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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #699 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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T_UNIXwhen generating an image, does bitbake(?) populate the root_fs using the previously generated RPMs (or whatever is used as package format)?08:08
Ox4could somebody help me with this error: ?08:12
T_UNIX0x4: you're missing the layer that r(untime)provides the 'x11' package08:13
T_UNIXsomething like 'grep -R RPROVIDES*x11* *' within the directory that contains all your meta-* folders (layers) should help you determine the layer that provides it.08:14
T_UNIXthen put that layer into your bblayers.conf and retry :)08:14
T_UNIXunless it was you who added the x11 dependency to the arago image recipe. Then you might have picked the wrong dependency name :)08:15
UlfalizerT_UNIX: yup, the RPMs are simply installed into the image08:18
T_UNIXUlfalizer: thank you :)08:18
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Ulfalizerre. the (?), much of the behavior of the standard build task is implemented in bbclasses that are inherited globally rather than being something built into bitbake itself08:20
Ulfalizerbitbake + standard metadata like that is what the manual calls the "openembedded build system"08:20
Ulfalizer has a note on how to see what classes are inherited by default, near the end08:21
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T_UNIXthe more you know :)08:21
Ulfalizerthe 2.2 version of the manuals has a bunch of new stuff :)08:22
T_UNIXunfortunately I'm stuck with dylan for now -.-'08:22
Ulfalizermost of it also applies to older versions08:23
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Ulfalizer*standard build tasks08:35
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Ox4T_UNIX: grep shows me nothing about x11 :-(09:01
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Ox4what is the correct approach: append IMAGE_INSTALL += " blah" to the layer image file, or to the build/conf/local.conf?09:32
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T_UNIXOx4: sorry, network was down. So then it seems to me that either the grep expression is wrong :D or you're missing the corresponding layer ;-)09:35
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boucman_workhey all09:51
boucman_workI have some software that I download via git, but can't be downloaded anonymously09:51
boucman_workmoreover my SSH key is protecte by a password.09:52
boucman_workI use ssh-agent to keep my key unlocked, but somehow bitbake seems to loos that info and can't download the git sources09:52
boucman_work(doing a git fetch in the same shell as bitbake correctly uses the ssh agent and downloads whatever needs to be downloaded)09:53
boucman_workis there a workaround for that ?09:53
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sveinseI can't just add BBCLASSEXTEND="native" to get a native package from a recipe, can I?10:07
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boucman_workNo real function for mknod: /home/jrosen/projets/nexter-lafp/lafp-os/lafp-toradex-wayland-head/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/../lib/pseudo/lib64/ undefined symbol: mknod10:23
boucman_work^^^has anybody encountered that ? (i'm using jethro)10:23
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joshuaglyeah, fixed in master and discussed on yocto@ recently11:02
joshuaglthread is
joshuaglFix is
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boucman_workjoshuagl: ok, thx a lot11:13
joshuaglboucman_work: if you backport that to jethro it's probably worth submitting to the list11:14
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boucman_workyeah, good point11:14
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sveinseIf a recipe generates host tools in addition to the target files, how should that be split out in a recipe?11:16
sveinseBBCLASSEXTEND="native" really only adds the ability to build the whole recipe once more for the -native target, doesn't it?11:17
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boucman_worksveinse: yes, but you can make a recipe that generates two packages, the native and the non-natvie package, and deal with the details at pkg-split time11:20
boucman_workI think that would work...11:20
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sveinseboucman_work: just by naming convention? e.g. canfestival-objdictgen-native11:20
boucman_worki'm not sure...11:21
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sveinsenot sure either. Just tested it, and it generates canfestival-objdictgen-native_*_armel.deb, which is not correct.11:24
sveinseUsing BBCLASSEXTEND="native" does work, thou. But it checks out and rebuilds the whole shebang once more for native. Seems superfluous where there's only a small part of the entire recipe needed for native11:25
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qt-xIn yocto devshell neovim is not working. where can i find more info on why is not working ?13:09
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Ox4`could somebody take a look at this error: ?13:38
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muppeHi. Does anybody know how IMGDEPLOYDIR gets its value? Or is it something I need to set manually? I am trying to create an image including meta-raspberrypi but the SD image creation seems to fail as it is trying to write the image to my root directory i.e. IMGDEPLOYDIR is empty in the beginning of the path.14:00
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likewisemuppe: try to use "grep" to understand how things are being set14:37
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sveinseDoes yocto have a mechanism for sharing the same SRC_URI across multiple recipes? E.g. our project repo, which contains the code for multiple recipes/outputs. I'd rather avoid having to check out the repo many times14:43
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frayeasiest way, if there are multiple recipes int he same directory sharing..14:44
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fraywait I missread..14:44
frayIf you have identical sources on multiple recipes, it will only be downloaded once -- but will be extracted multiple times14:44
fraythere are ways to even share the extracted sources -- but it takes a lot of care to ensure you don't break things -- so it's generally not recommended..14:45
fraygcc and the kernel are the two cases where we have shared source use... but it can be done elsewhere, but again care is needed..14:45
frayeasiest way is to follow the gcc model -- have a 'source' package that does nothing but fetches, and patches the sources.. then the other recipes depend on that and use it from the shared installation location.. avoiding any local patching or other changes14:46
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CircuitsoftSo, I found why nothing PROVIDES lib32-my-app; it's because my LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST="commercial_my-app" not "commercial_lib32-my-app"15:03
