Sunday, 2016-03-20

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zero_notehi folks, I've just removed alsa-utils from my IMAGE_INSTALL but alsa-utils stuff is still present in my images15:45
zero_notewhat I have forgotten?15:47
zero_noteis something related to package/config cache?15:48
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Herriezero_note: Could be some other recipe is still refering to it in DEPENDS, RDEPENDS or RRECOMMENDS?19:07
kergothzero_note: most likely you still have alsa in DISTRO_FEATURES, so it's being pulled in by packagegroup-base.19:08
zero_noteHerrie: I've just checked and nothing *depends or *recommeds on it19:09
zero_notekergoth: you're right, so I have added MACHINE_FEATURES_remove = "alsa" in my machine.conf19:09
kergothbitbake -g is often helpful for determining why something is being pulled in19:10
zero_noteand DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "alsa" in my local.conf, now a new build in clean dir is running, but from the compile logs I've just read "alsa-lib-native-...."19:11
zero_notekergoth: yep, indeed reading dot files from bitbake -g alsa-utils I've found that packagegroup-base pull on alsa-utils19:12
zero_noteHerrie: kergoth: thanks for the response :-)19:14
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paulg_WARNING: gst-plugins-good-0.10.31-r8 do_configure: QA Issue: gst-plugins-good: configure was passed unrecognised options: --disable-introspection [unknown-configure-option]22:00
paulg_with the introspection stubs being replaced recently, I'm guessing we just don't need that option (not that it worked anyway)22:01
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RPhalstead: not sure why but fedora22 is being very slow again :(22:08
RPpaulg_: it might be a sign that you need the workaround discussed on list (delete the .m4 files it ships with so it gets our version)22:08
paulg_RP, I'll have a look...22:13
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paulg_RP, so there was one, and I clobbered it in a preconfigure, then the build gets the sysroot one...22:37
paulg_0.10.31-r8#ls -l ./build/aclocal-copy/introspection.m422:37
paulg_lrwxrwxrwx 1 1000 pulse 83 Mar 20 18:32 ./build/aclocal-copy/introspection.m4 -> /home/paul/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/genericx86-64/usr/share/aclocal/introspection.m422:37
paulg_but the warning remains.   Seems it is because both m4 expects "--enable-introspection=no"  -- they don't grok "--disable-introspection"22:38
RPpaulg: It should accept --disable too22:38
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RPhalstead: is fedora22 using xfs and is that our only builder using xfs? Its tied in knots and I can't even login to an interactive shell atm. All I can see is a kernel worker process using 100% cpu. I'm suspecting the filesystem being crossed up :(22:53
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halsteadRP, Centos7 is also XFS.22:58
RPhalstead: hmm, so it could be something else :/. Regardless, it doesn't seem happy :(23:00
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