Monday, 2016-06-27

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redengincan anyone point me to an example of an MMU-less yocto image?05:19
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redengingood evening06:54
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Ulfalizeris there any general push to make builds less spammy? for example, there doesn't seem to be a clean way to turn off "INCLUDING foo as buildable despite INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE becuase it has been whitelisted" messages.07:22
Ulfalizeralso, every build prints an overview of all the layers used07:23
Ulfalizerprint too much and people start ignoring other, more important stuff, imo07:24
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mckoangood morning07:48
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lzohi guys08:11
lzoi'm trying to add the support of kvaser pcican drivers, but it's not compiling. i'm using a machine that is built with a 3.17.1 kernel, but when it tries to compile the kernel modules, it is using 3.10 headers08:13
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lzohere is my recipe:
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lzoand this is my error log:
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lzoit looks like it is trying to build with my host headers src. But host & target are different hosts08:24
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redenginlzo, brb08:42
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redenginlzo, is this a clean buld?08:56
redenginlzo, whats the duration to create a new clean build?08:57
lzoredengin: by clean build you mean to simply remove the tmp directory or the sstate cache as well?08:58
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lzoit takes about 15-20 minutes when cleaning the tmpdir08:59
redenginif you can, create a new build directory and copy over your bblayers.conf and local.conf08:59
redenginlet me know if you need to know more on howto09:00
lzoalright i'll try, but i guess if i use the exact same bblayers.conf & local.conf, it will points to the same shared directory, such as sstate cache & downloads. Not sure if it makes a big difference as if i simply dropped my current tmp dir09:02
redenginplease change the sstate path as well09:03
redenginif you are just rm'ing your sstate I want to know that09:05
lzoi did remove the TMPDIR, and i just updated my local.conf to use a different sstate-cache directory. I just don't want to lose what's in the current sstate-cache. Cleaning up my current sstate-cache will probably cause a 3/4hrs build09:07
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redenginlzo, how long does it take to reach your error on your build machine?09:08
lzodon't really know, build is running since 3 minutes09:10
lzobut i'm wondering why linux-libc-headers-3.19-r0 is building whereas i'm using a 3.17.1 kernel09:10
redenginlzo, let me know what happens...  dumping your TMPDIR is going to require a full buld09:10
redengindo you need 3.17.1 specifically?   If so, whats your baseline yocto?09:11
lzodoesn't matter, the build machine has 12 cores so it won't take too much time. i'll only build my kvaser package and not my full image09:12
redenginyour paste is building for 3.10.009:12
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lzoi guess yocto is trying to use my host linux headers. and my host is a centos 7 with a 3.10 kernel, so it's probably a misconfiguration somewhere09:14
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redenginyour errors say that at build time there aren't sys headers09:18
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lzosame error with a fresh build environment09:30
redenginlzo, can you paste your bblayers.conf09:35
redenginI'll be back later, but my guess is that your bblayers.conf never provided the std headers09:37
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iontehi. i'm not sure i understand the nodejs recipe, but i have no npm command available on my image. do i need to add another dependency? i tried with both "npm"  and "nodejs-npm", but neither worked (not found)10:59
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LetoThe2ndionte: coming from which layer?11:45
LetoThe2ndionte: because suggests nodejs-npm should work11:46
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c0rneli have one fetch operation taking a lot of time12:10
c0rnelis there a way to prioritize this fetch so that it starts first?12:11
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rburtonc0rnel: run it standalone?12:29
rburtonbitbake longfetch  ; bitbake myimage12:29
rburtonthe schedule will run though the low hanging fruit such as fetches early anyway whilst other stuff like the toolchain is bottlenecking12:30
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mid-ctHello, I'm trying to compile some C sources directly on my Yocto system, so I'm missing a compiler and basic build environment. I'm looking for something like the "build-essential" package on Debian/Ubuntu, but I can't find any and all documentation I've seen so far describes cross-compiling on your PC, not on Yocto.12:34
neverpanicI don't think there is a build-essential package. You'll have to add gcc and the libc header you need to your target environment manually.12:35
mid-ctI can't find a gcc package either, just the library package libgcc112:36
c0rnelrburton, good idea, thank you12:36
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c0rnelrburton, still i would have liked more to run only one bitbake :)12:37
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ionteLetoThe2nd: yes, not sure what went wrong. on second build it worked.12:38
mid-ctThere seem to be no development packages at all, no gcc, no automake/autoconf or even make... do I perhaps need a different package repository?12:40
mid-ctOr am I using the wrong tool? I'm currently using smart.12:41
rburtonc0rnel: fetch only happens one so this isn't really a problem right?12:41
