Friday, 2016-03-11

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boucman_workhello, I have a patch I want to contribute to yocto (meta/) but I can't figure out what branch to follow, is it master or master-next08:01
boucman_workit seems master-next is regularly rebased, so I would guess master, but i couldn't find any doc08:01
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #702 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mborzeckiboucman_work: master08:22
boucman_workand do you follow the convention of using --- in the commit message to separate the actual message from the comment to the ML ? or do you rather have a [0/1] message where i discuss stuff about the patch ?08:24
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mborzeckiboucman_work: i prefer cover letter if the patch requires more explanation than what's in the commit message08:36
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RPboucman_work: [0/1] is for the discussion08:47
RPboucman_work: although the commit message should be self supporting08:48
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LinuxMicehi everyone Good Morning, i build java 7 jre package with bitbake, i must to run this command: bitbake openjdk-7-jre, Am i right ?08:55
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LinuxMiceLetoThe2nd: i think LetoThe2nd exactly know this question ^_^ ?08:57
LetoThe2ndwhy should i?08:58
LinuxMiceLetoThe2nd: My question is : hi everyone Good Morning, i build java 7 jre package with bitbake, i must to run this command: bitbake openjdk-7-jre, Am i right?? and i think u exactly know this answer ^_^08:59
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LetoThe2ndLinuxMice: i actually fail to understand the question, and what makes you think that i specifically know it?08:59
LetoThe2ndLinuxMice: i guess you *want* to build that thing, right?09:00
LinuxMiceLetoThe2nd: Yes i want to build java with bitbake command and this command bitbake openjdk-7-jre is right command ?09:01
LetoThe2ndbesides that, about everything i know about java in OE is this:
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AnticomHi all.09:03
LetoThe2ndand generally speaking bibaking a package will compile and package it - not magically move it somewhere, especially not to a target or filesystem09:03
AnticomDISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT features are not enabled, if i set DISTRO_FEATURES are they?09:03
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LetoThe2ndAnticom: thats what docs suggest, yes.
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #707 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_2 Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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jmleohi !10:07
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boucman_workok, thx, one more question and I send my patch :P10:30
boucman_workmy patch modifies meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/ but not the recipe itself... I would have expected to have to increment something... but there is no PR in the recipe, and the recipe has no upstream10:31
boucman_workshould I create a new file, create a new .bb with a new version in its name, or should I just push and assume prserv will handle it correctly ?10:31
rburtonbitbake sees that you've modified the file and rebuilds as required10:31
boucman_workrburton, yes it does, my question was more "do I need to increase the PV in my patch"10:32
rburtonas bitbake sees a file modification and rebuilds as required10:32
boucman_workok, cool, i'm good to go then10:32
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boucman_workand sent... hopefully I got it right :)10:39
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cart_manIS there a specific Cross compiler I need to be able to Compile on windows for my Yocto device?11:45
LetoThe2ndcart_man: i think the meta-mingw layer works on enabling the sdk generation for windows dev hosts, but.... there be dragons!11:47
cart_manLetoThe2nd: AWwww....11:48
cart_manLetoThe2nd: Ok soo do you think coding in normal GCC / G++ on Linux will work best?11:48
LetoThe2ndcart_man: s/work best/probably be the only thing that works close to reliable/11:48
cart_manLetoThe2nd: So I can just work on Ubuntu standard compiler not even need to use a crosscompiler ?11:51
LetoThe2ndcart_man: nope11:51
cart_manfuk soo need to use the meta-mingw... so where do I get this meta-mingw ?11:52
LetoThe2ndcart_man: given the correct arch, using your distros toolchain might work for very limited, statically linked use cases.11:52
LetoThe2ndcart_man: for anything else, use the sdk functionality provided by OE. its there for a reason.11:53
cart_manLetoThe2nd: Ok I am actually trying to get to the point where i can use exactly that which you are speaking of11:53
