Monday, 2016-09-12

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flitjesHey guys, quick question. If I make any code change to a "project" and call bitbake core-image-minimal or bitbake project it won't recompile, I have to execute a cleansstate on the project to get it recompiled. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?06:01
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Ulfalizerflitjes: are you using AUTOREV?06:16
Ulfalizerotherwise, you'd change SRCREV to point to the new version. that'd cause the recipe to be rebuilt.06:17
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Ulfalizerif you're using AUTOREV, then see the last paragraph of
Ulfalizerimo, the documentation should have explained why it needs to be in PV, but i think that's required for it to get automatically rebuilt at least06:18
Ulfalizer${SRCPV} that is06:19
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Ulfalizersleep time now though06:25
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zeenixmeh, why is poky adding a -use-binary-wrapper to g-ir-scanner?08:29
zeenixit breaks on my machine, with scanner not recognising this option08:30
rburtonbecause GIR and cross compilation are fundamentally incompatible, so there's hopefully invisible patches08:31
* zeenix tries a `bitbake -c cleansstate gobject-introspection`08:31
zeenixyup, that helped08:32
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zeenixanyone seen this while building bluez?
flitjesUlfalizer: thnx I'll look in to it10:40
zeenixthis patch works for my debian-using colleague but not me:
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zeenixhmm.. now poky/krogoth's patches to dbus don't apply possibly because of conflict with patches from meta-ivi :(11:11
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zeenixhmm.. meta-ivi's master branch seems to be for jethro :(11:41
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zeenixrburton, i'm guessing jethrow is not the branch fedora folks use?12:07
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zeenixERROR: ParseError at /home/zeenix/pelux/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/maliit/ Could not inherit file classes/qt4x11.bbclass12:12
rburtonremember to match up your branches12:13
rburtonie you probably forgot to switch meta-oe and/or meta-qt412:13
zeenixah yes12:13
zeenixi switched back to krogoth in poky and forgot to do so in meta-oe12:14
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zeenixoh where is jku when you need him12:56
zeenixah, he just quit12:57
zeenix| make[4]: *** No rule to make target 'GdkPixbuf-2.0.typelib', needed by 'all-am'.  Stop.13:00
zeenix| make[4]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....13:00
zeenix| make[4]: Leaving directory '/home/zeenix/pelux/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/gdk-pixbuf-native/2.32.3-r0/build/gdk-pixbuf'13:00
zeenixrburton, seen this?13:00
rburtonnope.  decided to do GI for some reason.  what release?13:01
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zeenixrburton, version of? it's krogoth branch13:03
rburtonso gdk-pixbuf inherits gobject-introspection which passes —disable-introspection  in native builds13:05
rburtonhm looks like krogoth's g-i support doesn't blanklet disable it for native builds13:07
rburtoncherry-pick be18364edd5cd2c664f68120063a1e147563faab13:07
rburton(1b71c59b12301a6d4816bf1d8659db3060870b63 if you have a poky clone)13:07
zeenixmakes sense..13:08
rburton(if that fixes, you can submit it to the stable branch by sending that commit rebased to krogoth to the list with [krogoth] in the subject13:09
zeenixwill do13:09
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zeenixrburton, it works!13:22
zeenixrburton, which list i shoudl be sending to?13:22
rburtonzeenix: oe-core@lists.openembedded.org13:23
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joshuaglrburton: does that shortened form work?13:29
rburtonerm, no13:32
rburtoni was going to put oe-core@ for conciseness13:33
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frayI just noticed something.  In lib/oe/, the system now makes a local copy of the RPMs into the workdir and then runs smart and rpm against that.  (including package signing and everything else).  I no longer see any way to sign the packages, or update the index of the packages in the 'deploy/rpms' directory.  Am I missing something?13:41
fraythe problem is it's now suddenly much harder to setup a remote feed13:41
fragfutterist there a variable to reference the native sysroot? like PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR references the target sysroot?13:41
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frayahh forgot about package-index -- however that doesn't seem to work13:58
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fraytells me there are no packages in the directory, it never went into the individual arch folders and generated the index.. :/13:58
zeenixrburton, patch sent14:01
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fragfutteri want to create a package that just specifies dependencies. (that would be a meta package in normal yum/rpm). Yocto creates a foobar-dev rpm. The foobar-dev rpm has a dependency on foobar which does not exist.14:08
* fray opned bug 1025814:09
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, mark.hatle, NEW , bitbake package-index does not work with 'rpm'14:09
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a1cypherIs there an easy way to find out where a particular task is defined?   I have a task that is failing and I would like to look at the source and attempt to debug15:31
