Friday, 2016-02-05

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LanserTask 1577 (/home/julian/poky/meta/recipes-sato/matchbox-terminal/, do_unpack) failed with exit code '1'01:35
LanserI get 16 error like above, anyone could provide any idea ??01:36
LanserI use ubuntu 14.04, branch is dizzy, MACHINE is "qemux86-64"01:38
Lanseranyone here ??01:38
kergoththat doesn't actually tell us anything01:41
kergothsee the log file for the task, which those errors refer to01:42
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nerdboypkgconfig-native is broken on master01:46
nerdboyer, let's internal glib is broken01:47
nerdboy*say even01:47
Lanserer~~ sorry I am very new to yocto.01:50
LanserOK, I should find a way to post log on the web then come back here.01:53
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kergothLanser: google for pastebin, there are lots of them02:04
kergothkhem: is there a way, after the fact, to get a list of the recipes that built with gcc in my build? perhaps it'd be wortha dding a log for that like qa.log or something02:04
kergothkhem: (re: clang)02:05
* nerdboy thinks building from the release tag should actually work02:07
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LanserHi kergoth:
LanserWhat I did before bitbake is:  sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib build-essential chrpath socat libsdl1.2-dev xterm02:16
Lanser2. git clone and switch to dizzy branch02:17
Lanser3. modify ~/poky/build$ gedit ./conf/local.conf -> add MACHINE ?= "qemux86-64", remove #MACHINE ??= "qemux86"02:18
Lanser4. bitbake -k core-image-sato02:18
LanserThen error happen, if no error, I expect to run:  runqemu qemux86-6402:19
LanserHere is the log file:
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nerdboylibffi-native also broken?02:29
nerdboymaster seems a lot chunkier than usual...02:30
* nerdboy has a working hack for pkg-config-native tho02:30
nerdboy /usr/bin/ld: src/x86/.libs/ffi.o: relocation R_386_GOTOFF against undefined hidden symbol `ffi_closure_REGISTER' can not be used when making a shared object02:31
kergothHmm, binutils-crosssdk's suffix doesn't include SDK_OS, so a multi-sdkmachine build between mingw and linux blows up02:37
kergothshould probably include the full sys it's targeting02:37
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fraykergoth the multiple sdkmachine worked in YP 2.003:16
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fray(I don't think we've got any special patches for that)..03:16
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kergothdid you test with linux and non-linux, but the same arch? i just tested 10 minutes ago with mingw32 and linux and it choked due to both binutils recipes being 'binutils-cross-i686'03:16
fraythat is part of our normal toolchain build process.. simply adjust the SDKMACHINE and build.. the system wipes out the old binutils-crosssdk and generates a new (right one) for the switch03:16
frayya.. typical test is 4 ways..03:16
kergothit didn't do that here03:17
kergothhmm, will try again03:18
frayya.. typical build is for mach in <machine list> ; do for sdk in <sdk list>; MACHINE=$mach SDKMACHINE=$sdk bitbake -c populate_sdk <image> ; done ; done03:21
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khemkergoth: good idea. Usually how will we do it08:40
khemwe do have TOOLCHAIN = "gcc" setting in bbappend08:40
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bboozzookhem: looking for advice on systemd, since you've upgraded it in OE a couple of times, I figured you might be the right person to ask08:48
bboozzooI'm trying to make it more configurable, there's a number of switches that one can pass to cnfigure to enable stuff like machined, logind and so on08:49
bboozzooi'm waging between enabling all of that and spliting it up into separate packages or just adding a bunch of PACKAGECONFIG flags with features08:49
bboozzoonot sure what is the preferred approach, from what I've seen Ross added systemd-binfmt as package rather than PACKAGECONFIG flag08:51
bboozzoobut then, stuff like coredup is enabled via PACKAGECONFIG flag (unset by default) and just packaged into systemd08:53
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alexlarssonI'm having an issue with yocto 2.009:22
rburtonhi alexlarsson09:22
alexlarssonI just built a core-image-miminal having just added09:22
alexlarssonCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL="bash glibc-binary-localedata-en-us"09:22
alexlarssonto the default generated config09:22
alexlarssonand i get:09:22
alexlarssonroot@qemux86:~# export LC_ALL=en_US09:23
