Friday, 2016-08-19

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darwishI'm extending a kernel recipe with a bbappend file that has a file://remove-kernel-option.cfg kernel defconfig fragment03:34
darwishProblem is, bitbake applies my fragment before the recipe's defconfig file I'm appending!03:34
darwishThis leads to my kernel configuration fragment being moot03:34
darwishAny advice?03:35
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khemdarwish: are you using linux-yocto05:01
darwishkhem, yup .. the recipe I'm appending over it inherits that class05:02
darwishkhem, weirdly .. when I used SRC_URI_append, instead of SRC_URI += "..", my configuration fragment get appended after recipe src_uri defconfig as expected05:03
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darwishdunno why though ...05:03
khemappend is post operation so thats right thing to do05:09
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s65b40hi guys, is there a way to have persistent /var/log directory? I have overriden volatiles file from inistscripts recipe to remove the link /var/log -> /var/volatile/log08:35
s65b40i also did a volatiles_remove = "log" from base-files recipe but it didn't help08:35
LetoThe2nds65b40: maybe this discussion helps you:
LetoThe2nds65b40: plus, you need writeable memory then of course.08:42
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s65b40LetoThe2nd: thanks i'll have a look08:49
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tiqhi, i want modify sudoers file so that wheel group can have root privileges09:24
tiqis the best way to just replace whole file or is there a better way?09:24
boucman_workanybody understands how sanity.bbclass works ?09:24
boucman_workit has hardwired references to gcc and apparently is run before local.conf is parsed09:25
LetoThe2ndboucman_work: sanity is completely overrated.09:34
boucman_workLetoThe2nd: hehe09:34
* LetoThe2nd is absolutly sure.09:35
boucman_workok, I need a bitbake expert now :(09:46
boucman_workthis thing is getting more and more complicated every time...09:46
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LetoThe2ndboucman_work: if things also get more compilated?09:57
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boucman_workLetoThe2nd: ??09:59
LetoThe2ndboucman_work: nevermind, it was a rather bad play on words.10:00
boucman_work(still didn't get it :P )10:01
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boucman_workRP: are you the one to whom I can ask complicated bitbake questions ?11:44
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qwertI appended a recipe which gets its sources from git. Within my recipe i want to add additional files which are also fetched from a git rep12:16
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RPboucman_work: I'm someone who might be able to answer...12:16
boucman_workRP: hehe12:16
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qwertThe problem is, that it always replaces the dir where i want to ADD the files. I already tried destsuffix and subdir,  without success12:17
boucman_workRP: I'm still trying to build yocto with no binary called gcc in my PATH (i.e using the BUILD_* variables) and i'm stumbling a bit on sanity.bbclass (it might be a bitbake problem triggered by it12:17
boucman_workThe basic problem is that the sanity check for gcc seem to happen before local.conf is loaded, so before yocto has any chance to provide the local compiler's name.12:18
boucman_workHere is wht I have figured out so far12:18
boucman_work"someone" calls
boucman_workthis triggers cooker.updateCache12:20
boucman_workwhich triggers bb.event.SanityCheck12:20
boucman_workand sanity.bbclass has registered a handler for that event.12:20
boucman_workin sanity. bbcheck we have multiple lines like the following12:21
boucman_work            status,res = oe.utils.getstatusoutput("${BUILD_PREFIX}gcc gcc_test.c -o gcc_test")12:21
boucman_workwhich "works" even when BUILD_PREFIX is not set12:21
boucman_workhowever when I have no gcc, it fails, and when I replace ${BUILD_PREFIX}gcc with ${BUILD_CC}, it fails too12:22
boucman_workso, is that expected ? how can I know who triggers the async call ? any lead on how to fix that ?12:23
RPboucman_work: I'd very much doubt that BUILD_PREFIX isn't set at that point12:23
RPboucman_work: what has actually happened is the code is broken12:24
RPboucman_work: it should have a d.expand() around those calls12:25
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RPboucman_work: once upon a time, bitbake expanded python functions. It doesn't anymore and it looks like nobody noticed this bug12:25
boucman_workd.expand around the executable line12:25
boucman_workthx, i'll try that and come back to you12:26
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RPboucman_work: sanity_data.expand() in this case12:26
boucman_workyes, thx12:26
RPboucman_work: I'll queue a patch for that, it looks like a genuine bug where things happened to work as its often ""12:26
qwertnobody knows?12:28
boucman_workrp: as you wish, I have the infra ready to test if you want12:32
RPboucman_work: happy for tests! :)12:33
boucman_workok, i'm in the bug situation, ready to test whenever you want12:34
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boucman_workRP it works (though you didn't replace the ref to gcc, i'll do that with my patch serie)12:54
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RPboucman_work: ok, fair enough12:59
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boucman_workI have various failures in glibc on master right now... is that a known bug ?15:05
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kergothHmm, slightly irritating that bitbake-layers has to parse bitbake.conf for some of the commands that really have no need of going that far.. but tinfoil and cookerdata don't separate bblayers/layer.conf parsing from bitbake.conf parsing16:43
kergothoh well16:43
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kergothspecifically, if local.conf inherits a class in a layer that's not currently configured, we can't run bitbake-layers add-layer to bring it back :) have to add it manually16:57
mattsmis there a recent summary of what the best type of build machine is to use for OE?16:57