cart_manLetoThe2nd: But I am a bit lost11:53
cart_manI have my IMX6 board running Yocto at the moment AND its on the network soo I want to start building apps for it in C++ from my Desktop computer11:54
LetoThe2ndcart_man: the bottom line is: you have an OE based build process that generates your image. so then just use that very same build process to provide the fitting sdk.11:54
LetoThe2ndcart_man: for standard cases, this means only after doing "bitbake your-image", a "bitbake your-image -c populate_sdk"11:55
LetoThe2ndwhich will provide you with an installable sdk, that brings the toolchain matching your target system, as well as the available libraries and a setup script for your environment to use it.11:56
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cart_manLetoThe2nd: Ok so how does it work? Does the code gets transfered to your device and compiled on it or do you need to set up a compiler on your Host PC?11:59
LetoThe2ndcart_man: ermmm....11:59
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LetoThe2nd12:56 < LetoThe2nd> which will provide you with an installable sdk, that brings the toolchain matching your target system,11:59
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cart_manLetoThe2nd: Ok soo I install that then onto my Desktop? Ughh im confused12:01
LetoThe2ndcart_man: you install it onto your development host. which is not necessarily a desktop computer ;-)12:01
LetoThe2ndcart_man: have a good look at
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LetoThe2ndcart_man: or generally anything in
LetoThe2ndcart_man: the alternative is, try the populate_sdk comamnd and tinker around with it to see what it does and what you get out of it.12:04
LetoThe2ndor alternative #2: hire a consultant12:06
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cart_manLetoThe2nd: No I am just confused as to how Targeted compilations work12:08
LetoThe2ndyou probably mean "cross compilation"12:09
AnticomHow is network configuration done properly, when using systemd? currently we simply install a file to /etc/network/interfaces in a init-ifupdown.bbappend recipe that seems kind of wonky ot me12:11
cart_manLetoThe2nd: Well how to compile onto my target.. cross probably ues12:11
LetoThe2ndcart_man: *sigh*12:12
cart_manLetoThe2nd: : (12:12
LetoThe2ndcart_man: you really have to get the terms "toolchain" "compilation" "architecture" "target" and "host" straight first.12:12
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LetoThe2ndcart_man: otherwise you just will misinterpret about everything you see.12:13
Anticomthink in the mega manaual there was a step by step tutorial on some hello world recipe iirc12:13
Anticomcheck that one out cart_man12:13
LetoThe2ndAnticom: generally the application development section in the yocto docs is pretty exhaustive.12:14
AnticomLetoThe2nd: is that concerning my recommendation to cart_man or concerning my question?12:14
LetoThe2ndcart_man: this just isn't as simple as clicking the compile button in your favorite uC-IDE with predefined projects, sorry.12:15
LetoThe2ndAnticom: concerning the recommendation, yes.12:15
LetoThe2ndAnticom: concerning your own one, the problem is just that there is no systemd way of network configuration. its up to whatever network management engine you choose to accompany it.12:16
Anticomso no delicious abstractions for that yet?12:17
AnticomLetoThe2nd: How are you doing interface configuration in your projects?12:17
LetoThe2ndAnticom: well there ist systemd-networkd, but we told you about that already yesterday - so i implied by you not asking specifically about it that you decided against it.12:17
LetoThe2ndAnticom: we have some custom stuff in place12:17
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Checked back with my PM and he told me i should investigate further12:18
AnticomLetoThe2nd: i saw, that there was /etc/systemd/network or something where you can place your config when using systemd12:19
LetoThe2ndAnticom: um, so you just mentally erased what you learned yesterday and ask the same questions again to "investigate further?"12:19
Anticomiirc there was no exhaustive answer to that question12:19
LetoThe2ndAnticom: no. plain wrong. there is a specific place under etc where you you can place your config when using systemd_networkd12:19
LetoThe2ndsystemd by itself just does not do that. no matter how often you repeat it.12:20
AnticomSo in the end it also comes to installing config files to rootfs?12:21
LetoThe2ndAnticom: the exhaustive answer was "pick one of the alternatives, then one can discuss on how to use it."12:21
Anticomthat's what my question is more about12:21
LetoThe2ndAnticom: well as your configuration probably is meant to be persistent, it will always mean some file operation of one kind or the other. that holds true for networkd, connman, nm, everything i know.12:21
