Monday, 2016-08-08

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mimonHi, all. I have a question about using armv7 of QEMU on yocto. runqemu-internal have support armv7 of QEMU as qemuarmv7, However, runqemu is such that there is no mechanism to use this. How do I use this?04:00
mimonDo I need to incorporate to create a layer with qemuarmv7 machine myself in my environment?04:01
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khemmimon: just add qemuarmv7.conf as a new machine config07:53
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khemmimon: something like this
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mckoangood morning08:02
MDNNeoHi, I have some question regarding static libs and the SDK I provide a static lib as *.a file and want to use it in some other tool, but the lib just shows up in the SDK if I add it via TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append in the recipe of the image is this the wanted behaviour?08:03
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AnticomHi all. Is there a brief documentation, what all the environment variables do that are in the SDK's environment-setup-<...> script?08:39
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kbohi all, i need an old version of openssl (0.9.8), how can I add it to my poky korgoth build ?08:43
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yannkbo: git log the relevant directory to get the old recipe ?08:58
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HyP3rbeside a small patch I have to copy some files into the linux kernel before compilation: <- is this way corret?12:49
HyP3rSeems like yocto has some special behaviour with new dtb files...12:56
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jubrHyP3r: KERNEL_DEVICETREE_append = " vf610-colibri-racechip.dtb"13:58
jubrand you need to make it build it, I believe some Makefile addition in the same dir13:58
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HyP3rjubr: ok, is there way just to recreate the devicetree files and the rootfs? If I run my Image-Creation Recipie, Yocto is compiling everytime a new kernel14:28
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kergothRP: ping14:36
evadeflowAny recommendations for a 4G LTE-capable USB modem to be used in an embedded device running a Yocto-based Linux distro (kernel = 4.1.13)? I've been trying to get a Netgear 340u working, but it's proving to be... difficult. I'm wondering if there's something else available that Just Works™ on desktop Linux systems (the 340u does not), that I can then 'port' to our Yocto build.14:39
evadeflowThe coverage are is North America, preferred carrier T-Mobile (though the carrier doesn't matter much).14:39
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evadeflowThis links hints that the U620L might be a candidate:
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evadeflowAnd there's this:
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halsteadRP I believe I have a workaround for the nfs issues on ubuntu1604. It's now in place. We need to run a build to test.15:29
halsteadrburton, I was about to ping you next. :)15:30
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halsteadrburton, Do you have something to give to the builders?15:37
rburtonyeah will do fairly soon, shall i just fire when its ready?15:37
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sveinseHow can I see why a package has been pulled into a rootfs? If I run bitbake -e lm-core-image-lb it does not list the culprit package, but the resulting rootfs evidently contains it15:39
halsteadrburton, Yes please.15:39
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Guest53239sveinse, try passing "-g -u depexp" to bitbake for the image recipe15:41
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jkroon_sveinse, it'll popup a gtk ui for inspecting package dependencies15:42
* sveinse notes this one down on his yocto 101's on his wall...15:43
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rburtonneeds to be rewritten in gir+gtk3 really, its currently pygtk215:44
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sveinseI found my culprit. the automatic rdepends pulled in one of the other packages. -- yet, depexp don't show this...15:50
kergothdepexp can only show the infromation bitbake has, today. it doesn't examine build output, only metadata15:50
RPhalstead: great, thanks. I will defer to rburton15:51
RPkergoth: pong15:51
kergothRP: two things, one, is there anything I can help with on the bitbake end of things, any patches you'd like more eyes on or anything? I just got back from a 3 week vacation. two, status of shallow? :)15:52
sveinsee.g. I have a recipe named sp. It generates sp-mcbapp and sp-rcgui. The package lm-core-image-lb depends on sp-mcbapp. But sp-mcbapp is not in the list to the left. 'sp' is. And the culprit was that sp-mcbapp rdepends on sp-rcgui. And I cannot find this info in depexp15:54
sveinsekergoth: I believe all this information is available to bitbake at parse-time? Perhaps the implicit rdepends are not?15:55
kergothagain, bitbake only has the info that's in the recipes15:55
kergothautomatically generated rdepends based upon shared library dependencies are not in the recipe15:55
sveinseyeah, and it's this automatic rdepends which caused this fault :P15:56
kergothcorrect, yes, i'm just telling you why -- depexp doesn't examine build output15:57
RPkergoth: I think I asked you about the patch which I was most concerned about. I know there is a bit of a backlog on the list at the moment but I should be able to clear that in one of the builds this week, just been distracted with things. I do have the multi-config stuff nearly ready for review and that will likely need some eyes for review15:57
