Friday, 2016-09-02

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khemnerdboy: why would you use sourcery toolchain ?00:10
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #934 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #915 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning07:52
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_william_hi all08:38
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_william_I'am trying to get both X11 and OpenGL working on an i.MX6 board and vivante driver. Anyone succeded ? all documentation i found are about removing X11 support to get OpenGL demos ans apps working. IS there a way to get both please ?08:39
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Ulfalize_william_: might have more luck on the mailing list for such a specific question08:58
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_william_Ulfalize: thanks, i'll post to the list09:14
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sveinseHas anyone any experience benchmarking bitbake in terms of gauging constraints and pain-points, such as CPU, memory or disk?09:51
sveinseWe have a build server and we're currently considering upgrading it (e.g. memory). It's not slow today, but it's not particularly fast either. So before investing in server memory, it would be very nice to see if it indeed is bound on memory09:53
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Ulfalizesveinse: there's buildstats.bbclass, though i'm not sure if it provides what you want09:55
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Ulfalizei've seen people using performance co-pilot ( too09:56
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neverpanicsveinse: We've noticed that having 2GiB of RAM per core is helpful; if you have less (and compile lots of C++ code), upgrading memory may help09:58
sveinseneverpanic: Yes. We have 16GB today and 16 cores, and I do see swapouts. And yes, very much c++ (qt). We're considering adding 64Gb physical.10:00
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sveinsePlease note that this server is a VM10:01
sveinseI've done quite a bit of compile time benchmarking with our server, my native laptop and running virtually under windows. I have been considering publishing the results if there are interest for it10:02
neverpanicIf you're on a VM, fast local SSDs also help. Network-based file systems, not the best idea.10:02
sveinseneverpanic: We use direct phy access to a dedicated SSD. Only output artefacts are stored on the network fs10:03
neverpanicSounds very reasonable.10:04
mario-goulartsveinse: it pretty much depends on the profile of your builds.  C++ builds are usually quite slow and take lots of memory.10:04
sveinsemario-goulart: Yes, that is similar to my experience as well. Thus we're addressing memory first10:05
mario-goulartpcp can be handy to spot bottlenecks, yes.10:05
mario-goulartFor simpler cases, I find htop handy too.10:05
sveinseAnd linux handles surplus of memory as opportunity for fs caching, so it benefits in all cases10:05
sveinseWe installed the server (Ubuntu Xenial) using default options, that is with lvm2. I wonder if that is adding an unnecessary bottleneck. Any experience on that?10:07
mario-goulartKeep an eye on the system load.  If load/ncores > 2 your system will probably start trashing.  Tuning BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE may help to speed things up according to your build profile and resources available.10:07
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mario-goulartAlso, tuning memory manager parameters to reduce disk/SSD I/O may also be effective.10:08
sveinsemario-goulart: in the host OS?10:09
sveinseAre there any here that have experience purchasing cloud services for doing yocto building?10:10
mario-goulartBoth host and VM, if possible.  Note that by reducing the writes to disk you may increase the risk filesystem corruptions or data loss.  So, maybe only in the VM if it is a throwaway system.10:10
mario-goulartsveinse: I don't know.  But I'd be interested in that.  Hetzner offers some quite powerful machines (real hardware) for a reasonable price.10:11
LetoThe2ndsveinse: if in doubt, get ram10:13
LetoThe2ndsveinse: and i mean, get really much ram10:13
LetoThe2ndsveinse: from my experience, once you get enough of that, the disk becomes m00t. my build machine does not care anymore if the build directory structure is on either HD, SSD or TMPFS10:14
sveinseLetoThe2nd: What's "much ram" in this context?10:16
LetoThe2ndsveinse: 64GB+X10:16
sveinseIn my world, I am not used to operate with linux boxes with more than 16G. So >16G is much for me :P10:16
LetoThe2ndsveinse: look at your build directory, du -hs, then round up to next 2^X size :-)10:17
sveinseLetoThe2nd: yes, great, thanks10:17
LetoThe2ndsveinse: i didn't benchmark it thoroughly, but my tests were like, two simple 2tb-hds in a LVM raid 1 versus two SLC ssds in a LVM raid 1 versus tmpfs. the difference in build speed was in the range of test precision, AFAICT10:19
LetoThe2ndbecause once you got enough ram, everything runs out of the caches anyways. donate an UPS for emergencies, and be set.10:20