LetoThe2ndshouldn't you generally choose your solution by matching its features against your requests, instead of looking at the path where it wants his config files?12:22
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Well as i wrote yesterday already from what i know systemd is somewhat 100% compatible with sysvinit files. The idea we had was switching to systemd before we launch our product so we can port the things from sysvinit to systemd gradually when the product has already been launched12:24
LetoThe2ndAnticom: ... which i think is a really bad idea.12:24
AnticomBackground is, that systemd should improve our boot times since it starts services in parralel instead of sequencially12:25
LetoThe2ndsystemd is very, very invasive. and it is really not sysvinit compatible, at least not in terms of "i just install systemd, it makes everything magically faster while nothing breaks."12:25
AnticomLetoThe2nd: And now i'm curious what exactly did break and in turn how much efford it would take to fix it again12:26
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: also why do they claim its compatible when it's really not?12:27
LetoThe2ndAnticom: its "enough compatible for the common desktop usecase."12:28
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC12:31
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i really know that for most desktop linux distribution users systemd has the effect/impression of "hey we switched the init system and now everything boots magically faster". but under the hood that is just not true. it is not the reality.12:32
AnticomLetoThe2nd: it doesn't have to be 'magically' faster yet12:33
cart_manLetoThe2nd: Ok so this SDK Tool that you where talking about.. where does this get installed .. My Question is DOES bitbake Generate anything that you must use to "Prepare" the development system (My Desktop NOT the ImX6 board)12:33
AnticomThe idea is more about preparing our production image to enable making it faster int he future by providing the proper tools12:33
AnticomCurrently it only has to 'not break'12:34
LetoThe2ndAnticom: if your image is more than trivial (it has more than one binary that has to be kicked off during boot), switching to systemd will break stuff and eat your dev time.12:34
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Binary of what sort? custom or something from the oe layers?12:35
Anticomi mean ntp, syslogd, etc. seemed to be running just fine12:35
LetoThe2ndcart_man: really, this is all neatly documented, and however complicated it is not black magic. i feel that trying to explain those basics again through irc is not really a valuable use of time.12:35
LetoThe2ndcart_man: my suggestion would be, find somebody who has already done that once and have him/her show it to you in real life.12:36
LetoThe2ndAnticom: because those already have seen the proper dev work needed for the transition.12:36
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto12:36
AnticomLetoThe2nd: well then we actually do have only a single service that is brought up by us12:37
cart_manLetoThe2nd: My problem is I am stuck not remotely close to anybody know even knows Linux : /   ... I will try the docs12:37
LetoThe2ndAnticom: then write a proper systemd unit file and have it kicked off. sacrifice a chicken in the meanwhile and pray that nothing that you implicitly took for granted breaks.12:38
Anticomcart_man: 1st step: install linux, 2nd step: learn linux (/join #ubuntu etc.) 3rd step: get poky set up in such way you can at least build core-image-sato and run it in quemu, 4th step: come back here :)12:38
AnticomLetoThe2nd: Are goats instead of chicken alright too?12:38
AnticomChicken are out currently :/12:39
LetoThe2ndAnticom: it becomes really, really nasty if you have runtime monitoring of your service in terms of watchdogging it, restarting/rebooting12:39
cart_manAnticom: Lol well I at least got to installing my own Yocto build on my IMX6 so I am a bit clued up haha12:39
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i can only repeat my practical experience - if you are not in the very, very early stages in a project - do not ponder switching to systemd.12:40
AnticomLetoThe2nd: First of all i need to get my image to build again. Just installed lttng tools on my host and the image doesn't build anymore due to invalid kernel config ._.12:40
LetoThe2ndAnticom: usually you can gain a lot more of bootup spped by other means.12:40
AnticomLetoThe2nd: even if it's only a single executable that runs our system? I got about a month of time to get it working.12:42
LetoThe2ndAnticom: depends.12:42
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i cannot comment in a resonably sane way what will break for your specific application and usecase.12:42
AnticomSure there's no standard answer to this12:43