alexlarsson-sh: loadlocale.c:130: _nl_intern_locale_data: Assertion `cnt < (sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE) / sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE[0]))' failed.09:23
rburtonyeah i was hoping [Sno] would have posted his fix for that by now :)09:23
alexlarssonOh, there is a fix?09:23
* alexlarsson & desperate...09:23
[Sno]rburton: thanks for having it cached ;)09:23
rburton[Sno]: left the tab open to remind me to pester you :)09:23
[Sno]still no tuit to send the mail :(09:24
rburtonalexlarsson: i've not tested that, but its certainly worth a try09:24
rburtonalexlarsson: if you can verify it now then i'll just take that and send it myself :)09:24
[Sno]we built a new field test release with that yesterday09:24
[Sno]after labor tests satisfied project lead ^^09:24
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rburtoni think there's a global scarcity of tuits right now :(09:25
alexlarsson[Sno]: am i missing something, or is the patch it references not in the commit?09:26
rburtonalexlarsson: the patch is already in the tree09:26
alexlarssonah, i see09:26
[Sno]alexlarsson: that's the patch introducing the ABI breakage09:27
alexlarssoni see09:27
rburtonwould be awesome if we didn't need the cross-localedef nasty09:27
alexlarssonit was added to glibc, so it needs to be added to the cross locale build too?09:27
* alexlarsson & rebuilding09:28
[Sno]but cross-building the locale-binaries with qemu isn't much better from resources point of view09:28
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[Sno]less nasty for sure ...09:29
rburtonwell it would be awesome if we didn't need to fork bits of glibc to do cross locale building09:30
alexlarssondid you ever try to get the locale cross build utils upstreamed?09:32
alexlarssonglibc upstream is said to be nice these days09:32
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rburtonyeah that's something to be tried again09:33
rburtonkhem would be the person to speak to, although he's all about musl these days :)09:33
alexlarssonI don't get why everyone is so excited about musl09:33
alexlarssonIt doesn't seem to have enough support for things for e.g. desktop apps09:34
alexlarssonanyway, that patch fixed my issue09:34
alexlarssonand imho looks safe enought to merge09:34
alexlarssonbut, then i'm just flailing around wrt yocto :)09:34
rburtonalexlarsson: khem has been running xfce on it09:34
alexlarssonhopeing something sticks09:35
rburtonalexlarsson: upgrading the ostree bootstrap?09:35
alexlarssonthe xdg-app runtime09:35
alexlarssonto 2.009:35
alexlarssonwhich is nice09:35
alexlarssondropped a bunch of custom stuff09:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #344 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
alexlarssonI'll add that patch to the meta-freedesktop layer for now09:36
alexlarssonMaybe i should try to upstream my overlay things at some point09:37
alexlarssonlike that one09:37
alexlarssoni mean that09:38
rburtonlooks like that shoud go upstream yeah09:38
alexlarssonits from the fedora kernel09:39
alexlarssonwithout it gl + python breaks with some mesa drivers09:39
alexlarssonthis one is a bit weirder09:40
alexlarssonit mainly fixes things for container use (where the real tty of a process is outside the container)09:41
alexlarssonSRC_URI_remove = "file://04-default-is-optimized.patch"09:41
alexlarssonI also had to do that in the python builds09:41
alexlarssonbecause it makes asserts a no-op...09:42
rburtonhuh, i never knew we had that09:42
rburtonthat sounds wrong09:42
alexlarssonI also have to do this in bash:09:42
rburtonerm yeah that's just being deleted09:42
alexlarssonEXTRA_OECONF += "bash_cv_getcwd_malloc=yes "09:42
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alexlarssonbecause it picks some alternative getcwd impl that doesn't work in a container otherwise09:43
rburtonalexlarsson: clearly mickey wasn't aware that python optimisation isn't optimisation09:43
alexlarssonEXTRA_OECONF = "--enable-unicode-properties"09:43
alexlarssonneeded for glib 2.46.209:43
rburtonwhy isn't that on by default?09:43
alexlarssonfuck knows...09:44
rburtonyou should ask a glib maintainer09:44
alexlarssonNo no09:44
alexlarssonits needed in libpcre for glib to use the system copy09:44
rburtonso we dropped the optimise patch for python2 at some point, but it came back for py309:44
rburtonoh right, sorry09:44
rburtonyou should send patches :)09:45
alexlarssonI guess09:45
alexlarssonI just don't know how important this stuff is to you. I'm not really doing "embedded" stuff09:45
rburtonwell the py3 one is  just a broken patch, that's stupid09:45
