Wednesday, 2016-06-29

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gtristanpohly, hi... so I'm taking back what I understand from how yocto builds things to the team and suggesting alternative approaches based on that; it could very well be that I am wrong so just trying to verify some things06:13
gtristanOne fellow mentioned that I should be able to accomplish this with bin_package recipes as such: ... but I think this is naive06:14
gtristan(i.e. accomplish rooting the whole build against an existing set of rpms using yocto and build the rest of the middleware/apps against this root also using yocto)06:14
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gtristanMy understanding is that the bitbake classes are tightly coupled with the recipes used to build/install the build tooling, and at best you might end up with a staged sysroot based on a set of rpms, but then have the yocto built versions of build tooling06:16
gtristanand at some point, this will bleed into the build either by way of indirect dependencies, or just by way of not using the same build tooling to build the upper levels06:17
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pohlygtristan: I agree, this sounds like a giant hack. It might work or it might not.06:19
gtristansorry work calling, thanks pohly06:19
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mckoangood morning07:47
abelloniwell, we'll see what russell thinks about it07:49
abelloniwrong windows :)07:49
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LocutusOfBorgwindows? yocto here! :D07:54
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frscCan I tell yocto to ignore a recipe if a certain layer it depends on is not available?08:30
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rburtonyou can structure a layer so that parts of it are ignored, yes08:34
boucman_workfrsc: i think meta-fsl has a good example of how its done08:35
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boucman_workit has a bbappend for some web-browsers that are loaded only if meta-browser is available08:35
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frscboucman_work: I can see the "browser-layer" directory in meta-fsl-arm. But how is it linked to meta-browser? Is it just the dir name?08:39
frsc*-layer depends on meta-* ?08:40
boucman_workfrsc: yes, see meta-fsl-arm/conf/layer.conf08:41
boucman_workat the very bottom08:41
frscboucman_work: aha, ok. Now I see how it works.08:42
frscThanks rburton and boucman_work!08:42
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boucman_worknot exactly directory-name based, it uses the collection name08:44
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hangehow can i build a meta-<machine> for a new board? i use the 'yocto-bsp' script to build a meta-* layer and write a file in recipes-bsp, but that seems not work.09:05
rburtondefine "seems not work"09:07
rburtondid you switch your machine in local.conf?09:07
hangeyes, i dit.  and i add the meta-* to the bblayers.conf file also09:09
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mathieu2Hello, possibly stupid question. What is the best approach to make a post-installation script to run on first boot? I use systemd and consider writing a simple service that disables itself, like in the opkg-configure.service10:13
fledermauswrite a service that has a precondition of a file existing or not-existing and have the service create or remove said file?10:18
mathieu2yes, that's another option, not sure if it's better or not. I think I'm bikeshedding this issue anyway10:20
fledermausI wouldn't worry about it too much.10:21
rburtonmathieu2: give the package that ships the service a post inst that refuses to run at rootfs time and then does its job and deletes itself10:22
boucman_workmathieu2: see pkg_postinst in the yocto mega manual, it explains how to do that10:24
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mathieu2thanks, I think it's the easiest path11:34
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willeponkenHi, I'm having problem compilling QtWebEngine (using meta-qt5), I get the following error:13:33
willeponkenui_delegates_manager.cpp: In member function 'void QtWebEngineCore::UIDelegatesManager::showColorDialog(QSharedPointer<QtWebEngineCore::ColorChooserController>)':13:33
willeponkenui_delegates_manager.cpp:346:34: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'class QColor'13:34
willeponken     if (controller->initialColor().isValid())13:34
willeponken"incomplete type 'class QColor'" - am I missing some library?13:34
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willeponken> guessing this is the right place to ask13:35
