Sunday, 2016-08-14

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c0d3st0rmhi all - I'm trying to build an image for my Intel Edison, however compiling fails when ncurses is reached (log: my question is - where is _26837.c? is it a temporary file sumwhere?14:50
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AgentElrondI'm fighing a do_package_write_deb error as part of a bitbake15:09
AgentElrond"package name has characters that aren't lowercase alphanums or '-+.""15:10
AgentElrondThe log file doesn't indicate what exactly the offending string is, so I'm trying to hunt how this process works.  Where should I start looking about do_package_write_deb?15:10
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AgentElrondI wish there were a way to do a printf/echo/log message of some sort from a .bb file15:25
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AgentElrondOK I'm getting closer16:00
AgentElrondthere's a package named python-wsgiref-simple_server apparently16:00
AgentElrondand the underscore is screwing it up16:00
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AgentElrondIs there a way to invalidate cache for just one file?16:40
AgentElrondI want to force one particular .bb recipe to redownload16:40
kergothbitbake -c cleanall your-recipe16:40
kergothand redownloading andc aching are two different things16:41
AgentElrondThat won't nuke the entire build environment?16:41
AgentElrondWell I suspect the download isn't happening even when I do "-c fetchall" because the recipe is cached16:41
AgentElrondkergoth:  Nope, I seem to have cleaned the recipe in question, yet fetchall still ignores the updated .bb16:43
AgentElrondI added an invalid URL in it so I'm trying to force the error to appear so I know it's working16:43
kergothclean and cleanall are two completely different tasks.16:43
kergothclean wipes the bits for a single reciope, cleanall does that and removes downloaded sources from teh download dir16:43
kergothalso, just use bitbake -e yourrecipe | grep SRC_URI= and make sure its set to what you think it is16:44
AgentElrondkergoth:  It is16:45
AgentElrondBackground:  I have no downloaded source for 1 recipe.16:45
AgentElrondSo, I thought perhaps that recipe got skipped / messed up because of some build mishap (power loss, crash?).16:45
AgentElrondI'm debugging why nothing was downloaded for the package in question16:46
kergotha build mishap would not result in that behavior. the only time bitbake will skip a task is if that task succeeded.16:48
AgentElrondkergoth:  I may have resolved my issue16:50
AgentElrondI was trying to do "-c fetchall MY_OVERALL_PROJECT"16:51
AgentElrondBut "-c fetchall THIS_ONE_RECIPE" might fix it16:51
AgentElrondPerhaps the overall project wasn't trying to fetch for this particular recipe for some reason, even after cleanall16:51
AgentElrondkergoth:  Do you know why some directories under downloads/git2 end in ".git", and others do not?17:12
kergothsome urls end in .git, others do not17:12
AgentElrondkergoth:  Apparently adding .git onto a URL makes no difference, how interesting17:26
AgentElrondI'm new to this aspect of github :p17:26
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iskanderi have an odd problem with tmux and 'bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel'17:44
iskanderit doesn't work with tmux17:45
iskanderbut i have no problem executing it in xterm w/o tmux17:46
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