Monday, 2016-04-18

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iontehi. is there any way to build a device tree (dts -> dtb) without fetching and rebuilding the entire kernel?06:35
iontei have a recipe with a custom device tree, and each time i do any changes the entire kernel is fetched and recompiled which takes several minutes06:36
LetoThe2ndionte: you can always manually do it using the dtc tool that gets generated on the fly, but i think theres no proper way of taking that short cut within the OE build process.06:46
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mckoangood morning06:56
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s54hi guys06:56
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s54i'd like to create a compressed .rootfs.ext3 by using mkzftree & mkisofs but i can't find the rootfs dir. i thought it was /path/to/yocto/build/tmp/work/arch/image/rootfs but this directory remains empty after the "do_rootfs" task.07:06
s54i could probably mount the rootfs.ext3 to a tmp directory but i don't want to run bitbake as root. do you guys have any suggestion?07:07
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simonlAny hints on how to install the eclipse ADT plugin? Tried it on a fresh CDT Mars.2 download of Eclipse and got a very unhelpful error.07:26
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simonl"The installation cannot be completed as requested"07:29
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turboscrewIs there a picture or something somewhere that shows the "description hierarchy" of a yocto-project - say, Poky?07:41
boucman_work1description hierarchy ?07:42
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turboscrewWell, I understood that the generation is based on description of which layers are included, then the descriptions of what the layers consist of.07:46
turboscrewI see bblayers.conf, layer.conf and recipies as descriptors.07:48
turboscrewMaybe I got it all wrong?07:49
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boucman_workI think you got the idea, but it hasn't matured in your head yet :)07:54
boucman_workmoreover these are not the terms we use to describe it, so your description will confuse people on IRC which won't help as well as they could07:54
simonlturboscrew: those files determine what can be built, how it's built and to some extent priority between them (layers have priorities for instance). You still specify what to actually build in your bitbake command.07:54
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boucman_workturboscrew: the closest to what you are asking for (IIUC) would be to run "bitbake -e" or "bitbake -e <target>"08:00
boucman_workyocto first parses a whole bunch of files (including the various layer.conf) to create an environement which is a big bunch of key=value pairs08:01
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boucman_workthen it looks on the command line, and expand the environement with another big bunch of key=value comming from the recipe you are asking to build08:02
boucman_work(the above is false, but it helps understanding)08:02
boucman_workthe first command will give you the "common" part of the environement08:02
boucman_workthe second part will give you the environement for a specific recipe08:02
turboscrewThanks, boucman_work. I'll try those.08:04
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CTtpollardis there anything you can pass to local.conf to tell it to handle all git:// src uri with protocol=http append?08:12
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s54CTtpollard: i did it for github ones, PREMIRRORS_append = "\n git://* git://;protocol=https"08:20
CTtpollardit's not for github, but I have a server that's having problems fetching over git08:22
CTtpollardbut adding protocol=http is working08:23
CTtpollardwanted to temp fix it in local conf08:23
CTtpollardI wil try that out08:23
boucman_workso it''s just for one recipe ?08:24
CTtpollardnope, multiple08:24
boucman_workin that case, you can add SRC_URI-pn_<recipe_name>=<something that is correct> in your local.conf08:24
CTtpollardsame server08:24
boucman_workah, ok, then it's more complicated :P08:24
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s54CTtpollard: have you tried this: PREMIRRORS_append = "\n git://.* git://PATH;protocol=http" ?08:29
CTtpollards54: about to try it now08:30
s54this will probably not work with SRC_URIs that already contain protocol=http or any other one. don't really know how bitbake will handle this08:30
CTtpollards54: I've taken your github example and switch it to the server I need it for08:32
CTtpollardlets see08:32
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rajaHi all11:32
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Guest87897I'm happy to contribute layerindex-web. Where do i contact the right person ?11:34
Guest87897Right now I'm upgrading all packages to latest ..11:35
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soundgainsHi everyone! This is my first time in the Yocto IRC chat room - exciting!16:24
soundgainsIs anyone around to chat? Have a few questions I was hoping I could get direction on.16:25
soundgainsI'm running into an issue that apparently has come up often on the mailing list. I've found several different instances of people asking about how to put conditionals into recipes. Often, the end goal of doing this is to bitbake, for example, "myImage" and also be able to bitbake "myImage-debug."16:25
soundgainsThe common response is to explain that conditionals in recipes based on the image recipe that is being built not supported.  I've seen people say things along the lines of "recipes create packages and your image recipe then IMAGE_INSTALLs those packages in the final output image.16:25