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Ulfalizera1cypher: what task is it? standard tasks like do_compile, etc., are defined in base.bbclass or one of the classes it inherits. other tasks would come from bblasses you inherit via INHERIT or in the recipe.15:37
Ulfalizeryou can search for the task in the output of bitbake -e. its source will be listed there.15:37
Ulfalizerthen you could grep for a part of that source to see where it's defined. might be in meta/classes for example.15:38
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Ulfalizerbit roundabout. bitbake -e doesn't seem to give locations for functions though. just the source. :/15:38
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a1cypherUlfalizer:  its do_image_sdcard15:38
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Ulfalizera1cypher: looks like it's in the meta-freescale layer. it's a bit tricky to search for, because it's defined using IMAGE_*_sdcard variables.15:48
Ulfalizeryou want to look at meta-freescale/classes/image_types_fsl.bbclass15:48
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Ulfalizersearch for _sdcard in there15:48
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a1cypherok, thanks.  I'll go look in there15:53
Ulfalizerbtw, the 2.2 versions of the manuals have quite a lot of new information, in case you're reading 2.115:56
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a1cypherdoes bitbake cache tasks?  Ie, if I change the code by adding some bbnote lines will the new bbclass be immediately active or do I have to flush some cache somewhere?16:20
Ulfalizerit'll realize the task needs to be rerun automatically16:23
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a1cypherOk, this is behaving strangely then.  I added a note to the IMAGE_CMD_sdcard cmd in image_types_fsl.bbclass and then when I do  bitbake core-image-full-cmdline -e  and look through for the do_image_sdcard function I see the old source without my bbnote in it16:27
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a1cyphernm. figured it out.  I have meta-fsl-arm and meta-freescale maybe two copies of the same thing.  the one thats executing is meta-fsl-arm16:28
arkverHi. Has there been a change in how MACHINE_OVERRIDES is built? Not using SOC_FAMILY perhaps?16:30
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Ulfalizerarkver: you can search for MACHINE_OVERRIDES in the output of bitbake -e to check. before the line that lists the value of the variable, there's comments explaining how it got that value.16:32
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arkverThanks. I think I need to check out krogoth and try it there since master is suddenly not finding my machine in the recipe for firmware-imx. I just did a repo sync & blew away my old tmp dir unfortunately.16:39
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kergothwow, that autoreconf-include patch that was removed due to being upstreamed had been in the oe repo since 200417:13
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LeoBI am building a rootfs image using yocto, but when I generate the SDK (-c populate_sdk) I get OpenCV but not OpenCVConfig.cmake (needed for CMake use)17:20
LeoBOIN the gerenerated image (not SDK) I get this file, but not on SDK17:20
LeoBit exists on "./out-glibc/sysroots/apalis-t30/usr/share/OpenCV/OpenCVConfig.cmake" but not on /usr/local/oecore-x86_64/sysroots/apalis-t30/usr/share/OpenCV/17:23
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UlfalizerLeoB: TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK lists the target (for the machine you're building for) packages that get installed into the SDK. i'm not familiar with how the standard poky distribution sets things up, but maybe you can trace it out from there.17:38
Ulfalizerit's something that ought to be documented though, because it's really basic. the manuals have strange holes sometimes.17:39
Ulfalizeri meant poky's setup, with the packagegroups it uses17:42
Ulfalizerjust two mentions of TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK in the development and reference manuals is pretty silly too17:42
Ulfalizermaybe i'll get around to it later17:43
nishahello, I've been getting a sanity test error in my build but I am unable to find any documentation on what this is. Can someone explain?17:43
Ulfalizernisha: which one is it?17:44
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nishaUlfalizer, the error message looks like this: ERROR: qtivi-extension-wrapper-v3-git-r0 do_populate_sysroot: QA Issue: JLRVehicleFunctions.pc failed sanity test (tmpdir) in path /mnt/build/c1c8666e3485664ca3f10aabc52c6bc28e451d67/cascadia-image-hmi-intel-corei7-64-debug/tmp/work/corei7-64-cascadia-linux/qtivi-extension-wrapper-v3/git-r0/sysroot-destdir/usr/lib/pkgconfig [pkgconfig]17:46
nishaso do_populate?17:47
Ulfalizernisha: search for "failed sanity test (tmpdir)" in the reference manual. there's an explanation there.17:48
nishaUlfalizer, thanks!17:49
Ulfalizeryou're including too much stuff in the paths in the .pc file. they should not include the sysroot path.17:49
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arkverKrogoth adds SOC_FAMILY into MACHINEOVERRIDES when including, which is included from imx-base.inc18:22
arkverMaster does not, and appears to create a lot of target specific MACHINEOVERRIDES_EXTENDER_* variables. Still digging to see where this came from and what I'm missing in my machine's conf.18:23
