Monday, 2016-10-17

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kalyan_can i know the processes for changing rootfs in yocto06:54
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anatoliWhere can I get a description of the images that I build?07:56
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yann|workhow do I specify a strict versionned dependency on a given package from the same recipe ?  With (= ${PV}) I get unsubstituted AUTOINC strings in the dep string ...08:24
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jkuanatoli: not sure what you mean by description but tmp/deploy/images/<MACHINE>/<IMAGE>.manifest and tmp/deploy licenses/<IMAGE>/* might be relevant to you?08:51
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anatolijku: sry, I mean the available images: core-image-minimal, core-image-base... I want to know what they are08:56
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jkuanatoli: take a look at the recipes, e.g. for core-image-base: meta/recipes-core/images/ and following from there meta/classes/core-image.bbclass09:03
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kalyan_can i know the processes for changing rootfs in yocto09:30
kalyan_adding my own rootfs09:31
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yann|workkalyan_: that's image*.bb09:52
yann|workwhat do you mean by your own rootfs ?09:53
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kalyan_i have ubuntu rootfs ,i want to include this rootfs in yocto layers09:54
kalyan_and build yocto09:54
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kalyan_yann|work: i want to add ubuntu rootfs while building yocto10:00
yann|workyou mean you want include an external rootfs as part of your image, right ?   you're using image-live, right ?  what to do depends on whether you want to be able to boot it from your live media, and/or if it's for installing to target drive from your live media10:03
yann|workand it's different again if you're building a directly-flashable image10:05
kalyan_yes i want to include external rootfs as part of image.10:06
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kalyan_yann|work: any suggestions10:28
yann|workyou want to boot it from the live media ?10:29
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yann|workkalyan_: I guess you'll have to create your own image class, inheriting meta/classes/image-live.bbclass10:52
yann|workand override build_iso or build_bootimg10:52
yann|worker, do_bootimg10:52
yann|workmost probably build_iso anyway10:53
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rajmWith the latest meta-raspberrypi I'm getting an error on do_image_rpi_sdimg - I updated to try to solve the taskhash mismatch noises!12:01
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eduardas_mGreetings. I have successfully enabled systemd on my board with Yocto Jethro. systemd and resolvd services are not present however... what is the proper way to enabled those in bitbake recipies?12:34
eduardas_mI mean networkd and resolvd12:34
eduardas_msorry, mistyped12:35
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: both should be supplied as packageconfigs of systemd12:39
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LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: see
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd, so a bbappend with PACKAGECONFIG += " networkd resolvd" should be enough?12:41
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: the last section on "configuration file" explains how to set that up for your use case.12:41
Ulfalizereduardas_m: covers how the _pn-recipename stuff works. i expanded it recently.12:42
Ulfalizercan seem a bit more mysterious than it really is12:43
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eduardas_mthank you, will read through it and see how it goes12:44
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Ulfalizerif you just need to configure a recipe (set some variables, e.g. PACKAGECONFIG), it's often cleaner to do it in the global configuration (.conf files) than to do it in .bbappend files12:48
Ulfalizer.bbappend files are more for tweaking the recipe logic itself12:49
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Ulfalizerthough people don't always do stuff consistently12:49
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otaviohalstead: Did you see the email about the new Git?13:02
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mahoHi, when I configure a driver in a kernel as a module, does yocto automatically install this module? If not, where do I need to do that?13:06
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eduardas_mmaho, the way I do it13:10
eduardas_mbitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig13:10
eduardas_mbitbake virtual/kernel -c compile -f13:10
eduardas_mand them bitbake image13:10
eduardas_mwill get a tainted message however13:10
eduardas_mbut I still get a proper usable image with the new configured modules13:11
Ulfalizer explains what the "tainted" warning is about, and what can be done about it13:12
eduardas_mif anyone knows a more proper way to do this, it would be good to know13:12
Ulfalizeralso new docs :)13:12
* Ulfalizer hasn't done much kernel configuration stuff in yocto13:12
Ulfalizeryou'd need to make the configuration persistent though. the configuration saved by menuconfig will go away if the work directory (tmp) is removed.13:14
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LetoThe2ndthe kernel workflow should be nicely documented anyways.13:14
mahoI have some kernel with a valid defconfig. I habe bbappended some patches including a driver and a .cfg that enables it as module but when booting the image there is no module present13:16
mahoI don't see anything obvious missing13:17
Ulfalizerlook into how modules are packaged, and make sure that the package containing the module is installed13:17
mahoBut I don't package a module, I just configure some kernel driver as module - or do I need to create such a recipe which simply module_installs?13:19
Ulfalizermaybe could be helpful to figure out how packaging is handled for the modules13:22
Ulfalizeri don't know off the top of my head13:22
Ulfalizeri imagine they end up in some package at least, whether it's a kernel-related package or a dedicated per-module one13:23
Ulfalizerif you know the name of the .ko file, you could search for it in tmp/. that'll tell you which package it's in.13:24
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yann|workthe " undefined symbol: mknod" issue is not supposed to happen with krogoth, right ?13:34
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Ulfalizermaho: there's a kernel-module-split.bbclass. that one probably creates separate packages for the modules.13:37
