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awaisbzeddii: sorry for pinging you directly but I guess you are one of the maintainers for linux-yocto mailing list07:30
awaisbI've been trying to subscribe to the list for like one and a half week now07:30
awaisbi do not get any confirmation emails or anything from the list07:30
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bluelightninghalstead: ^07:33
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awaisbbluelightning: thanks :)07:43
awaisblet's hope someone gets around to this07:43
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RagBalDo I need to configure busybox-syslog or does it start logging by default? I can't find any log file on my system but it's running08:09
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AnticomHi all. How can i let yocto sign all my packages and also restrict my package manager to only accept packages signed by me?10:41
AnticomI've been searching through the entire mega-manual for 2.0 and didn't find anything interesting besiedes sign_rpm.bbclass10:41
AnticomAlso googling arround only yielded
LetoThe2ndmake sure it just pulls from your servers?10:43
AnticomLetoThe2nd: doesn't prevent anyone to build and rpm that has got the appropriate toolchain and install it10:43
Anticomi want to prevent someone fiddling arround with our setup10:43
LetoThe2ndAnticom: which you are not entitled to prevent IIRC, given some legislature - let me find the link10:44
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Well i know that synology has their ipkg only accept their packages. Under the hood their NAS also runs linux. So is that some license thing of yocto project itself or what exactly is preventin me from doing that?10:45
LetoThe2ndyou can raise up barriers by not offering an easy way, but IIRC you are not allowed to cryptographically restrict any updates.10:45
AnticomLetoThe2nd: i'm not talking about updates10:45
Anticomi'm talking about installing additional stuff10:46
LetoThe2ndAnticom: well a) is that synology didn't ask us/me, and you are wrong in terms that i can copy anything to a nas and run it.10:46
LetoThe2ndbeen there, done that.10:46
AnticomLetoThe2nd: but you can't install a package you've cross-compiled and packaged yourself without any modifications10:46
LetoThe2ndits just that they do not offer anything not signed by them through their repositories - which is what i just told you.10:46
Anticomthere are tricks to unlock it but by default they're rejected10:46
AnticomMoreover i just mentioned synology because i don't think they would do anything illegal on that scale10:47
LetoThe2ndi wouldn't bet on their compliance. i guess its more like "nobody cared to sue them to that degree so far."10:47
AnticomLetoThe2nd: well the problem is, that we don't offer OTA updates currently10:47
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: so what is your recommendation?10:48
LetoThe2ndAnticom: my recommendation is: raise barriers in term by not giving them root access, not offering uploading of blank packages. you can always pipe what they manually upload through some gpg-signing and then act accordingly10:49
LetoThe2ndand give them root access only after ticking a NV marker, basically saying "you're totally on your own. not our problem anymore."10:50
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: sadly that's not how our customer relationship works10:50
Anticomthey just won't accept that10:51
AnticomAnyhow the documentation on that topic seems to be missing in the manual10:51
LetoThe2ndAnticom: still your customer relationship has to adhere legislation, and i will not recommend or comment anything else.10:51
LetoThe2ndyou're obliged to tell them its licensing, you're obliged to hand out source. and in many cases, you're also obliged to enable them to modify it.10:53
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: we do ship the source of the OS packages if anyone requests them10:54
Anticomthat's not the issue10:54
AnticomHowever i still don't see, what exactly prevents us from securing a given state on a device10:54
LetoThe2ndah yes, it was:
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i'm not saying you can't "secure" your own update path. just gpg-sign what ever you hand out10:56
LetoThe2ndbeen there, done that :-)10:56
AnticomLetoThe2nd: And i'm not allowed to configure my package manager in such a way it rejects all packages not signed by us?10:56
LetoThe2ndAnticom: you can configure it that way, you just have to offer a "i know what i'm doing, so screw software warranty switch"10:57
AnticomLetoThe2nd: and there's no common yocto-way to do that?10:58
LetoThe2ndlike i said several times already, i don't use package management. to use your words: "its not how our customer relationship works."10:58
