Tuesday, 2016-10-04

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Ulfalizerwhy is e.g. read_subpackage_metadata() a bitbake-style python function? what advantage does that give over a regular python function? just that overrides can be applied to it (though that isn't done in poky)?00:08
Ulfalizerinsane.bbclass and a bunch of package*.bbclass call it with bb.build.exec_func("read_subpackage_metadata", d)00:08
khemthere is bitbake context and then there is oe context00:09
kheminsane class lives in OE config namespace00:09
Ulfalizerhmm... could you elaborate? they all call it the same way, and all callers as well as the definition is in meta/classes/.00:10
khemyes but its sort of oe library00:16
khemwhere this funciton is00:17
khemand you want to insert it into bitbake context00:17
khemor say into runqueue00:17
Ulfalizerdoes bb.build.exec_func() run the function async? i had completely missed that in that case.00:18
khemits sort of way to call python function from shell00:18
Ulfalizerso it's to make it general and callable from both python and shell functions?00:19
Ulfalizerand nah, not async, afaics...00:21
khemasync is not the usecase here00:24
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Ulfalizeri might have some vague idea at least. having it be some standalone unit for execution rather than just a helper function.00:26
Ulfalizernothing seems to use it like that, but i think i kinda-sorta see the thinking, maybe...00:26
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khemits used by all different package classes00:28
khemso its more of a library call here00:28
Ulfalizerwould making it a regular python function have any operational disadvantages? (i'm not going to change it. i'm just curious.)00:29
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kergothUlfalizer: it was written before the "def" syntax even existed00:30
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Ulfalizerok, that's an explanation i can wrap my head around at least :P00:30
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kergothfor the future, i'd suggest checking git history for things like that. git can actually limit the log to a function if you give it a range of line numbers or regex patterns for start/stop00:31
khemits called in do_package_write () task00:31
Ulfalizeroh... didn't know you could do that. thanks for the tip.00:32
kergoththough in this case you can probably just use git log -S00:32
kergothwhich finds commits which add/remove lines mentioning the following00:32
kergothso it'd find the commits that added the calls to it00:32
khemoh so its about syntactic change hah00:32
Ulfalizerkhem: yeah, i've grepped for all call sites. was just curious as to why it's a bitbake-style python function rather than a regular def-style helper function.00:32
kergothbb.build.exec_func() vs just calling the thing00:32
Ulfalizerand i'm happy with "historical"00:33
* Ulfalizer checks the log00:33
khemi dont think it matters00:33
kergothin this case i think you'd have to check oe classic to dig far enough back :)00:33
kergoththe pkgdata bits have been there a long time00:33
khemall bbclasses seem to use python func ()00:34
khemyeah good old days when python sucked00:34
khemless :)00:35
Ulfalizerare there any other advantages to bitbake-style python with exec_func() vs. def-style functions besides being able to apply overrides to them by the way (completely unrelated to the earlier discussion)?00:36
khemyou can only override shell funcs00:37
kergothexec_func handles dirs, cleandirs, lockfiles, and writes a log file. negatives, it can't return a value00:38
Ulfalizerkhem: nope, works for bitbake-style python functions too. see https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.2/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#bitbake-style-python-functions.00:38
Ulfalizerand i actually tried out that example00:38
kergothinternally, today, exec_func_python actually injects the function being called as a def style function under the hood anyway, just wraps it00:38
Ulfalizerah, yeah, had forgotten about variable flags00:39
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kergothso depends on the circumstances. more often than not def is probably fine, and utilities of that sort are often better placed in an oe python module rather than a class00:40
kergothcourse back in the day we had no oe python package at all either00:41
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Ulfalizerkergoth: in case you feel like doing some proofreading: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1036402:29
yoctiBug 10364: normal, Undecided, ---, srifenbark, NEW , Suggested documentation to clarify BitBake-style vs. regular Python functions and bb.build.exec_func()02:29