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gartinhi guys15:09
*** jbrianceau <jbrianceau!uid10952@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto15:09
gartinI am trying to overcome a "fatal error: sys/types.h: No such file or directory"15:09
gartinI am using a custom do_compile()15:10
gartinand am basically running a script with some arguments15:10
gartinone or the arguments being the toolchain prefix to which the script adds "gcc"15:11
gartinso it basically gets the cross gcc and invokes it on a .c file15:11
gartinproblem is that it does not pick-ul the sysroot, hence the error about not finding sys/types.h15:11
gartinhow would I go about adding the sysroot when not using oe_runmake?15:11
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CircuitsoftSo, my issue seems to be an issue with license name expansion with multilib.15:16
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khemgartin: may be your application overrides CC and CXX and family of make variables in its Makefiles ?15:36
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Ox4guys, I don't see symlink to my latest image build. How can I generate it automatically?16:02
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gartinkhem, yeah, that was it16:08
gartinthanks for the pointer16:08
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CircuitsoftIs there an alternative to ${PN} that doesn't get ${MLPREFIX} added to it automatically?16:32
CircuitsoftPerfect, thank you.16:33
CircuitsoftI guess my INITRD_IMAGE = line needed BPN-initramfs rather than PN-initramfs16:33
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denixmoto-timo: ping17:40
moto-timodenix: pong17:40
denixmoto-timo: is there are recipe for pybind11?17:40
denixa recipe17:40
moto-timoI don't see one in layer index.17:41
denixyeah, I already checked that... thought maybe there was a different name or something17:41
moto-timodenix: sounds useful :)17:42
moto-timodenix: new to me, so I'm not much help17:42
denixmoto-timo: ok, thanks :) I'll look into it17:43
moto-timodenix: let me know if you have problems17:44
denixmoto-timo: sure, thanks!17:44
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Geoff_hi guys, having an issue where qtquickcontrols-qmlplugins is not available.  Anyone know how to turn it on?  I'm using jethro, meta-qt5, qt version is 5.518:15
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Geoff_read something in an old forum post about PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtbase = " accessibility" would that do it?18:15
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Geoff_I've tried including qtdeclarative-qmlplugins and qtquickcontrols-qmlplugins in my image but I get this error: "cannot satisfy the following dependencies: qtquickcontrols-qmlplugins"18:20
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CircuitsoftHow can I build 32 and 64-bit kernels against my 32-bit-only userspace?19:24
CircuitsoftI'm using multilib, with lib32-my-image.19:24
Circuitsoftbitbake lib32-linux-yocto doesn't seem to have built anything.19:24
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markaCircuitsoft: 32bit vs 64bit kernel is selected based on the CONFIG_64BIT Kconfig value in the kernel .config19:28
bluelightningright, and multilib explicitly does not apply to the kernel19:30
markait will be the BSP selecting the kconfig via kernel config frags19:31
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markanot sure if there is a good or documented way to build multiple kernels in a single build19:34
markaI would almost suggest you create a second build and use a customer layer with kernel scc and cfg frag to set disable CONFIG_64BIT19:34
markause the second build to build the kernel and modules...19:35
markaRP you around, I have a question for you based on a finding I have with fray asking me to look at some bitbake performance stuff19:37
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RPmarka: I am, kind of19:54
markano worries, if you are busy I can get you another time19:54
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fishey1Are the items in TARGET_HOST_TASK package names or recipie names? (trying to get mkfs.ubifs to be included, and mtd-tools puts it in a seperate package)19:55
markaRP if you want to look as a distraction I want to ask about fn_from_tid() vs taskfn_fromtid()19:55
markafrom my take these are the same function19:55
*** bilboquet <bilboquet!> has joined #yocto19:55
marka taskfn_fromtid() is just more complex19:55
bluelightningfishey1: package names, in the nativesdk- namespace19:56
RPmarka: they do look very similar don't they19:58
markathey do19:58
markaunless I am missing something19:58
markawhich is entirely possible19:58
markataskfn_fromtid() lacks "taste" as Linus would say19:58
markasince it has a secial case19:59
markaspecial even19:59
RPmarka: also note that in nearly every usage, it calls split_tid before it20:00
markaRP yes, this is why I was asking20:00
markaas this is an optimization I am looking at20:00
RPmarka: are the profiles showing slowdown in these functions?20:01
markait is the dependency building recursive loop which I am focused on20:01
markaand they use the split and build funcs20:01
markain the case I am using I was able to go from ~26,000,000 to ~23,000,000 function calls by cutting out the split in an inner loop20:02
RPmarka: right, and that is worth something with python20:02
markait is20:02
RPmarka: I suspect this is an artefact of how I converted the code from the older IDs20:03
markathat was my guess20:03
markaI was just wanting to avoid wading in over my head20:03
RPmarka: I think you're right and this function can be dropped20:04
markait will be a nasty patch20:04
RPmarka: why?20:04
markasince the variable names which use these for assignment are fn and task20:04
markasorry taskfn20:04
markaI suppose it won't be that bad20:04
markawould be nice to have a variable name for "multiconfig:mc:fn" vs "fn"20:05
RPmarka: right, its confusing20:06
RPmarka: mcfn?20:06
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RPmarka: I can have a look at cleaning this up a bit if it helps20:06
markaya, since I suspect you spend far more time in this code than I do it might be safer for you to make the change20:07
markaunless you want to be stuck with a stupid var name, which I am bound to give it20:07
*** Jefro1 <Jefro1!> has quit IRC20:07
RPmarka: let me finish off what I was doing and I'll have a look20:07
markafor sure, no rush20:07
RPmarka: I might go a bit further than you would ;-)20:07
markaI will continue with my performance analysis20:08
markathis won't get in my way, so no rush20:08
markaagreed, if I was making the change I might be 'shy'20:08
markaand it is a good opportunity for cleanup while the rename is obvious20:08
* marka ducks back in to the shadows20:09
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #344 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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