Sunday, 2016-09-25

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bluelightninglukma: you'd just create an image recipe and build it02:12
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mfnyhi all06:14
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lukmabluelightning: Thanks for answer07:06
lukmaThe problem is that this is not the ordinary image07:06
lukmait is supposed to be on the SD card07:06
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mfnyanyone here ?07:25
mfnycant get yocto to build with x11 at all07:30
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mfnybluelightning:  you here ?08:25
bluelightningmfny: kind of08:25
mfnystill cant get that x11 config error to clear08:26
mfnygetting realy flustrating08:26
Ulfalizermfny: unrelated, but just to save you some future embarrassment: it is spelled "frustrating" :)08:27
bluelightningmfny: did you try what I suggested?08:27
SnertRetaed with frust lol08:27
SnertI hate those erros08:28
mfnybluelightning: i didnt see your surgestion ..08:28
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mfnyUlfalizer: my spelling isnt great, deal with it :)08:29
bluelightningmfny: try deleting the bbappend from meta-xilinx (or renaming to e.g. .bbappend_disabled)08:29
mfnythats makeing it do the rootfs so so far so good08:34
mfnyand build is done08:34
mfnynow to see if it will work08:34
mfnyhopefully x11 will just generate its own config08:35
mfnyor if not i can copy those config files manualy i guess08:35
mfnyyay, it works08:50
mfnybluelightning:  thanks08:50
bluelightningmfny: no problem08:50
bluelightningmfny: you should probably tell the meta-xilinx maintainer to fix their broken bbappend08:50
bluelightning(or fix it for them and send a patch)08:50
mfnyim a noob so fixing it for them is outside of my skill set08:51
mfnybluelightning: im just getting started with FPGAs08:52
mfnyhm is there a standard x11 image with something more PC like then Sato ?08:53
mfnylike a proper WM08:54
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bluelightningmfny: you could always add meta-xfce, I believe that provides a reasonable starting image08:56
mfnyhow would i get the xfce image built ?08:57
mfnyi think ive tried it and it didnt work08:57
mfnyah i get this08:58
mfnyERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'core-image-minimal-xfce'. Close matches:   core-image-minimal-dev   core-image-minimal   core-image-minimal-initramfs08:58
mfnybluelightning: any ideas for that ?09:13
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bluelightningmfny: have you added meta-xfce to your configuration?09:19
mfnyno, how would i do that ?09:21
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bluelightningmfny: here's the layer:
bluelightningyou're going to need to clone that and the listed dependencies, then add the paths to conf/bblayers.conf09:33
mfnyim working out how to add layers now.. think i have it09:33
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mfnybluelightning: building now :)09:37
mfnybluelightning: what platform(s) do you run yocto on ?09:40
bluelightningmfny: well, I'm one of the developers so I test it on all sorts of different platforms09:40
mfnybluelightning: ohh your a dev, didnt know that09:41
mfnybluelightning: im running on a Zybo (Xilinx Zynq 7010) board09:42
mfnybluelightning: its a nice board so far09:42
mfnybluelightning: also yocto building could be easier... just saying :)09:43
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bluelightningmfny: well, you've hit bugs, that shouldn't happen09:44
bluelightningmfny: but there are easier ways to build, e.g. Toaster09:44
bluelightningthere's even a docker container for Toaster now so it's just a few commands to set up09:44
mfnyoh there is a docker ? neat09:45
mfnymay have to look into that09:45
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mfnybluelightning: that xfce minimal image works fine :)10:15
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bluelightningmfny: cool10:37
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auke-Hi! I'm trying to revive my custom Yocto image based on Jethro with a clean build, but gcc-cross-initial-arm fails to compile (undefined reference to expand_shift, see What could cause this error?10:40
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lukmaDear All,18:05
lukmaIs there a way to get ${LAYERDIR} in the recipie ?18:05
kergothbitbake doesn't keep track of what layer a given recipe lives in, but you can determine it after  the fact in the metadata18:05
lukmaI have my own layer -> meta-mylayer18:06
lukmaand I plan to store shared file at meta-mylayer/conf18:06
lukma(or maybe I shall create meta-mylayer/recipie-common ) ?18:07
