Monday, 2016-03-07

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flihpbluelightning: thx00:24
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SpiceHello everyone! I have a quick question: I just want to do a few quick recompiles of a kernel module. How do I keep bitbake from recompiling the complete kernel everytime I do this? I am running Angstrom 2014.12 / Yocto 1.708:25
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mckoangood morning08:39
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mckoanSpice: bitbake won't recompile all the kernel each time, is launches a make08:40
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SpiceYou sure? At the moment I see a 'do_compile' task running for the kernel package...08:49
SpiceI also have a very recent vmlinux and zImage in my deploy directory.08:51
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AnticomWhat exactly does `smart upgrade` do, when it receives a SIGINT while it's running? I've tried it and to me it looks like it finnished the upgrade of the current package and then aborted09:00
AnticomBut i'm reading a lot about "transactions" and that's the reason smart is so smart. Just wanted to confirm there's no kind of rollback going on09:01
mckoanSpice: if you do any modification in the kernel you get a very recent vmlinux and zImage09:03
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mckoanSpice: you see a 'do_compile' task' each time because it calls make, but will compile only the modified files though09:04
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kagejahi, everyone, i am trieng apache crosscompile, i could ./configure apache successfully , but when i try running make command, i take an error: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc command not found ?09:11
kagejaactually all flags paths was exported by me09:11
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LetoThe2ndkageja: have you tried exporting the sdk, and using its environment setup scripts?09:32
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kagejayes i run it09:34
kagejaLetoThe2nd: yes i run it09:35
kagejaLetoThe2nd: when i run this command echo $CC its return a true path09:35
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LetoThe2ndkageja: well then maybe check existing apache recipes if it needs some additional patching.09:37
AnticomLetoThe2nd: well make shouldn't complain about missing compiler then. I guess it's another problem09:38
LetoThe2ndAnticom: erm... no.09:38
Spicemckoan: Ok, thanks!09:38
Anticomkageja: for example did you run ./configure and make in THE SAME SHELL window after sourcing the toolchain?09:38
Anticomcommon mistake :>09:38
AnticomLetoThe2nd: no?09:38
LetoThe2ndAnticom: if the make uses some internal "i know better than you do" magic to tinker with paths, it easily happens.09:39
LetoThe2ndAnticom: you're right about the common mistake, thats for sure.09:39
AnticomLetoThe2nd: ah, so you're talking about patches modifying the makefile itself?09:39
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i talking about "whatever patches apache might need to properly crosscompile."09:40
AnticomWell I hardly ever had issues with cross compiling autotools based projects09:40
AnticomBut might be. dunno09:40
LetoThe2ndAnticom: that only holds true for trivial projects, sadly.09:40
kagejaLetoThe2nd: Anticom: Ok Ok i run ./configure command and apache was configured target architecture (arm-poky-linux-gnueabi)09:42
kagejaLetoThe2nd: Anticom: Now What do i do ?09:42
Anticomyou could do make clean && make09:42
Anticomjust to make sure you're not left with any crap09:42
kagejaLetoThe2nd: Antiom: which arm-poky-linux gnueabi command returns atrue patth09:43
LetoThe2ndkageja: you already told us. i listened. did you also listen what i said?09:43
LetoThe2ndans as you can see from apache needs quite a bit of additional beating to properly build.09:44
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LetoThe2ndjust as expected.09:44
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LetoThe2ndAnticom: and if you are in for the absolute horror of autotools cross compilation, try to come up with a recipe for R.09:52
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: I might take a look at it, if i got time :)09:57
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i will personally donate a crate of beer of your choice if you manage.09:57
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LetoThe2nd(in a reproductible and maintainable way, of course)09:58
AnticomThat sounds motivating09:59
LetoThe2ndyou're welcome.10:00
cpoHi, if I build poky, core-image-minimal and also do -c populate_sdk, how can I add additional packages/tools into the SDK? e.g. make or the device tree compiler?10:00
LetoThe2ndcpo: well make should generally be included.10:00
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LetoThe2ndcpo: in general i'd say, if you are on a recent release, have a good look at the new extensible sdk feature.10:01
cpoim on fido10:02