kergothtools like oe-pkgdata-util or the buildhistory have that info15:57 I'm off on exploring why the package got the unexpected rdepends in the first place15:57
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RPkergoth: with the shallow stuff, I just keep forgetting to go back and think about it :(15:57
kergothRP: okay, will keep an eye out for it, thanks15:57
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sveinsekergoth: cool, thanks. Learning something new every day. oe-pkgdata-util seems neat15:58
kergothit's real handy, yeah. particularly being able to search packages by target path, i.e. tell me what includes /usr/bin/foo15:59
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sveinseI've become a master of grep and find to do exactly this by hand :o16:01
sveinsewith varying precision....16:01
sveinseWhat task defines the rdepends of a package?16:02
kergoththe dynamic bits? do_package. see PACKAGEFUNCS in package.bbclass16:02
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sveinsekergoth: btw, are there any plans on integrating that logviewer you made (right?) into upstream poky/bb?16:07
kergothnot sure what you're referring to16:07
sveinseokay, maybe I mixed things up16:08
khemrburton: is not staged in ross/mut any issues ?16:08
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khemrburton: meta-raspberrypi is held on this patch for lot of patches especially kernel upgrades and VC4 support patches16:09
rburtonsorry, looking now16:09
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rburtonhm branches without cover letters are a pain to find the rest of the series16:11
rburtongot a link to 2/3 and 3/3?16:11
khem2/3 and 3/3 are merged16:11
rburtonwell its in mut now then16:12
sveinsekergoth: I was thinking of
khemrburton: thanks.16:13
khemrburton: I see there you also have 2.27 staged which has two issues as far as see. libunwind/gold and another issues I see is webkitgtk/mips16:14
rburtonyeah staged for giggles16:14
rburtonconnman too16:14
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sveinseIs there a way to setup a check which fails if my two packages depend on each other? In my case, if they do, due to shlib auto deps, this is an error in my package splitting16:24
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto16:25
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sveinseSomething like RDEPENDS_${PN}-pkg1_NEVER += "${PN}-pkg2"16:26
khemsveinse: you have and coming from same recipe and going into seprate output packages ?16:28
khemand depend on each other ?16:28
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC16:29
sveinsekhem, slightly more complex: foo depend on going into package a, and bar depend on going into package b. If I did a mistake in package splitting and placed into b, a will automatically depend on b. I'd rather have the recipe fail16:30
kergothRP: understandable, hoping to get it merged for this release, though, if possible. on the plus side, the impact when it's not enabled is nil, so there isn't much of a worst case, at least :)16:33
khemsveinse: this will be detected if a doesnt have RDEPENDS_{PN} on b16:33
*** jkroon_ <jkroon_!> has quit IRC16:33
khemrdep QA will catch it hopefully16:33
*** Anticom <Anticom!~timo.m@> has quit IRC16:34
sveinsekhem: Detected, yes. and automatically added. No stopping or major complaining afaics16:34
*** DriverCoder <DriverCoder!~mdrustad@> has joined #yocto16:34
kergothsveinse: you could always add a custom package sanity check for that recipe, via the mechanism used by insane.bbclass16:35
sveinsekergoth: thanks, I'll look at that16:35
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caiortpfolks, I need an advice to use readonly filesystem20:00
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rburtonset read-only-rootfs image feature?20:01
rburton(see the documentation)20:01
caiortpI'm using yocto 1.7 with initramfs, so I have 2 partitions, the readonly is squash and other one is rw20:01
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caiortprburton, the problem is to use a rw configuration file20:02
caiortptoday I'm linking all the conf files to an rw partition20:02
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caiortpthe var  IMAGE_FEATURES = "read-only-rootfs" is already configured20:04
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caiortpthe connman only use the /var/lib/connman20:07
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caiortpthe tzdata use the /etc , alsa I can pass the configuration file at the initialization20:10
caiortpthere's some  layer or distro to help to use readonly + rw configuration files?20:11
caiortprburton,  I found VOLATILE_BINDS , I will try to use20:19
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Ulfalizerburton: do you know if there's any particular reason why useradd.bbclass does DEPENDS_append = "${USERADDDEPENDS}", USERADDDEPENDS = " base-files ...", USERADDDEPENDS_class-cross = "", USERADDDEPENDS_class-native = "", etc., instead of just DEPENDS_append_class-target = " base-files ..."?23:21
rburtonnot off the top of my head23:23
Ulfalizeok... maybe it's some legacy thing23:24
rburtonthe variable doesn't get altered by another class23:24
rburtonso yeah patch welcome :)23:24
Ulfalizei'll prepare one. bunch of other ones like that too in useradd.bbclass.23:25
bluelightningit may be that back when that was implemented, _class-target didn't exist (or was very new) since there was a time when we used _virtclass- instead which didn't support target23:28
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