user134Hi, is it possible to use the POKY toolchain for cross compiling *and* host compiling? So that it would be a generic toolchain instead of using ubuntu,suse,redhat toolchain packets? For the purpose of testing the software package on the target and on the host with the same toolchain?10:21
LetoThe2nduser134: you can of course build a toolchain targetting a x86 box. but they are usually meant to be used with the supplied sysroot, not against the hosts system10:22
sveinseLetoThe2nd: That's one of the reasons why this server is virtual. It fits into the data center at work, with UPS, backup systems, and so on and so forth10:25
LetoThe2ndsveinse: #justsayin10:25
sveinseWe're upgrading the host up to 96GB and plan to assign 64G to the yocto buildbox VM as step 110:26
sveinseLetoThe2nd: #grateful10:26
sveinseOur builds range from 18G to 66G, depending on the sstate cache hits10:27
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LetoThe2ndsveinse: should be ok. probably no wonders happening there, but working10:28
otaviosveinse: I've been opting in having more builders than a giant one10:30
otaviosveinse: so we have been using hertzner and machines for that.10:31
otaviosveinse: is a nice one, fast and cheap10:32
sveinseotavio: A bitbake run, can that be distributed, or is one "atomic" unit one build instance? Thus, you may deploy multiple builds if you have multiple targets?10:33
otaviosveinse: you can manage this outside; we use builds and we trigger multiple builds across them10:34
otaviosveinse: and we trigger parallel builds as well10:34
otaviosveinse: as an example:10:34
otaviootavio@ci-builder-1:~$ uptime10:34
otavio 12:34:42 up 27 days, 22:30,  1 user,  load average: 18.48, 26.40, 29.7410:34
sveinseotavio: yes, but do you split bitbake tasks across multiple machines which is then joined into one output artefact, or do you build multiple targets/artefacts in parallel?10:36
sveinseBecause I didn't know there were support for the former10:36
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otaviosveinse: build in parallel multiple targets10:37
sveinseotavio: right, thanks10:37
otaviosveinse: for fsl-community-bsp, you can see the number of jobs we have10:37
sveinseotavio: You are with fsl? (We're building based on fsl)10:38
otaviosveinse: we work with several; but NXP is one of the oldest :-)10:39
otaviosveinse: we are the maintainers, now of i.MX and QorIQ :)10:39
sveinseotavio: Cool10:41
sveinseRight now we're struggling with a jethro build for Variscite/fsl 4.1.15-1.2.0 for i.mx6. bash crash when we do export LANG="en_US.UTF-8" in the command prompt, and have no clue in how to fix it :(10:44
sveinseIt sais "loadlocal" and then some jibberish, next the terminal is reset10:46
Ulfalizeprobably loadlocale rather than loadlocal10:47
otaviosveinse: Variscite is a problem; we have it working for one customer on top of Krogoth and it works Ok10:47
Ulfalizegoogling "loadlocale" gives some random crash reports10:47
otaviosveinse: any reason to keep jethro for it?10:48
sveinseotavio: Not other than I have only found jethro for the variscite kit. I'd perfer krogoth if I can use it10:49
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otaviosveinse: this needs upgrade for the kernel but so far, it works fine10:52
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mario-goulartsveinse: still regarding build performance, check the temperature of your box and make sure that the heat is not slowing processors down.  If you have enough cooling, set the CPU governor to performance.11:13
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sveinsemario-goulart: I assume a rack blade server (HP ProLiant DL380) has proper thermal management. I mean, it shoulds like a jet engine when the rear and front fans kick off :o11:15
mario-goulartIf you have enough storage space, disabling rm_work (in case you have it enabled) may also help.11:16
Ulfalizei wonder if terabyte will be the new gigabyte soon when i comes to memory11:18
Ulfalizeprobably just a few more revisions of C++... :P11:18
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sveinseI wonder if the CPU governor any impact when running on an VM...11:19
mario-goulartNo, not in VMs.11:19
mario-goulartI mean, you can only apply the settings to the host system.11:19
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mario-goulartIf you can do that for the host system, it's good.11:20
mario-goulartVMs' performance will be indirectly affected.11:20
sveinseMy knowledge with windows is essentially nul :P11:20
mario-goulartAh, ok.  Sorry, I'm clueless at Windows.11:21
sveinseno worries, I'll flag this to the data center admins11:21
sveinseThat reminds me to configure the IO scheduler since this is SSD11:22
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otaviosveinse: and move away from Windows ;-)11:27
sveinseotavio: Not my choice. :(. Not easy to be one of three people in a small Linux cluster in a large yea-o-windows-the-great environment11:30
Snertwalk in with a mac :)11:33
Snertthey'll shoot ya.11:33
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sveinseSo this locale issue is related to old jethro and that it has been fixed in krogoth?12:08