mattsmmore cores vs. faster cores, more memory, SSDs, etc16:57
kergoththere is no 'best', it depends on your needs and finances16:58
mattsmkergoth: sure, but i guess more of the latter two is fine16:58
mattsmBut just wondering if I should get 4 faster cores vs. 12 slower cores16:58
kergothI expect the folks who manage the yocto project autobuilder probably have the best feel for such things, for where the bottlenecks are. I'd expect the latter to be better in that case, as we run a hell of a lot of tasks, and most are more i/o bound than cpu bound, but that's just off the top of my head, lacking first-hand experience with the really hefty machines17:00
kergothmaybe one of them will jump in17:00
neverpanicmattsm: we tested this a while back and found that 8 faster CPUs gave us better performance than 16 slower ones, but that may have changed over time or have been related to the amount of memory per CPU we had.17:01
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mattsmneverpanic: cool thanks17:02
neverpanicAlso, the difference of 4 vs. 12 is so large that 12 CPUs are probably going to be faster17:02
* paulg uses raid0 across two disks; I'll trade 2x the i/o for 1/2 the reliability when using a builder for yocto17:03
kergothi expect we probably have trouble completely using 16 cores due to bottlenecks int he dependency graph. guessing we don't use the full capacity17:03
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ntlon the other hand the default tunings mean that on a 16-way you potentially have the equivalent of make -j256 running at some times17:04
kergothI'm sure there's diminishing returns on make parallelism in most upstream buildsystems17:05
* kergoth shrugs17:05
paulgya, no matter what, do_rootfs will still suck.  :-/17:07
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mattsmso 8 faster ones, seems like a good compromise17:07
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* paulg pulls in gcc updates ; guessing that will trigger a rebuild of everything....17:14
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paulgntl, I've not had any issues running 16x16 in 64GB, building a fairly complex image (full X11 etc.)17:15
paulgthere is a certain threshold where bitbake will look in /proc/cpuinfo and nag you if you get too greedy IIRC.17:17
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paulgas kergoth says, there are bottlenecks for sure...17:21
paulgCurrently  1 running tasks (4314 of 9615)  44% |#############################################                                                        |17:21
paulg0: glibc-2.24-r0 do_compile (pid 12754)17:21
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hweavingDon't forget I/O bottlenecks17:29
hweavinggot to build in a massive 64GB ramdisk17:29
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* paulg likes the dependency info that zeddii 's new kernel tools output.17:38
neverpanichweaving: we've also noticed that the difference between SSDs and ramdisk builds isn't actually very large (contrary to our expectations, tbh)17:40
* kergoth ponders17:40
neverpanic#2216 fixed by now breaks Python's distutils.sysconfig, which parses pyconfig.h, but doesn't follow #includes17:41
hweavingneverpanic:  Perhaps a combination of CPU, storage, and scheduling bottlenecks17:42
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neverpanickergoth: any idea what would break if is reverted?17:45
kergothnot offhand, should probably check #221617:46
neverpanicit seems awefully unrelated; I'm just wondering what use case the multilib_header support solves.17:46
kergothpretty sure that's designed to handle the case where a header varies between multilib builds, but of course includedir isn't split by multilib, libdir is, so the file would conflict / be wrong if it wasn't split, so oe_multilib_header moves/renames them with a wrapper17:49
* kergoth shrugs, haven't dealt much with it17:49
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Guest35396well, this cmake situation is partially resolved. the install to fully qualifed dirs is resolved and it builds to completeion.  Now just need to seperate combined make and make install to seperate targets and the bitbake of a saner cmake project can resume again.17:52
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eboltonhey all, I'm working with dizzy (1.7.3) and had a quick question - is there an easy way to run Xsessions as a non-root user? I'm looking at /etc/X11/XServer, which is started by the systemd service xserver-nodm18:35
eboltonshould I change the exec line to run as a different user?18:36
seebsSo, what do build servers and the like usually run these days? I mean, Linux, yes. But I'm wondering more specifically about distro choices, etc.18:43
seebsI'm sort of assuming "gentoo" is probably not my best choice for reproducible builds.18:43
eboltonstart with Ubuntu and go from there, unless you have a soft spot for Fedora :)18:45
frayya.. F23/F24, or latest Ubuntu18:46
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seebsI'll download one of those. I have a 14.04 DVD, but that seems old.19:03
paulgseebs, you should use overc.  :)19:05
paulguse yocto to build yocto.19:06
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paulgand then tell me which parts annoy you so we can improve it.  :)19:06
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seebsman this laptop sucks. it can't boot from a DVD unless the DVD is actually in the drive. what  is this, the 1990s?20:04
kergothI think I'd have to dig my usb dvd burner out of a closet to even have a dvd drive to boot a dvd nowadays :)20:04
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billrkexec-tools compile failing on arm arch with master-next21:28
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billroops - didn't mean to type that in this window...21:29
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kergothHmm. I'm guessing is probably reasonable, and might get merged, but would also break at least some of the unit tests21:39
kergothguess i should fix those too, and possibly postpone to post 2.221:41
kergothdefinitely eases scripting, though21:41
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