Friday, 2016-03-18

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Marexlooks like qemu-native in poky/master fails to build on debian01:41
Marexthe problem this time around is that libcaca is missing some symbols from ncurses01:41
Marexis that known ?01:41
bluelightningMarex: hey!01:44
bluelightningnot that I'd heard of...01:44
bluelightninglibcaca causing problems eh, well... the issue is right there in the name ;)01:44
Marexbluelightning: morn'errr ... whatever time of day it is for you :)01:46
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Marexbluelightning: I will drill in shortly I guess01:46
bluelightningMarex: 2:45pm :D01:47
Marexhmmmm, the qemu is configured with --disable-curses already, so how the heck does the ncurses get in01:47
Marexriiight, 2.47am here01:47
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Marexbluelightning: interesting, disabling SDL support for qemu fixed my ncurses/caca problem01:58
Marexbluelightning: well, that'd imply the ncurses/caca stuff is pulled in via SDL01:59
bluelightninghmm... didn't know SDL had anything to do with ncurses02:00
Marexeither it does OR there's some other problem02:01
Marexcould it be using system's libsdl ?02:01
Marexbluelightning: it seems to be coming from my system's libsdl indeed02:07
bluelightningright, we do attempt to link to that, otherwise we had problems with different libGL providers02:08
Marexbluelightning: that's the failing bit02:09
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Marexbluelightning: I added the -Wl,--trace to see what libs are pulled in02:09
Marexapparently, aside from the libsdl, no others are pulled in02:09
Marexbluelightning: so I guess ... libsdl uses libcaca which uses libncurses02:10
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amboaris there an easy way to extend the machines supported by the runqemu script?03:54
amboarshort of patching it (and runqemu-internal)?03:54
amboarI've gone the patching route, but was wondering if I'd missed something03:54
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vickylinuxerHi yocto, the splitted packages should be into RFS by default if it is not dbg / dev / locale.05:24
vickylinuxerAm i right?05:24
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AndroUserHow to include the splitted package into rootfs?05:35
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vickylinuxerHi Yocto, How to include the splitted packages into Rootfs by default?05:39
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AnticomHi all. Could someone elaborate the actual purpose of distros in yocto? I suppose in the end it's about seperation of concerns and usability and stuff. But what does a distro typically provide in yocto?10:02
boucman_workAnticom: a distro is where you define "everything-wide" features of your project10:03
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boucman_workdo you use systemd or systemV, do you support USB ? what sound system do you use ? these are typically the kind of decision ubuntu or debian make, but they don't change if you are using kubuntu vs xubuntu or x86 vs arm10:04
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LetoThe2nddistro is the third axis in the orthogonal space image<->machine<->distro10:04
AnticomWell currently we're doing everything in our layer by modifying stuff poky already provides. I've suggested to switch to a custom distro and now i'm curious what i actually have to do10:04
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rburtongive your distro a name, copy the poky.conf to mydistroname.conf10:04
AnticomI'm currently reading 5.11 in the manual10:04
boucman_workthe "problem" I usually encounter is that poky is good enough for 90% of usages, so we tend to use it a lot and customize at the image level...10:05
LetoThe2ndyeah, a common practise is to just grab poky or something inheriting from it, and then beat it into shape successively.10:05
Anticomrburton: i can't even find poky.conf ._. isn't it supposed to be in meta/conf/distro?10:05
boucman_workbut yeah, even when we do custom distro, we end up copying poky and starting from there...10:05
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LetoThe2ndbut doing that in your own, inheriting distro make it easier to forward-port10:06
Anticomboucman_work: that's my plan10:06
Anticomboucman_work: and "being just good enough" shouldn't stop you from improving your code base by making it cleaner ;)10:07
Anticomit'll pay off some time in the future10:07
LetoThe2ndthe important point is the orthogonality. make the machine.conf set stuff that is hardware specific. make the image pull in stuff that the specific software project needs. make the distro set the general software platform "architecture"10:07
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: for example currently i'm removing stuff from DISTRO_FEATURES in our image which is provided by DISTRO_FEATURES_DEFAULT10:09
AnticomAnd i don't think that this is how things should be10:09
LetoThe2ndAnticom: well you can always setup everthing from scratch. and OE itself should support a distroless build too.10:11
