Friday, 2016-04-22

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GwikHi, i'm build a release for a beaglebone black, meta-ti doesn't have a jethro branch, should I use an older yocto release or use the master branch of meta-ti ? What's the difference between meta-ti and meta-bbb ?06:21
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mckoanGwik: you can build for BBB with yocto only no additional layers07:02
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mckoangood morning07:16
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CTtpollardis it safe to clean the work directory after finishing a build, If I plan to recompile a recipe later?08:27
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rburtonthats what rm_work does08:30
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gatisprburton, Hi, I was wondering if that gpgme missing *.pc file issue that we talked about few days back has been resolved?08:32
CTtpollardrburton: that was my understanding, I just didn't want to recompile one package and it have to do the work again for all the dependencies if I got rid of it08:32
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rburtongatisp: not yet, did other stuff yesterday09:10
gatisprburton, ah ok, later this afternoon I am returning back to that task, so I will workaround it somehow for now :)09:12
rburtonor send a patch :)09:13
rburtoneasier for you to test it09:13
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gatispIf I will get a clean solution then sure09:14
rburtonjust needs a gpgme-pthread.pc file added09:14
gatispcreated manually?09:15
rburtonyes, the recipe already adds a gpgme.pc file09:15
rburtonprobably worth seeing what fedora is doing09:15
rburtonupstream refuses to ship .pc files so i suspect fedora are patching in .pc files too09:15
gatispsounds simple enough, I will check this out soonish09:16
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simonlI have some custom recipes that builds my app and does a few misc things and builds a custom image. Now, however, I'd like to make an image that includes all the dependencies of my app but not the app itself09:37
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simonla -dev image to which I can copy the app after the fact. Any suggestions for an elegant approach to do this?09:38
simonlI imagine it might be possible with a python snippet, but I don't know where I can find documentation for that stuff.09:38
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avalluriHi, I have a question, someone coluld help me.10:10
avalluri I have a layer which provides configuration packages for core components, I would like to prepare a packagegroup such that, add configuration packages to images only the core component exists.10:10
avallurii try to use 'oe.packagedata.pkgmap' to check if the core component exists so that i can add the correcsponding package to RDEPENDS_${PN}10:12
avallurithis works fine if the package map exits, but it fails when there is no package map :(10:12
avalluriIs there a better way to achieve this10:13
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mckoanhello, ant Freescale/NXP exper here?10:40
mckoanDoes anybody ever used RTS/CTS on iMX6 ?10:40
mckoanI have this weird problem10:41
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arkvermckoan: You're aware that RTS/CTS are a bit back-to-front on mx6?11:15
arkverAh, now I see comments to your post to that effect.11:17
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LeifSofor some mysterious reason, my bitbaking is failing because of a PRINC expansion that allegedly happens in a cherokee recipe. Though that does not contain such a line11:32
LeifSoare the recipes based on perl or alike? I'm using Arch Linux, so I might face some issue because of using a modern version of an interpreter?11:33
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PrimordusLeifSo: maybe the PRINC happens in a .bbappend file somewhere else?11:56
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LeifSoPrimordus: ah, the digi layer is the culprid. thanks for the hint :)12:06
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mckoanarkver: thx :-)12:24
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Gwik_Hi, this may be a really noob question but I didn't find the answer after some research so :12:26
Gwik_what "?=" means in .conf files ?12:27
Gwik_I undestand this is like ifndef => var = " .. ", but i'm not sure, if there is multiple value like (#MACHINE ?= ... #MACHINE ?= ... ) the only first one will be set ? is it correct ?12:28
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Gwik_thanks ;)12:39
Gwik_And the difference between '?=' and '??=' ?12:40
davisif I want a file to be added to /etc/, and I am appending the busybox recipe, should my layer include etc or should I specify etc in a recipe?12:40
davisie meta-JFD-BUSYBOX/recipes-core/busybox/busybox/foo.conf or should it be busybox/etc/foo.conf?12:41
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davisi guess I can add a section do_install() { and mod it there12:44
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PelalilI've created my own layer for poky, with bitbake I get a sdcard image which contains my software. When people are building an image using my layer how can they easily add wireless keys into wpa_supplicant.conf? One option is to just boot from the sd card and use vi from the resultant running operating system. However I wondered if there was a way to include something in build/conf/local.conf that could include extra wireless keys at bitbake run time?13:16
