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Ulfalizerbit obfuscating that a lot of code uses stuff like foo[0], foo[1], etc., for fields instead of assigning them to meaningful names. have to trace backwards to see what they actually are.00:15
Ulfalizersince they're used multiple times, assigning to name probably wouldn't affect performance either00:15
Ulfalizer*assigning to names00:15
mpowellis there a cmake via bitbake expert that I can help with some questions?00:16
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dangpzancoUlfalizer: thanks for your help, I tried uncommenting the lines on local.conf.sample.extend and tried what was decribed on this post
dangpzancoit did not work02:40
dangpzancofortran was compiled02:40
dangpzancobut the tests failes02:41
dangpzancochecking whether the GNU Fortran compiler is working... no02:41
Ulfalizerdangpzanco: is that while configuring the program you're trying to build with it?02:50
Ulfalizeryou could check if the fortran compiler got built at least. might be helpful to check package contents.02:51
Ulfalizerit'll appear inside tmp/ then as well, e.g. in the gcc ${WORKDIR}02:52
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Ulfalizermight have more luck on the mailing lists02:57
Ulfalizercould open a devshell too and check if it's available in the FC environment variable. that seems to be the fortran equivalent to CC.03:00
Ulfalizerif nothing else, it'll tell you where it's supposed to be :P03:00
Ulfalizeror hrm... that just has the name it would have03:03
Ulfalizerdangpzanco: are you trying to install a fortran compiler into the target compiler, or trying to cross-compile a fortran program btw?03:07
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fenrigHi, Im having troubles with adding my own recipe and using hard floats03:09
fenrigI'm getting "gnu/stubs-soft.h: No such file or directory"03:10
fenrigfor raspberry pi303:10
fenrigIts a cmake project, so probably have to change something in cmakelist ?03:10
fenrigI've already tried "EXTRA_OECONF_GCC_FLOAT = "${@get_gcc_float_setting(bb, d)}" "03:11
Ulfalizerthe instructions on the page you linked seem to be the first case. if you're trying to cross-compile, you probably need the -cross version of the recipe that builds the fortran compiler. maybe that's the gcc-cross recipe though, and it'd be weird if that hadn't already gotten built.03:11
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dangpzancoi tried doing this: bitbake -f -c compile gcc03:12
dangpzancothe log file ^03:12
Ulfalizerok, don't know what the problem is. mailing list might be more helpful.03:13
dangpzancoi'm trying to install gfortran to the galileo board03:13
dangpzancoyocto mailing list?03:14
dangpzancothanks for your help03:14
dangpzanco: )03:14
fenrigCan I maybe pass another CFLAG from within my recipe?03:17
fenrigCan I maybe pass another CFLAG from within my recipe?03:17
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Ulfalizerdangpzanco: did you try a plain 'bitbake gcc' too?03:26
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bluelightningiskander: FYI, I just sent a fix for the eSDK bblayers path bug you mentioned yesterday05:11
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iskander_workthe libgfortran packages installas files which are not packaged, installed-vs-shipped problem09:10
iskander_workthe reason is that rmdir is used to cleanup install dir but it works only for empty dirs09:10
iskander_worka bug ?09:11
iskander_workrm -rf fixed the issue09:11
boucman_workwhat files are left behind ? who should theoretically package them ?09:12
iskander_workfinclude contains a couple of files:   /usr/lib/gcc/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/5.3.0/finclude/ieee_exceptions.mod09:13
iskander_work  /usr/lib/gcc/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/5.3.0/finclude/ieee_features.mod09:13
iskander_work  /usr/lib/gcc/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/5.3.0/finclude/ieee_arithmetic.mod09:13
iskander_workthe package is libgfortran09:14
iskander_workthe package uses 'rmdir' inside 'do_install' to clean up the install dir but it doesn't work due to 'rmdir' limitations09:15
iskander_worki'm using the latest krogoth09:15
iskander_workshould i submit a bug report ?09:16
Ulfalizeriskander_work: looks buggy to me too. if anything ends up in ${D}${libdir}/gcc/${TARGET_SYS}/${BINV}/finclude09:20