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fishey1khem: my difficulty is that my user's application A is composed of their own libraries X, Y, and Z. They're used to modifying X, Y, and Z, installing the new versions to their local sysroot, building a new version of the application (against that same sysroot), and installing that application and the modified X, Y, Z libraries to a rootfs dir, then mounting that rootfs over nfs.06:13
fishey1The issue is that it doesn't seem like modifying the sysroot is really supposed to happen.06:14
fishey1Or is it? I guess I'm looking for guidance.06:14
fishey1[the application also happens to be installed to the sysroot, but that's not really something they rely on, it's just incidental]06:15
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arkverHi. Is there a way to list extra packages I'd like built & added to the package repo, but not included in the image? Something like a CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_NOINST ?07:09
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arkverI guess I can bitbake individual packages or package groups and update the index. Or I could have an "extras" image and bake that, but it might be nice to have it all in the one image recipe.07:23
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bluelightningprobably easiest to go the packagegroup route08:00
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arkverok, ta.08:10
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ernstpWhen I add the archiver task gcc-source fails to unpack_and_patch with Applying patch 0001-gcc-4.3.1-ARCH_FLAGS_FOR_TARGET.patch08:36
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ernstp|--- a/configure08:38
ernstp|+++ b/configure08:38
ernstpNo file to patch.  Skipping patch.08:38
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krzeminskiwhat is the recomended way in yocto to manage dependencies between package version - not only names08:47
krzeminskieg. my_package_1.0 depend on second_packege_1.1 or above?08:47
ernstpkrzeminski: there are versioned dependencies: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-RDEPENDS08:48
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krzeminskiernstp: did not expect that this is so simple08:50
krzeminskiernstp: thanks08:50
ernstphaven't tested it :-)08:51
krzeminskino problem, will test it08:53
krzeminskijust I have not found this in the docs08:54
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frscHi! Has anyone got an idea how to debug strange segfaults with Qt5.5.1 on an i.mx6 system within libGLES. See: https://paste.ee/p/9kEJY.12:29
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HyP3rhello everybody. How can I change the root password in my generated linux system?12:36
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ernstpHyP3r: if you're just developing you can set IMAGE_FEATURES += "debug-tweaks" to log in as root without a password12:44
ernstpfrsc: have you allocated memory for the graphics card? latest drivers for everything?12:46
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frscernstp: I'm using FSL Community Branch Jethro. I have never changed anything regarding memory allocation, but I'll check this...12:48
jubrfrsc: if your kernel CONFIG_CMA_SIZE_MBYTES is too small it wont work. You could try running Qt with env var QT_EGLFS_IMX6_NO_FB_MULTI_BUFFER=112:49
jubrThat should use less mem, so it might run then. Not the proper solution, but good for verifying.12:51
*** Anticom <Anticom!~quassel@> has joined #yocto12:54
HyP3rernstp: I'm /finished/ with debugging and want now that my rootfs has a root password set12:54
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC12:57
*** rubdos <rubdos!~rubdos@dhcp-184-129.vub.ac.be> has joined #yocto13:01
jubrHyP3r: you could use `ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND` in `your-image.bb`13:02
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC13:02
AnticomHi all. How can i instruct a recipe to compile using c++11 using a bbappend? i tried BUILD_CXXFLAGS += "-std=gnu++11" but that does not work13:03
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto13:04
AnticomOh i see, it's target_cxxflags, right?13:04
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto13:06
*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-tahjhcdjdxsxghyt> has joined #yocto13:09
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*** Rajan <Rajan!48a3dc0b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:23
HyP3rjubr: I have used this here: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/FAQ:How_do_I_set_or_change_the_root_password Hope this is correct13:23
*** toddw <toddw!~toddw@son.bhn.net> has quit IRC13:23
*** Biliogadafr1 <Biliogadafr1!~PIN@nat4-minsk-pool-46-53-178-120.telecom.by> has joined #yocto13:24
jubrHyP3r: that looks fine, haven't tried it myself though13:24
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~PIN@nat2-minsk-pool-46-53-194-183.telecom.by> has quit IRC13:27
