Monday, 2016-05-23

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #186 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #443 of nightly-deb-non-deb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning07:33
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presentHi guys! :)08:10
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mcfriskHi! Any ideas what to do when yocto builds repeatedly are running out of memory? Stats somewhere? Abusers/bad recipes somewhere? Limits not correctly set?09:00
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kteza1Hi. How do I build nightlies with yocto09:41
kteza1I create a default.xml manifest for using it with repo tool09:42
kteza1I want all the build procedure to be automated starting from 'repo init', 'repo sync'09:43
kteza1Is it possible with auto-builder or should I use my own buildbot09:43
rburtonyocto-autobuilder is basically a custom buildbot, and you can probably configure it to trigger automatically.  depends on what you want, really.  i used to just have a ten line shell script in cron as all i wanted was a local sstate populated.  if you want to deploy stuff, then something more complex like yocto-autobuilder has some functionality implemented for you.09:45
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LetoThe2ndor, have some jenkins instance automate it09:48
LetoThe2nde.g. "depends on what you already have, and what you need."09:48
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LetoThe2ndand as most people tend to have a custom project setup infrastructure of one way or the other, that is what you shoudl feed your build infrastructure.09:53
LetoThe2ndso if you're using repo, make your build automation call repo to set up everything, and then kick off the build.09:54
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kteza1@rburton @LetoThe2nd I've created my own buildbot now with this factory -->
kteza1I'm new to both buildbot and yocto10:07
kteza1My 'source export' command is some how failing from buildbot but working when I do it manually10:08
CTtpollardI asked this at the end of last week so sorry for repeating,  can .bblayers handle include files?10:09
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boucman_workCTtpollard: probably... did you try it ?10:10
CTtpollardboucman_work: heh yeh, can't tell if I've messed up though or it genuinely can't handle it, will keep on tweaking10:10
boucman_workCTtpollard: check the bitbake user-manual... at this point it's not really yocto yet.10:11
boucman_workthe path in which includes can be found is also probably VERY limited. you might have to add it into a variable in the bblayers.conf10:12
CTtpollardboucman_work: the order of the bblayers in the list doesn't have any affect right? it's the individual layers priority value that defines that right?10:13
boucman_worknot sure... again the bitbake refmanual is your friend10:13
boucman_work(it's not part of the yocto doc bundle)10:13
kteza1here is my log -->
kteza1Could some one help me with that pls10:14
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CTtpollardanyone know if you can BBLAYERS_$MACHINE += or something similar?10:28
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bluelightningCTtpollard: you can't do that, no10:29
boucman_workCTtpollard: when bblayers is read, MACHINE doesn't exist yet10:30
boucman_workit's part of local.conf which comes way later10:30
boucman_workbasically  a yocto build directory == a fixed set of layers10:30
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CTtpollardboucman_work, bluelightning: thanks, was thinking it would be cleaner for multiple targs than trying to across multiple templates10:30
boucman_work(but you can have multiple build dirs sharing downloads and sstate)10:31
bluelightningCTtpollard: in case it is relevant, BSP layer best practice is to not have any effect when MACHINE isn't set to match the machine(s) supported by the layer10:31
boucman_workCTtpollard: it's usually ok to include all that's needed for all targets... the meta from a target shouldn't pollute the meta for another, if they are made correctly10:31
bluelightningCTtpollard: i.e. everything the layer does should be conditional on the machine10:32
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fredcadeteCTtpollard: meta-renesas does not conform to that rule 100%10:38
fredcadetefor example, its own recipe is not conditional on a specific machine10:39
boucman_workyeah... meta from board builders are not as clean as the official ones10:40
fredcadeteI have been working around this with an ugly BBMASK .= "bb.utils.conditional ..... " monster10:40
boucman_workand don't start me on the horrors you have on how to use yocto with some board-makers that repack stuff done by other board makers :(10:40
fredcadeteboucman_work: such as bb.conditionals? ^^10:41
boucman_workif only10:41
boucman_workthe latest one I have been using has the following step to use their board10:41
boucman_work1) rebuild a complete yocto image using the toradex image (which is based on angstrom with their own layer that is heavily dependant on angstrom)10:42
boucman_workthen download a cross toolchain from somewhere10:42
boucman_workthen recompile your own kernel10:43