rburtonfixing now09:45
rburtonthe bash one tingles my spidey sense as we were hitting malloc failures inside bash in QA09:46
rburtonpcre should be a packageconfig at least, and if the overhead isn't too much just enable by default09:46
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alexlarssonAlso, i have an EXTRA_OEMCONF to get python support in libxml209:47
alexlarssonThere should be a nicer option for that09:47
LexGhey guyz, short question09:50
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rburtonalexlarsson: python should be enabled by default, or at least is in mater09:51
LexGwhy would a do_fetch not get pass the CLOSE_WAIT state of the connection09:51
alexlarssonrburton: oh, maybe it changed since 1.8 which i updated from09:51
* alexlarsson & looks09:51
alexlarssonyeah, seems to be there09:53
* alexlarsson & deletes more09:53
rburtonalexlarsson: so without that pcre option glib is using its internal copy of pcre?09:54
alexlarssonrburton: yeah09:54
alexlarssonat least with 2.46.2 or later09:54
rburtonfiddle fiddle fiddle09:54
alexlarssonactually, since forever09:57
alexlarssonit just auto-enables the use of a system copy with 2.46.209:57
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rburton  --with-pcre=[internal/system]09:58
rburton                          whether to use system PCRE [default=internal]09:58
rburtonthe docs are wrong then :)09:59
rburtonoh, post 2.46.2, surely09:59
alexlarssonyeah, maybe its in 2.47 only09:59
rburtoni can get the groundwork in quickly though09:59
alexlarssonyou should probably use --with-pcre=system anyway10:00
alexlarssonmakes more sense for distro use10:00
alexlarssonSo, for libxml2-python i have to add PACKAGECONFIG=python in my layer?10:04
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alexlarssonoh, no, its on by default10:05
alexlarssonHmm, my bbappend has --with-zlib which is not in the default, so maybe i need a layer anyway10:07
alexlarssonWhy is that not on the regular OEMCONF, but it is for the native one?10:08
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alexlarssonrburton: want me to file bugs for these things?10:19
zerusHi all. I'm trying to get 'bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5' working for raspberrypi/2. I have tried a number of different patches currently flowing around, without success. It works when building without x11 and wayland, but I want to be able to run the qt applications from X.. Anyone that knows of any currently working tree to achive this (or any other good 'hacks' to get it working)?10:20
zerusIn my current tree it fails on: fatal error: interface/vmcs_host/wayland-dispmanx-server-protocol.h: No such file or directory10:22
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rburtonalexlarsson: please10:25
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rburtonenabling unicode properties in pcre makes a surprising difference to the binary size10:42
rburtonpackages/corei7-64-poky-linux/libpcre/libpcre: PKGSIZE changed from 157544 to 272312 (+72%)10:42
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alexlarssonrburton: yeah, but then you get to not have a copy of it in glib...10:49
rburtonoh yeah, sure10:49
rburtonjust surprised it made such a difference10:49
alexlarssonso, how much smaller is glib with --with-pcre=system10:49
rburtonbuilding now to find out10:49
rburtontouching pcre of course means perl wants to rebuild :)10:50
alexlarssonso, do i file against OE-Core product?10:50
dv_when I use bash in a yocto-built rootfs, the left/right arrow keys don't work as usual. I have to do something like
alexlarssontwisty maze of bugzillas, none alike10:51
dv_is there a better way to do that other than to manually put in a config file?10:51
dv_perhaps some packageconfig I missed?10:51
rburtonalexlarsson: build system and metadata -> oe-core10:52
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alexlarssonrburton: no bug needed for the python optimize thing?11:03
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alexlarssonI guess you're on the pcre thing too11:12
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alexlarssonSo, its pcre, locale crash, and
yoctiBug 9066: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , Increase nr of static TLS slots11:12
yoctiBug 9067: normal, Undecided, ---, paul.eggleton, NEW , make: don't crash if ttyname fails11:12
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rburtonalexlarsson: that's right, thanks!11:38
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rburtonalexlarsson: 176k down in glib library size11:41
*** Tenhi <Tenhi!> has joined #yocto11:41
rburtonnet win!11:41