LetoThe2ndjust saw a *lot* breaking unexpected and differently fomr sysV here.12:43
AnticomBut back to the networking stuff. Googling arround for systemd_networkd yielded
AnticomI don't get how stuff like connman relate to this12:44
LetoThe2ndAnticom: why should connman realte to a systemd-networkd specific configuration file?12:44
Anticom<LetoThe2nd> Anticom: well as your configuration probably is meant to be persistent, it will always mean some file operation of one kind or the other. that holds true for networkd, connman, nm, everything i know.12:45
AnticomI was asking, whether the way to go was installing a config to /etc/systemd/network/ but you declined didn't you?12:46
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto12:46
AnticomI know i'm probably giving you a lot of *sigh*'s but i honnestly don't get it then :/12:46
*** wfailla <wfailla!~wfailla@> has quit IRC12:46
LetoThe2ndAnticom: read again.12:46
*** wfailla <wfailla!~wfailla@> has joined #yocto12:47
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i said that every one of those solutions will include some config file. i did not say that they all use the same.12:47
Anticom<Anticom> LetoThe2nd: i saw, that there was /etc/systemd/network or something where you can place your config when using systemd \\ <LetoThe2nd> Anticom: no. plain wrong. there is a specific place under etc where you you can place your config when using systemd_networkd12:47
LetoThe2ndAnticom: read again, one more time.12:48
AnticomSo basically installing files there is the way to go?12:48
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i pointed out that this is the place for *SYSTEMD_NETWORKD*12:48
LetoThe2ndAnticom: not for *SYSTEMD*12:48
Anticomis this a bb var or what are you refering to?12:48
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i am totally not referring to anything OE specific in the least. I am *only* pointing out how these things architecturally work.12:49
AnticomArch wiki any many other websites state stuff like: "All configurations in this section are stored as in /etc/systemd/network."12:50
AnticomSo what is wrong about my assumption?12:50
AnticomI just don't get it12:50
LetoThe2ndbottom line. if you have something that works, don't break it. if bootup speed is your concern, there's a lot more options you have besides systemd12:51
LetoThe2ndAnticom: they are just all referring to one specific network management software called systemd_networkd, which is part of the systemd source distribution. none of these places on the web applies to anything else.12:51
Anticomso yocto doesn't use systemd_networkd ?12:52
LetoThe2ndnow you got it.12:52
LetoThe2ndshall i get you the backlog line where we told you that exact fact already yesterday?12:52
AnticomLetoThe2nd: no need, i belive you12:53
AnticomSo for dummies: systemd_networkd is a networkmanager that talks systemd api?12:53
LetoThe2ndAnticom: yeah.12:53
Anticomand even in yocto i have multiple alternatives?12:54
Anticomlike e.g. connman?12:54
LetoThe2ndAnticom: and again, be precise. its not "yocto that uses". its "the poky distribution that uses by default"12:54
LetoThe2ndAnticom: exactly. pick whatever you want12:54
AnticomAny recommendations?12:54
Anticomor a good resource comparing them so i can pick one myself?12:55
LetoThe2ndAnticom: recommendation "match your requirement against the provided feature sets"12:55
Anticomrequirement: should work12:55
Anticomno special requirements12:56
LetoThe2ndAnticom: that also holds true for an ip= line in the kernel bootargs. please don't be ridiculous.12:56
Anticomso maybe small footprint and fast would be nice12:56
*** flihp_ <flihp_!> has quit IRC12:57
AnticomLetoThe2nd: we're not building an IOT device. So network connectivity has no special requirements really12:57
Anticomdidn't want to be offensive12:57
*** flihp <flihp!> has joined #yocto12:57
LetoThe2ndAnticom: i guess the requirement are just not qhat you think they are.12:57
LetoThe2ndAnticom: ask your user interface people how they are willing to provide configuration data, parse it, etc.12:57
Anticomno UI12:58
Anticombasically it's a logging device12:59
LetoThe2ndAnticom: ok, so they order the device from you with one single fixed network configuration?12:59
LetoThe2ndAnticom: then ask your manufacturing guys what they need.12:59
*** wfailla <wfailla!~wfailla@> has quit IRC12:59
Anticomjust another thought to ease porting from sysvinit. If systemd has a network manager what about sysvinit? is it integrated tight into sysvinit whereas systemd has it nice and modular or is there any for systemd that sysvinit also uses?13:00
LetoThe2ndthe other way round is, just include connman or networkmanager (who will probably 'jsut work') for trivial cases, and wait until it either goes unnoticed or blows up.13:01
AnticomLetoThe2nd: and how do i instruct bitbake to use either of them? is this sufficient?