AnticomLetoThe2nd: My idea was to copy poky.conf in it's own layer, rename it and start hacking it10:13
LetoThe2ndthats a common technique10:14
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rburtonAnticom: poky is in meta-yocto (or meta-poky if you're tracking master, we finally renamed it)10:17
Anticomrburton: found it in meta-yocto :)10:17
Anticombut thanks10:17
rburtonpoky the distro actually does very little10:17
AnticomI don't need it to do much. Someone told me the other day that setting update channels for example is a things the distro should be responsible for10:21
Anticomwhich makes perfect sense to me10:22
LetoThe2ndok, now its time for you to leave.10:22
LetoThe2ndonce things tart to make sense, yo're wrong here! ;-(10:22
Anticomwhat's wrong about reflecting what someone told me and comming to a conclusion that he or she might be right which what he or she said?10:24
LetoThe2ndsorry, that was a joke. nevermind.10:25
Anticompff nah, now i'm leaving ;10:25
LetoThe2ndjust like "EDV -> Ende Der Vernunft"10:25
AnticomLetoThe2nd: i forgett that you're speaking german way too often...10:25
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Anticomquick question: Is it normal to get a bunch of "NOTE: Stamp xyz is not reachable, removing related manifests" when switching the distro?10:26
rburtonit will need to rebuild a fairly good chunk of stuff if the distro config changes10:27
rburton(even if thats just the name)10:27
Anticomrburton: i don't mind. More time to drink coffee
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: Also i was wondering, how "architecture" was fitting in that orthogonal construct? i guess it's part of 'machine'? But how do both differ?10:33
boucman_workis there anything that DOESN'T need to be rebuilt when switching distro ?10:33
Anticomboucman_work: BB started with recipe #16010:34
AnticomSo i guess there is a very small ammount, that doesn't need to be rebuild10:34
LetoThe2ndAnticom: ach is part of the machine. for example both imx6 and omap4 are arm A9, but not the same machine - usually10:34
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AnticomLetoThe2nd: so TL;DR; arch is the bare cpu and machine all the gpio stuff that's build arround it?10:35
LetoThe2ndAnticom: simplified, yes.10:35
Anticomhm now i really have to leave :(10:35
Anticomno more questions to ask...10:35
LetoThe2ndhave a cookie, then.10:36
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boucman_workrburton: yesterday you mentionned a script you use to build poky.git from various other git... is the manifest you use available somewhere (mainnly out of curiosity)10:44
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rburtonboucman_work: i think the actual config file isn't in git10:52
boucman_workok... that would be usefull to have... at least to know what is actually contained in git.poky10:53
rburtonbitbake + oe-core + meta-yocto + yocto-docs10:53
boucman_workyeah, but renamed... thus confusion10:53
rburtonwhat's renamed?10:53
boucman_work(and it's meta-poky now :P )10:54
rburtonthe *repo* is meta-yocto10:54
rburtoni was listing repos10:54
boucman_workmy bad10:55
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AnticomConcerning RCONFLICTS, RDEPENDS, RRECOMMENDS and RREPLACES: I know i can supply some version information. However is it possible to limit the version in both directions? like (>= v2.0 && < v3.0)11:08
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aratiudoes anyone know how I can specify a file with whitespace in its name in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM?11:35
Anticomaratiu: why would you do that?11:37
aratiuLIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://../PT Free Font License_eng_.txt;md5=(...)"11:37
aratiuthe original file has spaces in its name...11:38
Anticomaratiu: well if you don't want to rename the license file try "file://../PT\ Free\ Font\ License_eng_.txt;md5=(...)"11:38
Anticomdunno whether that works or not11:38
Anticombut that's how linux typically handles whitespaces afaik11:39
rburtondepending how much of URI parsing that  line goes though, %20 instead of space might work11:39
AnticomI'm not an expert in licensing stuff but does it actually matter, what the file name of the file containing the license is?11:39
Anticomi suppose important is the content not the actual file name11:39
Anticomi'd probably just rename the damn thing ;)11:40
rburtonthat would mean renaming a file in an upstream tarball right?11:40
Anticomrburton: or patching it during build11:40
rburton%20 should work11:40
aratiutried escaping but bitbake gives expansion errors, and with %20 it tries to search literally the file with %20 in filename11:40
Anticomaratiu: have you tried my suggestion?11:41
aratiuah sorry %20 works :D11:41
aratiuthank you very much!11:41
rburtonremember its a uri so usual uri rules apply11:41
Anticomrburton: 1 - Anticom: 011:41
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igor3someone can help me with a problem?13:58
rburtonask away, don't ask to ask13:58