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t0mmyI have a question about, the current toolchain of master branch, I see it uses musl instead of glib ? What is it the plan for the libc ?12:58
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC13:01
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has quit IRC13:05
t0mmy(I speak about the poky-tiny toolchain)13:05
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-uykxemwiqntgerfm> has joined #yocto13:06
rburtonyes, it moved to musl13:15
rburtonthat's the plan13:15
*** varibull <varibull!> has quit IRC13:16
*** varibull <varibull!> has joined #yocto13:16
t0mmyrburton: ok, and poky (no tiny) will continue to use glibc ?13:18
rburtonby default, obviously13:20
rburtonyou can do what you want13:20
LetoThe2nda.k.a. "its only software" ;)13:20
t0mmyrburton: fine, thank you for the quick answer.13:21
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ryansturmerHey all, what is the correct way to specify a branch to the git fetcher in a recipe?13:44
ryansturmerIdeally I'd like to check out a branch, but have it act like SRC_REV="${AUTOREV}"13:44
ryansturmer(just give me the latest of the specified branch)13:44
fl0v0SRC_URI = " \13:47
fl0v0    git://website/project.git;branch=development \13:47
fl0v0    "13:47
*** rocsorva <rocsorva!~arnold@> has joined #yocto13:52
ryansturmerWell sure it's obvious if you put it like that :)13:59
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ryansturmerOne other question.  I've got a recipe that depends on GNU readline - and I've added readline to my DEPENDS for the recipe, and readline is getting built fine, but my recipe still won't compile - it doesn't seem to see the header for readline.  (ie passing -lreadline to gcc doesn't seem to turn up the library)14:01
ryansturmerwhat's the best way to go about diagnosing this?14:01
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_gpg_hello everybody14:08
*** Jack_shanghai <Jack_shanghai!> has joined #yocto14:08
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_gpg_anyone knows how to enable bootchart please ? i've already added bootchart but there's nothing in my /var/log (i'm also using system-d)14:08
ryansturmerIt looks like bootchart is part of systemd now, you shouldn't need to enable anything14:12
ryansturmerdo you have the bootchart-render binary on your target?14:13
ryansturmerCan you run systemd-analyze plot on your system and get output?14:14
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:14
ryansturmerIt looks like the bootchart "classic" that's built into systemd can be enabled by passing it to the kernel command line, so it's going to depend on what bootloader you use14:15
ryansturmeryou need to pass init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-bootchart on the kernel command line to enable boot charting, if you don't want to use systemd-analyze (which should just work with no configuration)14:16
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rburtonkhem: the fortify-strong patch disappeared from your branch, was that intentional?15:15
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has joined #yocto15:17
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* kergoth yawns15:48
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ryansturmerIt looks like bitbake is trying to install a bunch of debug information in /usr/bin/.debug and my source code in /usr/src/debug16:10
ryansturmerhave I told it to make a debug version of my package somehow?  HOw do I prevent that?16:10
*** pacopedraza <pacopedraza!86bfdc4a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:12
ryansturmerI have a custom do_install that only copies one file into ${bindir}16:12
ryansturmerI don't know why it would be installing all of these source files as well16:12
*** Mylene <Mylene!> has quit IRC16:12
ryansturmerkergoth I know you know the answer and I know you're here cause you like, just yawned ;)16:14
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kergothryansturmer: why would you want to prevent it? debug info is split out into separate binary packages, so is only installed if you want to do debugging. It's the best of both worlds, we get small binaries by default, but can install debug info to debug. inclusion of sources is done so you can examine sources in your debugger and view code at the line numbers it knows about. There's a variable you can use to disable inclusion of source16:21
*** Tenhi_ is now known as Tenhi16:21
ryansturmerI probaby wasn't clear, I'm getting 2 failures16:24
ryansturmerI'm getting an installed-but-not-shipped for stuff installed in the source directory16:24