AnticomAnyone else on that topic maybe?10:59
AnticomLetoThe2nd: So from how i am reading the wiki page on Tivoization, restricting software to run on a specific hardware as long as the same software could run on different hardware is okay with GPLv2 basically11:06
AnticomOr am i missunderstanding that?11:06
LetoThe2ndAnticom: bbl, lunch.11:07
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raykinsella78folks -  what does virtual/update-alternatives do ?11:11
Anticomraykinsella78: See the comments in the source: it seems to help you with the alternatives system11:12
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raykinsella78ok thanks11:13
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Anticomraykinsella78: for example if you have multiple editors on your device you can choose the default one to be used using update-alternatives11:16
raykinsella78Anticom: Thanks - looking for a way to disable it.11:19
rburtonAnticom: its only v3 with the tivoisation clauses, and OE has a "no v3" button.  but, if you're entering this territory, speak to a lawyer :)11:20
Anticomrburton: i've looked at the license.manifest for our image. There are some packages (e.g. bash) that are licensed under GPLv3. I'm not that fit with licensing stuff. What does that mean in pracise?11:21
rburtonyou need to sort out as an org if gplv3 is acceptable or not in your system11:22
rburtonthe tldr is "stops the user running code they wrote", ie signature-checking bootloader11:23
AnticomOkay and besides not being practial, whitelisting the packages, that ship with GPLv3 and preventing any others is not an option either?11:23
rburtonyou can set a INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSES to blacklist gplv3 from entering the image, and it will fall back to gplv2 forms if available (or fail to build)11:24
AnticomSo it's an all-or-nothing thing? either drop GPLv3 stuff and go for restricting packages or open doors wide?11:25
rburtonwell the question is do you want to stop any and all attempts at running user-build software on your product11:25
rburtonif the user can reflash an image through the bootloader, you're fine with v3 anyway11:26
rburtonor copy a binary to the device over ssh11:26
Anticomrburton: the basic problem is, that our users often don't know what they're doing. This may cause the devices to malfunction and we have to repair them again. We just want to make it harder for them to tinker with our devices. And having a message "Please confirm you know what you're doing" never stopped anyone :/11:27
Anticomwait what? if it's possible to flash an entirely other image to the device it's okay to reject unsigned packages?11:28
Anticomthe image lives on an SD card which can easily be flashed11:28
rburtonthere you go then11:28
Anticomgreat news!11:28
rburtonyou're not stopping someone rebuilding the entire image from scratch and booting it11:28
Anticomokay so now the only thing that's left is the missing documentation on how to configure yocto :]11:29
rburtonif you had a bootloader in flash that checked a signature on the rootfs, then that would be in violation11:29
rburtonyeah no idea how to do that with opkg, and opkg is still only has in-progress support for signing anyway11:29
Anticomrburton: we're currently using rpm anyway11:31
AnticomI've found this which kind of might get me to sign my packages but i dunno how to tell yocto to configure rpm to reject unsigned packages11:31
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rburtonthis is less a yocto question and more a rpm question11:34
Anticomrburton: I was just hoping there was some undocumented trick, since e.g. packaging is abstracted away too11:35
AnticomGuess i'm not lucky today11:35
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LetoThe2ndwell isn't hiding/abstracting the packaging process away exactly what i told you earlier?12:22
LetoThe2nd11:49 < LetoThe2nd> Anticom: my recommendation is: raise barriers in term by not giving them root access, not offering uploading of blank packages. you can always pipe what they manually upload through some gpg-signing and then act accordingly12:23
LetoThe2ndle sigh12:23
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LetoThe2ndbesides, IANAL - for reliable details, i'd suggest to contact dr. carsten emde @ oasdl. he knows things like that.12:24
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LetoThe2ndand by the way, "our users often don't know what they're doing" is just the reason why we don't believe in package management ;-)12:25
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: So how are you deploying and applying updates?12:28
AnticomReflashing the entire system?12:28
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LetoThe2ndof course.12:31