boucman_workthen modify the rootfs to add whatever tool they want you to add10:43
boucman_workthen recreate a sdcard from that10:43
boucman_workI mean... did they even look at yocto at all ???10:44
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boucman_workyeah... real life10:46
boucman_workthat's why i'd love to see a yocto-sepcific repo tool of some sort. each board dev has its own tool, none of which are really good. I really think that having an official one would cleanup that mess by having people standardize10:47
boucman_workeven if the tool itself is not that good, having a single tool would be a huge progress10:47
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presentboucman_work, you mean lite Toaster?11:42
presentboucman_work, on top of bitbake, with repo you don't need really more tools right?11:43
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present# Set the TEMPLATECONF variable inside the ./poky/.templateconf file11:44
present# to retrieve meta-lightpixels configuration files:11:44
presentecho "TEMPLATECONF=$PWD/meta-lightpixels/conf" > ./poky/.templateconf11:44
present# Source the actual OpenEmbedded script:11:44
present. ./poky/oe-init-build-env11:44
presentMy tool :P11:44
presentNothing more needed ;)11:44
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boucman_workpresent: no toaster is a GUI, not really my use case11:44
boucman_workrepo is almost there, but not quite...11:45
presentit is :)11:45
presentToaster is a nightmare for me. I can't get through any single error. As soon as it crashed I'm done.11:46
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presentI did not like the huge script on top of oe-init-build-env that freescale is using.11:48
presentJust the strict minimum. Update .templateconf each time.11:48
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belenToaster is a nightmare for us all … ;)11:49
presentBy the way I proposed a patch on psplash to get the --fbdev option. Someone around than can have a look? :D11:52
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gardarhHello, I'm using mercurial as a source revision system for my custom module and I'm having issues getting yocto to pull a new version from hg (using jethro, i.e. bitbake 1.28.0)12:54
gardarhMy error is: | ERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 255, output: | abort: unknown revision 'f7eb1171af28'!12:54
gardarhhowever, this revision exists in my hg repo... it appears yocto does not try to re-pull the repo, it just checks agains the last pulled hg version12:55
gardarhA workaround is to do a bitbake -c clean my_module and then to the build but this is a bit annoying12:56
gardarhCould this be a bug or am I doing something wrong?12:56
gardarhthis is essentially my entire config:12:57
gardarhSRC_URI = "hg://build_user@local_hg_server://var/systems/mercurial;module=my_module;rev=${SRCREV};protocol=ssh"12:57
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rburtongardarh: sounds like a bug in the hg fetcher, not many people use it13:01
MiPHi, we are creating SDKs with poky for a number of ARM-based machines. I suspect that the GCC toolchain in each of them is essentially the same and would like to create a separate installation for 'package' for the GCC toolchain. Can this be done? Where do I direct my question?13:03
gardarhrburton: Thanks, so I'm guessing my solution would be to fix the bug and upload a patch?13:04
rburtongardarh: please!13:05
gardarhsigh :)13:06
Ulfalizeri traced down a problem with fetching different SRCREVs from the same svn repo (and perhaps module) concurrently. turns out the lock file used by bitbake includes the SRCREV in its name, and so does not protect the shared ${DL_DIR}/svn/... checkout properly.13:07
Ulfalizerit's because of this line in ud.localfile = data.expand('%s_%s_%s_.tar.gz' % (ud.module.replace('/', '.'),, ud.path.replace('/', '.')), d)13:07
Ulfalizerdo you know why the revision is included?13:07
Ulfalizersorry, that was the fixed line :P13:07
Ulfalizerud.localfile = data.expand('%s_%s_%s_%s_.tar.gz' % (ud.module.replace('/', '.'),, ud.path.replace('/', '.'), ud.revision), d13:08
Ulfalizeri mean13:08
Ulfalizerit's a really easy problem to reproduce btw: have two recipes and fetch different revisions from the same non-tiny svn repository and run 'bitbake foo bar'. the fetch will fail with a lock-related error from svn.13:10
neverpanicUlfalizer: doesn't that determine the name of the output file? I think it would make sense that it contains the revision number.13:12
Ulfalizeryeah, determines the name of the tar.gz file, which in turn determines the name of the lockfile13:12
Ulfalizeri don't even know where it's used though. there's already an unpacked version in ${DL_DIR}/svn.13:13
Ulfalizerunless some PREMIRROR thingy uses it...13:13
neverpanicyeah, the download cache only has the tarball13:15
neverpanicso if the tar.gz file determines the name of the lockfile I think that's the bug13:16
neverpanicalso consider the case where the repository is the same, but the "module" changes to a different subdir13:16
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Ulfalizerwhat do you mean by download cache? the ${DL_DIR} cache has an svn/ directory with all the repos checked out in addition to the tarballs. are there more download caches i've missed? :/13:24