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soundgainsThis seems to work well for custom recipes.  It's not a problem for me to make two recipes for a single custom program that I want to build in debug mode or release mode.16:25
soundgainsBut what is the prescribed way to do this for core components such ast u-boot or the kernel itself?  Can someone point me to formal documentation for this?16:26
soundgainsCurrently I'm stuck on determining the best approach when trying to append to recipes that are provided by my SOM's vendor.  For example, I need two different versions of u-boot.  The debug version is unmodified from the vendor's BSP version but the release version needs a special patch to support SPL “Falcon” boot mode.16:26
soundgainsWhat is the best way to “conditionally” bbappend the SOM vendor’s u-boot recipe?16:26
Crofton|workseems like you want to bbappend the u-boot recipe16:32
Crofton|workwith a SRC_URI_append_your-machine16:32
soundgainsCool ok that makes sense but I only have 1 machine.  Should I have a machine-debug and a machine-release?  Is this what I'm missing?16:33
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neverpanicwhy do you need -debug and -release anyway, usually a build in yocto is release with debug symbols and the debug symbols are pacakged in the $PN-dbg package for later installation16:38
soundgainsThis issues is fundamentally coved by Paul's notes at the bottom of this mailing list message16:42
soundgainsAs I said before, what if I want to build an image with special patches to u-boot based on building an image recipe "myImage-release" vs "myImage-debug"16:43
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kergoththat's not doable. the best you could do would be to have two u-boot recipes16:43
kergothpeople always ask for this, but never think about whatw ould happen if they run 'bitbake myimage-release myimage-debug'16:43
soundgainsIt looks as though Paul claims this isn't possible in the link above.16:43
soundgainshaha and that's exactly what everyone says16:44
soundgainsso the question is - if what I'm asking for is so crazy, what is the "prescribed" way to accomplish it??16:44
frayif you want both a release and debug at the same time (different uboot binaries) then they have to be placed into difference recipes/packages..16:45
frayyou can't have one recipe/package that produces conflicting binaries (for the same type of package)16:45
kergothas we've said multiple times, either use separate builds or separate recipes16:45
soundgainsit's a totally valid use case.  I give the development image to my developers at their test benches and I give the release image with, for example u-boot patches that enable Falcon mode to the manufacturing team.16:45
soundgainskergoth, can you elaborate for me?  I get that I could have several build folders, but I'm trying to avoid this...16:46
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soundgainsif I make two u-boot recipes I run into the error ERROR: Multiple .bb files are due to be built which each provide u-boot16:47
kergoththen remove u-boot from provides, and also change it so each recipe writes different files into the deploy dir, and makes ure they don't conflict int eh sysroot, and..16:47
frayone provides u-boot-release and one provides u-boot-debug.  Whatever the thing is htat 'requires' u-boot is modified to require either release or debug16:47
kergothIMO the right answer is don't do this at all, use separate builds, but it's really your call16:47
frayand what kergoth said16:47
frayseparate builds is MUCH cleaner16:47
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soundgainsok cool.  The fact that this line of thinking comes up so much makes me wonder if there should be a section in the bitbake manual describing this workflow.16:48
soundgainsSo if I do multiple builds, I just have two totally different sets of recipes and two seperate build folders.  I'm version controlling my recipes so this effectively doubles the number of recipes in git doesn't...16:50
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kergothi don't see why you'd have to duplciate the recipes to have two build dirs16:51
kergoththat seems pretty pointless16:51
soundgainsah indeed.16:51
kergothjust use a var to control how the things build, and set it in one and not in the other16:51
soundgainsbut I will have a u-boot-debug and a u-boot-release recipe.  Then just use one in each of my build folders16:52
kergothif you use two build folders, you don't need to separate it into two recipes. you could, sure, but it's not needed16:52
soundgainsthanks kergoth this has been really helpful16:53
soundgainsso what do you mean use "var?"16:53
kergotha variable..16:53
kergothyou can modify the recipe to only apply this patch if this variable is set to this value, then set that in local.conf to change how it builds16:54
soundgainsgreat, I would do something in my bbappend like: SRC_URI += ${@base_contains(...) correct?  Is this what you mean?16:56
kergothcontains is specifically to check if a word is in a variable which contains a list of words, which is appropriate for variables like DISTRO_FEATURES, PACKAGECONFIG, etc. you could use a packageconfig for this, or just a regular variable, in which case you woudn't need contains16:59
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kergothi.e. ${@'foo' if bb.utils.to_boolean('${BAR}') else 'baz'} if you want to use a variable that you can set to e.g 0 or 1 to enable/disable17:00
kergothbut it depends on your needs17:00
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kergoth${@} is just inline python, so it's flexible17:00
soundgainsok perfect.  I really appreciate your time. I think this sort of topic comes up enough that we should get some documentation on it in the formal documentation set.17:01
