE_genericx86-64 ?= "common-pc-64"01:14
paulgthat is in my local.conf of course.01:14
megha_deypaulg: thanks01:26
megha_deyhowever i use MACHINE to be qemux86_64, I get the error: [ERROR] No configuration fragments found, this typically is a misconfigured BSP.01:27
megha_dey|         Check that fragments (or defconfigs) are referenced by the board description.01:27
megha_dey| config of "standard/qemux86-64" failed01:27
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paulgqmeu 64 is standard boilerplate bsp in tree.01:35
paulgi.e. you shouldn't need to do any extra magic when selecting that as your MACHINE.01:36
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* paulg still cant figure out why BLAH_append works but BLAH_append_${TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH} doesn't01:43
paulgwith the expanded version of TTA of course.01:44
kergothdouble check that OVERRIDES has the expected value?01:44
paulgin this case it is "x86-64"  as seen expanded in OVERRIDES.01:44
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kergothcould be there's a bug in the new overrides application at expansion-time rather than end-of-parse01:44
kergothbut i'd expect it to have come up before now01:44
kergothstill, thats a possibility01:44
paulgyeah, I can't be the only sap trying to do this.01:45
paulgwill have to head out soon ; will investigate more tomorrow.01:45
paulgkergoth, thanks for the input.01:45
kergothnp. not sure how you'd verify it though, short of trying to revert those changes01:45
paulgwould be funny if the same time I was trying to do arch specific stuff was coincident with unrelated breakage.01:46
paulgat least then I wouldn't feel so stoopid.01:46
kergothjust for the hell of it, could try just using teh override without append01:46
paulginteresting ; might try that when I get home in ~1/2hr01:47
* paulg waves01:47
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nbigaouetteHi all, I’m trying to write a yocto recipe for VTK but I’m having trouble doing so. I’ve found this layer https://github.com/mferland/meta-vtk but it’s an old version of VTK and many things changed. Does anybody has been successfull at cross-compiling VTK or writting a recipe? Note that my yocto target is an x86_64 Intel NUC so the cross-compilation is simply x86_64 -> x86_64… Thanks!02:22
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* armpit sigh.. 5 accidents between here and home02:47
* armpit Cal can't handle rain02:49
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #294 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-world-lsb/builds/29405:55
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #578 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-world/builds/57805:56
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bananadevhi all07:57
bananadevI wonder if there are any way to pass option for autotools_do_configure?07:58
bananadevi.e. autotools_do_configure --some-option07:59
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mckoangood morning09:04
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gnumonkI have question regarding "installed-vs-shipped"?09:36
gnumonkCan anybody help ?09:36
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t0mmygnumonk: installed-vs-shipped, these are the files produced by do_install but not in a FILES_XXX variable.09:57
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gnumonkt0mmy: so my package will be part of rootfs or not?10:49
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gnumonkt0mmy: should I remove FILES_XXX varaibles ?10:50
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rburtongnumonk: *not* in a FILES_, so they're not in a package, so they'll never be in a rootfs11:09
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gnumonkrburton: ok12:04
gnumonkrburton:  thanks let me try to change this.12:04
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darkhorse_all: when I run bitbake, it doesnot show the branch and last commit id for some of the layers including meta and meta-yocto. how can I fix this?13:37
darkhorse_all: I am talking about the build configuration that is printed at the start of each build13:37
rburtonit skips printing the checksum when its the same as others13:40
rburtonmeta-selftest     = "mut2:3cc6fab46dd4780120c4fca741ae19616ad9052b"13:40
rburtonmeta-ross         = "master:938d28675748202cc4c717c5629870b53c20207d"13:40
rburtonmeta-intel        = "master:ac56397b913e9f2ccc7d6cf5a1a5a9002b619671"13:40
rburtonmeta through to meta-selftest are all mut2:3cc6fa13:40
rburtoni guess the intention is to make it easier to spot identical revs instead of having to compare SHAs13:41
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megha_deyI try to add a config fragment while building my custom kernel, and have to set some configs as 'm' . But when building I get errors, saying that the required config is not a module. On checking a .config, I see the 'm' configs have been changed to 'y'17:23
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megha_deywhy could this be happening?how do I keep the 'm' configs to remain modules ?17:24
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rdnti have /usr/bin/qt5/ but no qmake. Is that normal?20:02
kergothgiven you've told us no details at all, it's tough to say20:03
rdntI'm using this board: http://hioproject.org/hio-emb-1200-freescale-imx6-core-board/20:04
rdntuname -a: Linux hio-imx6q-board 3.10.17-1.0.0_ga+yocto #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Dec 18 16:34:57 EST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux20:04
rdntsorry not sure what you're looking for20:10
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kergothwhat image is it? what distro?20:15
kergothyocto is an umbrella project which includes poky, a reference distro and integration of build tools for building your own bits to run on target20:15
kergothyocto isn't a distro20:15
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rdntit comes with smart and rpm package managers. xfce desktop. its a custom distro, seems debian based but not sure :(20:19
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rburtonrdenis: poky doesn't come with xfce21:21
rburtonrdnt: ^21:21
rburtontheir bsp may, but that's their choice21:22
rburtonlooks like they've either built a custom distro, or are using angstrom21:22
rdnti believe it's a custom hacked up version21:23
rburtonif you want qmake then you need to find their package feeds and install the packages21:23
kergothsounds like you should talk to the folks that provided it to you21:23
rburtonfwiw, debian inspired rather than based - some of the init scripts were from debian once.21:23
rdnti'll ask. hopefully they can help21:24
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rburtonYoctoAutoBuilder: shut up22:25
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