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rburtonyou can write a recipe to do that, yes13:23
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Pelalilrburton, I didn't know you can write recipe's in build/*?13:35
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PrimordusPelalil: they can write a recipe in their own layer while also using your layer13:38
davisPelalil: I'm in the process of learning yocto, so my comments might be fscked up13:38
davisbut you can append a layer and I'm in the process of appending install routine for adding a new file13:39
davisi imagine you could do something similar to append your keys13:39
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davisPelalil: here is the gist with my work. notes5 shows how I am appending to busybox to add a new file to the target file system13:49
davissadly it looks like the right approach, but I get an error during the bitbake.13:50
davis| install: cannot stat 'udhcpd.eth1.conf': No such file or directory13:50
davisI'm guessing I need to add a prefix for where to find the file similar to how I am doiing the destination.13:50
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boucmanhello everybody13:52
boucmanI have a soft that #include some kernel headers, but  it seems not to find it at build time13:53
boucmando I need to specify something special in the recipe to get it to work ?13:53
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karobarI've got a package which provides a .py file, which is added to sysroot-destdir and the genericx86-64 sysroot. If I add this package to IMAGE_INSTALL of a core-image with MACHINE=genericx86-64, the .py file fails to be added to the rootfs. Is this weird or am I missing something13:57
*** josep <josep!> has joined #yocto13:57
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rburtonkarobar: share the recipe?13:58
boucmankarobar: for a file to be in the image it needs to be in a package, not in the sysroot13:59
davishmm. I have a suffix problem with my append.13:59
davisI get an error where I can't find a file using ${B}/foo.conf which expands to .../version-r0/.. but my file is located in build dir in ..../version/... no r0 suffix14:00
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karobar the recipe (from jethro) adds to the sysroot-destdir but not to the rootfs.14:03
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has joined #yocto14:06
davishmm this r0 suffix is weird14:06
davisi have a top layer dir named oe-yocto-2.0 which I think is provided by our vendor14:12
davisin there I find a streamsdk_overrides.cfg14:12
daviswhich pertains to busybox14:12
davisi wonder if that is where they are adding this -r suffix14:13
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davishmm. i have tried to add ${S}/myfile and ${B}/myfile as the source of a file during install step14:24
davisneither works.14:24
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto14:24
davisdo I need to do bitbake -e busybox | less and simply grep for a variable which expands to the proper dir in order to find my prefix variable?14:25
davis$S sounded like source and my file is being put in the top level src dir.14:26
neverpanicdavis: you want ${WORKDIR}14:27
neverpanicSRC_URI stuff isn't put into $S, one of the entries of SRC_URI *is* $S14:28
davisyes indeed14:28
davisneverpanic: many thanks. +1 for your good karma for the day.14:28
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*** bboozzoo is now known as mborzecki14:43
davisneverpanic: hmm. that somewhat worked14:46
davisthe build did not fail, but I get a error message saying QA issue. files were installed but not shipped in any package14:47
davisit list my new config file14:47
davisin my busybox append, i said file://foo.conf14:48
davisis this because I did14:48
davis install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/udhcpd.eth1.conf ${D}/${etcdir}/udhcpd.eth1.conf14:48
davisand the .conf file is in a dir other than etc?14:49
*** Primordus <Primordus!> has quit IRC14:50
neverpanicWhat's $etcdir?14:50
davisi thought etcdir would be the equiv of bindir14:51
davisive seen bindir in some examples14:51
neverpanicwell, then maybe you should verify your assumptions rather than guessing?14:51
davisi see where you are going14:51
davisetcdir is probably not in -e output14:51
billrdavis: you probably want ${sysconfdir}14:56
davismany thanks billr i'll try that.14:56
rburtonits worth reading the top half of bitbake.conf if you haven't14:58
boucmandavis: that message means that your do_install added files on the (pseudo)target filesystem15:00
boucmanbut the yocto code that decides to what package belongs each installed file didn't know who to give that file to15:00
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~leon@> has quit IRC15:00
boucmanplease check the FILES variable,15:01
boucmanyou probably need to set FILES_pn-${PV}_append = "/etc/udhcp.eth1.conf"15:01
boucmanor something like that15:01
boucmanor is it ${PN}, I never remember...15:02
rburtonthe pn- prefix in overides is pn-[PN]15:03
rburtonthus the name, pn :)15:03
rburtonbut you'd only use that syntax in a local.conf or similar15:03
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~leon@> has joined #yocto15:03
davisi tried /etc/ and it worked, i'm trying ${D}/${sysconfdir}/ this time15:03