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kbohi all, Im getting stuck trying to compile a qt5 based recipe "Could not find qmake configuration file linux-oe-g++."12:35
kboI tried adding -> require recipes-qt/qt5/ but still the same error12:36
kbohow do I fix that ?12:37
kbook fixed with ->
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #263 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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caiortpI created a bbappend of my image and I added inherit populate_sdk_qt5 , after create the sdk using -c populate_sdk and installed into my pc I'm having problem with dependencies to compile my Qt application.13:38
caiortperror: gio/gio.h: No such file or directory13:38
caiortpI will need explicit the glibc into the image recipe?13:39
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iskander_workhello, why is curlpp only as native package available ?14:00
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Ulfalizeiskander_work: are you sure about that? looks like it has target and nativesdk versions too.14:15
Ulfalizei'm looking at the metaopenembedded recipe14:15
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otaviosveinse: berton is here. Talk to him in a private chat if you prefer14:17
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto14:20
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iskander_workUlfalize: i'm trying to build it for beaglebone, doesn't work14:35
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Ulfalizeiskander_work: how does it fail? what errors do you get?14:39
iskander_workUlfalize: my bad, sorry, it works, i got strange problöems with bitbake, killing tmp helped, no idea what went wrong, maby because i use cache :(14:39
Ulfalizeok, that was easy then ;)14:40
Ulfalizeiskander_work: if you only want to clean up a single recipe in tmp/ (remove its work files), you can do 'bitbake <recipe> -c clean' btw14:42
iskander_worki did, it didn't help14:43
iskander_workgot strange boost and curlpp messages14:43
iskander_worki think i messed up my tmp14:43
Ulfalize'bitbake <recipe> -c cleansstate' will do the same thing, but also clean up the cached data in the sstate cache14:43
Ulfalizeok, dunno then14:43
iskander_workok, thx14:43
iskander_workthe problem is, i built curlpp recipe but the package is libcurlpp, and the package is what is going to be installed into rootfs :)14:45
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iskander_worki need a break14:45
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Ulfalizeyeah, mixing up recipe and package names is pretty common :)14:45
iskander_workfurthermore, i configured rm_work and then tried to find curlpp source files, totally stupid14:47
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khemwhats the best way to get some external nodejs packages we use ?15:47
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igor1hello, there is a way to get a version of a package outside the recipe?17:25
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presentHi guys!18:59
presentAny idea about that while doing repo sync?18:59
presentOk... does not seem to remove the warning.19:07
stwcxpresent: That looks like an ssh configuration problem.  I believe those are ssh client messages.19:12
stwcxI suspect your ssh_config is set to reuse connections, but you're connecting to a Gerrit server that doesn't support that.19:12
stwcxSomething like "ControlMaster yes" instead of "ControlMaster auto".19:13
presentI try to change my ssh config file now. :)19:15
presentstryx`, Bingo!!!!19:18
presentControlMaster yes is the answer!!19:18
presentI guess the original value for: sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_window_scaling=119:20
presentwas 1! :D19:20
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kergothyou should be able to disable it on a per-host basis in .ssh/config19:21
kergothto avoid disabling it everywhere19:21
presentI enabled it everywhere ;)19:23
presentkergoth, yes I could but it seems to be a good option anyway19:24
presentI upgraded Ubuntu to 16.04 LTS and forgot the distribution was not tested for Yocto... :/19:24
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presentThanks guys!!19:37
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HyP3rHey all, is there a way to find out from what package a specific file is from? E.g. I have a file /etc/hostname (I know where this file is from, only a expample) is there a way to query from which recpie is from?20:43
kergothafter the build is complete, you can use oe-pkgdata-util to do exactly that20:43
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HyP3rkergoth: thanks20:46
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HyP3rkergoth: can you give me example. I can't find any documentation or examples for that
kergothare you physically unable to run oe-pkgdata-util --help for some reason?20:49
kergoththere's plenty of info there.20:49
HyP3rI'm able to run this command but I guess I'm too stupid for that20:51
HyP3rkergoth: ah I forgot the wildcards sorry20:51
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