Monday, 2016-08-29

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s65b44hi guys06:31
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Ulfalizei got highlighted, but it's too far back in the scrollback08:24
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T_UNIXis there a way to define conflicting packages within a recipe?08:31
qt-xhow can i select different commit in a .bbappend ? (SRCREV="1" -> a_git.bbappend (SRCREV="2")08:33
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qt-xSRCREV in .bbapend doesn't work08:35
qt-xif I edit and change the SRCREV to "2" works ok. However if i Set the SRCREV to "2" in a_git.bbappend it doesen't.08:37
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qt-xFound the issue I was editing b_git.bbappend08:45
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tlk__Hi, I am creating a recipe for a new package. I want to include some scripts (and config files for those scripts) so that users of my toolchain can do some stuff in an easy way.11:05
tlk__I am getting this QA message: ERROR: QA Issue: <package>: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package: (...) Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.11:06
tlk__The thing is, I know that those files are shipped and they are not in any package. But that is totally fine. Is there a way to tell that to Yocto in order to avoid the warnings?11:06
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Ulfalizertlk__: you can disable the check with INSANE_SKIP_<pn> = "installed-vs-shipped". you might miss out on a good sanity check though.11:10
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LetoThe2ndbit that error says something different. it says that the recipe installs a couple of files into its sysroot, but no package picks them up. its the exact opposite, they will *not* be shipped upon reproducing the build.11:14
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tlk__LetoThe2nd: I want the files in the toolchain, but not in the SDK11:26
tlk__sorry, I want the files in the SDK, but not in the sysroot ***11:26
tlk__that is what I meant11:27
tlk__I guess I am doing something wrong in the recipe, then11:27
LetoThe2ndtlk__: probably, yes. that warning usually is a good hint that something in your install steps is not doing what you probably expect it to.11:28
s65b44is there some way to force a package to be deployed in a rootfs for no specific arch? actually my recipe inherits from 'allarch', but i figured out that if the package has previously been generated for a particular arch, then the package deployed is the one matching the machine arch.11:31
s65b44I have to clean everything to make it work properly, even the corresponding sstate-cache11:31
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T_UNIXwhen using gitsm:// SRC_URI bitbake fails because it tries to clone the submodules to a non-existend directory "..../${PN}.tmp". Is that expected? How would I work around that?11:43
T_UNIXspeaking of Dylan here :D11:43
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TuTizzhi all, can someone tell me how can I found the original package of a file present on my final image, for example I have got libasound.a and it come from alsa-lib-
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aurelehi everyone13:01
aureleis it possible to build 2 sdk for 32 and 64 bits architectures13:01
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Crofton|workHow do you specify a partition without a mount point in wic?14:37
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blueCmd_what's the best way of exporting all SRCREV / SRC_URI pairs of the packages included in building a specific target? bitbake -b and some custom logic is what I'm thinking16:06
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darwishblueCmd_, modify base class to output SRC_URI in a custom, newly created, do_*** method?16:30
darwishthen bitbake -c $new_method target16:30
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blueCmd_darwish: ah, cool - thanks!16:33
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darwishblueCmd_, not an expert in OE though; others might have better-engineered solutions16:38
kergoththat'd just get you the info for the target, not the target's deps, unless you create a recrdeptask version, but that's a reasonable way to go. see do_fetchall for details on how to do it for its deps16:45
kergothand please don't mangle base.bbclass pointlessly, just create a class in build/classes/ or your own layer/classes/ and add it to INHERIT in local.conf16:45
blueCmd_fwiw, my usecase is to detect all git repositories matching a certain string and check out at that revision to run the test suite of those repositories16:47
blueCmd_to get a build test status for the whole thing as far as possible16:48
blueCmd_thinking of it - surely this has been done?16:48
blueCmd_like a "do_check" thing16:48
kergothptest is how we run the upstream test suites of projects. many recipes already have support for it.