rburtonjust ${sysconfdir}15:04
rburton${D} is added magically to FILES as otherwise you'd need it on every single line15:04
boucmanrburton: how do you specify "this file should go in -dev" then (/me is slightly confused here)15:05
rburtonFILES_${PN}-dev = "/path/to/file"15:06
rburtonie ${includedir}/*.h15:06
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davisnotes5 shows the result15:10
davisthat works, if there is a more yocto way to do it, i'm all ears15:11
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riz__Is there any negative effect if you duplicate something in DISTRO_FEATURES? For example, if opengl is already included in my distro and I add it again by accident, will that cause any problems? I know I can obviously not add it again, but it is just a general question that I have been wondering about.16:12
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rburtonriz__: no16:30
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riz__rburton: thanks16:42
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kergothrburton: re ldflags, the internal toolchain doesn't hit QA failures when the buildsystems don't obey our LDFLAGS since we build the internal toolchain with that hash style as its default, but external toolchains don't necessarily do so (and the sourcery one definitely doesn't), so QA failures occur there18:09
kergothNoor: ^18:09
kergothrburton: but given supporting external toolchains is an important use case, and obeying ldflags is a clear correctness fix, i think it's appropriate to get those fixes merged18:09
kergothas long as they're done well, of course18:10
Noorkergoth: thanks18:10
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Noorrburton: sorry for the initial patch for cups .... It was sent accidently ..... check the V2 and let me know if the fix looks reasonable to you18:11
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riz__Regarding meta-intel, I would like to know if what I found is a bug or if I am misunderstanding it. I see that in libva there is this dependency: RDEPENDS_${PN}-egl =+ "${PN}-x11"18:39
riz__Does this mean that even if x11 is not used there is still an x11 dependecy on libva-egl?18:39
kergothguess that depends on what ${PN}-x11 depends on, but it sounds like it18:39
riz__The reason I ask is because I cannot build my non x11 package because it says libva depends on libva-x1118:40
riz__I would think this is a bug if I am right18:40
riz__Unless I am missing something18:40
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto18:41
riz__How can I see was libva-x11 depends on?18:41
riz__Nvm. It depends on libx11, so it does18:42
riz__Now, who is familiar enough with meta-intel to know whether that is a bug or not?18:42
kergothsounds like either that dep needs to be conditional, if it oesn't really require x11, or the recipe needs REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES = "x11", so it can't be built without it18:42
kergothi'd say email the list, see the meta-intel README18:42
riz__well I believe you should be able to use libva without x1118:43
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ulf`| DEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure18:54
ulf`| /usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /data/ostro-os/build/tmp-glibc/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/perl-native/perl/5.22.1/auto/Data/Dumper/ undefined symbol: Perl_xs_handshake18:54
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ulf`Seems like rburton ran into this before here:
*** roccof <roccof!~rocco@> has joined #yocto19:01
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kergothHmm, wonder why paul implemented subparser groups as a group= argument rather than returning an object to add subparsers to. the latter would be more in line with all the existing grouping mechanisms in argparse19:27
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kergothI wonder if you could add add_subparsers() to _ArgumentGroup19:35
riz__What does a line like this mean: PACKAGECONFIG[x11] = "--enable-x11,--disable-x11" ?19:36
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riz__rburton: thanks, so how do you configure it? Is that at runtime?19:48
riz__lets say I want to disable x11, where do I put --disable-x11?19:49
rburtonyou ensure the PACKAGECONFIG assignment doesn't mention x1119:51
rburtonso if it does by default you can use a bbappend or local.conf to remove it19:51
riz__OK. So I guess I was right when I put "PACKAGECONFIG[x11] = "--disable-x11"" in local.conf to override it19:52
rburtonsee the bit about "if you want to change an existing PACKAGECONFIG block"19:52
rburtonyou need to read the documentation again19:52
riz__ahhh ok19:53
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T0mWOk, tried googling this one to no avail, 'installed-packages.txt' of build history has mis-named packages.  For example 'libnl-3-genl_3.2.25-r1_amd64.deb' becomes 'libnl-3-genl_1:3.2.25-r1_amd64.deb' ???20:27
T0mWhow did the '1:' get in there?  Of 1100+ packages listed, about 8 were mis-named.20:28
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neverpanicT0mW: looks like epoch?20:35
neverpanicCheck the value of PE for those recipes20:35