fraythen you have a package that is either missing the default ${PN}-dbg in the PACkAGES16:25
ryansturmerand I'm getting a non-debug-package contains debug directory16:25
frayor for some reason the stuff is being placed in the wrong location16:25
frayfor the second item, you have a wild card/glob that is too broad..16:25
frayeasiest fix is usually16:25
fray${PN}-dbg += "<path to .debug dir>/.debug"16:25
ryansturmerI had that, but I didn't have the debug listed in packages16:26
ryansturmersince we're on that topic16:26
ryansturmerif I say FILES = "suchandsuch"16:26
ryansturmerthat sets for all packages16:26
ryansturmerbut FILES_${PN} just the package currently being built?16:26
frayFILES = should be ignored AFAIK16:26
frayFILES_<package> are processed in the order fromt he PACKAGES variable16:27
ryansturmerWell, any variable, not just files16:27
ryansturmersay, DEPENDS16:27
ryansturmerDEPENDS = "readline" means any package requires readline16:27
rburtonwell, DEPENDS is build time so DEPENDS_${PN} doesn't make sense16:27
frayyou have two classes of variables.. you have recipe level.. these follow the regular rules of overides..16:27
frayand you have package variables.. they're -always- of the format <variable>_<package>16:28
fraythere are a few cases where <variable> by itself will affect all packages, but don't count on that behavior..16:28
frayrburton, yup..  which is why there is the RDEPENDS_${PN} because it's distinctly different then the recipe (source) dependencies..16:28
ryansturmerah ok16:29
kergothDEPENDS means one recipe depends on another recipe at build time, RDEPENDS_<pkg> is runtime, dependency from one binary package on another binary package16:29
frayeverything you do in a recipe you need to ask.. does this affect the 'recipe (source)', or does this affect the output (packages)16:29
kergoththe docs do cover this ;)16:29
fraythat will guide you to the vairable usage and for the formatting16:29
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-uykxemwiqntgerfm> has quit IRC16:30
ryansturmerThe docs are enormous, believe me when I say I don't come here until I'm exhausted combing through the docs16:30
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:30
rburtoncan't win with docs can you :)16:31
kergothyou assked about depends, search for depends :P16:31
ryansturmerMy question isn't about DEPENDS, it's about appending the package name to variables and when that's appropriate/why is it done?16:31
ryansturmerOh well, also about DEPENDS16:32
fraythat is the recipe vs package behavior..16:32
kergothit's appropriate when the variable is for the binary packages16:32
kergothDEPENDS by definition is about the recipe16:32
kergothRDEPENDS is about teh package16:32
ryansturmerI did sort that earlier question out from the docs.16:32
frayrecipes don't get package names (they're irrelevant).. and package variables need to know which package is affected (so it's required)16:32
*** aragua <aragua!> has quit IRC16:32
JaMahmm pigz-native-2.3.3-r0 is failing to find native libz, it will be very short world build..16:32
kergothI also think everyone should read at least once for the background16:32
frayone of the confusing issue to the variable syntax in OE is that "_" is used for more then one thing..16:33
frayit's used as a seperator in a -single- variable.. it's also used as a seperator for an "override"16:33
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC16:33
kergothyeah, true, worse yet when it's been both16:33
frayin the case of package related variables, it's simple a seperator, not an override16:33
kergothlike this case, we used to get recursions due to using the package name as a temporary override16:33
kergothi htink it still doe sthat, actually.. but it shouldnt' :)16:33
ryansturmerI will read that book, thank you.16:33
frayI've certainly done things like:  RDEPENDS_${PN}_append_class-nativesdk16:34
ryansturmerThat page, rather.16:34
ryansturmerSo, with FILES_16:34
frayin that case, you have a sepertor, an operator and an override16:34
ryansturmerOh oh16:34
fraybut the 'variable' is 'RDEPENDS_${PN}', operator 'append' and override 'class-nativesdk'16:34
ryansturmeryou're saying FILES = doesn't mean anything16:34
frayFILES does not do anything16:34
ryansturmer(because it specifies package files, per package)16:35
frayFILES_<package> does stuff16:35
ryansturmerbut FILES_${PN} says "Ship these files for ${PN} package"16:35
ryansturmergot it.16:35
ryansturmerso I added ${PN}-dbg to my PACKAGES variable16:38
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto16:38
ryansturmerso PACKAGES="${PN} ${PN}-dbg"16:38