*** Biliogadafr <Biliogadafr!~PIN@nat2-minsk-pool-46-53-194-183.telecom.by> has joined #yocto13:30
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*** nsrajanme <nsrajanme!~androirc@2001:420:5244:1300:a5e8:34b3:df06:ea77> has joined #yocto13:39
Ox4how does bbappend work? For example I have multiple bbappend files for one package in the several meta layers, which one has highest priority?13:41
jubrdepends on the layer priority13:41
jubrtry `bitbake-layer show-appends`13:41
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto13:42
AnticomIs there any good resource on how to set up remote debugging for software that was build using bitbake?13:42
AnticomI'm having issues getting it to work in eclipse13:42
Ox4jubr: so, if BBFILE_PRIORITY_layername has priority 1, the directives from bbappend file for a package will be taken from this layer, correct?13:44
*** ntl <ntl!~nathanl@cpe-70-113-70-38.austin.res.rr.com> has joined #yocto13:46
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CTtpollardbbappends across multiple layers can apply13:48
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has quit IRC13:48
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*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has joined #yocto13:49
jubr0x4: I'm not sure, but I think higher level is more important, my `bitbake-layers show-layers` did not help much there either13:49
jubrIn general, if you add a layer yourself, chances are you want to override stuff from the other (poky) layers, so you probably want to give it the highest prio13:50
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto13:51
Ox4CTtpollard: ok, if I rewrite do_install function in bbappend file in several layers, which one has the highest priority?13:51
jubrDetermined by the output of `bitbake-layers show-layers`13:52
jubras in: it will use that order13:52
jubrrandom-google-session: https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2014-November/022382.html -- first lines confirm: higher-prio-is-more-important13:53
AnticomOx4: why would you completly rewrite do_install in different layers?13:53
jubrAnticom: good q. 0x4: Are you maintaining multiple architectures in multiple layers?13:54
Anticomjubr: that's the smell i wanted to point out ;)13:54
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!~dmoseley@6532158hfc157.tampabay.res.rr.com> has joined #yocto13:54
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto13:55
Ox4Anticom, jubr, no. Just interesting13:55
*** igor2 <igor2!~Igor_Stop@> has joined #yocto13:56
AnticomOx4: Well in general bbappends should not completly redefine a task but only _append to it13:56
*** igor2 <igor2!~Igor_Stop@> has quit IRC13:57
*** rubdos <rubdos!~rubdos@dhcp-184-129.vub.ac.be> has joined #yocto13:58
Ox4understood, thank you13:59
frscjubr: I have 320 MiB of CMA and it was running with this setting with Dizzy-Branch and Qt5.3.2, now with Jethro and Qt5.5 I'm getting these segfaults.13:59
*** mps_ <mps_!uid23421@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-npnysasnizbeirlw> has joined #yocto13:59
c0rnelis there a method to use a layer with the exception of one bbappend?14:00
frscjubr: But it really looks like a memory issue, because the segfault happens in libGLES at different lines.14:00
*** ntl <ntl!~nathanl@cpe-70-113-70-38.austin.res.rr.com> has quit IRC14:00
sveinsec0rnel: Yes, exclude the pattern with BBMASK14:01
c0rnelsveinse, can i say something lie BBMASK += "myrecipe.bbappend"  ?14:02
sveinseThe interface has changed in recent versions of poky, but the old syntax is BBMASK .= "|.*/meta-custom/recipes-packages/networkmanager"14:02
*** jonver <jonver!~jonver___@dD577603A.access.telenet.be> has quit IRC14:03
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has quit IRC14:03
c0rnelsveinse, thank you14:04
Anticomhttp://downloads.yoctoproject.org/releases/eclipse-plugin/2.2/neon described in http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/latest/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#neon-new-software seems to be broken (404)14:04
sveinsec0rnel: np14:04
AnticomAny suggestions?14:04
*** jonver <jonver!~jonver___@dD577603A.access.telenet.be> has joined #yocto14:05
*** tobias_ <tobias_!~tobias@www3.mikrolund.ideon.se> has joined #yocto14:05
tobias_anyone who has some experience with cef and their new GN system in yocto?14:06
*** rubdos <rubdos!~rubdos@dhcp-184-129.vub.ac.be> has quit IRC14:07
Ox4I have one more question: I would like to import my own database schema dump to mariadb after intallation, how can I do that using bbappend file?14:09
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has joined #yocto14:09
*** tobias_ <tobias_!~tobias@www3.mikrolund.ideon.se> has quit IRC14:09
AnticomOx4: Probably belongs to do_install task14:10
*** qt-x <qt-x!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC14:11
Ox4I see the pkg_postinst_${PN}-server function in the mariadb.inc14:12