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kergoththey're packaged for running on target or in qemu16:49
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iskandera question17:04
iskandercan the shared state cache be used in builds for different platforms e.g. beaglebone and raspberry pi ?17:06
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iskanderi mean the same sstate cache17:54
stephanoiskander: yes, sstate can be used across different architectures17:59
iskandergreat, thx18:00
iskanderis it worth the trouble ?18:00
stephanoiskander: yes, it saves quite a bit of time18:01
stephanoiskander: see here from more info:
neverpanicwell, at least for the -native stuff I guess it saves quite a bit of time18:01
stephanoneverpanic: if only it could make the weekends last longer18:02
m2I've been running into a TaskHash mismatch error lately, and it *might* come from sharing a sstate cache between two loosely related builds18:03
m2I suspect that because it goes away if I do cleanall for the recipe with the issue18:03
m2but I haven't been able to put my finger on what exactly causes it18:04
m2I ran into with the other day when switching from MACHINE=raspberrypi2 to MACHINE=raspberrypi18:04
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m2I mean, a build with the first value and a separate build (with the same sstate-cache directory) for the second18:05
m2the other weird thing I ran into with the same build is that I was adding something to /etc/systemd/network and it wasn't showing up in the final image, but when I put it in /lib/systemd/network/ it was there... I couldn't figure out what was special (from a recipe point of view) about /etc/systemd/network18:08
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m2(basically I was trying to use systemd-networkd to obtain an IP address of DHCP for the wired interface, so I needed a file for that)18:09
jedixIs this true of layer names?: <span class="help-inline" style="display: none;" id="invalid-layer-name-hint">A valid layer name can only include letters, numbers and dashes</span>18:11
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jedixso I can't have layer_awesome.2 ?18:11
jedix(for example)18:11
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kergothRP: thoughts on adding a little method to DataSmart to set _defaultval? i.e. setVarDefault?18:13
*** linulin <linulin!> has joined #yocto18:13
kergothRP: i think there's value in being able to set a ??= programmatically18:14
kergoth(without poking too far into internals)18:14
jedixI can't find where bitbake validates the layer name, but I did find that help in toaster.18:14
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hweavingjedix: Undercores are bad for a couple of reasons, I think18:30
jedixsorry, the issue is actually the period18:31
jedixbad example :)18:31
hweavingjedix: Ah ok.  I know one particular case that bit me was that Debian packages only allow alphanumeric and '-'18:31
hweavingThis was fun because of course no one tests with Debian packages enabled in buildroot, only rpm :p18:31
hweavingI blazed that trail inadvisedly18:31
jedixsome people get all the fun?18:32
jedixI'll rename the layer18:34
jedix(and patch layerindex to not blow up)18:35
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hweavingI read in a talk about Yocto that Poky should not be used for production.  Does anyone know why this would be the case?18:45
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kergothhweaving: poky is a reference distribution. generally folks should create their own distros for production.19:27
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hweavingkergoth: Or at minimum starting with Poky and customizing?19:28
hweavingI just wanted to make sure there weren't pitfalls / license issues / whatever in Poky19:28
kergoththat's what creating your own distro would be19:28
kergothcopy poky.conf to yourdistro.conf and go from there19:28
hweaving:)  thanks19:28
kergothor base on nodistro instead, really up to you19:28
kergothor if you really want to, you could include/require poky.conf from your distro .conf and make your layer depend on meta-poky19:28
kergothmentor graphics' distro directly includes poky that way, but mostly for maintenance reasons. we wanted certain bits from poky and wanted to avoid getting out of sync over the long term. most folks would be best off copying, i expect19:30
* Crofton|work avoids poky like the plague19:31
kergoththe poky distro, or the poky repo? :)19:33
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hweavingCrofton|work:  How come?19:35
Crofton|workcant work upstream from poky repo19:36
Crofton|workand simple enough to make a clean distro conf19:37
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RPkergoth: I agree we should have python api for it20:50
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bobtHas anyone got php-zmq working?21:45
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