khem`rburton: there is a bug in gcc patch I posted16:39
khem`rburton: thats causing g++ use a tonne of memory when compiling cmake and webkit16:39
kergothyou should really just avoid overriding PACKAGES when you dont' need to16:39
khem`I am posting a v3 soon16:39
rburtonkhem: what one?16:39
kergoththe default is probably just fine16:39
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has quit IRC16:40
rburtonok, retracted16:40
ryansturmerWell that fixed it.16:40
khem`rburton: I have ported a new pu16:40
khem`rburton: may be you should drop my v216:41
khem`and use v3 series16:41
khem`I have flip flopped on fstack-protector-strong16:41
khem`since earlier I suspected that change to be the root cause of this16:41
khem`so in v3 I change it back to strong16:41
khem`doing world builds for glibc/musl and 6 architectures takes a hell lot of time16:42
khem`I wish I did not hack so deep components16:42
rburtonyeah it does16:43
rburtonits more annoying when you touch a library that causes gcc to rebuild16:43
rburtontoday i was rebuilding libpcre a few times, and that causes perl/python/rpm to rebuild which was quite boring16:43
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:43
khem`is new16:43
khem`did we add something to QA checks16:44
khem`rburton: and all I have is one box16:44
khem`well another one is a VM on my mbp16:44
khem`which counts for nothing16:44
rburtonkhem`: we added a new test but none of those are it16:45
rburtonthe arch test needs to decode numbers to names16:45
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto16:45
rburtonhm that libgcc thing, i've seen before16:45
rburtonstupid brain forgetting things16:46
khem`ERROR: QA Issue: Architecture did not match (183 to 40)16:46
khem` is sometimes dlopened16:46
khem`and shlibs wont catch it16:46
khem`especially the unwinder stuff16:46
rburtonoh there was a bug in the pkgdata expansion16:47
rburtonis that based on master?16:47
rburton(oe-core 654f0eec426e882e50f688f6d097d992e34e5b40)16:47
fraywhere I've seen it is a multilib gcc, it produces both a 32-bit and 64-bit during compilation16:47
rburtonkhem`: if it were dlopened you wouldn't get that warning16:47
frayboth get packages, and thats when the QA runs through and sees a binary for the "not what I targets"..16:47
frayit's not a dlopen issue, it's that it really did build a binary for the wrong architecture16:48
khem`rburton: yes latest master16:48
khem`rburton: I was thinking of the thread on ml16:48
khem`about libgcc16:48
khem`my issue is related to arch mismatch16:48
fray#define EM_AARCH64      183             /* ARM AARCH64 */16:49
fray#define EM_ARM          40              /* ARM */16:49
frayya.. it's exactly what I thought..  you built a (target) gcc that supports both -m32 and -m64.. so it built two internal versions of  one of which is not for the same architecture..16:50
frayI thought we have a QA SKIP for that error in the gcc sources already16:50
fray(for this exact reason)16:50
rburtonkhem`: if you don't mind i'm going to split up that security flags patch as its grown a bit. when the commit message needs a table of contents you know its too long ;)16:51
ryansturmerThanks guys for your help.  Got everything working.16:51
kergothkhem`: i noticed that meta-clang *adds* clang, but doesn't remove the dependency on gcc for TOOLCHAIN=clang recipes, testing a change to do that locally16:51
kergoths/clang/the clang-cross dependency/16:51
khem`kergoth: yes certain16:51
khem`aspects are not ironed out16:52
kergothnp, just wanted to make sure it was on the radar :)16:52
khem`since we dont have a minimal image where I can avoid gcc16:52
khem`kernel needs it16:52
* kergoth nods16:52
khem`so there was no point to attack it16:52
khem`as of now16:52
khem`but patches are welcome16:52
kergothi was just trying to see what in my build was built with gcc, so i figured i'd check -g, and it didn't show anything useful :)16:53
khem`more hands are better16:53
*** neverpanic <neverpanic!> has quit IRC16:53
* kergoth nods16:53
khem`fray: its happening in boost16:54
khem`rburton: are you going to pick the kraj/pu16:55
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto16:55
khem`or should I send it to list16:55
rburtonkhem`: picking now16:55
khem`ok thx16:55
fraykhem, if boost is doing it, sounds like it's trying to play the multilib game as well16:55
khem`fray: yeah but it did not do it before16:56
khem`so i think its some16:56
khem`race that makes it so16:56
fraycould be.. I know very early int he YP development we had a lot of problems with boost on IA trying to build both 32-bit and 64-bit.. but those got squashed..16:56