Ulfalizeryeah, having the module in the name of the lockfile makes sense. i think you get a separate .svn/ directory per module as well.13:26
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neverpanicUlfalizer: the svn/ directory is only used to generate the tarballs, and the tarballs are what is used to extract the source code later on, I think13:32
neverpanicso the svn/ directory is just temporary and not used after the tarball has been created (which makes sense, because the next fetch might re-use the checkout in svn/ and checkout a different revision)13:33
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Ulfalizeryeah, that might be how it works..13:34
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RPhalstead: around?15:05
RPhalstead: builds on centos7 are taking a very long time. I can ssh and it says 99% idle but its very very laggy borderline hanging. Any idea what's wrong with it?15:05
RPhalstead: tempting to blame buildtools except that wouldn't cause it to be as laggy would it?15:06
halsteadRP, I'm just about to get started for the day. I'll take a look.15:07
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RPhalstead: it does appear to be running, just very slowly and it does seem stuck in python :/15:16
*** gnac-work <gnac-work!~gnac-work@> has joined #yocto15:16
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto15:17
RPhalstead: dmesg shows hung tasks, tempted to suggest rebooting it as a first step...15:17
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC15:18
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@> has quit IRC15:18
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC15:19
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto15:20
halsteadI may have to. I'm timing out waiting for an event list.15:24
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC15:24
halsteadRP, Perhaps selinux violations have overrun the auditlog.15:28
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:28
RPhalstead: could well be and then the ratelimiting is crippling it?15:30
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:30
halsteadRP I'm not sure. I hope I can find out after a reboot.15:32
*** snouto <snouto!~snouto@> has joined #yocto15:32
snoutohello everyone\15:33
snoutoanyone knows how can i add sudo and apt-get to my core-image-minimal , in which recipes they exist15:34
*** edbart <edbart!ebartosh@nat/intel/x-zrmgdllndrzxyjgz> has quit IRC15:34
snoutoalso ,i would like to know how can i have a file system that looks like ubuntu , i mean , it will have the same directories structure15:34
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:34
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has joined #yocto15:35
presentrburton, I sent the patches for psplash. :)15:35
presentI should have kept exactly the same commit log title because it was on two repositories. But with fbdev we can find it.15:36
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto15:40
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@> has quit IRC15:42
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*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:06
*** radzy <radzy!> has joined #yocto16:08
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*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto16:14
halsteadRP, I've increased the audit buffer 20x and set the system to discard messages if it gets overwhelmed.16:16
halsteadRP, Now to run another build and watch.16:17
*** ntl <ntl!> has quit IRC16:18
RPhalstead: we can run the jethro release build16:18
*** jonathanmaw <jonathanmaw!> has quit IRC16:19
halsteadRP, Alright. Shall I start it? Also so many tests have left us low on disk space.16:19
halsteadRP, I need to remove some nightlys from
halsteadRP, Anything important should be in so I'll just remove a few of the older nightly builds unless you need them.16:21
RPhalstead: we just need the fido release build in QA atm16:24
RPhalstead: everything else can go16:24
* halstead nods.16:24
RPhalstead: let me check all the versions are right for jethro16:24
RPhalstead: ba-bump pushed. All ready for a jethro build :)16:25
halsteadRP, Shall I start it now?16:27
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:28
RPhalstead: please16:29
halsteadRP, Will do. Do we need the artifacts from this?16:30
RPhalstead: yes, its going to QA as a release build16:30
RPhalstead: I can trigger this if you don't know the right fields?16:31
RPI was going to ask pidge but she's not around16:31
halsteadRP, I know the fields but I wasn't clear on the goal. So is this a 2.0.2 RC?16:32
*** shagu_ <shagu_!> has quit IRC16:32
RPhalstead: yes, 2.0.2-rc116:32
halsteadAlright. Got it.16:33
*** sno <sno!~sno@> has quit IRC16:33
RPhalstead: actually, please wait16:33
halsteadWill do.16:34
RPhalstead: I don't have the branches set up correctly :(16:34
RPhalstead: ok, sorted out now, sorry about that16:35
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC16:36
halsteadI have it all filled out. Started now.16:42
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #786 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images Running SDK Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has quit IRC16:47