kergothprobably, yes. you could open a documentation bug in bugzilla17:01
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soundgainsI'm on it.  It should cover things like - "When to configure a seperate build folder" "How to make release vs debug images" and either of those can cover the fundamental "static packages" concept.17:02
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soundgainsSo say I have multiple build folders as siblings to my sources folder.  Each build folder will have it's own bblayers and local.conf file - I'm fine with this but does this topology play nice with Toaster?  Can Toaster track builds in multiple build folders?  Seems like it should.17:25
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davisany particular reason why some modules in my kernel deploy directory are not being packaged in my final image? Is there some sort of well known problem with packaging perhaps I am running into?17:33
davisie. I see modules in my modules.tgz file but I don't see the modules on the target when I look in the /lib/modules/xxkernel tree17:33
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kergothdavis: it's not a problem, it's by design. kernel modules are split off into independent binary packages, you can choose what to install or not.17:35
kergothif you want them all, install the 'kernel-modules' package17:35
davisi'm doing a new build. Soon as its complete, i'll look for that recipe.17:41
davisi take it I need to download a recipe from someplace?17:41
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kergothit's not a recipe17:43
kergothit's a binary package emitted by your kernel build17:43
kergothadd it to your image's IMAGE_INSTALL like any other package17:43
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davishmm. I should look in the kernel receipe to see what it has in IMAGE_INSTALL section?17:45
kergothIMAGE_INSTALL is a variable in an image17:46
kergothputting it in a kernel recipe won't do anything at all17:46
kergothsee the yocto project documentation on how to add packages to an image.17:46
davishmm. googling that result gets me to the ref image. doing a search on install shows me 400+ hits.  Any particular section?17:53
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kergothfound in about 10 seconds by searching for IMAGE_INSTALL.17:54
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davisthanks for the link, i was looking at it. To be honest, I don't know how this actuall sfimage is built. I'm doing a grep of all .conf files looking for IMAGE_INSTALL invocations18:10
kergothjust set IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-modules" in local.conf and move on18:11
kergoththat'll affect any image recipe being built18:11
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davismany thanks. i'm trying now.18:15
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daviskergoth: that worked. If you are getting paid to help support yocto, you deserve a raise.18:32
davisfwiw, all the modules are in the booted image, but that my setup still does not work.18:34
davisi think it might be related to installing modules though.18:34
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davisfor instance, I have /lib/modules/4.1.10JFD3/modules.dep file and I have all the .ko in the same subdir18:36
davishowever, when I try to modprobe a driver, it.. nevermind18:37
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davisi was going to say it could not find the .ko, but it appears the driver is loading, its just the driver can't find a device. not a file.18:37
davisi wonder if this is a /dev/xxx type file issue.18:37
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davishmm. this might be of no consquence but when I first got my kernel to boot, I made two mods. one was the version string and one was for the gadget usb ethernet driver18:47
davisI noticed the g_ether.ko driver was there. I thought it was working and it was there because I placed it there.18:47
davishowever, when I enabled additional drivers as modules and I booted the image, I noticed the new drivers were not there.18:48
davisafter I used kergoths technquie to add the kernel-modules to local.conf all of the modules show up in the booted image.18:48
davisso I wonder why some would show up but not all. Maybe some other recipe is building a driver and placing it there? Maybe its overwriting the one I am placing there in the kernel image build.18:50
davisSo, I did a md5sum of the drivers on the target and the ones on the host and they don't match.18:51
daviseven if you are arm on the target and x86_64 on the host, I would think the mdsum would match.18:51
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soundgainshey kergoth earlier today you explained some really helpful things but after implementing them today I have a few more questions if you have a minute20:02
Crofton|workjust ask, someone elkse might have ideas and kergoth can answer as he has time20:04
soundgainsI can use inline python to change what is added to a SRC_URI in a bbappend file. You can define a variable in local.conf and use it to configure the behavior you want. Is there a way to also access this variable from the Shell scripts?  For example, during do_configure_append for a recipe I would like to conditionally add data. I can get the variable with inline python but how can the shell get it?20:05
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soundgainsthat was a dumb question. sometimes a guy can't see the forest through the trees... in shell just use ${MY_VAR_NAME} wowzer... sorry20:46
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bluelightningmorning all22:03
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