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Ulfalizer, you'll get a packaging error.09:20
iskander_workit works only if finclude is empty09:20
Ulfalizermy guess is that the rmdirs are there to remove the directories if they turn out empty09:22
Ulfalizerbut the case where finclude is not empty isn't properly handled. it'd need to included in one of the FILES variables so that it's packaged.09:22
Ulfalizerdunno where it's supposed to go. i'm a fortran noob.09:22
Ulfalizerprolly FILES_${PN}-dev09:23
iskander_workmy fix was to replace rmdir with 'rm -rf'09:23
Ulfalizeri think that breaks the original intent. proper fix might be to extend FILES_${PN}-dev.09:24
Ulfalizerbut look up what those files are, and if it makes sense to package them09:25
Ulfalizerdef. looks like a bug in the recipe at least09:25
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fragfutterwhy is my build folder build/tmp-glibc , wasn't that build/tmp ?09:31
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iskander_workwhat is the meaning of:  Invalid inode value in BB_DISKMON_DIRS: 1gK09:35
fragfuttermissing , ?09:35
fragfuttercheck build/conf/local.conf09:35
jonverbelen: Hi! Do you know if (in toaster) the repo of embedded-core is set to 'remote:origin' or if this is a wrong configuration on my part? I have a build error which states I cannot clone ('git clone "remote:origin" "mylocaldir"). Thanks!09:35
iskander_workfragfutter: thanks, that was a typo09:36
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belenjonver: I am not sure. Let me ask. When you created your project, which release did you choose?10:18
jonverbelen: Yocto Project 2.0 Jethro10:19
michaelw1jonver: Is that the project release or the release of the poky that you're using?10:25
michaelw1Usually only the "local project" will have those funny "remote:origin" as the source for oe-core10:25
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RP1rburton: Just as a status for -next, Bruce has fixed the kernel repo problem, robert the runqemu race, I've fixed the gplv3 issue with my patch and joshuagl fixed the vnc issue so I'm trying a new build10:52
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rburtongreat lets see what falls out of that11:00
rburtonshall rebase11:00
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jonvermichaelw1: i've cloned via "repo init -u git:// -b imx-4.1.15-1.0.0_ga; repo sync" and then i start toaster from the poky dir. I now see that starting toaster displays this error:
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #948 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #571 of nightly-mips64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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michaelw1jonver: hmm I'm not sure about the implications of using 'repo', have you tried using a clean poky clone, checked out at jethro? (if that's the release you're wanting) and then should be a matter of "source oe-init-build-env and then source toaster start" you should then get toaster up and running in the default state. You can then go to "import" layer if the layer isn't already available and put those details in to the import form and Toaster will manage c11:29
michaelw1-> lunch11:29
jonvermichaelwl: thanks, will try that11:30
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AnticomHi all. How would i write a recipe, that only installs a library and its headers (cmake based project) so i can include those headers and link against the lib in another recipe?11:36
Anticom(without creating a package that would be installed on the device of course)11:36
rburtonwrite a recipe as you usually would, and statically link11:36
fragfutterAnticom: normal recipe. DEPENDS and RDEPENDS are seperate.11:36
Anticomfragfutter: is there a good example in oe-core i can take a look at?11:37
Anticomit's been ages since i've written my last recipe :S11:38
rburtonjust inherit cmake and you'll be done11:38
rburtonafter SRC_URI etc11:38
Anticomrburton: like so? (except with inherit cmake instead of autotools)11:39
fragfutterand minus BBCLASSEXTEND11:40
AnticomOkay thanks11:40
AnticomAnd where would you place recipes of libraries? recipes-support ?11:41
rburtonyour layer, so anywhere you want11:41
Anticomrburton: Was just asking for a recommendation ;)11:42
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AnticomSo this would be sufficient?