Anticompost-package-install would work too i guess14:13
Anticomso just append to this task (pkg_postinst_mariadb-server_append() { /*  import schema dump */ }14:14
Ox4but I cannot use mysqlimport because the server is not running yet14:14
Anticomrburton: Can you help with the broken eclipse link?14:14
AnticomOx4: can't you just copy the files to sysroot?14:15
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC14:15
Anticomi'm not sure whether anything else is needed14:15
sveinseI'm trying to write a recipe for canfestival, and I get this linker error: https://bpaste.net/show/3a0319b4a89314:16
sveinseDoes someone here happen to know what this can be? I've tried quite a few arguments/permutations in devshell, but I can't get it to link14:17
*** mortderire1 <mortderire1!~rkinsell@> has joined #yocto14:20
*** mortderire <mortderire!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC14:20
Anticomsveinse: probably forgott to link against some library. Ask the guys over at ##c or ##c++14:21
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@port-87-193-211-36.static.qsc.de> has joined #yocto14:22
rburtonAnticom: come a bug please14:23
*** arkver <arkver!~arkver@host81-135-70-147.range81-135.btcentralplus.com> has joined #yocto14:23
Anticomrburton: ?? I've looked into 2.1.1 etc. directories but there was no "neon" subdirectory14:23
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has joined #yocto14:23
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC14:24
*** jku <jku!jku@nat/intel/x-nfcwhsrtdycnbaqe> has quit IRC14:24
rburtonAnticom: literally no idea re eclipse, but if there's a problem then file a bug and CC tim orling14:24
Anticomrburton: Not sure whether it's a bug. I'm guessing the latest docs is just ahead of the actual builds (?)14:24
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel@> has joined #yocto14:25
Ox4Anticom: do you mean the datebase?14:25
AnticomOx4: yes14:25
Ox4I think the mysqlimport is the better approach14:25
AnticomOx4: I don't know mariadb but usually they just store their stuff in some rather portable files. So if you just copy the files to your sysroot it should work out just fine14:25
Ox4Anticom: yes, I can create the dump file of the database but I would like to store this dump back after the building mariadb package14:28
*** seebs <seebs!~seebs@home.seebs.net> has quit IRC14:28
sveinseAnticom: I doubt it. Upstream code works when cross compiling under other build envs. It's when I take it to Yocto it stops. This "libc.so.6: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line" which perplexes me14:32
sveinseI've checked that the missing symbol is indeed present in libc.so.6 (albeit under a weak symbol)14:32
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto14:33
Anticomsveinse: inspect log.do_compile in path/to/build/tmp/work/<arch>/<recipe>/<version>/temp and check whether everything is build/linked as you do it on your dev machine or wherever it does work14:34
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@OTWAON23-3096772825.sdsl.bell.ca> has quit IRC14:34
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has quit IRC14:35
Anticomsveinse: also you could add TARGET_LDFLAGS += "-Wl,-t" to get a trace of what libs exactly are linked14:35
Anticom(not sure, whether you need the -Wl, there or not)14:35
sveinseAnticom: I'm am manually working in devshell and testing various options (including -t)14:36
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC14:37
sveinseIt does not reveal anything more than the above failure14:37
sveinseI was inclined towards adding -lc, but then it fails on missing _start, so apparently it seems the linker startup has gone haywire14:38
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:38
sveinsehah, got it!14:41
sveinseupstream is using ld for linking. Change it to gcc and it links properly14:41
HyP3rmarka: hey I've tried extrausers.bbclass but I get this error: opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package racechip-password14:42
HyP3rmarka: http://pastebin.com/iDKcCBCq <- this is the recpie14:42
HyP3rmarka: I really don't know why, and I don't know how to troulbeshoot that14:42
* marka looks14:44
*** toscalix_ <toscalix_!~toscalix@ipservice-092-216-113-150.092.216.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #yocto14:46
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*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto14:48
markaHyP3r: the -P should be lowercase. no?14:48
Anticomsveinse: #blametheprogrammer :D14:48
markaoutside of that I would attempt to get any additional error logging since "Cannot install package..." is not all that useful14:49
sveinseAnticom: heh, yes. #they are to blame, we're perfect. #pridebeforethefall :P14:49
markapossibly get a system up and running with smartpm and attempt to install the package, as opposed to including it in rootfs creation14:49
