Saturday, 2016-09-17

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Ulfalizerwhy is ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-dev/dgb = "1" the default? won't that cause lots of redundant packages to be generated?00:22
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kergothUlfalizer: due to 'depchains' processing. a -dev will depend on the -dev of the DEPENDS of the recipe. i.e. if ncurses needs glibc, then ncurses-dev needs glibc-dev, all the way down. if one wasn't emitted, it'd break the chain and leave bits uninstalled00:45
Ulfalizerok, thanks. might be undocumented.00:47
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Ulfalizerkergoth: does this look alright?02:45
kergothseems reasonable to me, but best to run it by the technical docs folks on the project to review the wording02:46
Ulfalizeryeah, i always submit bugs for documentation patches anyway. ty.02:47
kergoththanks for writing it up, i'm sure plenty of folks don't know about it02:52
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nancyI'm trying to bitbake the meta-toolchain-qt5 sdk but I get this error "qtwayland-5.6.1+gitAUTOINC+d8b4bef3dd-r0 do_compile: oe_runmake failed"09:29
nancywhat can I do ?09:30
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fenrigHi where can I find general info about codecs?13:06
JEEBsure is a weird question to do in this channel13:11
JEEBthe response of course depends on what exactly you want to learn about encoding or decoding multimedia13:13
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fenrigyeah i meant concerning yocto :D13:18
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fenrighahaha, I need full codec support as I'm toying with openembedded13:18
JEEBnot sure if OE/yocto has a flag to stop disabling things in libavcodec13:20
fenrigIm having issues with ffmpeg :/13:20
JEEBbut as soon as you remove the disable-all kind of configuration there you will have a whole lot of stuff available through it13:20
JEEBlast I checked OE/yocto builds with "disable-all" or "disable-decoders" "disable-encoders" and then enables stuff like vp813:21
JEEBcheck the FFmpeg build recipe13:21
fenrigthe inc13:21
fenrigor the bb?13:22
JEEBwhichever contains the configure script invocation parameters13:22
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JEEBI should really look into OE/Yocto again to build images for my rpi3 with latest FFmpeg/libmpv :)13:24
fenrigIm playing with the rpi313:25
fenrigbut in korgoth13:26
fenrigand I have a sense that not every codec is present13:26
fenrigffmpeg recipe13:26
fenrig ${@bb.utils.contains('USE_NONFREE', 'yes', '--enable-nonfree', '', d)}13:27
JEEBnonfree is not generally related to video/audio support13:27
JEEBit's only related to making a binary that can't be distributed13:27
JEEBthe only relevant'ish library that currently requires enable-nonfree is libfdk_aac13:27
JEEBand that's only for HE-AAC encoding13:27
JEEBLC-AAC encoding can be handled with the internal aac encoder which is LGPL13:28
fenrigoh okay13:29
JEEBenable-nonfree only refers to software licenses13:29
JEEBnot actual formats13:29
JEEB(basically "enable linking against things that require the binary to be marked non-distributable")13:29
JEEB(as the licenses are incompatible)13:30
JEEBquickly glancing through the recipe it seems semi-sane13:31
JEEBjust that 3.0 isn't exactly a new FFmpeg release, and that it depends on your PACKAGECONFIG13:31
JEEByou should check what sort of configure line your configuration currently ends up with13:31
JEEBit should be logged somewhere13:31
JEEBI think the rpi3 hw decoding support might have been post-3.0 if you need that13:32
fenrigah okay13:34
fenrigso no hw decoding with korgoth?13:35
JEEBok, no MMAL seems to have been added in 2.7...13:35
JEEBwhen you get close enough to OSS multimedia you learn that nobody cares about releases as they're just provided to places like distros. they really aren't any better than most other commits in master :)13:36
JEEB(at least talking of FFmpeg et al)13:36
JEEBfenrig: so what was your actual issue you were facing?13:36
JEEByou should check a) the configure line b) the config.log created in the buildroot13:37
JEEBlatter has the configure script's output13:37
JEEBthat way + knowing what your issue was we could get a better hint at what could be done to improve things :P13:37
fenrigokay give me some minutes, Im retesting with m4a13:39
