Saturday, 2016-01-02

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chepneverpanic: ok thanks10:50
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chepcan somebody tell me what is wrong with my recipe please? fetch seems ok but when unpacking I got  a folder tmp/work/.../mpv/git-r0/git with sources but it also creates tmp/work/../mpv/git-r0/mpv-git which is empty and then try to do_configure inside this empty folder instead of sources folder12:27
JEEBoh, bb had support for waf now :o12:30
chepS = "${WORKDIR}/git" should fix it12:31
JEEBI remember doing something like that with some package12:33
chepJEEB: I don't know for waf, saw this on mailing list or something ...12:34
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chepno error when parsing recipe12:36
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chepJEEB: it seems to work, compiling now (configure ok)13:00
JEEBmake sure you had deps for basic video/audio rendering :)13:01
JEEBthe config.log (and stdout) should tell you13:01
chepi was talking about waf13:01
chepfor deps I don't really know, I already built mplayer so some deps are here13:02
chepi'll do a complete clean to check deps13:02
JEEBit really can build a really limited mpv in case you don't have things around :)13:02
JEEB(like without audio/video rendering)13:02
JEEByou could check what the waf configure script checks for to have basic opengl renderer working either with x11 or wayland (depending on your image type), and the audio output13:03
JEEBthen lua+libass if you need the scriptable on-screen controller13:04
chephmmm.. no "vdpau" word in config.log :-/ that's what I use with mplayer to play HD streams13:04
JEEB around here I guess13:06
JEEBso you need to have x11 through pkg-config around as well as vdpau >= 0.213:07
JEEBpreferably you also want the opengl vdpau13:07
JEEBas you can use then the opengl renderer from mpv with vdpau13:07
JEEB+ you of course probably will want a recent FFmpeg with VDPAU hwaccel enabled13:08
chepJEEB: i upgraded libav and it seems to work, I have libvdpau-sunxi for my architecture already built13:10
chepwork = compile13:11
JEEBwhat version of Libav_13:11
chep>=10 is required i guess13:11
JEEByeah, libav is doing releases way too rarely while FFmpeg tries to keep up to way too many release branches13:12
JEEB(which is why I end up usually picking revisions that just pass FATE in the end)13:12
JEEB(FATE being the automated testing system they both use)13:12
JEEBchep: make sure Libav's config.log has vdpau listed under enabled hwaccels13:13
cheptoo much things to check :-D13:13
JEEBcan't be wrong in being sure :)13:14
chepyeah but let me build a basic mpv without error ;-)13:15
JEEBsure :)13:15
JEEBbut make sure you can at least get video and audio out13:15
JEEBso you have some video and audio renderer enabled13:16
chephow can I set variable with condition on distro feature?13:16
chepsomething like this: if DISTRO_FEATURE contains VDPAU then DEPENDS += " libvdpau"13:17
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JEEBI remember doing that last year but it's been a while since I've last poked at this stuff :D (I'm mostly an OSS multimedia guy on my free time)13:18
chepok, for now i'll just set DEPENDS with my settings13:19
JEEBoh right, there was the python inline stuff... although I remember doing it differently13:20
JEEBsomething a la
JEEBof course using DISTRO_FEATURES etc13:21
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JEEBalthough I'd probably look at some other base packages and see how those do it13:27
cheplet's try... I must quit IRC for that, if i'm not back in 15 min, mpv works and i'm wathcing a movie13:32
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chep_where can I find cross ldd in yocto folder?13:49
chep_mpv tells me he can't find :-/13:52
chep_... just why? All other executables are correctly built ...14:05
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