LinuxMiceHi Everyone, i build java with this command: bitbake openjdk-7-jre and when i want to install this package on my arm board , i take an error : Bus error, wherem am i wrong ?13:03
AnticomLinuxMice: got some more verbose error information? 'bus error' isn't much of information13:04
LetoThe2ndLinuxMice: sounds like the architecture you built for doesn't match the package.... maybe.13:05
LinuxMiceVerbose of error is this: Bus error , no another thing13:05
LetoThe2ndAnticom: see
LetoThe2ndAnticom: it comes complete with systemd unit support13:06
*** wfailla <wfailla!~wfailla@> has joined #yocto13:06
LinuxMiceLetoThe2nd: I thing i take error Which is Bus error Because I have no Space for installing ?13:07
LetoThe2ndLinuxMice: that is something you can easily check, right?13:07
LinuxMiceYeap You are right this way, i boot on nand flash Now i boot on sd card :) Finally i have 1.6 gb available space :)13:10
*** eengie <eengie!> has joined #yocto13:15
eengieHi all.  Has anyone ever seen wic fail with an error like "exec_cmd: install -m 0644 -D <deploy path>/etc <image boot pat>/etc returned '1' instead of 0"??13:16
*** maxin <maxin!~maxin@> has joined #yocto13:16
eengie(I realize it's not really Yocto-related directly, but wic seems to be a pretty common way of packaging Yocto, so I was hoping someone has seen that error)13:19
*** bottazzini <bottazzini!~realBigfo@> has joined #yocto13:20
eengieI don't see a way to force a "verbose" output or determine where it's logging information at either.  But that error makes me wonder if the return value is simply saying the directory exists and shouldn't really be flagged as an "error"13:20
Crofton|workeengie, you might need to file a bug report, the wic devs tend not to hang out on irc13:23
*** freanux <freanux!~freanux@unaffiliated/freanux> has joined #yocto13:24
rburtoneengie: what happens if you run that command yourself?13:25
*** wfailla_ <wfailla_!~wfailla@> has joined #yocto13:25
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*** fledermaus <fledermaus!~vivek@> has joined #yocto13:27
eengieCroftonIwork: Thanks (and thanks again for the last week of helping me out too -- made loads of progress).  I may have just sniffed out the issue.  I think it's all related to that first question about how to deploy and link files over onto the SD card which ended up being a multi-part approach involving the deploy class (to move the files over to that folder), a pkg_postinst function to create the links after the files were insta13:28
eengierburton: same error as I get when it's in my script.13:28
eengieI think where I may have goofed is that I changed IMAGE_BOOT_FILES to simply say "etc" rather than specify explicitly all of the files...13:29
eengieThere doesn't seem to be a way to access that variable from recipes, unfortunately.13:29
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~leon@> has joined #yocto13:29
rburtoneengie: i mean, run the install command13:30
*** wfailla <wfailla!~wfailla@2001:6f8:12d9:13:1208:b1ff:fee8:f733> has joined #yocto13:30
leon-anavirburton, thanks again for the help with nettle. I have just seen that the fix has been merged in the latest version of branch fido.13:31
eengierburton: sorry, not enough coffee yet...  It says omitting directory.13:31
rburtoneengie: there you go then :)13:32
eengierburton: yeah, I forgot it was one of the changes I made to that layer's conf file...trying to let the user simply deploy files into a couple of documented folders and have wic blindly pick up those whole directories and deploy them to the boot partition.13:32
*** wfailla_ <wfailla_!~wfailla@> has quit IRC13:33
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*** lamego <lamego!jose@nat/intel/x-nvczncdzjgiejyyx> has joined #yocto13:37
eengieWeird, according to the docs, the "glob pattern" should work.  So having a layer.conf with IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "etc/*" should gather up everything in the deploy/..../etc directory.  Right?  (
Anticommaybe dumb question, but doesn't it have to be += "<space> etc/*" ?13:39
*** zero_note <zero_note!~zero_note@> has left #yocto13:40
eengieAnticom: not according to that link.  Then again that link is specifying with an equals, and I'm trying to append since my layer is tacking on extra things to the SD card.13:40
rburton+= adds whitespace13:44
eengieInteresting... I did an IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "etc/*;etc/" (equivalent to what the link shows above for the glob format) and got an error that it was malformed.13:45
eengieThe trouble I've been having with how to add things to that variable is that the most important one, the top-level Xilinx BSP layer has a weak 'set' for the kernel and u-boot, etc.  Then the vendor's BSP sets it.  But if I specify it, the layer order overwrites the vendor's spec even if I set my layer priority to lower than theirs.13:46