*** maxin <maxin!> has left #yocto18:24
arkverok, so Krogoth's imx6 machine confs (eg. imx6dlsabresd.conf) has SOC_FAMILY, like this18:28
arkverSOC_FAMILY = "mx6:mx6dl"18:28
arkverMaster just does this...18:28
arkverMACHINEOVERRIDES =. "mx6:mx6dl:"18:28
arkverSo I guess the mechanism has changed and meta-fsl-arm at least no longer uses SOC_FAMILY. Hey ho.18:29
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Ulfalizerarkver: you probably already have it figured out, but i extended the *OVERRIDES variable descriptions a lot recently btw:
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto18:43
arkverYeah, thanks. I'll read the updated docs.18:45
arkverHere, fyi...18:45
arkverThat'll teach me to read the commit logs before I update my work area. :)18:46
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*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has joined #yocto18:50
Ulfalizerit's nice that they're trying to make it simpler to understand at least. i appreciate the sentiment.18:51
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*** manuel__ is now known as manuel_18:58
arkverIndeed. And just for the record, here's Otavio's patch series...19:02
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jmesmonso using a SRCREV_FORMAT like 'foo_foo-pkg' breaks things because '_' isn't actually used to split things, all possible subsitution is done. Which means that using names which are substrings of other names probably shouldn't be allowed.19:06
jmesmonI'm noting this because I just ran into an interesting bug where sometimes XXXXX_XXXXX-pkg is used and sometimes XXXXX_YYYYYY is used for the same recipe.19:07
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LeoBUlfalizer, so to add a package to a sdk I need to do more than add it to "IMAGE_INSTALL_append" on local.conf19:13
LeoBthis TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK variable, can I change it from local.conf?19:14
neverpanicjmesmon: I've seen the same thing recently, and unfortunately SRCREV_FORMAT's behavior isn't defined, so it's being used with both _ and - as separator19:14
UlfalizerLeoB: yup, IMAGE_INSTALL is for the image. TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append should work though.19:14
LeoBthank you!19:15
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jmesmonneverpanic: yep, the code in bitbake doesn't actually treat anything as a seperator, and the docs, while suggesting an example using '_' as a seperator, never call it a seperator.19:15
UlfalizerLeoB: might help to know how variable scopes work btw. see the note in
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto19:16
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Ulfalizerjmesmon: the code is in get_srcrev() in bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/ btw. maybe it could be fixed to split on '_' instead. that's be an improvement at least.19:16
Ulfalizerit just does format = format.replace(name, rev) at the moment19:17
Ulfalizeranother separator like ':' would've been better though, because that can't appear in names :/19:17
Ulfalizerbut too late i guess19:17
jmesmonCan ':' appear in PV, though? SRCREV_FORMAT needs to generate a PV.19:18
Ulfalizeri meant having it replace the ':' by something else later19:18
neverpanicUlfalizer: The problem with changing it now is that you either keep having the same problem because you need to replace substrings, or you break the recipes that use '-'19:18
Ulfalizerkinda loses some flexibility though19:18
jmesmonI guess one could sanitize it prior to handing it back from get_srcrev19:18
Ulfalizerneverpanic: yeah, "but too late i guess"19:18
Ulfalizerjmesmon: it could also replace the longest matches first. bit hackish, but that solves your problem at least.19:19
jmesmonthat's an interesting idea. Would there be any common cases not covered by that?19:21
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has joined #yocto19:21
Ulfalizercan't think of any. it'd probably do "what you expect" in ambiguous cases.19:21
Ulfalizerguess you could run into trouble if stuff expand to other stuff that then matches some name, but you could probably work around that19:22
Ulfalizerthe current version might have that problem too19:23
jmesmonhaha, yep. If somehow the name & the srcrev prefix happen to be the same...19:23
neverpanicI don't think that would happen, unless you name your source like a revision number or git commit hash19:24
neverpanic(which I'd consider a case of "doctor, it hurts when I do this")19:24
Ulfalizerbest would've been something like "%foo%_%bar%" instead of the current "foo_bar". then it'd be both flexible and much safer. but too late...19:25
jmesmonsure, it's unlikely. but if the length is correct, it's possible to get collisions on the 8 characters or so used for the hash.19:25
jmesmonUlfalizer: or "{foo}_{bar}"  so it matches python format strings. Could then lean on .format() to do the substr19:26
Ulfalizeryeah, works too19:26
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Ulfalizerjmesmon: names_sorted_by_len = sorted(ud.names, key=len)19:33
Ulfalizerfor name in names_sorted_by_len:19:33
Ulfalizeri think that would be a reasonable patch to submit19:33
Ulfalizeralong with a comment that explains why they're sorted by len19:33
Ulfalizerhmm, maybe i sorted it in the wrong order there, but you get the idea :P19:33
Ulfalizernames_sorted_by_len = sorted(ud.names, key=len, reverse=True)  seems to work19:34
Ulfalizeror just  for name in sorted(ud.names, key=len, reverse=True):19:35
Ulfalizerjmesmon: i could submit that patch if you don't feel like it. just let me know.19:47