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igor3I made a recipe that rprovides, rconflicts and rreplaces initscripts13:59
igor3then I put on my layer.conf the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_initscripts = "initscripts"13:59
igor3So I installed my package that rreplaces the initscripts on my image14:00
igor3but there is another image that I did not installed this package, but this image is installing my recipe instead initscripts14:01
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igor3I ran bitbake -g and the second image does not depends on my package14:02
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boucman_workigor3: layer.conf influences all recipes that include that layer. you probably don't want to add  PREFERRED_PROVIDER there14:04
igor3I tryied to see the -DDD -v logs, but I did not see anything that would make it happens14:04
boucman_workyou should either add it in your image's recipe or add a condition on your image name for that variable14:04
boucman_workyou can try bitbake -e <the image that bugs> into a pager to see where the variable PREFERRED_PROVIDER is manipulated14:05
igor3but I want everybody to use the preferred_provider unless my image14:05
boucman_worki'm not 100% sure what you want to do...14:06
igor3let me try to explain14:06
igor3I have a layer that produces 3 images14:06
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igor3I want to change the initscripts only for one image14:07
igor3but all images are using the changed initscripts instead default initscripts14:07
igor3I made the samething with base-files14:08
igor3and it worked14:08
igor3but with initscripts it is not working14:08
boucman_workwell, I would put the PREFERRED_PR in the image that needs it then...14:08
boucman_worki'm not sure about base-files, though, i'd have to look at the specifics...14:09
igor3I did not know about that14:09
boucman_workanother method would be to set PREFERED_PROVIDER_initscripts_pn-<the image that needs it> = "your recipe"  in your layer.conf14:10
boucman_workbut since the change is logically part of the image, putting it in the image makes more sense14:10
igor3I made a recipe called that RREPLACES, RPROVIDES and RCONFLICTS with base-files, then I put on my layer.conf that the preferred_pr is base-files, so I installed something-base-files on my image.14:10
igor3That tip is nice14:10
igor3I will try that14:10
igor3thank you very much sir14:11
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rburtonJaMa: your grub docs bug is a good one - i can replicate outside of oe which makes me wonder how it builds for me in oe…14:26
rburtonthe fix is trivial though14:26
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JaMarburton: cool that someone likes bugs reported by me15:22
rburtonusually yours are a pain ;)15:27
JaMaand more to come as nobody seems to read the world/dependencies reports on ML15:28
rburtoni do skim it to see if anything in oe-core is breaking unexpectedly15:29
rburtondo you know why your builds hit that? as i said, the tarballs ship the generated documentation15:29
JaMaand builders are already running another builds so I cannot check log.do_configure in wiped out tmpfsi15:32
JaMaor re-run it15:32
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kergothi skim the world builds too, just have too much crap on my todo already to take on anything else. i have fond memories of when i had enough spare time to fix random issues with recipes i don't use..16:00
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rburtonJaMa: getting a bit confused with the comments on 9201, are you saying that bill's patch should replace yours?16:31
rburtonif not, can you re-test with bills patch?16:31
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JaMarburton: I was saying that I've already tried that and for whatever reason it didn't work for me17:05
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JaMarburton: but if it works for Bill then feel free to merge it17:07
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bottazziniThere is a flag in my CFLAGS that I'd like to exclude, is it possible ?17:45
UlfalizerCFLAGS_remove = "--option"17:45
Ulfalizermight be cleaner ways to handle it depending on the circumstances though17:46
bottazziniUlfalizer, thanks I was looking everywhere for this info17:46
Ulfalizer_remove should be documented in the bitbake manual17:47
bottazziniUlfalizer, Yes it contains i just looked for wrong keywords17:51
Ulfalizerok, np :)17:51
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otaviorburton: I sent an U-Boot bump, for last release. Could you please queue it for MUT?18:40
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riz__I am doing a build with meta-qt5 and I keep getting the following error:
riz__I am having trouble finding a fix18:55
riz__Any ideas on what might need to be done?18:55
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kergothHmm, it'd be nice if we had a -S dumpsig, as a convenience. possibly only if a task is provided, and only for that task, not its deps, but still23:58

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