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rburtonroaring success12:49
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fenrigHi does anybody know how I go about enabling sound in yocto build for rpi3? when I modprobe snd_bcm2805 I still have no audio devices13:04
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fenrigfound dtparam=audio=on - this will probably fix it13:08
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sveinseHow do you determine when to add some host build tools (used by recipes) as native recipes vs. just adding them as a part of the meta layers?13:29
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rburtonsveinse: i think you need to expand your question as a native recipe is part of a layer13:32
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RPrburton: thankfully builds as looking much happier this time13:34
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sveinserburton: E.g. we have our own product packager which takes a sdcard image coming from wic. This tool is thus run as a part of generating our artefacts. So we need to have a repo to put and maintain this tool. So either we put this tool in a separate repo and include it as we do for other metas. Or we make a native recipe and embed the tool into the host sysroot. With the latter one can...13:36
sveinse...distribute the tool in a SDK.13:36
sveinseDid that make any sense?13:36
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rburtonwell, either works13:38
rburtonyour software, your choice.13:38
sveinserburton: yes, but I'm trying to assess if there are any best practices to when to do what13:39
rburtondo you want the tool in a sdk?  if so then you need a recipe for it13:39
sveinseYes. I guess this once more boils down to change/repo management. Yocto has great downfacing CM, where specific upstream versions and repos are used. While on top its left to the system builder to provide one.13:43
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fenrigi would like to know how to add detection of hard and soft float in cmakelists.txt, yesterday I had to add my own "set(CMAKE_C_FLAGS "-std=gnu99 -Wall -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=neon")" but I would like to make it dynamic14:05
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rburtonfenrig: why not just respect the cflags that are being passed in?14:34
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rburtonRP: master looks well, just need that tiff patch from jku.14:58
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fenrigrburton: how do I respect the cflags, essentialy thats the question15:00
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fenrigrburton: or do I override them by setting them in cmakelists15:01
kergothsetting them in cmakelists is wrong, obey our variables15:02
rburtonfenrig: CMAKE_C_FLAGS should contains all cflags that your BSP sets.  just use that and make sure you don't replace it with something else.15:02
rburton(i've seen cmakelists assign to that for their extra flags instead of extending)15:02
RPrburton: and the race fix from Anibal15:02
ZubairLKHi guys15:03
ZubairLKIn a linux-yocto bbappend file, I'm struggling to append SRC_URI 'just' for a specific machine. Its a kernel config fragment.15:03
ZubairLKIs that possible?15:03
ZubairLKI basically do a SRC_URI_machine += "file://fragment.cfg"15:03
fenrighow do i go about extending them in for this cmake program compilation?15:03
kergothZubairLK: SRC_URI_append_machine = " file://fragment.cfg"15:04
ZubairLKoops. my bad.15:04
kergothZubairLK: see the bitbake manual for details on how overrides work15:04
ZubairLKthanks. typo in the machine string.15:04
ZubairLKthanks kergoth15:04
kergothZubairLK: SRC_URI_machine += will override all of SRC_URI for that machine, not what you want15:04
fenrigrburton: okay ill take a look15:04
kergothit'll first immediately append to 'SRC_URI_machine', then SRC_URI_machine will override SRC_URI15:04
rburtonfenrig: you're now into 'how do i use cmake' fwiw15:04
rburtonfenrig: our cmake class passes the BSP cflags to cmake, so if your build isn't respecting them then you need to fix the cmakelists15:05
rburtonRP: yes and that15:05
ZubairLKkergoth: aah. thanks for the explanation!15:05
fenrigrburton: THX :D that probably fixes it, the project i was using used to override them :)15:06
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kergothkhem: with gcc 5.3, when you get undefined __atomic symbols, do you just need to add a link to atomic? does the toolchain add that automatically, or does the buildsystem need to do it?17:29
khemyou have to link it manually17:30
kergothk, thanks17:30
khemis it arm ?17:30
kergothi think so, a coworker is building a cmake project, but looks like it's missing handling of libatomic, so fails at link time17:31
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kergothllvm's CheckAtomic.cmake looks promising17:33