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@OTWAON23-3096772825.sdsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto14:50
markabut first look at the capital P, pretty sure that should be p14:51
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto14:52
*** mortderire1 <mortderire1!~rkinsell@> has quit IRC14:52
HyP3rmarka: this 's/-P/-p/g' could be the solution but I'm confused take a look at that: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/FAQ:How_do_I_set_or_change_the_root_password14:53
*** toscalix_ <toscalix_!~toscalix@ipservice-092-216-113-150.092.216.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has quit IRC14:53
armpitYPTM armin is on14:54
HyP3rmarka: how can I give you more information like that?14:54
HyP3rmarka: or what log file do you want14:54
*** nsrajanme <nsrajanme!~androirc@> has joined #yocto14:54
sjolleyYPTM:   Ready-Access Number:    8007302996  Access Code:    270575114:55
*** toscalix_ <toscalix_!~toscalix@ipservice-092-216-113-150.092.216.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #yocto14:55
markaHyP3r: ya, I would say a quick glance the wiki might have a typo for /P/p/14:56
markaEXTRA_USERS_PARAMS is calling the commands14:56
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC14:56
markaand usermod AFAIK only has '-p'14:56
sjolleyYPTM: Stephen Joined14:57
*** mortderire <mortderire!rkinsell@nat/intel/x-jiuunbcttzaigfzl> has joined #yocto14:57
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto14:57
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markaHyP3r: as for getting more information I can attempt to reproduce your issue here14:57
markabut rather than wait for me I definitely encourage you to see what you can get14:58
*** nighty <nighty!~nighty@s229123.ppp.asahi-net.or.jp> has joined #yocto14:58
markaagain, I think attempting to install with smart on a running system will yield more useful information, gut feeling14:58
*** seebs <seebs!~seebs@home.seebs.net> has joined #yocto14:58
joshuaglYPTM: Joshua joined14:59
sveinseThis upstream code does not separate on ${bindir} and {libdir}. Is there a common prefix variable I can use? Or do I strictly need to patch its build system here?14:59
*** jku <jku!~jku@178-75-131-14.bb.dnainternet.fi> has joined #yocto14:59
*** toscalix_ <toscalix_!~toscalix@ipservice-092-216-113-150.092.216.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #yocto14:59
rburtonsveinse: have a look at bitbake.conf.  ${prefix} is likely what you want.15:00
kergothwhy do people keep adding a redundant [oe-core] to their patch submission subject lines?15:00
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:00
kergothit's pointless, the list adds it anyway, and the readme in the layer says nothing about that crap15:00
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@port-87-193-211-36.static.qsc.de> has joined #yocto15:01
joshuaglthat sort of thing is the reason dvhart wrote tools for creating and submitting patches15:02
HyP3rmarka: I guess the problem is: Unknown package 'racechip-password'.15:03
HyP3rmarka: a package with no files is no package... I added this extrausers to another packages which is also delivering files15:03
*** toscalix_ <toscalix_!~toscalix@ipservice-092-216-113-150.092.216.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has quit IRC15:04
markaHyP3r: I was curious about that15:05
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:06
sveinserburton: thanks15:06
sveinseAre there any examples of any recipes that generates both target packages as well as native packages from the same source/recipe?15:06
markayou can probably confirm that easy enough by looking at the packages-split directory15:06
sjolleyYPTM is over.15:06
armpitwow all ARs are assign to ross15:06
joshuaglbest way to keep the meeting short "ross said he'll do it"15:07
rburtonhang on what15:07
markaHyP3r: anyways, lots of info out there for you to debug work around 'empty' package rules15:07
rburtonsveinse: everything that uses BBCLASSEXTEND15:07
rburtonoh it was YPTM15:07
sveinseoh, sorry guys15:08
rburtoni guess i should read the minutes15:08
HyP3rmarka: ok I run it now seems to work :D15:09
markagood stuff15:09
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*** Aethenelle_ is now known as Aethenelle15:11
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fishey1What's the right way for a layer to provide a configuration file intended for use with populate_sdk? It looks like meta-qt5 is providing some bbclasses to do this (populate_sdk_qt5.bbclass & populate_sdk_qt5_base.bbclass), is that the right way to handle it?15:50
*** rt <rt!~rt@p4FD4BBC1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto15:51
*** rajm <rajm!~robertmar@82-70-136-246.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk> has quit IRC15:53
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kergothfishey1: that depends on what the file is15:55