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igorit seems that the QColor is not included in delegates_manager.cpp13:39
igorI suggest you to run bitbake -c devshell <package> and change the code by hand13:40
igorand find out what is missing13:40
willeponkenOkay, thanks I'll try13:41
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RP1armpit: around?15:20
*** RP1 is now known as RP15:20
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RParmpit: the last krogoth-next build looked pretty good, really need to sort out review/merge of that?15:21
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armpitRP, yes15:55
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armpitRP,  parts have been reviewed15:57
WarheadsSEI am having trouble locating this: does anyone know how I would remove a PNBLACKLIST from something with a BBAPPENDS?15:57
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armpitas they where part of other pull requests15:57
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armpitfrom "musl: Create symlinks for stub libraries" commit is the newer stuff15:59
RParmpit: and everything was in master already?16:01
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fredcadeteWarheadsSE: I don't think you can do it with a bbappend, it's .conf level16:03
* armpit needs to my modify work flow 16:05
WarheadsSEfredcadete: is where my source problem is.16:06
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fredcadeteWarheadsSE: oh, I did not know you could do that in a .bb16:07
WarheadsSEI hadn't before either.16:08
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fredcadeteWarheadsSE: the question would then be if you can remove a flag from a variable16:15
fredcadeteI don't know if it's possible16:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #863 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running SDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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WarheadsSEfreanux: it doesn't seem it is possible16:41
WarheadsSEI have tried PNBLACKLIST_remove (didn't expect it to work), and an anonymous python function that called d.delVarFlag('PNBLACKLIST','firefox'). neither worked.16:42
frayPNBLACKLIST[firefox] = ""16:42
WarheadsSEhorribly, that might work, not that it _should_.16:43
WarheadsSE(logically, it doesn't make that much sense, but) .. looking at the blacklist.bbclass, I can't say for sure if it will.16:44
WarheadsSEI'll let it compile before I go punching it in the face again. (manually edited the recipe for now)16:44
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otaviozeddii: Are you there?17:00
otavioRP: the musl bits are acked by khem as well17:01
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otaviozeddii: we are trying to boot a qemu a9 machine without much luck; the board is stuck and prints nothing. Are you using it with the 4.4 kernel?17:04
RPotavio: yes, looking at krogoth now17:04
*** igor <igor!~igor@> has joined #yocto17:05
otavioRP: if there is any issue please let us know; I am using it here so I can test17:05
WarheadsSEotavio: prepping FF esr 38.8.0, despite the blacklist of FF for gcc-617:11
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WarheadsSEfray: .. Yeah, horribly, that does seem to work.17:33
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto17:34
fraythat is the design.. if the reason is 'blank' then it's not blacklisted17:34
*** galak <galak!> has joined #yocto17:35
zeddiiotavio, sorry. distracted a bit today. I haven't booted it in a bit. let me find all the old conrfigs.17:39
otaviozeddii: I figured; it requires the dtb file and runqemu does not have support for it17:39
otaviozeddii: I mapped it for qemuarma9 kmachine17:40
otavioWarheadsSE: no worries; did you try to upgrade it for a next esr?17:40
WarheadsSEThat's what I am doing, but I don't have an active master tree in my build farm at the moment17:41
otaviozeddii: are you using the runqemu utility?17:41
otavioWarheadsSE: I can ask berton to give it a go17:41
WarheadsSEotavio: DIT won't be moving to the ESR 45's until September17:41
zeddiiat the time, there were patches for it but largely it was launched via some other  wind river scripts.17:41
*** sameo_afk is now known as sameo17:42
otaviozeddii: it is clear that qemuarm config and qemuarma9 configs are not that close; the later does not support virtio, for example17:43
otavioWarheadsSE: you can coordinate with berton for test17:44
WarheadsSEK, I will pop the PR up on github shortly17:44
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otavioWarheadsSE: DIT?17:51
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*** psadro1 is now known as psadro17:52
WarheadsSEotavio: my apologies, Devon IT17:53
otavioWarheadsSE: Wouldn't be better to do the change now?17:54
