Thursday, 2015-12-31

khemto build your component00:00
freach42the bb build only shows
freach42I'm using Makefiles00:00
khemOK you need to show the code00:00
freach42I know....  :)  Hold on I need to sanitize it....00:00
freach42while I'm doing that, how do I get fully verbose compile/link command lines from bb?00:01
kergothbb just calls make. the output of the commands run inthe task is in the task log00:02
freach42Bitbake "exe"00:03
freach42Dynamic Section:00:03
freach42  NEEDED     
freach42  INIT                 0x0000157c00:03
freach42  FINI                 0x00003a2c00:03
freach42  INIT_ARRAY           0x0001600000:03
freach42Makefile "exe"00:03
freach42Dynamic Section:00:03
freach42  NEEDED               libMYLIB_tx.so00:03
freach42  NEEDED               libMYLIB_rx.so00:03
freach42  NEEDED     
freach42  NEEDED     
freach42  NEEDED     
freach42  NEEDED     
freach42  NEEDED     
freach42is the task log a file?00:03
kergothdon't spam the channel00:04
khempost log.do_compile00:04
khemto some pastebin place00:04
freach42sorry, thought you wanted it pasted00:04
freach42will do next time00:04
khemthe logs are in build tree00:05
khemcd tmp*/work/*/work/<yourpackage>/<version>/temp00:05
freach42ok, so if it's just calling make with the new Makefiles another dev added I just need to make sure -his- make is getting the proper $(LD) -lMYLIB_tx -lMYLIB_rx00:06
freach42(I'm about two hours into bitbake)00:07
khemno worries everything starts with first step00:08
freach42or first stumble00:08
khemso did you write a recipe for your packages ?00:08
freach42another dev did that00:08
khemOK then paste your makefiles and recipes somewhere00:09
freach42I had written Makefiles, he added new recipes.  The project isn't open-source (yet) can't disclose00:09
freach42but the /temp/ directory was helpful, I see all of the run. files00:10
khemI would recommend a lot of reading start with getting started to Developer manual00:11
freach42agreed, I was hoping to avoid that.... :P00:11
khemkergoth: have you worked with extendible SDK00:12
khemkergoth: My devs are not happy with build times00:12
freach42log.do_compile has most of the info I need for now.  what's funny is my exes built for a different platform (but same CPU) run on this box00:12
freach42build times are bad00:13
khemthey are not bad if you set up right00:13
khemare you using sstate ?00:13
freach42existing build system is very parallel, 16-30 simultaneous GCC00:13
freach42depending on build machine.00:13
freach42It looks like bb is going to take at least 4x as log00:14
khemOE has dual parallism00:14
khemit runs several tasks and each task can have its own -j00:14
freach42I'd love to exploit that, or this dev is going to get shivved.00:14
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khemmy usecase is something uncommon00:14
khemso dont get the notion that build times are bad00:15
freach42we benchmark our build all the time.00:15
khembuild times are subjective00:15
freach42down to 19 minutes for kernel/libs/app00:15
freach42but poor incremental build implementation00:15
kheme.g. with yocto/oe we brought down our effective build time to less than 20 mins00:16
khemfrom over 2.5 hrs00:16
freach42I'd love to know your secret00:16
khemyes incremental build is where yocto will help00:16
khemmy developers are spoilt00:16
freach42as I said this guys gonna get it if he quadruples the build times.00:16
freach42We need it where I am because we cross-compile for multiple platforms.00:17
khemsame as me.00:17
khemI cross compile 14 machines00:17
khemwe do over 2500 builds each day00:17
freach42about the same here00:17
freach42so, parallelism in "global" build is done how?00:17
khemwe use precommit verification00:18
khemand Continuous integration00:18
khemso our turnaround time for a bad commit is important00:18
freach42so most devs are just pulling version N or N+1 of libraries?00:18
khemso far its about 30 min to 1hr00:18
khemthats the bad part00:19
freach42yep, we end up having to tinker with the kernel a lot to work around silicon bugs00:19
khembut we use BB_SRCREV_POLICY = "cache"00:19
khemso it does not fetch new changes everytime underneath a build00:19
freach42where is that stored, or is in an env variable?00:19
khemwe use AUTOREVs in recipes00:20
khemso that infact will be quite disruptive00:20
khemsince every commit will start affecting all devs00:20
khemand most of the time they dont want to change things like this behind the scenes00:20
freach42what about explicit parallelism to make?00:21
khemalthough I would prefer them to act as integrator :)00:21
khemparallism is calculated at start00:21
khembased on build machine config00:21
khemyou can also lock it to something static if you like00:21
freach42we just do chrt -b 0 nice ionice make -j10 -l10 <top-Makefile>00:23
khemand PARALLEL_MAKE00:24
freach42so I echo BB_NUMBER_THREADS=10 >> local.conf   ?00:24
khemwhich release are u using00:26
khemyocto 2.0 ?00:27
freach42that was from bitbake --version00:27
freach42I don't believe yocto is installed00:27
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freach42BitBake Build Tool Core version 1.28.000:28
freach42regarding my concern about the final exe that's build against the libraries...  The shared libraries look to have the right dependencies amongst them, just not the final exe00:30
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BjurrQuick Q about a genericx86 build. I'm trying to boot the latest jethro core-image-minimal on a celeron (Asus eeepc 701) and am getting stuck in the init script. The script searches for a rootfs image in /run/media/xxx , but there is nothing in there. That seems to be the udisks2 scheme, but that doesn't seem to be packaged in the image. Anyone knows what's supposed to populate this folder?04:07
BjurrBooting from a usb key btw (tried with the internal drive and an sdcard with the same result). I managed to get it up by modifying the script and explicitely mount /dev/sda on /run/media/sda, but I'm trying to understand how that was supposed to work in the first place.04:09
ryansturmerWhat is the best way to manage the LICENSE in a recipe, if you're not actually pulling from source04:12
ryansturmer(ie the recipe is just a couple of files that are included in the recipe itself, and not coming from an external source, where there would be a license file)04:12
ryansturmerI say "best" way when I mean "easiest" way - I really just want my recipe to build at this stage04:13
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BjurrThinks the code that *should* run is in the automount function in /meta/recipes-core/udev/udev-extraconf/ .... udev fun.04:23
Bjurrryansturmer: Are the files yours?04:24
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