*** mattsm <mattsm!uid128834@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto16:49
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:49
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*** fl0v01 <fl0v01!> has quit IRC16:53
RPhalstead: thanks!16:56
halsteadRP, I'm curious if means we need to fix something and start over?16:57
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!> has quit IRC16:57
halsteadRP I could disable buildtools for the jehtro build.16:57
RPhalstead: that looks like the wrong version of bitbake was specified?16:58
halsteadRP, I left it at master since there was no jethro branch at
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC17:00
RPhalstead: Its 1.28 for bitbake17:00
halsteadRP, Thank you. I haven't done this in too long.17:00
RPhalstead: takes me a while to rememebr the right options too17:00
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:00
halsteadRP, Do we need to let finish?17:02
RPhalstead: its probably worth just killing everything and restarting?17:02
halsteadWill do.17:02
RPhalstead: thanks. I'm heading afk for a bit17:02
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC17:02
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:06
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:07
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*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has quit IRC17:17
* kergoth wonders if the recipetool kernel plugin from meta-mel would be generally useful enough to submit to oe-core, or if they're too specific17:18
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has joined #yocto17:27
*** townxelliot <townxelliot!~ell@> has quit IRC17:33
billrkergoth: was doing some research yesterday and ran across srctree and gitver. Noticed they are not in current generations of oe-core. Seems like it was useful functionality. Has their use case been subsumed by other methods, like using devtool?17:36
kergothexternalsrc is in oe-core, which covers srctree (for the most part) and gitpkgver is generally used to handle the version extraction using the fetcher instead of manual17:44
kergothdevtool is the easiest way, yes, but it just does the externalsrc and git repo construction if needed for you17:45
kergoththe one major behavioral difference, until relatively recently, was the externalsrc would rebuild every time, as it was flagged nostamp, it didn't track files in the git repo to determine when to rebuild the way the old classes did17:46
billrkergoth: I'll check them out - thanks. I was helping someone still on daisy, which doesn't have devtool support and looking for alternatives.17:46
kergothbut recently that was changed, it checksums the directory tree to monitor for changes17:46
kergothyikes, daisy is getting a tad long in the tooth there :)17:46
kergothi'm not 100% happy with the behavior of externalsrc + gitpkgver, i think if we can assume the external source tree is git we can do a better job of knowing when to rebuild, but it's decent now17:47
kergothugh, do_populate_lic has no sanity checking to make sure the license files for NO_GENERIC_LICENSE are uniquely named17:47
billryes, it is, but they were working with an Altera product and the examples on were still using daisy. :-(17:48
kergoththey get dropped into the license dir and just blindly overwrite previous ones if the basenames are the same17:48
*** Bharath <Bharath!c76a6735@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:49
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto17:54
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto17:55
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #787 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC18:00
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*** nisha <nisha!ae19b2e3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto18:28
kergothcan someone explain why gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad is still on 1.6.3 while all the rest is 1.8.1, causing conflicts between the good and bad plugins?18:29
kergothi.e. the rtp plugin was moved from bad to good, if the 1.6.3 bad plugins are installed, you get errors18:29
* paulg checks git log of the upgraded ones out of curiousity18:44
paulgI seem to recall ubuntu treated "bad" differently due to licensing reasons...18:45
paulgthat was some years ago tho...18:45
*** maxin <maxin!> has quit IRC18:52
kergothlooks like bad was in the upgrade patch series, just got dropped for some reason.. i'm not seeing anything on the list denying it, so i'm guessing it was an oversight when it was merged?18:52
* kergoth shrugs, repleid to the list and opened a bug, will see18:52
*** tjamison <tjamison!~tjamison@> has left #yocto18:54
*** sameo is now known as sameo_afk18:54
frayI suspect it was an oversight with 'bad'18:55
BharathI am getting below errors when i tried to link egllibrsris with gstreamer.: hidden symbol `pthread_atfork'18:55
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has quit IRC18:57
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC18:58
paulgit was merged by RP may 6th ; odd that nobody noticed until now...18:58
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:58
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC19:00
