Tuesday, 2016-10-11

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ecksunhow do I go about triggering only the image generation step?12:34
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rburtonecksun: bitbake myimage, if the packages are all ready then they won't be rebuilt12:37
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ecksunwell, I would to run the building of packages separetly from the generation of the image12:38
ecksunbecause I would like to do something in between12:38
rburtonso bitbake myimage works fine for the image generation step then12:38
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ecksunwell, I don't want it to do the building of packages, as I probably wont have the required sstate cache files for that12:39
rburtonhow do you expect to build an image without packages?12:39
ecksunI will have the packages12:39
ecksunbasically only the package feed12:39
ecksunthats what I will consider the output of the previous step12:40
rburtonas discussed yesterday you need more than just the deploy/ directory12:40
ecksunwell, Im not so sure actually12:40
ecksunthe code does not seem to depend on much more12:40
ecksunand the documentation hints at it being possible12:40
ecksunsee the note here for example: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/latest/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#package-splitting-dev-environment12:40
rburtonthat discusses making a package feed minimal / upgrade only / publishable12:41
rburtonfor which there is more work than just making deploy/deb public12:41
ecksunyes, sure, my plan is to make a package feed12:42
ecksunbut I dont follow what you mean by "minimal / upgrade only / publishable"?12:42
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ecksunwhere is the entrypoint to the different steps in the bitbake build, more specifically, what triggers the do_rootfs function?12:44
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rburtonimage.bbclass defines the do_rootfs task that has to run before do_build12:50
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ecksunhmm, interesting12:50
ecksunI see12:53
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rburtondo_build is essential a no-op task that is just the default task13:00
rburtonall the other tasks involved in any recipe are dependents of that13:00
rburtonie a normal package do_build depends on writing to the sysroot, generating packaging, writing the license manifest, and a few other pieces.13:01
ecksunyeah, I understood as much13:02
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ecksunso what I hope I can do is just run do_build and ignore the output image, then configure my package feed and then run do_rootfs after that13:02
rburtonyou understand that won't work out of the box right13:04
ecksunwell, yes, but I dont know what else to do13:04
rburtonstop considering the sstate as something transient and untrustworthy?13:05
rburtonits *better* than a package feed13:05
ecksunbut it is? its a cache?13:05
rburtonas i said repeatedly yesterday, only in the technical sense13:05
rburtonwhat's to ensure that libfoo-1-2.deb is always identical13:06
rburtonyou could rebuild it without a version change13:06
rburton-> package feeds are not immutable13:06
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ecksunthats exactly what I'm worried about, bitbake rebuilding things without a version change13:06
ecksunand then also packages that into the image, but since there is no new version it wont be deployed to the running systems13:07
rburtonand that is what the PR service is for - every rebuild causes the version to bump13:07
*** Crofton <Crofton!~Crofton@> has quit IRC13:07
rburton*but* if you want to know *exactly* what goes into an image, then just used locked signatures so you mandate the sstate hash of every part of your release.  if the hash changes then the build will abort.13:08
rburtonif you're just worried about a rebuild not propogating to an existing image using package management, turn on the PR service13:08
ecksuncould you provide some documentation about locked signatures?13:09
rburtonlooks like the docs haven't really expanded to cover those yet, bitbake -S will write a locked signature file for the current metadata.13:10
rburtoni'm still convinced you're over-thinking here, just use PR service.13:10
ecksunyeah, I understand that13:10
ecksunbut Im not at all convinced about the sstate cache13:10
rburtonwell then we're all screwed13:11
ecksunthat would mean that I cant do clean builds, wouldn't it?13:11
ecksunwhich is another thing I want to do13:11
rburtonnot at all13:11
rburtondelete the cache!13:11
rburtonor, change sstate_dir to another location13:11
rburtoni'm often changing sstate_dir to sstate2 just to get a totally clean build for testing13:11
ecksunIm building in a docker container in order to get a clean build every time13:12
rburtonso what happens if that when say m4 is built, the entirety of the inputs (src_uri, dependencies, machine, basically every variable and export) are all hashed and used to identify the result13:14
ecksunyou are basically saying that I should persist the entire sstate-cache folder and hope that it will always work?13:14
rburtonwhich is why everything in sstate has a checksum on it - thats the identifier13:14