fenrigI will try that again and if that works Ill report back13:39
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fenrigokay m4a working, mp3 radio streams are not :/14:14
fenrigsomething with double free in ffmpeg14:14
fenrigor in mpd14:14
fenrigHow do i check this config.log?14:17
fenrigis there a bitbake command for that? or do i have to find it manually14:17
JEEBthere should be a dir in which bitbake does the configure call (build dir of the component), config.log of FFmpeg should be there14:18
JEEBalso that just sounds like a bug in either mpd or in that specific version of FFmpeg14:19
JEEBif you can't upgrade to 3.1 or master, then 3.0.3 is the newest version from the 3.0 branch14:20
JEEByou should probably check with gdb or so where the issue happens since that sounds like a bug somewhere rather than just a configuration mistake14:20
fenrigis there a simple way to upgrade to newest ffmpeg14:22
JEEBwell to 3.0.3 it should be simple enough if you switch BP and the archive checksums14:25
JEEB3.1 and master would require making sure that anything depending on the thing utilizes APIs in a way that wasn't deprecated a few releases ago14:25
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fenrighow is bp passed?14:25
JEEBanyways, I would first make sure if those same things fail the same way on your desktop :P14:26
JEEBsince you can build them in a prefix or your own and then debug locally14:26
JEEBif you want to debug that stuff, that is. because it sounds like it could be a bug in mpd, or a bug in FFmpeg that has since been fixed (or still is a bug). both are possibilities.14:27
fenrigin my previous archlinux mpd build14:27
fenrigit worked fine :/14:27
JEEBwell are you using the same versions of things there :P14:27
fenrigand ffmpeg is bleeding edge on arch14:27
JEEByes, that I know.14:27
JEEBbut so would be mpd14:28
JEEBor well, both would be some random version that not necessarily is what you have here :P14:28
JEEBanyways, not sure if BP was parsed off of the recipe file name or what14:28
JEEB(by switching BP and the checksums you should be able to upgrade to at least 3.0.3)14:29
JEEBthen you could try 3.1 depending on how mpd uses the FFmpeg APIs14:29
JEEBI don't remember 100% if you need to cp the 3.0 recipe or if a bbappend is enough14:33
JEEBto make it have a 3.0.3 one14:33
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JEEBok, so you need to copy14:34
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fenrigokay Im upgrading mpd14:34
JEEBif you want to keep the thing that came from the other OE thing14:34
fenrigand after that I'll try ffmpeg14:35
JEEBand then in the you upgrade the hashes14:35
JEEBaccording to the tar.xz file in;O=D14:35
fenrigyeah did it with mpd14:35
fenrigbut first Im gonna recompile mpd, try and spot the double free there again14:35
fenrigand then upgrade ffmpeg14:36
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fenrigto hopefully 3.114:36
fenrigI think mpd and youtube-dl are the only ffmpeg dependable packages14:36
JEEByeah, if mpd is the only thing using ffmpeg and you know it utilizes it in a way that lets you upgrade to 3.114:36
JEEBthen upgrading is always The Correct Way14:36
fenrignewest mpd release is ffmpeg 3.1 compat14:36
JEEBpersonally if I were making an FFmpeg recipe I would probably just use the git repo and stick to specific hashes on master14:37
JEEBbecause that's how I do it elsewhere14:37
fenrigoh okay14:37
JEEB1) check if current master is green on FATE14:37
fenrigI check out master then14:37
JEEB2) if yes, upgrade14:37
JEEB3) if no, stay put or look at the latest that still was green14:37
JEEBthe automated testing suite14:38
JEEBbut don't move to git unless you remember how to do it easily :) I would start with 3.114:38
JEEBit never feels good when something stops building correctly when you have deps14:38
JEEBalso the latest in the 3.1 series of FFmpeg is 3.1.3 I guess14:38
JEEBso if you're going that way I recommend that one14:39
JEEB(at the very least)14:39
fenrig3.1.3 is in master14:39
fenrigyeah indeed14:39
JEEByes, everything that goes into the release branches is cherry-picked from master14:39
JEEB(of course when people remember to pick things up that is)14:40
fenrigmpd upgrade fixed mp3 playback, broke m4a playback :P14:44
fenrigi need both14:44
JEEBhehe :)14:46