kergothRP1: ping15:55
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!ttorling@fsf/member/moto-timo> has quit IRC15:55
fishey1kergoth: setting environment variables for qmake to build for target15:55
fishey1dropped in environment-setup.d15:55
kergothjust write a new recipe, either nativesdk or target, depending on which sysroot you want to have the environment-setup.d in15:56
kergoththen add that to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK or TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK, respectively15:56
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~ttorling@> has joined #yocto15:57
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*** Jefro <Jefro!~jefro@50-0-152-82.dedicated.static.sonic.net> has joined #yocto15:58
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*** moto-timo <moto-timo!ttorling@fsf/member/moto-timo> has joined #yocto15:58
Ox4can I print out my custom variables definition from bbappend file to the output?16:00
*** vmesons <vmesons!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto16:00
fishey1that makes sense. so instead of using ${SDK_OUTPUT}${SDKPATHNATIVE}/environment-setup.d (which is what qt4 is doing right now in a `create_sdk_files_apped`, just have a recipe with a do_install that uses ${D}/environment-setup.d (and add to the TOOLCHAIN_*_TASK as appropriate)? Sounds... sane. Is there a guideline on which sysroot's (host or target) environment-setup.d should be used? I'm leaning towards16:00
kergothOx4: just use bitbake -e, the same way you'd examine any recipe or metadata variables16:00
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has quit IRC16:00
fishey1TARGET as this config references some paths in target.16:00
*** vmesons <vmesons!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has quit IRC16:00
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto16:01
kergothfishey1: yeah, it really depends on what variables you need. if you need host/target stuff, you won't have access to those in a nativesdk recipe16:01
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has quit IRC16:02
Ox4kergoth: nice. Thank you16:02
kergothspecifically bitbake -e yourrecipe16:03
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RP1kergoth: hi16:05
kergothRP1: any tips on debugging a taskhash mismatch encountered by an automated build? the only sigdata in stamps is one of the two, so can't compare16:06
*** seezer <seezer!~seezer@quassel/developer/seezer> has joined #yocto16:07
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Ox4if I create a variable outside any function in the bbappend file like MYVAR = "SELECT * FROM database;"16:12
Ox4should I use it in the function like ${MYVAR}?16:12
*** fl0v01 <fl0v01!~fvo@pD9F6B4C1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC16:12
kergoththat's how bitbake variables work, yes16:12
kergothsee the bitbake user manual16:13
kergothOx4: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.2/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html, https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.2/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#basic-syntax16:13
Ox4very helpfull, thank you again :)16:14
*** dreyna <dreyna!~dreyna@c-24-5-28-247.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #yocto16:19
fishey1kergoth: ok, so what if the sdk needs a symlink from SDKPATHNATIVE to SDKTARGETSYSROOT? This seems like it's probably completely wrong to do, yet meta-qt4 does it today. I suppose I'll keep that around in a bbclass used for the sdk and look at the root cause later.16:21
RP1kergoth: you probably need to have it dump the stamps at parse time16:22
RP1kergoth: The line "Slow but can be useful for debugging mismatched basehashes" in siggen.py16:22
RP1kergoth: there is an open bug about this, is performance verses debugging issue :/16:23
kergothokay, thanks. wonder if we should add an argument for that.. should we have too many args already..16:23
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Ox4guys, what is wrong with this bbappend file: http://dpaste.com/3F1963C ?16:57
Ox4The mariadb package was built successfully, but I don't see my database :-(16:57
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Ox4sorry, this one is correct version: http://dpaste.com/30D13HH17:00
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Ox4and another question: how to make escaped quotes in the recipe? The "\"" is enough?17:06
seebsSo looking at the rules you have there, it seems to me that the mysql -e command is unlikely to do what you want.17:07
seebsBecause there's no quoting involved, so you end up just invoking: mysql -e CREATE DATABASE [...]17:08
seebsIn particular, the semicolon after ${DATABASENAME} would be the end of the mysql command.17:08
Ox4yes it is17:08
seebsSo it would then execute GRANT USAGE ON *.* [...] as a new command.17:08