kergothi'm guessing folks must not be installing the bad plugins much, the only reason i had them installed for this test was qtmultimedia depends on it (which seems odd, incidentally, but that's another issue..)19:01
kergothnot a big deal, though i'd agree it's a little surprising19:01
fmeerkoetteri am using meta-qt5 (korgoth). i've successfully build the qtdeclarative module from meta-qt5. now i also want to build and package the examples which are part of qtdeclarative module.19:02
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-cgksgxwcieuximmi> has joined #yocto19:02
fmeerkoetterhow do i do that?19:02
fmeerkoetterfrom what i've seen i can only enable the examples for the whole of qt5?19:03
fmeerkoetteris that correct?19:03
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has quit IRC19:07
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-cgksgxwcieuximmi> has quit IRC19:09
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has joined #yocto19:13
kergothfmeerkoetter: no, that's not correct. qtdeclarative is its own recipe. just PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtdeclarative = " examples" in local.conf, and add qtdeclarative-examples to your image (see the yocto documentation or local.conf.sample/local.conf for how to do that)19:16
fmeerkoetterkergoth: thanks for the lead!19:16
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!> has joined #yocto19:27
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has quit IRC19:34
*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:40
rburtonkergoth: bad was delayed because it broke gst-player, but i never saw any breakage in the plugins19:40
kergothhuh. was there feedback to the patch series author? I didn't see anything ont he list, but admittedly it was just a quick search19:44
RPbillr, kergoth: Didn't we add enough to the fetcher to allow it to do something like gitpkgver if you configure it right? or did I just remember planning to do that? :/19:50
paulgrburton, I got a chuckle out of the fact that OSX had the quoting coreutils dain bramage too.19:52
rburtonpaulg: never got around to finding out how to turn it off :(19:52
paulgseebs and joeythesaint brought it to my attention coincidentally within hours of each other.19:54
kergothRP: it does look like that's what gitpkgv_revision() is for, it was a direct copy/paste from gitpkgv.bbclass in meta-oe, but without the handling for tag-based versions, but i don't see anyone using it, and at the moment it just does a straight commit count, no flexibility there19:54
seebsI hadn't seen it in OS X yet, but then, I'm a version behind there.19:55
paulgI was going to bbappend it into the bitbucket in meta-overc, but then figured it annoyed enough people that it might as well be in OE.19:55
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto19:55
RPkergoth: would be good to try an reconcile it somehow...19:58
*** Bharath <Bharath!c76a6735@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has left #yocto20:00
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*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto20:08
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has quit IRC20:10
paulgcurious.  I get this compile fail after pulling latest updates.20:15
paulgcmake-native/3.5.2-r0/cmake-3.5.2/Source/kwsys/ProcessWin32.c:36:39: fatal error: windows.h: No such file or directory20:15
paulgcompilation terminated.20:15
paulgclearly configure went off the rails and thinks this is a windoze box.  :-/20:15
otaviorburton: are you the best person for openssl related patches?20:15
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-bqypihlvkzitkcki> has joined #yocto20:17
rburtonotavio: i certainly hope not20:17
rburtonpaulg: huh, interesting20:17
rburtonotavio: what's the problem?20:18
otavioI have three patches for it, for better integration20:18
otavioand moving c_rehash for shell20:18
paulgrburton, looks like it wwas the recent uprev ; configure log has a bunch of these...20:19
paulgSystem is unknown to cmake, create:20:19
paulgLinux to use this system, please send your config file to so it can be added to cmake20:20
rburtoni'm building cmake stuff right now with current master20:20
frayumm.. can I send them an email of what I think about 'cmake'..20:20
* paulg digs in deeper.20:20
rburton(which is why i'm wishing i had a drink)20:20
frayor would that be politically incorrect?20:20
rburtonnow cmake thinks its cross-compiling in a native build20:21
*** crankslider <crankslider!~slidercra@unaffiliated/slidercrank> has joined #yocto20:21
paulgrburton, this host is meta-overc (i.e. build appliance + a kernel and grub so I can boot it)20:21
rburtonpaulg: cursed cmake must have broken^Wtweaked their linux detection?20:21
frayrburton, libtool, cmake, perl... all of them could drive you to drinking as a profession20:21
paulgprolly ; won't know till I dig in a bit more.... expect a patch.  :-)20:21
paulgfray, should I put that on a resume as a risk that I've already covered?  ;-)20:22
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC20:22
frayrisk averted20:23
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto20:23
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-bqypihlvkzitkcki> has quit IRC20:24
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto20:25
rburton-rwxr-xr-x 1 ross ross 659M May 23 21:23 libgbe.so20:25