JEEBmight want to upgrade FFmpeg to 3.1.3 and see how things are. although AAC decoding as such is something that very rarely breaks14:46
JEEBbecause the FATE tests have a lot of AAC samples14:46
JEEB(m4as usually contain AAC audio)14:46
fenrigyeah I did add faac14:47
fenrigmaybe that changed something14:47
JEEBfaac isn't needed14:47
fenrigremoved it again14:47
JEEBfaac is a crappy enable-nonfree requiring encoder14:47
JEEBI think it was removed in later versions because of the internal aac encoder and fdk-aac handling all the things you'd think of using faac for14:47
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JEEBand as I noted, it's an encoder. not a decoder14:47
fenrigso probably m4a will still be broken14:48
fenrigbut its mpd thats having issues with it14:48
JEEBif you also build the ffmpeg command line tool  you can try decoding things with it14:48
fenrigbecause ffmpeg is still orginal14:48
JEEB`ffmpeg -i input -f null -`14:48
JEEBis the command line syntax for decoding an input14:49
JEEB-f null is a clever way to say that all decoded output should be discarded, and the trailing dash is "output to stdout" (except -f null makes there be no output)14:49
JEEBthat way you can check if ffmpeg.c fails at decoding that file14:50
fenrigokay it has nothing to do with faac14:53
fenriglets upgrade ffmpeg14:53
JEEBlet's just say that 99%+ of things are included in the default build without any configure parameters in FFmpeg (since almost everything decoding-wise is in internal and LGPL)14:53
JEEBalso man, this really makes me want to poke openembedded again :)14:54
JEEBhaven't done it since middle of 2015 or so14:54
fenrigyeah my last time is from a year ago14:54
fenrigwas playing with the bbb and the pru14:55
fenrigwanted to add support to yocto14:55
fenrigfor programming the pru's14:55
fenrigbut then life kicked in again14:55
fenrigbut now Im building a14:55
fenrigyoutube-dl and radio raspberry pi14:55
fenrigfor listening music when people come to my house :D14:55
JEEByoutube-dl is pretty awesome. I'm using it daily with mpv14:56
fenrigffmpeg 3.1.3 is compiling14:56
JEEBmpv "random-service-url" and it utilizes youtube-dl in the background14:56
fenrigyeah but I like to have an openembedded build, so I can move to other sbc's more easily and so I can set up a package repo :P14:56
fenrigmpv is coupled with mpd?14:56
JEEBmpv is the mplayer->mplayer2->mpv fork14:57
fenrigah yes14:57
JEEBleast retarded of the mplayer family right now, and the most active14:57
fenrigwell my setup is headless :P14:57
JEEByeah, makes sense :)14:57
fenrigI also saw kodi14:57
fenrigin the recipes somewhere14:57
fenrigwould be cool if that worked okay :P14:57
fenrigbut I saw its blacklisted14:58
JEEBreminds me that the kodi people noticed my yocto sticker on my laptop14:58
JEEBand noted that they needed someone to maintain the recipes14:58
fenrigdid you accept the offer?14:58
JEEBnope, I don't care enough about kodi14:58
JEEBand I haven't worked with OE for quite a while14:58
fenrigI think it has its merits :D14:59
JEEByeah, sure14:59
JEEBI am just currently in the mode where I like to poke around using libmpv with things14:59
fenrigalso, has someone ever tried building a router with openembedded?14:59
JEEBquite a few people I think?14:59
fenrigyeah at the moment i have internship at a company building with openwrt15:00
JEEByeah, that one has the router stuff from the get-go15:00
JEEBso many companies utilize it15:00
fenrigwould be cool if openembedded replaces it in the (far) future15:01
fenrigyeah building youtube-dl and mpd worked :D15:01
fenrigwith new ffmpeg15:01
fenrigmaking image at the moment and then Ill have to put it on sd15:02
JEEBalso I think youtube-dl doesn't really require the libraries, I remember it just calling the ffmpeg cli tool15:02
fenrigyeah possibly :P15:02
fenriglike I just call mpc in my web interface to mpd15:02
fenrigwell actually only for the youtube part XD15:02
JEEBbtw, did OE itself have a rpi3 target nowadays? just wondernig how quickly I could get flying with just vanilla?15:03
fenrigim using jumpnow tek15:03
fenrigits a meta-rpi layer building on meta-raspberrypi15:03
fenrigit has scripts and some extra things15:04
fenrigthough most comes from meta-raspberrypi15:04
JEEByeah, you need a specific kernel config and the firmware for the GPU15:04
fenrignot really using the gpu15:04
fenrigbut kernel is booting up fine15:04
fenrigI do think15:04