lukmaI want to share one file between recipies in different directories18:07
kergothdepends on what it is. you could include a file from each recipe, or use a class and inherit it, or load a config file globally from local.conf18:08
lukmaHow can I load it globally from local.conf18:09
kergoththere's no need to know the path to the layer to include a file, though18:09
kergothif you use a relative path to 'include' or 'require', it'll search BBPATH, which searches the layers, for that path relative to the top of the layer18:09
lukmaIt is a simple text file with few lines in it18:09
kergothinclude conf/foo.conf will find foo.conf in your layer18:09
kergothfor example18:09
kergothit's how all config files and classes are found18:10
lukmaso I can include everyfile which was added to BBPATH during configuration?18:10
kergothi.e. bitbake.conf does include conf/local.conf, that's how local.conf is found. the build dir & the layer dirs are in bbpath18:10
kergoththat doesn't make sense18:10
kergothbbpath lists directories, much like PATH18:10
kergothit's a search path, used to find specific files18:10
lukmaso I can add "include conf/my_file.txt" in the recipie which needs it?18:10
kergoththough .txt is invalid18:10
lukmaERROR: ParseError in "conf/fw_env.config": not a BitBake file18:12
kergothyes, include/require are used to include bitbake config files18:12
kergothif it's a file you want to include source wise, it's still doable, but slightly more complex18:12
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lukmaSo to present what I'm trying to solve here:18:13
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kergothSRC_URI += "file://fw_env.config"; FILESPATH .= ":${@os.path.dirname(bb.utils.which('${BBPATH}', 'conf/fw_env.config'))}"18:13
kergothwould search the layers for the file, get the dir name of that, then add that to the seach path for file:// files18:14
kergoththat's one option18:14
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lukmakergoth: why I extend FILESPATH after add add SRC_URI ?18:16
lukmaStill no luck18:19
lukma${@os.path.dirname(bb.utils.which('${BBPATH}', 'conf/fw_env.config'))}"18:19
lukmaFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := ":${@os.path.dirname(bb.utils.which('${BBPATH}', 'conf/fw_env.config'))}"18:19
lukmaSRC_URI += "file://fw_env.config"18:19
lukmaI've modified it a bit since the original version was also not working18:19
kergothyou're prepending, but didn't move the : separator18:23
kergothif you prepend, the separator has to be at the end, not the beginning18:23
kergothotherwise you'll get a result like :foobar instead of foo:bar18:24
kergothand order is irrelevent, it doesn't matter what order thet wo variables are defined in, bitbake doesn't use their values until long after they're parsed18:24
lukmakergoth: Yes you are right18:26
lukmathe colon was in wrong place18:26
lukmaand I think that FILESETEXTRAPATHS is the way to add this18:26
lukma kergoth: And If I may18:28
lukmaIs there a way to see only the list of tasks executed for a recipie? (-n? -g?)18:28
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lukmakergoth: And one more question18:41
lukmahow can I access this fw_env.config when I write my own do_populate_rootfs() @ *.bbappen ?18:42
lukmaIs it accessible with ${S} ?18:42
lukma(with ${S} it is not working)18:42
kergothfile:// files in SRC_URI are unpacked to WORKDIR, not S18:47
lukmawith {WORKDIR} it also shows that the file is not found18:53
Ulfalizerhaven't really followed the discussion, but a nice debugging technique is to search for it in the build directory and then trying to correlate that to variables18:54
Ulfalizerthat way you'll get a feel for the layout as well18:54
Ulfalizerthe ${WORKDIR}s for recipes are in the build directory18:54
lukmaBut when I search for it:18:54
lukmathere is no fw_env.config18:57
lukmafind also is not showing anything18:58
Ulfalizerlukma: does the do_fetch task for the recipe run without errors?19:02
Ulfalizerthat's the one that'll copy that file into WORKDIR19:02
Ulfalizeralso, make sure that you're not overriding SRC_URI with a = after your +=. check the output of bitbake -e to see the final value of SRC_URI.19:03
Ulfalizerversion 2.2 of the reference manual has more details on bitbake -e btw19:04
Ulfalizercompared to earlier versions19:04
* Ulfalizer gets food19:07
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lukmado_fetch went smooth19:28
lukmaok, the "hackish" solution -> I've installed the original package which was installing this file19:52
lukmain the image, which I needed :D19:52
lukmaOneliner with .bbappend19:52
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