eengieAnd touching the variable from a recipe does absolutely nothing.13:46
*** vdehors_ <vdehors_!> has joined #yocto13:48
*** ADM <ADM!~ADEM@> has joined #yocto13:50
eengierburton: is there a function I could insert into that variable that would recursively generate a list of directories and files from a certain point?  I think I've seen something like that in other recipes using things like bb.utils but I'm having trouble finding it.13:52
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*** paulg_ <paulg_!> has joined #yocto14:24
tmcguire__I added PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_ipk" to my local.conf, yet bitbake meta-toolchain tries to build nativesdk-rpm (which fails). Any idea how to completely get rid of RPM?14:24
*** sujith_h <sujith_h!~toaster@kde/developers/sujithh> has quit IRC14:28
rburtonwhy does that fail?14:31
JaMatmcguire__: rpm is used e.g. for debugedit tool even when building ipk packages14:32
frayrpm is often built because it has tools for handing debug info and other things..14:32
fraywhat is the error?14:32
frayand what version of rpm are you using?14:32
tmcguire__I'm trying to get Yocto dizzy to work.14:32
fraywow, that is pretty old14:32
fraywhy not try a newer version of the YP?14:33
tmcguire__yeah, but I need it to compare with some actual real project14:33
tmcguire__Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['meta-toolchain', 'nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host', 'nativesdk-smartpm', 'nativesdk-rpm']14:33
tmcguire__Hmm, maybe I should just edit the packagegroup14:33
frayI don't believe dizzy supported nativesdk-rpm..  so I'm not sure why it would be in that list?14:33
tmcguire__FYI, error is "undefined reference to `db3Free'", but I'd rather exclude RPM than trying to fix that.14:34
frayare you mixing dizzy with newer recipes?14:34
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has quit IRC14:34
frayany comparison you do will be invalid w/ RPM availabel in the system as it's used to process various debugging and dependency information14:34
tmcguire__I don't believe I'm mixing anything, unless I did something wrong. FWIW, the actual image built fine.14:34
fraydb3Free comes from BerkleyDB14:34
tmcguire__well, rpm-native is used internally for dependency information, right? That actually builds fine. What doesn't build is nativesdk-rpm, is that really needed?14:35
*** cart_man <cart_man!29a03a62@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:35
* tmcguire__ tries to find the packagegroup thing now and look at it14:36
tmcguire__Ok, found, let's see in what interesting ways it will break when I remove nativesdk-smartpm from that package group...14:38
tmcguire__Btw, "bitbake -g -u depexp nativesdk-rpm" didn't show the dependency chain, only when i tried to blacklist rpm, I got the error message "dependency chain was: ['meta-toolchain', 'nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host', 'nativesdk-smartpm', 'nativesdk-rpm']"14:40
tmcguire__Is there another way to get the dependency chain, apart from blacklisting the package with "PNBLACKLIST"?14:41
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zeechs_Hi all, I'm trying to build a Yocto image with opencv installed. So I added meta-oe to have the recipe available, I added  opencv to IMAGE_INSTALL, opencv is building fine but is not on the image tar.bz2. I don't understand why? Other packages are installing without any problem.14:45
zeechs_I'm building core-image-base14:45
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!> has joined #yocto14:46
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto14:46
rburtonzeechs_: iirc opencv doesn't produce a package called "opencv"14:49
rburtonclearly i need to go and beat the opencv recipe with the work-properly stick14:50
rburtonzeechs_: assuming you have a fairly recent oe, "oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs -p opencv" will list the packages that it actually created14:50
LinuxMiceHi Evertyone, Finally I installed open-jdk-7 on my device, and i installed tomcat7, JRE_HOME Path needed by is tomcat7, Where find JRE_HOME, Wehere am i installed java14:57
*** madisox <madisox!> has joined #yocto14:57
zeechs_rburton, thanks, it indeed lists all the packages built, which I can find under the "tmp/deploy/rpm/" directory. But how come these packages are not on my target rootfs?14:58
mborzeckiLinuxMice: wow, are you sure you have enough RAM to run tomcat? :)14:58
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC14:59