LetoThe2ndso we are sure the state is coherent.12:31
LetoThe2ndthe road of manual package updates with dependencies leads straught to hell, if the system doesn't have access to a repository to resolve.12:32
AnticomLetoThe2nd: And how do you handle configuration stuff?12:32
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LetoThe2ndimagine your application consists of packages a, b andc, with revisions. lets call them a1, b1, c1. c is depending on same or higher revision of b and a, b is depending on the same or higher revision of a. so you start with (a1, b1, c1).12:34
LetoThe2ndthen you hand out b2, because of bugfixes.12:34
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LetoThe2ndbut probably that doesn reach all systems, if updates are manual. then you hand out c2. now, whom will you hand b2 also? how to tell them what to do?12:35
LetoThe2ndthat kind of combinatorial complexity is something we are convinced that we cannot handle.12:35
AnticomAll needed updated packages will be provided in an archive and left there forever12:35
LetoThe2ndi thought you don't have OTA? e.g. no repository?12:36
Anticomand the runtime package manager will ensure not to install any package when it depends on a not provided dependency12:36
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: I said we're deploying updates via an archive which will be copied to the device12:36
Anticomatm at least12:36
AnticomOTA updates may be enabled somewhen in the future12:36
Anticombut they'll remain optional even then12:37
AnticomAs long as our RDEPEND of our packages is maintained correctly there shouldn't be an issue with runtime updates12:37
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LetoThe2ndwell, if you think you can handle that infrastructure...12:39
LetoThe2ndand the complaints of the users saying "update didn't work, there was an error displayed" (when your runtime pm 'took care')12:40
LetoThe2ndbut again, its your product, your maintenance, your everything. i just can tell you what we saw in our systems.12:40
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Sure and i appreciate that - honnestly :)12:41
LetoThe2ndand configuration stuff is no magic in complete image updates. its just an additional rw partition that gets mounted somewhere.12:42
LetoThe2ndeven if you go for runtime pm, make sure you can later offer a full image upgrade as a kind of emergency measure.12:42
LetoThe2ndmind that runtime pm is not only the cost in memory, its also that you need to provide an ui, testing, documentation, etc.12:43
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LetoThe2ndtogether with infrastructure and maintenance, it becomes quite costly.12:43
LetoThe2ndso if you go for it, make really *absolutely* sure that the one who has to pay for it afterwards knows about those secondary costs, and is willing to pay.12:45
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minipadaHello, is there a way to copy a whole folder in a recipe ?13:05
mborzeckiminipada: just call cp in proper task13:07
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awaisbrburton: sorry for pinging you directly13:18
awaisbrburton: can you help with linux-yocto mailing list subscription issue i am in?13:19
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rburtonawaisb: did you reply to the confirmation mail?13:49
awaisbrburton: i am not getting any confirmation emails... :(13:49
rburtoncheck your spam folder13:49
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rburtonif nothing in there, mail michael@yoctoproject.org13:50
awaisbnothing there :( ill email michael then, thanks13:50
rburtonpossibly your mail server is rejecting the mail from our server13:51
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awaisbbut i am subscribed to other mailman run lists13:56
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #712 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1 Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
Ulfalizerit's not possible to have a different PREFERRED_PROVIDER_foo for two images that are part of the same build (bitbake invocation), right?13:56
awaisbrburton: on another mailing list (meta-amd) which is probably on the same server i had the same problem13:57
Ulfalizerthat seems like it'd be messy to implement...13:57
awaisband i had to contact the administrator directly for subscription13:57
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awaisbwell lets see13:57
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* Ulfalizer pokes rburton 13:59
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karobarhas anyone built gnome-session from the jethro branch of meta-gnome? I'm getting implicit-function-declaration errors during do_compile14:36
