Wednesday, 2016-05-25

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tbultelHi, I am working on a custom derivated board from sama5d3-xplained. The changes are very small, and it is a kind of prototype board. Thus, I do not want to simply add it into meta-atmel, because this will unlikely be published at any time. What would be the best approach to achieve this ? If I create a new meta-custom, how can I inherit from the definitions in .conf file of meta-atmel ? Basically, only the kernel changes in my case. Th06:17
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fabchi, i'm looking for yocto project for Apollo Lake-I06:48
fabcsomeone can help me?06:48
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mckoangood morning06:53
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mckoantbultel: yes, best practice is to create a new meta-custom06:54
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frschi, are there any recipes available to build Qt5 for nativesdk, to be able to compile qt apps for the development host?08:33
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CTtpollarddoes yocto 2.2 have a name?09:11
rburtonCTtpollard: not yet09:11
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CTtpollardrburton: ok :) I noticed meta-qt5 have 5.7 support in master-next so I was wondering in 2.2 was close09:12
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CTtpollardOct, great09:17
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mortderirerburton: QQ09:22
mortderirerburton: how long are Yocto releases really support for?09:22
mortderirerburton: Documentation says ... Security patches and critical bug fixes are supplied one release back. No toolchain or kernel changes are allowed for these updates09:23
rburtonsounds about right09:23
mortderirerburton: but I still dizzy being fixed ...
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mortderirerburton: doesn't make sense to me09:23
rburtonbecause there were some tragic CVEs09:23
rburtonand some vendors are still using those releases in products, so they push the fixes upstream09:24
mortderirerburton: really nasty CVEs will cause updates.09:24
mortderirerburton: ok that makes sense.09:24
rburtonare you complaining that older releases are getting security fixes? :)09:24
mortderirerburton: nope I am trying to make and arguement to move off the old release, and the fact that dizzy is getting fixes for CVEs is helping my case.09:25
mortderirerburton: this might be a case of 'worse is better' :-p09:26
JeenaI would like to run yocto on ArchLinux and it sometimes works but sometimes the GCC version is too new. I have adittionally installed gcc-4.8 in my system but have no idea how to g et bitbake to use it09:30
rburtonJeena: set BUILD_CC etc in your local.conf to point at gcc-4.8, just copy the values for BUILD_CC etc from bitbake.conf to local.conf and fiddle them as needed09:34
Jeenaah in the local conf? I had it as env variables09:39
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* boucman_work is revert-engineering a product that uses yocto 1.6 :(09:51
boucman_workbut usually, there is no point in supporting such old releases... vendors that use them don't do any kind of update anyway09:52
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LeifSoso I execute e.g. "bitbake binutils". Just why would it try (and fail) to build gcc too?!?!10:05
LeifSoit's just cluttering up the error messages with information for tasks I did not request -.-10:06
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LeifSohow do I purge the entire state of a package so that it is build from the beginning?10:28
JaMae-c cleansstate10:28
LeifSoand how do I stop bitbake from attempting to continue build stuff of another unrelated package?10:30
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LeifSoJaMae: thanks, btw10:32
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rburtonLeifSo: control-c? if bitbake is building it then its not unrelated, it's being rebuilt for a reason10:36
rburtonprobably dependencies on the target and its doing the rebuilds for that10:36
LeifSorburton: that does not really make sense, as I want to build binutils, but bitbake tries to build gcc in parallel.10:37
LeifSoalso what's up with binutils. It seems to ignore any CFLAGS appended using .bbappend -.-10:40
LeifSoI mean is it some sort of special package that is not influencable by appending?10:42
LeifSoor is it some weird bitbake state that hinders the application of the cflags?10:43
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CTtpollardam I right in thinking that it's still the case that yocto requires bash due to specific syntax used?11:05
rburtonCTtpollard: no, we've tried to remove every bit of bash from the recipes11:05