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC17:55
WarheadsSEotavio: I can't move from 38.x ESR to 45.x ESR at the moment due to release requirements and stability on the API that i don't have time to check between now and friday17:55
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otavioWarheadsSE: ok; so after we merge this would you mind work on an upgrade for next week or so?18:01
WarheadsSEI can work on that in ~ 2 weeks, yeah18:01
otavioWarheadsSE: ok18:01
otaviozeddii: the qemuarmv6 and qemuarmv7 runqemu options seem to be unused at all18:02
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m2I'm trying to build a kernel for a board using linux-yocto, and I'd like to use a newer patchset than the default 4.4.3 in krogoth. In my layer I set SRCREV_machine_{machine} = "hash-for-4.4.13" and LINUX_VERSION_machine_{machine} = "4.4.13". The SRCREV override works, but the LINUX_VERSION one doesn't. When building it still says
m2if I set LINUX_VERSION = "4.4.13" in my .bbappend, it works as expected18:33
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snoutoHello Everyone19:46
snoutoin my core-image-minimal , the system boots up into a bash command prompt to enter the username19:47
snoutohow can i set a default username and password19:47
snoutoother than root onto the system19:48
snoutothat has root privileges and deactivate root19:48
snoutoshould i create .bb file for that in one of my layers19:48
snoutoand in do_install script , should i write some bash script in there19:48
snoutoor which method override , should i write the commands , and , which commands !19:49
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ntlsnouto: see
snoutontl: thanks , one more question , how can i make the prompt once successfully user logs in , a specific executable to run19:56
snoutoinstead of going directly to the home bash prompt19:56
WarheadsSE.bashrc ?19:59
ntlyou want to set the account's shell or modify the prompt?19:59
snoutoOnce , the user logs in successfully the user should be prompted with a specific program prompt20:00
snoutoinstead of20:00
snoutoto be20:00
snoutothen he can write help like20:00
snoutothen display help parameters for the specific program prompt20:01
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rburtonjust make the user's login script (.bash_profile) run that program20:02
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Guest11734Hi. what are these -native recipes which are being built?20:26
bluelightningGuest11734: they provide tools to run on the build host that will be used as part of the build process for other recipes20:27
Guest11734If I write recipe with BBCLASSEXTEND = "native". Will it be shown as abc-native during build?20:28
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bluelightningGuest11734: yes, an abc-native variant will be created by doing that20:35
m2the stranger thing with the LINUX_VERSION issue I was talking about before is that if I set LINUX_VERSION = "4.4.13" in my linux-yocto_%.bbappend file, then bitbake stops loading and instead loads linux-yocto_4.1.bb20:35
Guest11734bluelightning Thanks :)20:36
m2if I remove that line from the .bbappend file, then it loads as before20:36
bluelightningm2: that's probably because PV gets set to include the value of LINUX_VERSION, and somewhere you will have a PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto = "..." where 4.4.13 doesn't match that20:37
bluelightningm2: so you need to also change PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto in your configuration20:37
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m2hmm... ok.20:51
m2the bit I don't get is why setting LINUX_VERSION changes the version of the recipe that gets used...20:52
m2I have PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto = "4.4%"20:52
m2and the only instance of something different that I can find is:20:53
m2meta-poky/conf/distro/poky-lsb.conf:PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto_linuxstdbase ?= "4.1%"20:53
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m2when I do set the LINUX_VERSION variables and run bitbake -e linux-yocto, I see PV="4.4.13+gitAUTOINC+a4f88c3fad_bc64c81245", which is almost what I expected ...21:06
bluelightningm2: I think you will find that your PREFFERRED_VERSION setting is not used... bitbake -e | less will tell you for sure21:07
m2but I also can see that it silently switches from loading to linux-yocto_4.1.bb21:07
bluelightningit's not silent, it's just that that line will be being parsed after yours so it overwrites the value21:07
bluelightningm2: by changing LINUX_VERSION, since that is included in PV that's what feeds into the preferred version selection21:08