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #692 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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stwcxHas anyone used icecc in recent history?17:10
stwcxIt seems like the icecc-create-env is fairly old and misbehaving when I try it.  One of the .so's that gcc needs gets left out.17:10
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Lucretiacan anyone help with gcc-cross-i586? I'm trying to upgrade meta-ada, I'm pretty much starting from scratch again. It's not configuring correctly, because inside tmp/work/x86_64-linux/gcc-cross-i586/4.9.3-r0/gcc-4.9.3/build.x86_64-linux.i586-poky-linux/gcc/ada/gcc-interface/Makefile I'm getting ./config/i386/t-linux64 instead of $(srcdir)/config/i386/t-linux6418:26
Lucretiathis is fine inside gcc/ because that's where config/ is.18:26
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kergothRP: a bb.fatal() from a variable expansion results in a traceback due to BBHandledException being wrapped in ExpansionError, and therefore not captured as such at higher levels. thoughts? do we care exactly where a bb.fatal() came from? I'm thinking possibly not, but am unsure, I hate to throw away context, but it's ugly to see a traceback if it's a bb.fatal too18:56
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denixwhat is the reason IPK packaging uses --prefer-arch-to-version for images by default?20:11
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JaMadenix: IIRC some weird intel BSP was using older version of some package for GPU than what other package architectures were using20:18
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JaMadenix: crownbay for xorg it seems
denixJaMa: heh, thanks! it bit me few times already. any time to overwrite it from a distro config? it's set in a package_ipk.bbclass unconditionally...20:25
JaMahave you tried? OPKG_ARGS_remove = "--prefer-arch-to-version"20:28
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seebsokay, so20:31
seebsa week later, and having learned a great deal about a number of interesting things20:31
denixJaMa: I can sure try :) what other distros do?20:31
seebsthe problem is that bash provides its own broken definitions of getenv and setenv20:31
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RPkergoth: I'm unsure. Capturing it into bugzilla to ponder might be good though?21:11
RPseebs: is this in connection with pseudo?21:16
RPseebs: FWIW we've been running with an increased timeout patch and haven't seen any more failures21:16
seebsThere was this really strange problem in which, if I did "pseudo bash", the pseudo server that got started would be running in a pseudo environment, even though it definitely shouldn't have.21:16
seebsTurns out, if you're in bash, and you call unsetenv, you get bash's implementation of unsetenv which doesn't actually change environ.21:17
seebsBecause they "know" that they will be able to fix up the actual environment before they spawn a child process.21:17
seebsAnyway, I've redone a bunch of the startup code, and I am pretty sure that I have identified multiple race conditions which were probably causing issues and making the timeouts be more of a problem than they would.21:17
RPseebs: so we need to test a new version of pseudo?21:18
seebsBasically, because of that, if you ran bash when a server wasn't started, you'd end up with bash trying to spawn a server which would try to reexec itself... and in the process it would try to report the exec to a server, causing it to spawn a server...21:18
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seebsI think it might be worth it. The branch I'm working on also has a thing to report a possible cause of timeout issues involving the sqlite memory database. Which would mostly be useful in that, if we were hitting the timeouts, we'd get useful logging.21:19
seebsWhat I'd sort of like to do is set the retry value significantly lower (like 10-20) and see if we can get the failures, because in theory, we shouldn't see those failures even with a low retry value. Unless something's wrong.21:19
seebsBut I don't know how practical that would be. Also I need to get someone to code-review these changes, because they're more significant than I'm comfortable doing without code review.21:20
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seebsanyway, that is the answer to the mystery of why environ[N] could still have when getenv("LD_PRELOAD") was null.21:27
seebsBecause bash uses names reserved for the implementation, which is a horrible thing to do and I wish people who aren't me would stop.21:28
seebs(I feel that pseudo's "override implementation names" is at least sort of justified.)21:28
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