CTtpollardinteresting :)11:06
rburtonsh can be bash or dash11:07
rburtonon the build host that is.11:07
CTtpollardand zsh I presume?11:09
LeifSoapparently it's binutils-native vs. binutils. So appending anything to binutils does not apply it to generated binutils-native -.-' Same goes for e.g. gcc vs. gcc-cross-arm11:09
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jkuLeifSo: what is in your bbappend?11:18
LeifSojku: additional CFLAGS for Werror suppression11:38
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LeifSojku: I had CFLAGS += "-Wno-error=unused-const-variable -Wno-shift-negative-value $CFLAGS"11:40
LeifSobut they weren't used11:40
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LeifSonow I'm trying CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD += "-Wno-error=unused-const-variable -Wno-shift-negative-value $CFLAGS"11:40
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jkushould be BUILD_CFLAGS maybe?11:42
jkuLeifSo: ^11:42
LeifSoiirc I tried that too11:42
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LeifSojku: also: it does not make any sense to distinguish here.11:43
LeifSojku: BUILD_CFLAGS should be initialized with CFLAGS according to the docs11:43
LeifSobut it isn't11:43
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LeifSoso I installed autoconf 2.64 along 2.69. It's first in my $PATH, but yocto prefers to keep failing because 2.69 -.-12:40
LeifSohow do I tell it to use the autoconf version it desires?12:40
diego_rHi guys. I have my own layer with my recipes and customizations. In my layer I have two images, one which is the "regular OS" that runs the product application, and one which is the "flash OS", a minimal ramdisk OS that flashes the disks. I want the two images to have different fstab files, what is the correct way to do that? I know how to handle machine / arch specific differences, but I don't think there's a way to "12:42
diego_rdress a package depending on the image it gets included in", right?12:42
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diego_ranother thing I'd like to customize among the two images is the inittab12:45
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boucman_workdiego_r: I think you can overwrite files on a per-image basis (i.e out of the original recipe) but I am not sure how. wic can update fstab when building an image, but that won't solve your init problem12:48
jkuLeifSo: yocto does not use host autoconf. If you really want to use 2.64, add a recipe and  use PREFERRED_VERSION_autoconf-native... but probably the right option is to actually fix whatever is failing with the newer autoconf12:50
diego_rshould I create a my own "IMAGE_FEATURE"?12:51
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LeifSojku: I don't *want* to use 2.64. It's binutils-native (apparently a dependency of binutils) that simply fails in configure stage, complaining about missmatching autoconf versions12:52
LeifSoone thing ahead: I'm using Arch12:52
diego_rboucman_work: Yeah, I know how to tweak my image while it is being created, but I don't want to add too much craft if there's a proper way12:52
jkuright, if binutils-native fails to build, then the right thing to do is probably figure out why it's doing that, not to downgrade basic build tools12:55
LeifSojku: so apparently that was because of ' BUILD_CFLAGS += "-Wno-error=unused-const-variable -Wno-shift-negative-value $CFLAGS"' in a .bbappend12:58
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LeifSoI have zero clue, why configure would fail when I set CFLAGS but, however, if I just set CFLAGS they're not respected either.12:59
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LeifSobut I need them because Arch's using gcc612:59
LeifSothe $CFLAGS at the end is a false leftover from a different approach13:00
LeifSoI figured that somebody wrote binutils so it won't pass CFLAGS to -native leaving me with a broken recipe13:01
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rburtonLeifSo: oe-core master should be fine with gcc6 by the way, unless you're using a stable branch.  install an older version of gcc and use that instead?13:04
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LeifSorburton: I'll have a look, thanks13:07
rburtonLeifSo: just set BUILD_CC etc to point at the right compiler (see bitbake.conf)13:08
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LeifSorburton: I tried to use linaro's external toolchain initially13:09
LeifSobut that failed because of all sorts of broken RPMBUILDs :)13:09
LeifSoe.g. linaro and arago chose to append -foobar all over the place13:09
LeifSoto the PR13:09
LeifSowhich, in turn, was fead to rpmbuild13:09
LeifSoafter I fixed that, it would fail anyway, cause e.g. libc6-dev required libc6-r5.2-r5.2 (or similar) and nothing provided it13:10