*** blitz00 <blitz00!stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC16:58
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khemfray: for arm do you do ILP3217:13
rburtonkhem: can you check the security_flags patches in poky-contrib:ross/mut, it bothered me that the commit was getting so varied so i split it up :)17:17
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC17:18
khem`rburton: ok17:19
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:19
*** ekil <ekil!> has quit IRC17:19
khem`rburton: thats how I wanted it :)17:20
*** yann|work <yann|work!> has quit IRC17:20
rburtonif you change that branch again please rebase on that :)17:21
khem`g++ is running OOM on webkit17:21
khem`I wonder whats going on17:21
khem`I guess I need to try it on a different machine17:21
*** jonathanmaw__ <jonathanmaw__!> has joined #yocto17:21
khem`I switched the machine to use 4.2 kernel17:21
khem`and that might have done it17:21
*** jonathanmaw__ <jonathanmaw__!> has quit IRC17:21
*** jonathanmaw <jonathanmaw!> has joined #yocto17:22
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ryansturmerIf I have a package that contains a script that has a shebang line that refers to something that I don't install (for instance /usr/bin/perl)17:34
ryansturmerI get a message indicating that I should add it to the RDEPENDS17:35
rburtonyou have a script that uses perl and you don't depend on perl, so your script won't work :)17:35
ryansturmerIt's just a warning, but if this is a script that's not used by my package, short of removing it, is there a way to avoid the warning17:35
rburtonyou can either ignore the warning (INSANE_SKIP) or put that script in a separate package you don't install17:35
ryansturmerI will go read about INSANE_SKIP17:36
rburton(which can then depend on perl without pulling it in to your image)17:36
ryansturmerIt sounds crazy.17:36
rburtonyou're install a perl script, so it's kind of useful that perl is present for it to run :)17:36
*** _taw_ <_taw_!> has joined #yocto17:36
ryansturmerRight right - this is a utility script inside a package I depend on, thats essentially never going to get used on the target system17:36
rburtonsplitting it into another package you don't install is fairly common17:37
ryansturmerthere are several such scripts, and it's a tremendous amount of trouble to go remove them all17:37
ryansturmerroger.  Thanks, that answers my question!17:37
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC17:39
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has quit IRC17:41
kergothkhem`: seems to work for me, built core-image-base and minimal, but still has limited testing, so not submitting it yet17:44
kergothjust as an fyi17:44
khem`seems ok17:46
khem`dont see any downsides17:46
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:49
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kergothi was thinking we should fix basedepends, instead of doing the check for INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS in the function, we should just make it so anything in basedepends is appended if inhibit default deps isn't set, so it'd be easier to add default base deps17:52
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bengardinerhi guys18:28
bengardinerwhen using an fsl-community-bsp stack of layers (and not usually in other cases) I get error messages like "Computing transaction...error: Can't install XXXX@cortexa9hf_vfp_neon: no package provides YYYY" when trying to build core-image-{sato,minimal}.18:31
bengardiner The XXXX and YYYY vary a bit; most recently its been python3-xml and python3-elementtree, resp.18:31
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wyrmHey, kergoth, thanks for the help yesterday. That was precisely where my problem was.18:44
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kergothwyrm: np18:48
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bengardiner... the issue is usually resolved with bitbake XXXX -c cleansstate. This situation sound familiar to anyone?19:21
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denixis there any way to fail the build early when package signatures change due to "unnatural" causes?19:25
*** khem` is now known as onoffon19:25
*** onoffon is now known as khem`19:25
kergothyou can lock them down entirely, but what exactly is 'unnatural'?19:25
denixkergoth: basically, when a generic package gets rebuilt/repackaged for different machines, but it's not machine-specific itself.19:29
kergothIf you're doing a multi-machine build, that will trigger errors due to the conflict in the sysroot19:29