LetoThe2ndIIRC fido already has it.10:02
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cpoLetoThe2nd: THX. btw, there is no make within x86_64-pokysdk-linux10:04
LetoThe2ndcpo: interesting.10:04
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cpofind . -name "*make*" returns e.g. automake but no gnu make10:05
cpoIll have a look at the extensible sdk feature10:05
bluelightningyou won't find the extensible SDK in fido I don't think; at the very least you won't find it very usable in that release10:06
cpobluelightning: thanks for the hint10:06
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: i remember i tried it right in dublin, and it gave mostly the results i expected. wasn't that fido?10:06
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: wasn't that just after the jethro release?10:07
bluelightningmaybe my memory is failing10:07
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: no idea, i'm an old man and my sense of time start to be warped :P10:07
ramosHi o/10:08
bluelightninghmm, git branch -r --contains does indeed suggest fido had it...10:08
ramoswhen I set gcc in PATH and set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to new gcc native applications fails10:09
ramosfor example cmake-native10:09
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: my guess was that it started to be available (in whatever state) in fido10:09
ramosit creates bootstap cmake10:09
ramoswhich was build with host (from PATH gcc)10:09
ramosit used newer glibcxx10:09
ramosand this bootstap cmake can't find it10:09
ramosbootstap cmake was compiled with rpath to sysroot10:10
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Now i know, what you're where talking about concerning cross compiling R... meh10:10
ramosglibcxx is only in gcc lib directory which is different that system one10:10
LetoThe2ndAnticom: :-)10:10
ramosdo you have any proposal how to fix this ? I already created BUILD_LDFLASG_append_class-native variable and added the path to libstdc++10:11
LetoThe2ndAnticom: don't be offended, it was just meant as an extreme example to show that just from the fact something is autotools based, there's nowhere sense in assuming crossompiliation will be less painful that any other buildsystem.10:11
Anticomi don't surrender yet. Just don't have time now to investigate any further :/10:12
LetoThe2nd"hope dies last" *SCNR*10:12
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AnticomDunno whether that's offtopic and i don't quite know, what's going on there, but if i remove and then again install a package using smart, rpm's db to verify packages doesn't seem to update. Only if i remove the package using rpm directly and then reinstall it e.g. using smart, verify now passes10:22
AnticomAny ideas, what's going on there?10:23
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AnticomHm now it works10:27
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Julius_Hello, I have a problem with using yocto on Ubuntu 15.10. I'm trying to use bitbake to compile core-image-minimal targeted to x86-64 but the compilation fails for recipe ", do_compile".10:52
CTtpollardJulius_: what is the error log, can you provide a pastebin?10:53
Julius_Yes, one minute10:53
Julius_ This is log.do_compile.26713 for gcc-runtime10:56
LetoThe2ndJulius_: we've had a similar report a few days back, its 15.10 that triggers it10:56
Julius_Okay, is there any idea on how to make it work? or should I just try to use a different dirstibution?10:59
LetoThe2ndJulius_: the simplest workaround is to build on 14.0410:59
wfailla <- try this ... if you know how to use docker this will give you the flexability to change distros easy11:00
LetoThe2ndwfailla: depends strongly on the use case. and package_rpm was broken for building inside docker, the lat time i checked.11:00
wfaillait takes an xml file that defines what you whant to build ... and uses a docker container to build it11:00
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wfaillaLetoThe2nd, I don't know about package_rpm but in his case he needs to use a different distro and just to check which one works this is faster than reinstalling11:02
LetoThe2nddocker can be a nice solution for automated/scripted builds indeed, but for ongoing development work docker is mostly unsuited.11:03
LetoThe2ndfor the interactive testcase, lxc works nicer in my experience11:04
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Julius_I feel like the easiest way is just to change distros at the moment, thank you so much for your help to identify the problem11:05
wfaillawell we are using it to build and release caros
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LetoThe2ndjust like i said... docker is great for static, repetitive tasks (which a release build certainly should be)11:07
wfaillaJulius_, it was just an suggestion11:07
Julius_wfialla: I did appreciate your input, thank you11:07
wfaillaLetoThe2nd, "static, repetitive tasks" yes this is exactly why using docker as a base for building poky is so elegant11:08