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c0rnelrburton, i hope so but i also wantd to not keep th system blovked waiting for that fetch to complete12:44
neverpanicmid-ct: they are usually not built for the target, unless you specifically request them12:44
mid-ctHmmm, okay.12:45
neverpanicmid-ct: there will be automake-native and autoconf-native (even though -native stuff isn't being packaged), but the target versions of those tools will not be built unless you specifically request them.12:45
mid-ctSo I have to rebuild the image on my own?12:45
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rburtonmid-ct: all depends on who provided your image and whether they have a "sdk" version12:46
rburtonmid-ct: if they provide a sdk image or a feed from which you can download the tools, then you're fine.  otherwise you moan at them, and build your own image.12:46
mid-ctThanks, I hoped not to need the whole SDK and go though all the build/customizations just to have some small programms compiled. But it seems to be the way to be taken.12:48
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mid-ctThanks for your help, I'll see how far I get with the SDK.12:57
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davisI'm trying to redo a setup using poky/jethro and I am stuck on something I fixed early on and I didn't take notes on this.  I get an error about libsdl on ubuntu.  I have tried to add mods to conf/local.conf PACKCONFIG_append_pn-qemunative=" sdl" ... and it does not work. I found this fix more than once in mailing list archives.13:24
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davisIm doiing the same thing as what is in this commit log,13:31
rburtondavis: jethro from git or a release?13:32
davisHello rburton13:32
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davisI did a git clone and git checkout -b origin/jethro13:32
rburtonthen the local.conf should be right out of the box13:33
davisyeah, but I am using a vendor build13:33
davisI replaced the jethro pull they used with the one above13:34
rburtonPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-native = " sdl" and ensure you don't have ASSUME_PROVIDED += "libsdl-native"13:34
davisI actually do have that line I just noticed, the diff has a comment line for that one.13:34
rburtonworth checking that their distro doesn't set ASSUME_PROVIDED or bring in a replacement qemu without the sdl fixes13:34
davislet me try again13:34
davisok, i made that change, erased all my old stuff and kicked off a new build. lets see what happens.13:38
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davishmm. It happened with the same error14:17
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CTtpollardif I'm already building that has connman enabled, what is the most sane way to also enable client in my meta layer?15:10
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CTtpollardI'm currently just adding the connman-client to a packagelist, but I'm presuming I could manually enable-client with package config append?15:15
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kratsgHi all, how do I switch to a different operating system such as SL6 or CC7 in my image?15:49
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kratsgor something like Ubuntu?16:01
kratsgHow can I take an existing Operating System and plug it into yoctoproject and build it for a machine? I can't find any instructions on this.16:01
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billrkratsg: The Yocto project is design to let you create your own customized distribution. It's not really design to take an existing distribution (e.g., Ubuntu) and rebuild it for a different platform or machine.16:05
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davisim getting an error in uboot, unknown type name uint8_t any idea why?17:23
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nillerbrunI have a 3rd party binary that I'm trying to incorporate into my build. I can't seem to avoid the "no package provides" error. Anyone know of a way around this?17:48
nillerbrunI've asked the 3rd party to recompile the binary with updated dependencies, but they don't seem to be in any hurry17:48
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rburtonnillerbrun: did you bitbake whatever gstreamer library that comes with before the binary?18:09
rburtonright, gstreamer 0.1018:10
nillerbrungstreamer 1.018:10
rburtonwhich if you're using a modern OE, is in meta-multimedia18:10
rburtonthe big hint is the 0.10 in the version18:10
rburtonso its *not* gstreamer 1.018:10
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nillerbrunyeah i understand, but i have other dependencies on gstreamer1.0.... it's this silly binary that wants the old version18:11
rburtonso you need to also build gstreamer 0.1018:11
nillerbruni've manually loaded the binary and everything works fine without gstreamer 0.10.. so I'm inclined to just override the error somehow18:12
rburtonyou'll only get that error if something is linking to libgstbase18:12
rburtonif its one binary out of many you don't care about, delete it in your recipe18:12
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nillerbrunit's actually a package of binaries, most of which I need. I'm not sure which one is depending on gstreamer0.118:16
nillerbrunif there is no otion to ignore this error until they rebuild the package, how would i go about including the old version as well? Would i just grab the recipes from the last version of poky to support 0.1?18:20
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bertonHi all, who is the meta-mono maintainer? I sent a patch last month and did not have an answer.18:57
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armpitlayer index says:  Alex J Lennon19:01
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rburtonnillerbrun: there's gst 0.10 recipes in meta-multimedia, but I'd just use ldd on the binaries until you find the one that needs gst 0.1019:40
nillerbrunrburton: thanks19:41
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