frayI suspect until we have a 'parallel' machine build implemented -- we won't have an easy way to detect that19:29
denixkergoth: more pointers for locking them down?19:29
denixfray, kergoth: well, in some cases it gets back later on with "PR went backwards" error...19:30
kergothpr can go backwards for all sorts of reasons19:30
fraythat indicates that the checksum changed in a way that the PR server says you've reverted to an earlier build..19:30
kergothit doesn'mt mean this sort of problem necessarily19:30
frayif you really want to look fo rthe problem.. lock down the checksums.. and then look for the erorrs? when they change..19:31
kergothbuild one builds one way, another builds another, pr got bumped going from former to the latter, then you go back, for wahtever reason, and it uses that version from ssttate instead of bumping pr again19:31
fraythat of course requires you to do one build, lock it down (common components), then do subsequent "other machine" builds.19:31
denixkergoth, fray: yeah, I know. that's why I'm looking for a way to spot signature changes early on19:31
kergothif you want to spot every signature change, then lock it down.19:32
kergothi don't see that bitbake has a magic way to know which signature changes are okay and which arent'19:32
frayya, it can just compare lock down vs what it wants and bitch19:33
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denixkergoth: well, unless the recipe itself got changed, right?19:33
kergothor a class, or a config file, or any of its dependencies, or..19:33
kergothany of those are valid19:33
frayone thing I'm used to seeing a culpret.. someone has made a mistake in the machine config file and made some 'distribution' setting changes..19:34
fraythat effectively invalidates large bits of the system..19:34
fraythere is nothing to stop them, other then detection..19:34
frayif we eventually get parallel (single project) multi-machine.. we can then identify when the checksums for common components change and report it..19:35
frayuntil then the lock-down approach is the best I can think of19:35
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denixfray, kergoth: ok, makes sense - I'll move in that direction for now then. thanks19:36
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kergothbah, recipetool newappend doesn't work in cases where the recipe isnt' currnetly seen as an eligible provider. that's irritating. in thise case i want to append it to make it eligible :)19:57
kergothmight need a better way to map from name to recipe19:57
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bengardiner... and then other times -c cleanstate (even of both XXXX and YYYY) is not enough.20:24
bengardineris there some other relevant information I could dig up? bitbake 1.22.0 ? are there any keywords someone could recommend I search through commits for?20:25
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bengardiner(right now is one of the times where the cleansstate is not working)20:52
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nerdboysjolley: maybe you know the answer to this?21:45
nerdboyis it worthwhile to upload in-progress slides or just wait until they're finished?21:46
nerdboyprobably not...21:50
nerdboy*i'll just wait21:50
*** gferencz <gferencz!~gferencz@> has quit IRC21:56
kergothkhem: may be of interest, WIP, still doing test builds21:56
* kergoth ponders21:56
khem`interesting yes21:57
kergothoddly nativesdk.bbclass has NATIVESDKLIBC seemingly with an eye toward making libc switching for the sdk possible, but everything else hardcodes glibc21:58
kergothhmm, i must have messed something up, linux/types.h isn't in the sysroot after building gcc-crosssdk-i686. meh, will revisit later22:02
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC22:15
nerdboywho needs types with today's "modern" languages anyway?22:15
nerdboywait and see if anyone misses them...22:16
kergothi hate when my compute rmakes a noise, and i have no idea what app did it or why22:17
kergothwhat dinged?22:17
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kergothah, musl doesn't pull in linux-libc-headers, that explains it22:22
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kergothhmm, that's odd22:27
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kergothhmm, recipetool-newappend needs a -e arg to just spawn $EDITOR for me22:35
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kergothHmm, WARNING: ../tmp/sstate-control/manifest-i686_linux-musl-nativesdk-libgcc-initial.populate_sysroot not found22:53
kergothwonder what that's about22:53
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