m2and the output of bitbake -s still says :4.4.3+gitAUTOINC+bcc6509084_bc64c81245-r0 and nothing else ...21:08
bluelightningso are you using DISTRO = "poky-lsb" ?21:09
m2I still get PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto="4.4%" in the output of -e21:09
m2and DISTRO is set to the expected value, not "poky-lsb"21:11
bluelightningcan you please pastebin the full history of PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ?21:12
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bluelightninghmm, it is indeed 4.4%21:20
bluelightningthis makes no sense at all21:21
m2:-) at least I'm not going nuts21:21
bluelightningbitbake -DDD may shed some light on the behaviour but it'll produce quite a lot of output to wade through21:21
m2ah, thanks for the tip, I didn't think of that ... let's see...21:21
m2this is just bizarre...21:29
m2DEBUG: selecting DIRECTORY/yocto/poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/ as PREFERRED_VERSION 4.4% of package linux-yocto (for item linux-yocto)21:29
Guest11734How do I build from scratch with out removing build directory?21:35
bluelightningGuest11734: why exactly do you want to do that?21:36
bluelightningm2: anything related around that?21:36
m2bluelightning: still looking21:36
Guest11734Want test if my recipe is working if I build from scratch21:37
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bluelightningGuest11734: you'd just build the recipe itself from scratch I would think - bitbake -c clean recipename then bitbake recipename21:42
bluelightningI meant bitbake -c cleansstate recipename then bitbake recipename21:42
Guest11734cleanstate will also clean all the dependencies too?21:43
Guest11734bluelightning: What is the difference between clean, cleanall and cleanstate? (sry for too many questions)21:46
bluelightningGuest11734: no, all of these only deal with the individual recipe... but why would cleaning the dependencies be of value for testing just this one recipe?21:46
bluelightningso FYI certain tasks within a recipe (such as do_populate_sysroot, do_package, do_package_write_rpm) have their output saved so that if nothing has changed next time they are needed and the files aren't still present, the output is restored verbatim - this is known as "shared state" or "sstate"21:49
bluelightningclean just removes the work files for a recipe, leaving shared state21:49
m2hmm... when selecting the provider, it loops over all the cached packages... and as it happens, for the pv value is 4.4.13 (what I set using LINUX_VERSION, because PV in the recipe is set to "${LINUX_VERSION}...")21:49
bluelightning(well, clean removes all files created by building the recipe aside from shared state)21:49
bluelightningcleansstate does that plus removes the sstate for the recipe21:50
m2so me setting LINUX_VERSION in the .bbappend causes the PV for to be set to 4.4.13...21:50
Guest11734Ok. I have a recipe which uses libgit2. But libgit2 isn't built properly with openssl support. Now I added openssl dependency to libgit2 and build is working. Want to verify if build from scratch is working ensuring the dependecies are built properly in order21:50
bluelightningcleanall also removes the fetched source for the recipe, which neither clean nor cleansstate will do21:50
m2I can fix that by changing linux-yocto_%.bbappend to linux-yocto_4.4.bbappend21:51
bluelightningm2: ah... that would explain it21:51
m2which kind of makes sense, becasue the SRCREV value I want to use only makes sense if I'm using 4.421:51
bluelightningm2: your bbappend is applied to all versions not just the 4.4 recipe21:52
bluelightningthat's quite an ugly trap actually21:52
bluelightningGuest11734: well, you could bitbake -c cleansstate libgit2 and then bitbake -c clean the dependencies explicitly; there is also a "wipe-sysroot" script although personally I haven't used it21:53
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Guest11734bluelightning: Is there a command to get dependency chain?21:55
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~trevor@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto21:55
bluelightningGuest11734: bitbake -g will produce some graphs22:00
Guest11734bluelightning: Ok. Thanks alot :)22:00
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nerdboyanybody get a segfault building ruby-native?22:08
*** Guest11734 <Guest11734!6a331eb8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC22:09
nerdboygenerating encdb.h22:09
nerdboy| make: *** [ .rbconfig.time] Segmentation fault22:09
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m2bluelightning: thanks for the nudge in the right direction! it's working now22:22
bluelightningm2: np22:22
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