Tuesday, 2016-05-03

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kergothHmm, tried a wic create with --bmap, but the image's apparent and actual sizes are both 3.5g..00:00
kergothdoesn't seem to be sparse00:00
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teemuhow do I create the rootfs.tar.gz on yocto 2.0 and newer? I was using yocto 1.7 before and it came automatically when I created the image, but now it's not generated anymore. can I enable it somehow?06:01
teemunow I only get image.ext406:01
teemurootfs.tar.gz containts the rootfs stuff packed in tar.gz format instead of complete image06:03
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ndecteemu: i don't think the default has changed in oe-core, but it also depends on which machine/distro you might be building for, or which additional layers you are using07:15
teemuit's for imx6 so I use meta-fsl-arm - layer as well.07:17
teemuthe distro is the same on both so bblayers.conf and local.conf hasn't changed.07:17
teemuif you mean those by 'distro'07:18
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ndecteemu: so it's probably something that changed in meta-fsl-arm.07:28
ndecthe variable that lists all images to build is IMAGE_FSTYPES, you should check its value in both cases.07:29
teemuI found and added to local.conf IMAGE_TYPES += "tar.bz2" and now I have the rootfs.tar.bz2 again07:30
teemuso yeah.. it seems that meta-fsl-arm has changed that. I compared to older version07:31
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LeifSoI'm still facing issues with linaro's external toolchain. The glibc-locale package apparently does not package several .so files in /usr/lib/gconv/07:35
LeifSois that a known issue?07:37
LeifSoand is it supposed to pack those files? Pack them in split packages? Or not pack them at all?07:37
LeifSoalso the gziped files in /usr/share/i18n/charmaps/ are not packaged either :-/07:39
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LeifSothe generated split package to not contain DEBUG: LIBNAMES: pkg glibc-locale-el libs 0 bins 0 sonames [] though07:43
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presentHi guys, where should I set DISTRO_FEATURES?07:57
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presentI would like have to be taken into account for all my recipes...07:57
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presentI tought that the image recipe was the proper place... But apparently not.07:58
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LeifSowhat's the use of those "tar cf ... | tar xf - ..." lines in libc-package.bbclass? looks like weird cp O.o08:15
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neverpanicHow would I loop over all generated packages in a recipe in the presence of PACKAGES_DYNAMIC? Is there a better way than listing the subdirectories of ${WORKDIR}/packages-split?09:07
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neverpanicHm, read the PACKAGES field from ${PKGDATA_DIR}/${PN} seems to be the way to go?09:26
bluelightningneverpanic: in what context?09:29
neverpanicI have a bbclass that's inherited by recipes, and I want to write a metadata file for each generated package09:30
neverpanicI currently have a task that's run after do_packagedata, so reading ${PKGDATA_DIR}/${PN} should work09:30
bluelightningI guess you could do that... otherwise you could do it within do_package09:31
bluelightningoh right across recipes09:31
bluelightningno, wait09:31
neverpanicIt's what buildhistory.bbclass does. for pkg in d.getVar('PACKAGES', True) doesn't work for packages generated using PACAKGES_DYNAMIC09:31
bluelightningat the right point within do_package it will yes09:31
bluelightningbtw. PACKAGES_DYNAMIC doesn't generate any packages at all09:32
bluelightningall it does is satisfy dependencies from BitBake's perspective09:32
bluelightningthere'll be some other logic which is actually adding items to PACKAGES09:33
neverpanicYes, I know -- it's just what I'm currently doing and it doesn't give me the ipv6 kernel module package, but maybe I should read the source of do_package then.09:33
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sujith_hbluelightning: ping09:37
bluelightningneverpanic: for the kernel you will find the logic in the kernel / module classes not package.bbclass FYI09:38
bluelightningsujith_h: pong09:38
sujith_hLets say I have a recipe with a proper version ( 1.1.1) and a git version. And I want to use only the git version and not the 1.1.1 version. So will PREFERRED_VERSION variable help me to use git recipe?09:39
sujith_hor DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" should be used in the recipe with version 1.1.1 so that it won't be added in the build09:40
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sujith_hGenerally I have seen most of the recipes with git go for DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1". My intention is other way round09:44
sujith_hor to be precise opposite of what I have seen :)09:45
neverpanicWeird, my task runs after do_package, and do_package updates the PACKAGES variable, yet I write a file for pkg d.getVar('PACKAGES', True) and am missing a file :/ There's probably a bug somewhere in my code then.09:50
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cart_manHey guys... is it necessary to add an Ethernet package to the loca.conf file or will the ethernet always be there by default? My ethernet Amber light stays on and I have no internet or network on it09:51
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rburtoncart_man: depends on what you put in your image really :)  core-image-sato comes with connman, core-image-minimal/-base comes with ifupdown.  as with everything, its up to you10:01