LeifSorburton: thanks for the hint! indeed it's fixed :-O13:13
rburtonask the proper question and the answer is obvious. the question is "what hoops do i need to go through to make arch work?" :)13:14
rburtonnot use a patched gcc6 which appears to be more pedantic than the release is the answer :)13:14
rburton(arch's gcc6 errors in places where nobody elses does)13:15
LeifSorburton: you're of course right. My frustration was just enourmous. Especially with bitbake.13:15
rburtonit would be nice if an arch user could maintain a wiki page of what tweaks need to happen to make current oe build on current arch13:16
LeifSorburton: I had the patches for gcc 6 in place too.13:16
rburtonafaik just using an older gcc is the best solution right now13:16
rburtonespecially if you're using a stable oe and not master13:16
LeifSorburton: I'm just starting yocto. I'm keeping bbappend etc. around for stuff like gcc-version-specific patches/suppressions etc.13:18
LeifSoI need to get to know yocto better so it won't be a nonsense-tutorial13:18
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LeifSoe.g. I still don't know the bitbake build magic. I.e. how do I stop it from building (or trying to build) other stuff until I fixed a package, without having to specify the exact task13:20
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LeifSorburton: I'll hang around often, so I'll hopefully be able to help other Archers :)13:22
glipI'm build image for Rpi2 and stuck on gcc-runtime_5.3 linking with undefined reference to __dso_handle13:23
glipCan anyone give a tip how to resolve it13:23
qt-x glip which version of yocto13:29
glipkrogoth latest from git13:30
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kergothwhee, resize-helper works great with one tweak to the parted args, and after updating to current 96boards-tools. tested it on minnowmax last night with mel16:55
kergothresized in seconds, no noticeable delay to first boot at all16:55
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kergothRP: since addtask can accept tasks with the do_ prefix, I'm thinking about doing a sed across oe-core to add the prefix for consistency. i.e. `addtask do_foo before do_bar after do_baz` rather than `addtask foo before do_bar after do_baz`. Normally i'm not a fan of that sort of blanket fixup, but I do think it'd be an improvement in consistency for folks reading hte metadata17:11
kergothRP: thoughts?17:11
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kergothRP: also, do we have a better way to diagnose a taskhash base mismatch? could we write the siginfo for that and then compare the info if it changed in the worker via a diffsig-like-operation?17:18
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kergothis the official, definitive list of yocto compatible criteria ?17:50
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kergothWhy does wic both rely on bootimg/HDDDIR for efi and duplicate it? It requires HDDDIR setup, but then re-constructs the grub-efi/gummiboot configuration. Either it should be independent of the old image creation, or it should use it as is. Right now it's somewhere in between19:03
kergothwic is still awfully intertwined with the metadata. it's supposed to be a standalone tool, but it's not, really19:04
* kergoth ponders19:04
kergothi was going to make gummiboot and grub-efi deploy startup.nsh themselves, but of course the recipes can't do that, they write to DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE, while bootimg-efi in wic pulls from HDDDIR, not DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE. guess i'll modify the classes instead19:06
fmeerkoetteri have a question that is slightly offtopic but i could image you folks know it anyways. i have a problem editing variables with long values in uboot (env edit somevar)19:07
fmeerkoetteri can edit the line19:07
fmeerkoetterbut the characters get strangly overwritten19:08
fmeerkoetter(bad description, i know...)19:08
fmeerkoetterwhat i wanted to say is that line editing seems to be broken19:08
fmeerkoetterdo i need to tell uboot the width of my terminal?19:08
fmeerkoetteror something like that?19:08
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* rob_w applauds and bows to Jefro 21:00
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smurraywhat's the target release date of 1.8.2 now?23:20
billrsmurray: don't take this as authorative,23:26
billrbut RSN. I believe it's in the approval cycle.23:27
smurrayokay, thanks.  The list of bugs in the last QA email to the list was small, but there wasn't much followup.23:28
billryes, last I heard there was nothing show stopping23:29
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