fenrigthe openembedded build is not arm6415:04
fenrigim not sure15:04
JEEBwell you feed it the firmware as the GPU handles early boot, I think?15:05
fenrigah yes indeed15:05
fenrigI know that was the case for rpi115:05
fenrigwell gpu firmware is being distributed in the jumpnowtek build15:05
fenrigotherwise i cant boot this thing :P15:05
JEEByup :)15:06
fenrigI would be so glad if this build works fully :P15:07
JEEBI've just had this idea in the back of my head that since sony is being a REDACTED with their android TVs and seemingly not letting me use UHD opengl contexts, that I could stick an rpi3 to a TV and have a full-screen Qt based libmpv app running on it15:07
JEEBfor media playback15:07
fenrigyeah would be cool !15:08
JEEBalthough I'm not sure how well the GPU on the rpi3 supports the opengl es video renderer :/15:08
fenrigYES, both are working15:10
fenrigYEAH YEAH YEAH15:10
fenrigallright :P15:10
JEEBmeanwhile I will have to fix things because FFmpeg seems to have broken things I require for my dayjob :)15:10
*** sujith_h <sujith_h!~toaster@> has joined #yocto15:10
JEEB(still better than any of the closed source media stuff I've touched)15:11
fenrigyeah ffmpeg is pretty awesome15:12
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fenrigwould it be possible to run firefox solely in x on the pi?15:12
fenrigso no DE15:12
fenrigjust firefox15:12
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fenrigLol i dont have echo15:16
rob_wno DE ?15:17
fenrigdesktop enviroment15:17
fenriglike gnome15:17
fenrigor kde15:17
fenrigare there any guides for this on openembedded?15:17
JEEBso a plain x server and then set firefox to connect to it15:17
rob_wfirefox is still a gtk app based x client, imho15:18
JEEBit will still require the GTK+ stuff to be around15:18
rob_wwell the gtk libs yes15:18
rob_wbut not the gnome desktop or even a windowmanager15:18
rob_wbut that will make his popups abike flaky15:19
rob_wi am using midori on some devices15:19
fenrigother browser then?15:19
fenrigI need some kind of extension support15:19
fenrigto send youtube urls to my ympd webserver15:19
rob_wwhat kind15:19
fenrigprobably the url from the current window/tab15:20
rob_wmidori is good embedded webkit based browser .. it does quite some stuff15:20
rob_wvia dbus =?15:20
rob_wor how ?15:20
fenrigwebsocket :D15:21
fenrigforgot to mention that XD15:21
fenrigI already have an android app :P15:21
fenrigbut iphone users are left in the cold15:21
rob_wdunno if that exists yet but should be fast to implement if not15:21
fenrig(not coughing up a dev license for that)15:21
JEEBwell websockets should be in the browser, no?15:21
JEEBif it's a new enough webkit15:22
fenrigI think websockets is not that recent15:22
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*** manuel__ is now known as manuel_15:23
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fenrigbut maybe15:24
fenrigI need to setup a package repo first15:24
fenrigbecause I need youtube-dl to stay quite recent15:25
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fenriggot any advice on how to setup a simple package repo?15:29
fenriggot some pointers?15:29
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fenrigwich layers do i need16:19
fenrigfor midori?16:19
fenrigi found16:19
fenrigand now i need the package for webkit-gtk16:19
fenrigbut I can only find16:19
fenrigwhich has webkitgtk16:19
fenrig(without the dash)16:19
fenrigokay had to change webkit-gtk to webkitgtk in depends16:27
fenrigmeta-web-kiosk is probably not that up too date anymore16:27
fenrigI noticed it had only 2 branches16:28
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lukma1Dear All,17:55
lukma1I'm curious if I could create my meta layer to have my own core-image-<board_name> image to be built17:56
lukma1In the core-image-<board_name> image I would "include" core-image-minimal and extend it by some extra packages17:56
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lukma1is it a good practice?17:56
lukma1Is it at all possible?17:57
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lukma1Some info needed - is there any default way to specify dependency for *.bbappend recipe?22:13
lukma1I mean I would like to specify that before I do something in the bbappend I would like to check if standard utility - e.g. sort is installed22:14
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