jmesmonUlfalizer: it sounds like you've already got one together, so if you'd like to submit it feel free. (I've already worked around this locally by adjusting my `name`s).19:48
jmesmonUlfalizer: If you'd like you can CC me: Cody P Schafer <>19:48
Ulfalizerok, will do19:49
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kergothhmm, bitbake doesn't respond well to event handlers raising exceptions, we should work on that20:23
kergoth  File "/scratch/dogwood/pdk-licensing/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/ui/", line 48, in20:24
kergoth    del self.running_tasks[]20:24
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LeoBUlfalizer, using -e i found out that _append is working. (i.e. TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK gets opencv and cmake at the end)20:31
*** MWelchUK <MWelchUK!> has joined #yocto20:31
LeoBbut still no .cmake file20:31
LeoBon the installed sdk.20:32
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UlfalizerLeoB: to get the .cmake file, you probably need to add the -dev package to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK20:35
*** blueness is now known as basile20:35
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Ulfalizerthe -dev package depends on the base package by default, so you'll get that too if you just add the -dev package20:36
*** Guest94056 is now known as blueness20:36
UlfalizerLeoB: take a look at too for an easy way to see what files are in what packages20:37
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Ulfalizerkergoth: in get_srcrev() in bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/, what does len(urldata[scms[0]].names) represent? would it only be larger than one if you specify the same repository more than once, with different names?20:40
kergoththat's the case where multiple names/branches/srcrevs are specified for a single url, afaik20:41
kergothi.e. ;name=foo,bar;branch=alpha,beta20:41
Ulfalizerok, that's what i thought. thanks.20:42
kergothnot very common. iirc it used to be used in older linux-yocto kernels, nowadays there are two repositories with different names instead20:42
* kergoth had to deal with this when working on shallow20:43
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kergothRP: does FILE not work as expected during the parse of a bbclass? I just added a class to INHERIT, did a := on ${FILE}. and the result is the absolute path to bblayers.conf..20:44
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RPkergoth: I was talking with fray about this recently who ran into it. It seems FILE isn't updated during class parsing20:57
RPkergoth: it always seems to have done this, I don't know why20:57
RPkergoth: Its not something that particularly makes sense to me20:57
kergothhuh, strange. iirc the logic is straightforward, it's set when the parsing of a file starts20:58
* kergoth adds a note to investigate at some point20:58
kergothnot exactly a priority :)20:58
RPkergoth: I know where it does it, why though...20:59
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RPkergoth: I have been tempted to remove it before...21:00
kergoththat's strange. i'm guessing maybe it didn't want to screw up the value of FILE in the recipe, but it wouldn't anyway since we keep track of the 'old' value21:01
LeoBUlfalizer, thank you! I learned a lot today!21:01
*** Tenhi_ <Tenhi_!> has joined #yocto21:01
* kergoth shrugs, not a clue21:01
RPkergoth: its not been annoying enough that I've run the risk of removing it21:02
kergothindeed, fair enough21:03
kergothmaybe something to try right after a release21:03
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto21:03
RPkergoth: along with getVar defaulting to expand :)21:05
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kergothyou know what i'll like about that change.. dict access being more useful. d.get("SOME_VAR", "DEFAULT_VALUE") would actually be of use21:06
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RPkergoth: been working towards it for a while :)21:07
kergothRP: you see the change to use compact dict in python 3.6? pretty interesting21:08
RPkergoth: I haven't seen that, no21:10
RPkergoth: I get kind of sad I'm so buried in the here and now I don't get to see things like this :/21:10
RPkergoth: that is quite interesting. Its nice to think we can benefit from 3.x features at some point :)21:13
frayI wonder (time scale wise) when we can finally expect that to be available in the python3 on various hosts...21:16
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RPfray: don't depress me please ;-)21:32
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_markfeatherstonI'm having trouble with glibc locales on the krogoth branch.  "glibc-locale: 815 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped]".  Could anyone point me in the right direction for debugging this?  I'm trying to understand how to see what packages are created from PACKAGES_DYNAMIC.22:11
kergothread the glibc-locale recipe to start with..22:19
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_markfeatherstonI have definitely done that, but I haven't worked on a recipe quite as complex23:00
_markfeatherstonI just reproduced this with a slightly simpler build - adding DISTRO_FEATURES "x11 opengl" and building core-image-sato reproduces the same problem.23:01
Ulfalizer_markfeatherston: might be helpful to see what packages get built23:09
Ulfalizerif you look in image/ instead of packages-split/, you can see what files get installed by do_install23:10
Ulfalizer(it's ${D})23:10
_markfeatherstonThanks, I'll look into that23:13
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