rburtonon rebuild from clean with sstate, when bitbake decides it wants m4 it can repeat the hash and if there's a corresponding entry in the sstate cache it can just extract the final packages+metadata from there instead of building13:15
rburtonyes, persisting sstate between builds is usual, and not doing so would be unusual13:15
rburtonhaving to bootstrap gcc for every build would get very boring13:15
ecksunsure, but better to rebuild packages from scratch than to use some partial result from previous builds13:16
rburtonit's the *final* result of the build13:16
rburtonnothing in sstate is partial13:16
ecksunhmm, okay13:16
ecksunmorever, I have already had a case where bitbake essentially told me to delete the tmp directory because something went wrong13:17
rburtonset SSTATE_DIR to shared-state-archive if you want13:17
ecksunwhich is another reason I dont trust it13:17
rburtonthat's unrelated to sstate13:17
rburtonthat's you doing two builds with recipes that conflict13:17
ecksunwell, the sstate is useless if I have to remove it13:17
rburtonsstate isn't in tmp/13:17
rburtonwe used to let recipes silently overwrite files from other recipes, but that does lead to non-deterministic builds, so now its a fatal error13:18
rburtonmy sstate is in /data/poky-master/sstate, my build dirs are in /data/poky-master/tmp-glibc/13:18
rburtoni can delete tmp-glibc and rebuild an image in seconds13:18
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ecksunso, using the pr service, if it tells me that a package have changed, I just need to redeploy it with a new version13:19
ecksunotherwise bitbake will do nothing and there is nothing new for me to deploy?13:19
rburtonwhen using the pr service on every build the PR field (r0, r1, etc) will increase.  this means a package manager on the target can actually see upgrades due to rebuilds.13:20
*** rperier <rperier!~quassel@2001:41d0:52:100::44a> has quit IRC13:21
ecksunthe PR field will increase for packages with changed recipes, dependencies  etc?13:21
*** rperier <rperier!~quassel@2001:41d0:52:100::44a> has joined #yocto13:21
rburtonit bumps for every build, so whatever causes a rebuild will cause a bump13:22
ecksunI think I'm missunderstanding what you mean by build13:22
rburtonevery time a recipe is built13:22
ecksunwhen you say build you dont mean just running bitbake13:22
rburtonthe PR is per recipe13:22
ecksunbut bitbake actually rebuilding a recipe after it has changed?13:22
rburtonif you build an image, then say edit a class that adds users, then rebuild the image, all the recipes that use that class will get rebuilt and their versions will increase slightly13:23
ecksunwhat happens if I do a clean build of the same package twice, with the pr service?13:24
rburtonit increases13:26
rburton*every* build increases the version13:26
ecksunbut then the checksum would match?13:26
rburtonunless you delete the little database that maps packages to versions13:27
*** Crofton <Crofton!~Crofton@> has joined #yocto13:27
rburtonoh if there's something in sstate that matches then it will pull that13:27
rburtonif you explicitly say "do a build from scratch" then the version bumps13:27
rburtonhi Crofton13:28
ecksunwhat is the purpose of the pr service in that case?13:28
rburtonCrofton: i'd like to say all your photos of ELC-E food is making me hungry.13:28
rburtonCrofton: that would be a lie though13:28
rburtonecksun: not sure what you mean13:28
ecksunrburton, if it will just bump the version even if I build the same package twice13:28
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!~jd@s15387740.onlinehome-server.info> has quit IRC13:28
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!~jd@unaffiliated/letothe2nd> has joined #yocto13:28
ecksunthen its just always bumping it, is it not?13:29
rburtonits bumping for every build, yes.  what's the alternative?13:29
ecksunbumping only when changes happen13:29
ecksuni.e. the checksum is different13:29
rburtonbut if its rebuilding then the checksum is different13:30
rburtonotherwise it wouldn't be rebuilding13:30
ecksunwell, if I do a clean build with the same definition?13:30
ecksunthen would not the checksum be the same but a rebuild unnescesary (since that version is known since before)13:31
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jkuecksun: I think you should use the exact bitbake command you mean with "clean build" -- I think you may be talking about different things13:36
ecksunwell, rm -rf . && git clone $REPO13:37
ecksunyour answers seems to suggest there is some interaction between the sstate and the pr service I dont understand13:38
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markaanyone know if Saul Wold is anywhere on IRC?14:15
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto14:16
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rburtonmarka: he is sgw_14:48
markaah, I should have been able to figure that out. thanks14:49
Croftonrburton, the food is accceptable, although mainly eating Doner for lunch14:49
markasent sgw_ a patch in the meantime, hopefully it can get applied and meta-security parsing successfully again.14:49
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sgw_marka: saw it a few minutes ago, Armin (armpit) has been doing most of the maintenance and merging14:53
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto14:53