boucman_workrburton, is there a more general command to do the recipe => package matching ? something based on PACKAGES or is that the best way ? (and is there a technicall reason or is it a case of "nobody implemente it")14:59
zeechs_rburton, do I have to add each package to the IMAGE_INSTALL variable ?14:59
LinuxMicemborzecki: Yeap i have 512 mb ram and i use yocto fido 1.8 its enough for tomcat7 ;_14:59
mborzeckiboucman_work: oe-pkgdata-util14:59
rburtonboucman_work: that is the general command.  reading the recipe is the alternative but the package list can often be determined at build time.  oe-pkgdata-util looks at what the recipe actually built.15:00
kergothIs anyone else seeing no documents listed at ?15:00
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC15:00
rburtonzeechs_: you'd have to read the recipe, but unless there's a meta-package that depends on all the libraries then yes if you want all of opencv installed.15:01
rburtonpatches welcome it sounds like a lot of people get angry at opencv15:01
mborzeckikergoth: `If there are no results for this category, something is wrong. Please contact the site administrator via the Yocto bug tracker.`15:01
kergothyeah, but i have a bunch of extensions installed that occasionally break sites, so i don't trust that it's not on my end :)15:02
mborzeckialso might be a bit outdated15:02
kergothi.e. ublock origin, chameleon, referrer control15:02
kergothso wanted to make sure it was a problem in general, not just here15:02
zeechs_rburton, ok I get it. I now have a better understanding of how the IMAGE_INSTALL works. Thanks a lot!15:03
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AnticomIs BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY disabled by default? Manual doesn't tell it **directly** but it reads like it's disabled if you don't activate it in your local.conf
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gatispHello, I was wondering does yocto have an API for setting file/dir timestaps for all files in final sysroot?15:44
*** wfailla <wfailla!~wfailla@2001:6f8:12d9:13:1208:b1ff:fee8:f733> has joined #yocto15:46
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T0mWThis has been driving me crazy for a few daze.  I'm trying to set a value into /etc/version in my image.  Currently the "DATE+TIME" is in there, we want "1.3" in /etc/version.  I've tried setting $DISTRO_VERSION, also grep'ed the OE tree + bitbake tree but cannot find anywhere which sets a value into /etc/version.15:50
T0mWThere is something in toolchain-scripts.bbclass which sets something like $versionfile?15:51
Crofton|workfrom #oe15:52
Crofton|work<joshuagl> Crofton|work: if you're still looking /etc/version gets written in lib/oe/rootfs.py15:52
* T0mW looks15:52
*** hamis_lt_u <hamis_lt_u!~irfan@> has quit IRC15:52
Crofton|workthere is also an /etc/timestamp15:52
Crofton|workjoshuagl> Crofton|work: meta/classes/rootfs-postcommands.bbclass15:53
T0mWCrofton, Thanks!  wonder why egrep doesn't like python? heh15:53
T0mWI started looking to append to something like do_populate_sysroot to change the file.15:55
T0mWthen figured "enough,  go ask"15:56
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T0mWCrofton, YAY, you da' man!16:04
* T0mW buys Crofton a pizza16:04
Crofton|worksomeone asked something similar on stackoverflow16:04
kergothAnticom: yes, it's disabled by default. normally dangling appends are fatal16:04
T0mWCrofton, yeah, google the crap outa' this one, tons of hits but not answers. Maybe I need to retake remdial-google-101 ?16:05
* zeddii is locked and loaded for ELC16:07
* fray will be there as well16:07
* zeddii has good memories of the last time it was in San Diego16:07
zeddiior I should say "hazy memories"16:07
*** gatisp <gatisp!~gp@> has quit IRC16:07
fraythis is more inland (by the real convention center) then the last one which was next to the airport in the marina..16:08
Anticomkergoth: thank's16:08
frayI've been to this area a lot at the San Diego Comic-Con...16:08
fraylots of stuff within walking distance16:08
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zeddiiCrofton|work. fray is convincing me to leave late enough to stay for the oedam.16:09
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RPhalstead: I think we agreed the maintainance window was now. When you're done could you start a build of master-next please?18:03
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halsteadRP will do. Thank you.18:04
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RPhalstead: thanks!18:04
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kergothgrr, i'm really not happy with the shallow implementation, but i'm also having trouble finding any better way to do it18:59
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* kergoth grumbles19:05
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