Ox4that's is why I have asked about quotes17:08
seebsI think what you might want is mysql -e "${SQL_CREATE_DATABASE} ... "17:09
seebswith the quotes in the shell command.17:09
seebsBut the other thing is... It seems to me that this should have *failed*.17:09
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@24-212-184-107.cable.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto17:09
seebsSo if you didn't get a failure when the shell tried to invoke a nonexistent command named GRANT, it's probable that the append didn't work as expected.17:09
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Ox4seebs: what about "< database_dump.sql", is it correct?17:19
*** blueness_ <blueness_!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC17:20
seebsPossibly? You might need to specify the path you installed it in.17:21
seebsOh, hmm. That's a postinst. That may not run until the system boots, and then you'd get a log from it.17:21
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Ox4hm, interesting17:24
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CircuitsoftHello - what would I add to my DEPENDS= line to compile against libbfd?19:18
kergothbluelightning: thoughts on changing bitbake-layers show-layers output more script-friendly? either automatically based on stdout/stderr being a tty, or an argument? i.e. tab-seperated, no header, rather than space separated with a header and header separator19:19
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bluelightningCircuitsoft: that sounds correct19:28
bluelightningkergoth: I'd be in favour... the headers there and for some of the other commands have always been a bit bothersome for scripts19:29
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto19:29
Circuitsoftbluelightning: The package in question (ipxe) uses straight Make, rather than configure. Does it need to pull an include path from the environment somehow?19:31
CircuitsoftWith binutils in DEPENDS, it still can't find bfd.h19:31
bluelightningCircuitsoft: depends entirely on what the makefile is doing19:32
CircuitsoftCC              := $(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc19:32
kergothbluelightning: k, will have to give it some thought re the semantics, ideally we want to look good for the user, but still be nicely scriptable. thanks for the input.19:32
kergothaside, just found another situation where you can use bitbake-layers to get yourself into a situation you can't use it to get out of. missing layer dependency = bblayers no longer parsable. hrmph. might add a dep check to add-layer to prevent a user from getting into that situation19:33
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bluelightningCircuitsoft: you know there's a recipe for ipxe in meta-virtualization, right? http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/recipe/33112/19:34
CircuitsoftI'm using that.19:34
bluelightningkergoth: yes, I'd noticed that too... unfortunate side-effect19:34
CircuitsoftIt fails when building util/elf2efi3219:34
bluelightningCircuitsoft: ok, great, just checking19:34
bluelightningCircuitsoft: yes, that CC value is not what you want, it should be using the CC value from the environment19:35
CircuitsoftIt's hardcoded in the Makefile. I'll have to come up with a patch.19:35
bluelightningCircuitsoft: well, maybe not19:36
*** rcwoolley_ <rcwoolley_!~rwoolley@> has quit IRC19:36
CircuitsoftAcutally, I think it's using HOST_CC which is hardcoded as gcc19:36
bluelightningCircuitsoft: in previous versions that was forced, we always passed -e to make, as of the last major release we stopped doing that19:36
kergothEXTRA_OEMAKE Is our friend. explicitly pass it in19:36
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto19:36
bluelightningright, that's what I was alluding to19:37
*** GoatFounDeR <GoatFounDeR!~thomas@> has quit IRC19:37
CircuitsoftSo, installing libiberty-dev and binutils-dev on my host machine fixed it.19:37
CircuitsoftThe recipe already requires binutils-native.19:37
CircuitsoftWhere should it find the native dev packages?19:38
bluelightningin the native sysroot19:39
bluelightningwhich it should already be looking in...19:40
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CircuitsoftLooks like it should be using BUILD_CFLAGS for native programs?19:43
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto19:44
fishey1Circuitsoft: you should use ${CFLAGS} and allow the native.bbclass to set that var as appropriate19:48
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@x4db42072.dyn.telefonica.de> has joined #yocto19:49
Circuitsoftfishey1: It's not a native package, but it has one native executable it has to build, to finish the target.19:49
fishey1in that case, BUILD_CFLAGS may work, though I'd also consider (and perhaps recommend) depending on a foo-tools-native package instead of having the target package build native tools. I suppose it would depend on whether the native tools are normally installed. u-boot does something like this.19:51