markaI tossed up putting him and you on the --to and ended up hitting enter with only you on it14:54
markalive and learn I guess14:55
markaanyways, he should pick it I would assume14:55
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sgw_marka: I assume so, I will wait till tomorrow and pull it if he does not, I am not sure if he is at ELC and might be busy with that.15:02
markayep, lots of folks travelling today15:03
*** TuTizz <TuTizz!~TuTizz@unaffiliated/tutizz> has joined #yocto15:03
markatoo bad the patch submitter tossed in a "Fix typo" part to his commit, most likely as an afterthought to the extent he never even followed up with an attempt to build15:04
markano need to 'save' a commit by not doing this sort of thing on its own15:05
markaanyways, we all make mistakes, hopefully something is learned in the process15:06
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kergothhttp://www.oreilly.com/programming/free/, https://github.com/ZhaoLion/O-Reilly-Offering-Programming-eBooks-for-Free15:19
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kergothdunno if any are any *good*, but free is free15:20
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kergothfray: well put in #8596, adding that to the docs would be nice, i'm sick of repeating it when someone asks about it on a semi-regular basis :)15:58
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fishey1Hey folks, I'd like to use PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE='debug-file-directory', but I'm also using meta-qt, which splits out it's qt4 recipie into multiple packages, each with their own dbg package (with paths for these manually specified). What's the right way to handle this? Is having one all-encompassing -dbg package the typical way to handle it? Or should I use manual FILES_${PN}-foo-dbg = "..."17:26
fishey1specifications that allow multiple debug split styles? Or is the automatic -dbg package generation smart enough to handle things if I get out of it's way?17:26
fishey1[clarification: issue with meta-qt4 is it's manual paths for FILES_${PN}-foo-dbg presume '.debug' usage]17:26
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kergothfishey1: i expect the best bet would be to drop the per-package dbg-packages to align with the core and let the automatic bits do their job, if you're on a recent enough version17:43
fishey1kergoth: would that result in one large ${PN}-dbg package, or would I still get the split-out ${PN}-foo-dbg where a ${PN}-foo exists?17:44
kergothone large one. but one could presumably add per-package dbg-package support to the automatic bits and thereby do it at a policy level for all recipes17:45
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fishey1ok. for extending the automatic bits, would that likely amount to adjusting meta/classes/package.bbclass populate_packages() to generate a -dbg package for each normal package, and then populate the -dbg package based on the paths included in the plain package it corresponds to?17:50
*** ecdhe <ecdhe!~ecdhe@unaffiliated/ecdhe> has quit IRC17:55
kergothyeah, exactly.17:56
kergothsomewhere around here i have a class that does exactly that, but it was before the current automatic bits got merged17:56
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CircuitsoftCan a bitbake recipe refer to an include file in a different layer?19:59
*** crankslider <crankslider!~slidercra@unaffiliated/slidercrank> has joined #yocto20:05
fishey1Circuitsoft: it can, include resolution tries each of the included layers from each layer's root.20:07
CircuitsoftInclude or bbclass?20:08
fishey1I end up doing things like 'require recipes-foo/bar/bar.inc' occasionally, where recipes-foo/bar is in a different layer20:08
CircuitsoftAh. I see.20:08
fishey1I'm not sure what the resolution order is though20:08
CircuitsoftThat's okay. I'm just trying to upgrade a recipe by putting a new one in my own layer, referring to the original recipe's include file.20:09
fishey1Circuitsoft: in that case, you may also want this fancy thing:20:09
fishey1FILESEXTRAPATHS_append = ":${@os.path.join(os.path.dirname(bb.parse.resolve_file('recipes-connectivity/bluez5/bluez5.inc', d)), 'bluez5')}"20:10
fishey1If you're re-using patches or files from the original package, you'll need to add the path to them in FILESEXTRAPATHS as the default file resolution is based on the location of the recipe (.bb file)20:11
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yann|workwhat is this configure.sstate that sometimes appears in work dirs, with unpacked content not being available causing do_install to fail ?21:32
yann|worksecond time tonight on a different package: "install: cannot stat '.../tmp/work/amdfalconx86-poky-linux/initramfs-live-boot/1.0-r12/init-live.sh': No such file or directory21:33
yann|workcould it be a side-effect of forced interruption of a build ?21:34
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neverpanicyann|work: configure.sstate doesn't have anything to do with whether things are unpacked; it's just a file to track whether a 'make clean' is needed, IIRC22:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #80 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at http://localhost:8010/builders/nightly-x86-lsb/builds/8023:26
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