LeifSowhy does yocto strip sed ptest files and even fail because of it? O.o10:01
LeifSoand more important: How do I stop it from doing that?! O.o10:02
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rburtonLeifSo: its not stripping, it's running file on an executable to see if its an ELF and should be stripped.  file then crashes, because you've got a buggy file binary.10:06
rburton(see if your distro has fixed it, if not file a bug, and downgrade file)10:06
sujith_hAnyways I got PREFERRED_VERSION when set to "git" works for me10:09
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cart_manrburton: Ok my image is the dey-image-graphical for the IMX6 boards. I assumed the Ethernet drivers are installed by default since one can set the ip address before the build10:16
*** roccof <roccof!~roccof@93-51-177-218.ip268.fastwebnet.it> has joined #yocto10:16
sujith_hThat was bit stupid question I asked here. Really felt sorry because git will be taken by default even if stable versions are there. And hence no need of having PREFERRED_VERSION for the same :(10:19
sujith_hmy bad10:19
sujith_hI even missed the DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" in the git recipe which lead to all my confusion ...10:20
*** jku <jku!~jku@85-76-162-31-nat.elisa-mobile.fi> has joined #yocto10:20
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cart_manrburton: Although I can not find a package containing the Ehternet card drivers though?10:23
rburtoncart_man: kernel drivers?  no idea, never used imx6 so have no idea if they install as modules, or built-in to the kernel.  why not just run ifconfig on the target and see?10:23
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has joined #yocto10:24
cart_manrburton: I did.. at first it received one of those bogus random IPs EVEN though there are legit settings inside /etc/network/interface file. So I forced it going ifconfig eth0 xxx.xx.xx.xxx netmask but still nothing10:26
cart_manJust the Orange/Amber light staying ON and nothing from the green light10:26
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rburtoncart_man: you want to talk to someone like otavio who knows the HW10:27
*** semi_ <semi_!42f9519e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto10:30
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mortderireDoes OE contain any functionality to record uptime, # of reboots that kind of thing?10:34
cart_manrburton: Ok on it.. thanks allot10:40
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LeifSorburton: thanks :) Seems that the most recent File version is broken.10:58
*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-nropitqiubpsighj> has quit IRC10:58
LeifSorburton: since that is likely a distribution agnostic issue: Is it already reported upstream?11:00
*** crankslider <crankslider!~slidercra@unaffiliated/slidercrank> has joined #yocto11:02
rburtonLeifSo: no idea11:03
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tobias_as for now one can only build python-pygobject with python2, im having trouble making a recipe for building it with python3, anyone has some experience ?11:33
*** abelloni_ is now known as abelloni11:36
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simonltrying to make my own sdk installer for cross compilation, but my cmake hello world project fails to compile. Even configure, actually.11:50
simonlerror: cmTC_06a92 uses VFP register arguments11:50
simonlCMakeFiles/cmTC_06a92.dir/testCCompiler.c.o does not11:50
simonlI can prepare a better log, but is there any "usual" problem that causes that sort of error?11:51
simonl(to be clear, that is cmake verifying and failing to compile a simple test program to verify the toolchain works)11:52
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*** alled <alled!~icchw-017@> has joined #yocto11:59
simonlHere's a log: http://pastebin.com/PyB6MBvJ12:04
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georgemneverpanic, thanks for the info about where to send pseudo patches12:51
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RPkergoth: around?13:09
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has quit IRC13:10
RPkergoth: basically wondering how to make meta/lib/oe/maketype.py work under py3 :/13:10
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RPkergoth: no matter, figured it out13:26
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semi_Hi! Is there a reason UNINATIVE_URL is set using a regular assignment instead of a conditional assignment in yocto-uninative.inc? I would like to be able to override it in local.conf.13:38
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@> has joined #yocto13:38
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joshuaglall it does is assign 3 variables — a URL and the checksums for the downloaded file, just set those variables directly in a conf file along with making sure you INHERIT += "uninative"13:46
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RPsemi_: you can still assign it directly from local.conf as far as I understand it?13:46
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semi_RP: It seems to me that I am getting the value from yocto-uninative.inc if I check it with bitbake -e.13:50
semi_If I change the assignment to conditional in yocto-uninative.inc, I get the value from local.conf.13:51
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joshuaglYPTM: Joshua is on the call15:01
sjolleyYPTM:   Ready-Access Number: 8007302996/9139049836  Access Code:     270575115:01
sjolleyYPTM: Stephen Joined15:01
SonaYPTM: sona joined, hi *15:01
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RPYPTM: Richard joined15:02