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kergothkhem: is the external libatomic-ops is for older toolchains that don't include libatomic?18:02
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_markfeatherstonCould someone help me understand how the glibc-locales recipes is split to provide multiple packages?18:52
_markfeatherstonI see that it is using PACKAGES_DYNAMIC to claim to be multiple packages, but the documentation suggests there should be a do_split function for this recipe which I can't find.18:53
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kergoth_markfeatherston: generally a recipe prepends to populate_packages or adds a function to PACKAGESPLITFUNCS, but a certain amount of locale splitting is actually done for all recipes by package_do_split_locales in package.bbclass.18:58
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto19:00
_markfeatherstonahh, there it is.  Thanks19:01
kergothreading package.bbclass may be informative19:02
kergoththere's a lot done there19:02
_markfeatherstonYeah, I'm looking through that now19:03
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ionte_hi. i'm writing here again in hope someone can help me. i have just switched from one kernel recipe to another and now i get this error:
ionte_i have no idea what's happening. it seems to look for a license in kernel 4.6.7, which is the old kernel.20:35
bluelightningionte_: what exactly did you change?20:36
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has quit IRC20:38
ionte_bluelightning: i changed "PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel" from "linux-amun" to "linux-amun-ti"20:39
bluelightninghmm, if it's that simple I wonder if I can reproduce that here20:39
ionte_i guess not20:39
ionte_the linux-amun recipe has been working well for months. linux-amun-ti is new and it's a copy of linux-amun but with a different source and kernel version. that's it.20:41
bluelightningok, so it should be reasonably easy to trigger by the sounds of it20:41
ionte_if i change back to linux-amun it builds with no errors20:43
ionte_i've updated the gist with both kernel recipes:
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Ulfalizerionte_: try removing tmp/ and building again. looks like it can't find the package metadata for the new kernel some reason.20:58
Ulfalizerit'll get repopulated from the sstate cache, so it probably won't cause horrible slowness20:59
Ulfalizerthe latest version of the reference manual (2.2) just got some more documentation on PKGDATA_DIR (that's that pkgdata/ directory) and what it's used for btw21:00
ionte_Ulfalizer: ok, i'll try that21:03
ionte_Ulfalizer: actually, i thought the sstate cache was in that directory as well so removing it would cause a complete rebuild. good to know!21:04
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ionte_OMG! that gave me a wall of errors!!21:05
ionte_my error. i had configured deploy directory to be outside tmp21:06
* Ulfalizer assumes no responsibility for any loss, be it loss of life, property, equipment, ... :P21:07
Ulfalizerremoving tmp/ is the yocto "have you tried rebooting it?". it's cheap though, so usually worth trying.21:08
ionte_right. i have removed the entire build directory before on these kind of errors. but that is not cheap.21:09
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ionte_Ulfalizer: thanks! that fixed my kernel problem as well!21:09
bluelightninghmm, so I just tried changing linux-yocto to linux-yocto-rt and I got a different error21:09
Ulfalizerprobably something that's not getting invalidated as it should when you switch the virtual provider21:10
ionte_strange. i have done that in the past if i remember correctly.21:11
bluelightningI'm filing a bug for the specific issue I just hit, FWIW21:13
bluelightningionte_: which version of the build system are you using? also which packaging backend (ipk, rpm, deb)?21:22
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ionte_i just turned on ipk. previously i did not use package management. same error no matter.22:01
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kergothit's not possible to build without package management. you can remove the packaging tools and metadata from the image, that's about it22:01
yannwhen qemu gets SIGILL when running an intercept hook, I guess that points to some missing information in the BSP, right ?22:02
ionte_bluelightning: build system? bitbake 1.30.0, krogoth, ...22:02
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ionte_kergoth: ok, i meant EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURE package-management...22:03
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davisi have a build system for native which works and the same source fails on target. My current failure appears to be libpcap.  On native its getting pulled in, but I can seem to find the reight depends line to pull it in. i've tried libcap, libcap-devel, etc.  How do I determine what provides in a native build?22:25
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