CircuitsoftThe tool in question is elf2efi32 and elf2efi6419:52
CircuitsoftOkay. So, the magic invocation is: make HOST_CFLAGS="$BUILD_CFLAGS $BUILD_LDFLAGS"19:54
kergothyou'll want to obey BUILD_CC for HOST_CC too19:57
kergothif youaren't already19:57
CircuitsoftSo far, BUILD_CC seems to be just "gcc", but I should add that too.19:57
kergothit is, but isn't guaranteed to be. in some cases folks override it to e.g. force use of a compatible gcc version on distros running the bleeding edge19:58
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yannis it not supported, to specify a branchname as SRCREV ?  Looks like nothing will trigger a check-if-iI-need-to-fetch20:28
bluelightningyann: in that case you want to use branch=<branchname> and SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" (or specify a specific revision on that branch, if you prefer)20:31
bluelightningwhere ;branch=<branchname> goes on the end of the SRC_URI entry20:31
yannI had the branch already AUTOREV was what I was missing20:31
yannwouldn't it be a good place to have AUTOREV mentionned in the " Fetching Code" part of the dev-manual ?20:33
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yannmaybe it's just missing an xref to "using an external scm", in fact20:36
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bluelightningyann: hmm, yes, we should try to cover that somehow - the external SCM section probably needs some reworking too20:46
yannyes - I'm currently trying to find how I activate AUTOINC to be handled, but just can't find it anymore20:48
yannah, found it20:50
*** kscherer <kscherer!~kscherer@> has quit IRC20:53
bluelightningyann: er - AUTOINC is just a placeholder, you shouldn't need to "activate" it20:54
bluelightningyann: it gets replaced when the packages are created20:54
*** maxs___ <maxs___!d59ffba8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto20:54
yannyes, I meant using the PR service - if I had the name in mind I would have got to it immediately :)20:54
bluelightningah, right, I see20:54
bluelightningwe really ought to be clearer that you need to enable the PR service to get properly incrementing versions20:55
bluelightningmaybe we should just turn on a local one by default20:55
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yannbtw, how open is 2.2 for changes ?20:56
yannI have an embryo of a useful addition, allowing to produce RO images in some cases where qemu does not fully support the target20:57
yann"just" need to find a reliable test to activate this in preference to qemu in the postinst-intercepts20:58
yannin my case, working with an amdfalconx86, which defaults to using the dbfp4 tune, which is not supported in qemu - but for which running native binaries in postinst-intercepts ought to be good on an x86_64 host21:00
bluelightningyann: at this point that will probably have to wait for 2.3, but you could still RFC it now21:01
yannjust not sure how to test for the compatibility in the postinst-intercept script. Maybe it would be better to have the "compat" checked at OE level, and the intercept just check that21:02
yannok, will do that21:05
RP1seebs: did you see the renameat patch for pseudo? any thoughts on that?(https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10349)21:05
yoctiBug 10349: normal, Undecided, ---, mark.hatle, NEW , renameat() loses extended attributes21:05
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gnac Does the eclipse yocto plugin allow you to configure your yocto image?22:17
*** rburton <rburton!~Adium@home.burtonini.com> has quit IRC22:21
moto-timognac: it really is only for editing, compiling, debugging applications right now22:21
moto-timognac: for image configuration one option would be toaster22:21
gnacmoto-timo: okay, thanks.22:22
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto22:22
gnacSecond question, is it possible to generate an SDK with crosscompilers for windows hosts (to a yocto target)?22:22
moto-timognac: you need to use meta-mingw22:23
gnacDon't flame me on needing a Windows host, its an Enterprise requirement.22:23
moto-timognac: otherwise, you want to use CROPS22:23
gnacare those recipes/options? or separate downloads?22:23
moto-timognac: https://github.com/crops/docker-win-mac-docs/wiki22:23
moto-timoit's rather bleeding edge, but it works22:24
moto-timoIt will be more fleshed out in 2.322:25
gnacI recognize the need to build the yocto "OS" image in a linux host. There is an enterprise packager of yocto that also generates an SDK for use on compiling for linux yocto targets from within windows.22:25
moto-timoso either you builds the windows tools on meta-mingw or you need another hammer (CROPS)22:26
gnacOkay, great,, I'll look at meta-mingw, thanks!22:26
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