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frayYPTM: I've joined15:07
armpitYPTM armin is on15:07
fraylol.. you say that every week.. ;)15:08
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto15:08
frayguy with the beard and long red hair.. ;)  I occasionally do some Yocto Project work as well.. <grin>15:08
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jku_YPTM: Jussi here, also on the call15:11
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mortderirefolks - how do I file a bug?15:25
mortderirenever mind, found it15:27
billrmortderire: just to confirm what you found, it is https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org15:28
mortderirebillr: thanks got it15:28
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kergothHmm, the krogoth release says 4.1 is ltsi, but master shows it's 4.1.18 while the ltsi tree upstream is 4.1.17. does master no longer use ltsi, or was the linux-yocto tree updated from 4.1.17 to 4.1.18 for some reason?15:40
*** ntl <ntl!~nathanl@cpe-24-242-75-173.austin.res.rr.com> has joined #yocto15:43
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Crofton|workversioning schemes as random number generators .....15:44
kergothlooks like 4.1.22 is coming, but 4.1.17 is released, from a quick look at http://git.linuxfoundation.org/?p=ltsi-kernel.git;a=summary, so i'm still confused15:45
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mortderirerburton: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=957815:47
yoctiBug 9578: normal, Undecided, ---, paul.eggleton, NEW , INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP breaks -dbg15:47
mortderirerburton: we discussed this the other day.15:47
mortderirerburton: wanted to make sure it wasn't forgotten.15:48
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kergothHmm, I don't think its appropriate for devtool to use /tmp/devtool*/ to extract sources. /tmp/ is tmpfs on some systems15:59
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fredcadeteI was wondering if there is a publicly visible CI for the jethro branch?16:01
fredcadeteI'm getting an issue and want to make sure it's not something in my environment16:01
*** Circuitsoft <Circuitsoft!4b92a52b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:01
kergothfredcadete: looks like the focus is primarily master, see http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/16:03
fredcadetekergoth: thanks, I had seen that and that was also my feeling16:04
kergothfredcadete: http://errors.yoctoproject.org/ may b eworth checking to see if anyone else has hit the issue you're hitting16:04
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mortderirekergoth: If I cam a cross a bug, and have a fix for it ... do I need bugzilla in order to submit a patch to fix it?16:20
rburtonmortderire: no just submit the patch to the lists16:21
mortderirerburton: l16:21
mortderirerburton: k16:21
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kergothHmm, is meta-freescale rebased at the moment?16:29
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denixanybody using busybox with systemd?16:41
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billrdenix: not on real h/w, but I've been working on a qemu instance the last couple of days with systemd and busybox.16:43
kergothdenix: mel has defaulted to systemd for our images for multiple releases now16:44
denixkergoth: busybox (and other recipes) seems to lack bunch of systemd service files and only provide initscripts, but those won't get installed w/o sysvinit DISTRO_FEATURE though.16:45
denixkergoth: so, it seems you can't do pure systemd with busybox - you also need to enable sysvinit just for the initscripts?16:46
kergothI doubt one missing initscript will suddenly cause your image to explode, particularly if it's syslog, since systemd has journald16:47
* kergoth shrugs16:47
denixkergoth: actually, syslog is the only one that has service file :) there are bunch of others, like dhcp, http, etc.16:47
denixof course those can be provided by real apps and not busybox, but what's the point of using busybox then? :)16:48
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fredcadeteI am using busybox with systemd17:02
fredcadeteonly, no services from busybox, just utils17:02
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fredcadeteit seems that on jethro tip, perf fails to compile for linux-yocto 3.19; it compiled ok at tag yocto-2.017:17
fredcadeteI'll move to linux-yocto 4.1 and will not be able to investigate further17:18
fredcadeteis there some place where I should flag this issue for the next user?17:18
denixfredcadete: bugzilla?17:19
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fredcadetedenix: even if it's on an maintenance kernel on a maintenance branch?17:20
fredcadetemy own approach is WONTFIX and drop linux-yocto 3.19, I don't mean to presume the project will do otherwise :)17:21
kergothbugzilla isn't master only17:21
kergothand stable branches which are still in maintenance mode, supported, will stillg et bugfixes17:21
kergothdon't know if jethro is included in that, offhand17:21
denixit's all resource-driven anyway17:21
fredcadetek, thanks17:23
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mranostayhi kergoth!17:34
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georgemhi mranostay!17:48
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mranostaygeorgem: oh you are here.. can i have one safe place?17:49
georgemjust look for the sticker in the window17:49
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georgemmranostay: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/bd/Safeplacelogo.svg/1024px-Safeplacelogo.svg.png17:50