rburtoni do love it when a library "links" to llvm20:25
*** billr <billr!~wcrandle@> has quit IRC20:26
paulgnow to figure out why this fails for me ....20:26
paulg  message("System is unknown to cmake, create:\n${CMAKE_SYSTEM_INFO_FILE}"20:26
paulg          " to use this system, please send your config file to "20:26
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC20:29
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto20:30
paulgrburton, looks like a perfect candidate for mlockall()20:34
paulg...on a machine with 512MB ram.  :)20:35
*** billr <billr!~wcrandle@> has joined #yocto20:35
rburtonpaulg: it strips down to a sprightly 300MB20:37
paulgoh well, then what are you complaining about?   ;-)20:37
rburtonto be fair this is a relatively small package, when i was rebuilding clang every other build that took an hour20:38
rburton15 minutes of which for do_package*20:38
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto20:41
paulgok, now I know what is wrong with cmake...20:42
paulgit is fallout from the same missing locale files I was discussing with kergoth on Friday.20:42
paulgtheir platform test is sucking up stderr as well as stdout and getting confused by...20:43
paulg /bin/sh: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)20:43
paulgit really shouldn't look at stderr, so I guess I'm back to trying to find out why the locale files are built but not installed in rootfs.20:44
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has quit IRC20:45
billrRP, kergoth: I'm willing to open an enhancement request for gitpkver, but I'm unsure of what the summary would be....20:46
* paulg wonders why poky build system (tries to) set LC_ALL to en_US vs "C" anyway....20:47
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-ofytnzossirodiyc> has joined #yocto20:47
rburtonpaulg: because C doesn't support utf-820:47
rburtonand py3 *needs* a utf8 locale20:48
fraypython3 requires utf-8 to work properly..20:48
frayC.UTF8 isn't universally supported, but en_US.utf-8 is20:48
rburtonfray: unless you're on debian and pruned the locales, comedy lol20:48
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has joined #yocto20:48
rburtonwas writing a sanity test for that today20:48
paulgok, so I don't _think_ I've anything here locally that would differ from the build-appliance; so it should suffer the same issue.20:48
* rburton doesn't have en_US20:48
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC20:48
* paulg should build the build appliance to be sure.20:48
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto20:49
Crofton|workhmm, I bnetter pull and try newer cmake with gnuradio20:49
frayI quite like C.UTF8 myself.. really surprises me that is a realitivly "new" locale20:49
paulg# cat /bin/uname20:50
fraywas talking w/ RP about it, may be possible for bitbake to provide it's -own- C.UTF8... but it'd be interesting to see if it really can be universal20:50
paulg /bin/uname.coreutils $@ 2> /dev/null20:50
paulgthat should prove if my theory is correct20:50
RPpaulg: the utf8 piece has just landed into OE-Core partly to see exactly how much of a pain this will be...20:56
* RP has tried to avoid it but basically its the least bad solution20:56
*** ant_home <ant_home!> has joined #yocto20:57
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto21:00
paulgRP, ah that could explain why I started seeing this recently ; just not sure how recent recently is...21:07
*** behanw <behanw!uid110099@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto21:08
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*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has joined #yocto21:08
paulgthe uname hack was a fail since the subshell still complained and polluted their borken test, so I've manually installed the en_us goo and all their depends.21:09
*** ntl <ntl!> has quit IRC21:09
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!> has quit IRC21:09
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!> has quit IRC21:09
paulgwaiting to see if that fixes it ; 99% sure it will.21:09
paulgI've a build appliance image building on anotehr box to confirm it has missing locale issue.21:10
*** present <present!> has joined #yocto21:11
paulgyep, with the locale rpms installed, cmake is now happy.21:11
paulgnow I'm still at a loss why these settings in  my local.conf don't seem to do anything....21:12
paulgGLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_US.UTF-8 en_GB.UTF-8"21:12
paulgIMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us en-gb"21:12
* paulg tried to mimic the usage from RTFM.21:13
RPpaulg: Not sure why that wouldn't fix build-appliance but I don't remember the exact syntax for those offhand21:13
RPwe should fix build-appliance if its broken21:13
paulgyeah, I'm building the pristine build-appliance now to confirm it.21:14
*** obsrwr_home <obsrwr_home!~obsrwr@> has quit IRC21:15
paulgmeta-overc layer isn't strictly build-appliance, but close.21:15
* paulg might wander off and find food while that build runs...21:16
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has quit IRC21:17
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*** Circuitsoft <Circuitsoft!4b92a52b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto21:37