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kergothT0mW: as neverpanic says, that's the package epoch, not a misname. it's usually used to correct a versioning mistake. for example, if someone was to set a recipe version to 1.1beta instead of 1.0+1.1beta, then '1.1beta' will sort ahead of '1.1', which would break package upgrades. The only way to fix it is to bump a more important version component, which is the epoch.20:46
kergothT0mW: see the debian docs for details, that's where it originated20:46
kergothiirc, anyway20:46
T0mWyou know, we've been wrestling with this version number crap since, the 1990s, probably earlier in un*x.  <sigh>20:48
T0mWProblem is that the contents of 'installed-packages.txt' is useless for identifying the 'installed packages' by filename.  Although, it touts itself as doing so by giving a fully qualified names of files and not 'name = value' pairs.20:50
T0mWIMHO, epochs don't belong in that file.20:51
kergothepoch is part of the package/recipe version.20:52
T0mWOtherwise, if "epochs" are important, add a default epoch (e.g. 'e0') to all recipe default names such as done with 'r0'?20:52
kergothagain, it's part of the version, not the package/recipe name20:53
T0mWbut it is only visible inside the recipe,not as the "installed package" (package name).20:53
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riz__I used the following line in local.conf: PACKAGECONFIG_pn-libva-intel-driver = "--disable-x11"20:54
riz__and got the following warning: WARNING: QA Issue: libva-intel-driver: invalid PACKAGECONFIG: --disable-x11 [invalid-packageconfig]20:54
T0mWso, I just 's/[0-9]://;' and hope the perl script doesn't break.20:54
riz__Does anyone know what I did wrong?20:54
T0mWkergoth, just sayin'20:55
kergothno idea what you mean by that. again, it's part of the package version, not the name. just as with the rest of the version, it's parto f the version in the package's metadata, not the name20:55
kergothso it's accessible from the package's metadata just like all of the rest of its metadata20:55
T0mWcolons are even in the file manifest20:56
kergothso no, it's not "only visible inside the recipe"20:56
kergothit's in the package20:56
*** joshuagl <joshuagl!~joshuagl@> has quit IRC20:56
riz__oh, so it should just libva?20:56
riz__PACKAGECONFIG_pn-libva = "--disable-x11"20:57
kergothriz__: that's not how packageconfig is used20:57
kergothif PACKAGECONFIG[x11] is available, then you'd add or remove 'x11' from PACKAGECONFIG, not '--disable-x11'20:58
kergothPACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-libva = "x11"20:58
T0mWtrying to write a means of collecting the "changed / added" packages using a perl script. but, it appears that I cannot reliably identify what deb packages have changed via the build history / manifest.  We won't distro changes via a deb repository, we spoon-feed the changed packages to the unit in the field.20:58
riz__OK, I completely screwed this up.20:58
kergothT0mW: you do realize all the package info is in buildhistory too, not just image?20:58
T0mWkergoth, in what,the packages tree?20:59
T0mWI was working from the images branch as in "looky, one file has all the info I need".  :(21:00
kergothi think that depends on what info you need21:01
kergothi can't imagine its possible to satisfy every possible use case21:01
kergothwhat info are you trying to get and what are you using it for?21:02
T0mWwell, the packages branch has all possible, including -dev, -dbg, -staticdev, everything possible.  Pretty much useless at identifying what package is in the root image.21:03
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T0mWmanifest + install-packages.txt are almost dead-on with the package names, except for the epoch thingy.  AFAIK, the epoch is meaningless, exept for a few coders that cannot correct their versioning.  Anyway, I'll just ignore the epoch number (remove it) from the package name within the manifest / installed-packages.txt file as it is irrelevant.21:06
T0mWkergoth, see, 'installed-packages.txt == recipes-installed'. therefore, 'installed-packages.txt != names_of_deb_files'21:07
T0mWkergoth, fwiw21:08
T0mWkergoth, TGIF!21:08
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kergothyou keep implying that epoch is recipe only, but that's not the case, the epoch is in the binary package version21:09
kergothit's talking about the binary packages, not the upstream *projects*21:09
kergoththe two are not the same21:09
T0mWkergoth, right, but it is not in the name of debian package that was installed that contained that binary.21:10
T0mWit is in the name of the recipe that created the package. But it is not what 'dpkg -i <name>' uses21:11
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T0mWyou don't install via 'dpkg -i libnl_3:3.3.4_r0_amd.deb'21:12
T0mWyou do it with 'dpkg -i libnl_3.3.4_r0_amd.deb'21:12
kergothyou're right that the installed-packages file needs to match up with the filenames, but IMO the epoch belongs in the filename, otherwise it's not reflecting the entire package version21:12
T0mWthat's what I mean by the package name.21:12
kergothokay, part of our communications issue is your overuse of the word name21:13
kergoththe package name is libnl. the version is 3:3.3.421:13
kergoththe *filename* is the .deb21:13
kergothbut maybe that's just me21:13
* kergoth shrugs21:13
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T0mWno, you're correct, sorry.21:13
kergothi'd suggest opening a bug in the yocto bug tracking system, there's a clear mismatch21:13
T0mWkergoth, hey, have a good weekend, eh?21:13
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