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kergothRP: I was mulling over the possibility of other file formats for bitbake, but it'd be problematic since the file format and the metadata are so tightly bound, two aspects of the same thing. it's not just a matter of a new parser, we'd need a clean api to wrap both aspects. maybe someday..19:19
* kergoth adds to his someday/maybe list19:19
kergothoh, i didn't realize bmaptool can use compressed images directly, that's handy19:20
kergothso .wic.bz2 + .wic.bmap can be used directly.. nice, was wondering about that19:20
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kergothi like the write of ./tmp/deploy/tools/bmaptool, the forthcoming qemu bits should write a runqemu script there too, to be less dependent upon the environment19:24
kergothokay, bmaptool requiring file: for arguemtns which are clearly local paths is a bit silly19:25
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rburtonkergoth: interestingly that really annoyed me19:30
rburton(install to deploy)19:30
kergothwe explicitly tell people not to poke into sysroots directly..19:31
kergothso where else would you write a convenience script?19:31
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* kergoth mulls over poisoning the default path prefix for cross/native to make sure reloc issues are caught immediately, not only when used from sstate in a different location19:45
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denixhmm, am I missing something when sharing sstate and appending "PATH" to the SSTATE_MIRROR? it ends up dropping the 2-char hierarchy and symlinks files in the root of sstate-cache? is that right?20:28
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kergothdenix: by default it downloads to SSTATE_DIR as the destination, even though it came from a  different location20:28
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kergothdenix: i recommend ;downloadfilename=PATH20:29
denixkergoth: a-ha, thanks!20:30
kergothshould probably change that default at some point, but this'll do for now20:30
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RPkergoth: FWIW top 3 commits of http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/log/?h=rpurdie/wip has enough to make "bitbake bash" work under python3, admittedly a bit hacked together22:15
RPkergoth: gives an idea of the sized hammers we need22:16
kergothnice, will check it out22:16
RPkergoth: some bits can be merged straight in as 2.7 compatible and we just regressed, some of the character conversion pieces will need to be better thought out22:16
* kergoth nods22:17
RPkergoth: do you think we just have a flag day and switch? trying to support 2 and 3 seems like it would be problematic...22:17
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kergotha *lot* of modules seem able to support both with modules like six, 2to3 or 3to2, etc. I'm not sure if that'd be viable for us, though, given that we have so much python outside bitbake itself, and bitbake isn't just a python package22:19
presentIf someone knows... I'm looking for the quick module in meta-qt5...22:19
presentOn krogoth branch.22:19
kergothsearch for 'quick' on the layer index22:20
kergothscroll down22:20
presentI tried: qtdeclarative qtquick1 qtquickcontrols qtquickcontrols222:20
kergothclick on http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/recipe/4774/22:20
kergothtried where? in what context? doing what?22:20
kergothyou've not given any useful information about what you're trying to do22:21
RPkergoth: its the python in the metadata which would worry me the most with that22:21
presentOk ok.22:21
kergothRP: agreed22:21
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presentI just have my Qt application inside with a recipe inside Qt. And I am trying to find the proper DEPENDS to get my application compiling. And there is now way the module "quick" can be found.22:23
kergothRP: it does seem possible to use six to create code which works with either, there are few actual *syntax* problems, i just don't know if we care enough to bother with that. we'll have to modify code to use that anyway. my main concern would be conversions of external layers22:23
present*inside yocto22:23
kergothpresent: my guess is you didn't inherit the needed qt bbclasses in your recipe22:23
presentkergoth, can be true! I just have "inherit qmake5" for now.22:24
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presentStill not that sure since the QML module can be found at least.22:25
present"QT += qml quick" from the .pro file22:25
presentThough I was kind of sure this inherit was sufficient...22:27
presentI'll try this one then: require recipes-qt/qt5/qt5.inc22:29
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presentNope same error :/22:31
presentProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick22:31
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RPkergoth: I don't doubt its possible, as you say its just a question of effort. We'll have to change the code regardless so should we not just move to 3? I guess we need to have this discussion on the architecture list22:34
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presentI just removed quick and the recipe ended properly. Added again the module quick... and complained.22:36
presentI have to find which recipe from meta-qt5 provides the "quick" module.22:36
presentkergoth, thanks for trying to help by the way! :)22:37
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presentThere are renaming in Qt that are hard to follow...22:46
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kergothRP: yeah, I'm inclined to say just go to 3, bite the bullet and get it over with, as you've suggested22:49
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