CircuitsoftHello - I have two different core-image builds for my project, and I want to modify base-files for one of them. How should I name the FILESEXTRAPATHS variable in my base-files_3.0.14.bbappend to handle it?21:38
*** cbzx <cbzx!> has joined #yocto21:41
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has left #yocto21:42
kergothCircuitsoft: that doesn't really make sense. filespath can't distinguish between what target you'er building or what your build directory is. you can either add a variable to control the difference, and set it in one local.conf but not the other, or use a separate layer, which is only included in one of the two builds21:43
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has quit IRC21:44
CircuitsoftWhat differentiates core-image-minimal from core-image-minimal-initramfs? Is it just the files specific to that recipe?21:45
CircuitsoftShould I just add an fstab file to the core-image-my-server build?21:45
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!> has joined #yocto21:49
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*** MattiasF <MattiasF!d8e47016@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto22:18
*** evanmeagher <evanmeagher!> has joined #yocto22:21
MattiasFI'm in the process of setting up a brand new team using Yocto as the means of producing reference images for our board.  Internal teams will produce the BSP layers and we will work on the application layers.  Is there a best practice quickstart on how to organize the location/layout/mapping of git repositories such that one repo-tool manifest can bring in both the core layers, our application layers, and the correct configuration fi22:21
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kergothhighly unlikely, the repo tool is only used by some projects, not all. there's no single mechanism used for managing multiple git repositories that's used by everyone, as none of them fit all use cases22:26
kergothhow you organize your manifest repo is really up to you, the manifest will need every repository explicitly listed regardless22:27
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MattiasFThanks kergoth.  Still there must be some best-practice/teories on how to bring in new layers on a clean way?  More specifically, what are some standard build server sequence of commands to pull in the standard yocto layers plus the additional image and/or machine layers?  Making a standard core-image-minimal for qemu can be done with just a clean source oe-init-... plus a bitbake.  Do you suggest we make our own MY-init-build-env s22:58
kergothuse TEMPLATECONF to provide your own default bblayers.conf, or add the others with bitbake-layers after the fact: bitbake-layers add-layer /path/to/a/layer22:59
MattiasFOr are tehre some pre-config files that can guide some kind of auto discovery of layers such taht the local.conf and bblayers.conf are created with changed settings?22:59
kergothor, yes, create your own wrapper setup scripts22:59
kergothno, the stock setup scripts provide no layer discovery22:59
kergoththat said, bitbake-layers provides commands to pull down layers from the layer index, with dependencies, as another option23:00
MattiasFTEMPLATECONF sounds like it.  Thank you will read more.23:00
kergothit's not super flexible, since it just lets yo uchange the template bblayers.conf, but it often does the job23:00
MattiasFStill it will produce a bblayers with absolute paths from hinting at additonal local path layers?23:01
kergothyou can easily reference paths relative to the bblayers.conf, and then ensure they're cloned to there23:01
kergothbut it won't find them for you, no23:01
MattiasFok will read more great info thanks23:01
kergoththere are folks that have written enhanced setup scripts which wrap the oe-core ones that you could find of interest, depending on your needs23:01
kergoth covers the features of the ones mentor graphics uses, for example (which are in the public meta-mentor layer)23:03
MattiasFIt seems like a something other people would run into.  How to manage both internal feature layers and internal BSP layers with standarrd octo layers in the middle.23:03
MattiasFNice checking that out too.23:03
kergothbsp systems and xilinx do their own things along similar lines23:03
kergothyou could certainly just script 90% of it in your jenkins job, though that could be hard to deal with in your configuration management. depends on your needs. oe-core provides a minimum that tries to be agnostic of the use cases, but it does mean it's fairly limited23:04
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MattiasFI'd love to use as much of the envvars in the standard script as possible.  But yes may have to script/patch stuff in the end, hope not to.23:06
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paulgRP, build appliance does in fact list the GB and US locale stuff in the image manifest, so it is on me to determine what changed there since I forked my layer from it.23:26
paulg...and then make the corresponding changes in meta-overc23:26
paulgI think rburton said he was writing a sanity test for the utf8 presence earlier ; probably a good idea vs ratholing people down into cmake etc.  :)23:29
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