wfaillaonce yout build env is up and running commit it on to an image and start X container which all have the same base11:09
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wfaillaand in those containers one can build and if the build is not as you want throw away the container and get a fresh and clean build environment in a matter of seconds11:10
wfaillaby starting a new docker container11:10
LetoThe2ndwfailla: nothing against that usecase. i'm just saysing that there are others too. like hands-on development of layers - there i find such things rather cumbersome. once the layers are finished, everything goes back to the build infrastructure11:10
LetoThe2ndbut as always - use the tool that suits your needs best.11:12
wfaillaLetoThe2nd, yes, all I what is to advertise the redomat a bit ;-)11:14
LetoThe2ndwfailla: sales provision? ;-)11:15
wfaillano its open-source ... its more like personal ego ^^11:15
kagejaLetoThe2nd: my appologies, i dont understand what do i do ? Sorry, please you can explain step-by-step, FirstofAll i donwloaded apache2.4.18 source code and i follow this step 1--> cd /home/virtual_machine_uname/11:16
kageja2--> tar jxvf httpd-2.4.18.tar.bz211:16
kageja3--> tar -zxvf apr-1.5.2.tar.gz11:16
kageja4--> tar -zxvf apr-util-1.5.4.tar.gz11:16
kageja5--> mv ./apr-1.5.2 ./httpd-2.4.18/srclib/apr11:16
kageja6--> mv ./apr-util-1.5.4 ./httpd-2.4.18/srclib/apr-util 7-->./configure --prefix=/opt/CC_Packages_cortexa7hf_vfp_neon/httpd --with-included-apr --host=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi ap_cv_void_ptr_lt_long=811:16
LetoThe2ndkageja: first, please do not spam-paste in here.11:16
LetoThe2ndkageja: and no, i actually do not have the time to replicate the manual cross-build process of apache here with you.11:17
kagejaLetoThe2nd: sorry just i want to explain by myself11:17
LetoThe2ndkageja: fact: there is a recipe, in a publicly available layer.11:17
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LetoThe2ndkageja: fact: this recipe brings along the needed patches and configuration options to build.11:18
LetoThe2ndkageja: hence i am not willing to invest further time as i don't see no benefit.11:18
kagejaLetoTh2nd: ok i see, but i downloaded recipes file in true folder, then i compiled yocto project for new image which has included apache server, am i right, but compiling process take too long time11:20
LetoThe2ndkageja: if your only point is trying to work around the recreation time that an OE build takes, i see even less value.11:21
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LetoThe2ndAnticom: as far as i can see, he's only trying to locally work around the time that a bitbake image generation would take.11:40
AnticomLetoThe2nd: am i missing something or wouldn't `bitbake apache` be sufficient? no need to build the entire image...11:41
Anticomor whatever the recipe is called11:41
LetoThe2ndwhich is both a waste of time (errorprone, non-reproductible) and useless to anybody else. hence, i see no point in it.11:42
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LetoThe2ndAnticom: depends on what is already there, and whatnot. maybe he doesn't even have the base build, but only a blob from somebody else.11:42
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LetoThe2ndbut still it doesn't make sense either way11:43
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awaisbmorning folks12:19
awaisbi've been trying to subscribe to the linux-yocto mailinglist for more than a week now :(12:20
awaisbI sent the subscription requests twice12:20
awaisbbut I am not getting added to the list for some reason12:20
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awaisbis there someone here who can take care of this?12:21
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rburtondid you reply to the confirmation mail?12:24
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tjaHello, I am new to yocto and failed to build the jethro release. I got errors when during do_install when it tried to chown files to root. I noticed that pseudo is disabled in meta/conf/bitbake.conf. any hints as to what I should do next?15:40
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mckoantja: it's very hard tu guess what you see there15:54
kergothtja: pseudo is enabled for any fakeroot tasks. the fact that it's disable din bitbake.conf means nothing15:54
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boucman_worktja, you should probably post the recipe that cause the error + the actual error log somewhere for us to look at...16:00
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tjahere is the error from my build: ERROR: Task 1303 (/storage/home/tarcuri/src/stmp/zynq/poky-jethro-14.0.0/meta/recipes-extended/tzdata/, do_install) failed with exit code '1'18:28
tjaand I get a bunch of these: chown: changing ownership of '/storage/home/tarcuri/src/stmp/zynq/poky-jethro-14.0.0/build/tmp/work/all-poky-linux/tzdata/2015g-r0/image': Operation not permitted18:28
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