Ulfalizercheck what packages are generated by the kernel recipe. you might see separate ones for the modules.13:38
Ulfalizerpackages for kernel modules include package scripts for autostarting, etc., so you shouldn't have to worry about that13:39
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mahoUlfalizer: thanks for your time, I will have a look13:40
Ulfalizernp, and consider filing documentation bugs if stuff is unclear13:40
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LetoThe2ndUlfalizer: just misread that as "consider fulling stuff". while some metal tune plays here, mentioning booze. a freudian one, i guess.13:42
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Ulfalizerconsider filling stuff if you get too frustrated, i guess :P13:43
LetoThe2ndUlfalizer: ++13:43
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awaisbhi guys14:04
awaisbis morty in code freeze state or is feature development still going on?14:05
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yann|workhow do I specify a strict versionned dependency on a given package from the same recipe ?  With (= ${PV}) I get unsubstituted AUTOINC strings in the dep string ...14:13
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LetoThe2ndawaisb: AFAIK there is no feature development or version bumping anymore, and it should be released soon.14:25
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awaisbLetoThe2nd: thanks :)14:29
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yann|workUlfalizer: thx - shouldn'tit be mentionned in the description of dependencies ?  Even in the megamanual it only appears in the vars index and in an example14:37
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Ulfalizeryann|work: the manual is a bit light on cross-references in general. feel free to submit a doc bug at
Ulfalizeri'm looking at some other doc stuff at the moment14:38
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lpapphello, I am getting an error stdint.h when trying to use the Yocto SDK to build the linux-gpib project. This shows the printenv output as well as the compilation error: Do you know how to fix this?15:03
*** edge0701 <edge0701!> has joined #yocto15:04
seebsNot given that information. None of the printenv stuff is relevant; the question is what's in your sysroot, and in particular, why the standard headers aren't.15:04
edge0701Hello all (:15:04
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edge0701I have an issue building an x11 based image for imx6 arm architecture. I get GL/gl.h no such file or directory. In my /usr/include I have GLES/gl.h. I presume maybe because this architecture doesn't support OpenGL, only GLES?? Anyone experienced this issue that could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.15:16
kergothHas anyone looked into encoding knowledge of which recipes are subject to export controls/compliance issues, other than the obvious (openssl) into the recipe metadata?15:17
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:18
lpappseebs: hmm?15:19
lpappseebs: I thought stdint.h was there. Which location do you mean?15:20
*** kjokinie <kjokinie!~kjokinie@> has joined #yocto15:21
seebsit's obviously not there, because the compiler didn't find it. look in the sysroot.15:21
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@> has quit IRC15:22
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seebsinclude_next is presumably trying to find a target-specific thing. Compare it with the layout of a working system, see what's different.15:22
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lpappseebs: I do not have a working system outside Yocto15:29
seebsGarden variety qemux86 works. It presumably has working <stdint.h>.15:29
*** radzy <radzy!> has joined #yocto15:31
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Ulfalizer'bitbake-layers show-recipes' doesn't show PR. do you think that's an oversight?15:50
Ulfalizer fixes it15:50
*** jonver <jonver!> has quit IRC15:51
*** svalan <svalan!> has quit IRC15:56
Ulfalizeri'll submit a patch for it later15:59
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halsteadotavio, No. I don't think so can you point me at it?16:07
*** morphis_ <morphis_!~morphis@> has joined #yocto16:07
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* zeddii tries to reset to a normal work week.16:18
* moto-timo wonders what normal means16:19
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:20
zeddiiin the office for 5 days :D16:20
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Ulfalizersleep schedules are for conformists16:20
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* zeddii has been on planes for 4 weeks straight now. I have no idea what normal sleep is :D16:21
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moto-timoif you ever find out, let me know. I think it's a myth.16:24
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kratsgHiya, I am trying to cross-compile ROOT (from CERN), but I'm running into an error associated with the addition of the '-m64' flag.19:26
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC19:27
kratsgThis is the CMake error message I'm seeing:
kratsgSo it's not recognizing the -m64 flag which I think is for the architecture (64-bit)19:28
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has quit IRC19:28
kratsgAnd this is the recipe:
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC19:30
*** hatter <hatter!~hatter@> has joined #yocto19:41
bluelightningkratsg: the question is where is that -m64 getting added?19:42
bluelightningkratsg: -m64 wouldn't be valid for armv7-a so that's probably why it doesn't like it19:42
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otaviohalstead: RP has sent the Ack by email19:53
otaviohalstead: want me to fw it again?19:53
*** tlwoerner__ <tlwoerner__!> has joined #yocto19:54
kratsgbluelightning: that's a good point. I don't know where it's being added.19:54
halsteadotavio, I think I see it. Is this about a new repo name.19:54
otaviohalstead: new repo creation19:54
kratsgThe recipe itself seems clean and straightforward (inheriting from cmake and pkgconfig).19:54
otaviohalstead: meta-freescale19:54
halsteadotavio, Thank you I'll have it ready in a moment.19:55
otaviohalstead: Thank you; sorry by pestering you19:55
halsteadotavio, No problem.19:55
bluelightningkratsg: is "-m64" present anywhere in the root source tree?19:56
halsteadotavio, Shall the description read, "Layer containing Freescale hardware support metadata"?19:56
kratsgbluelightning: i think it's here:
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~trevor@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has quit IRC19:57
otaviohalstead: in fact it is NXP; and yes I know it is confusing19:57
otavioNXP hardware support metadata19:57
halsteadotavio, Got it.19:57
halsteadotavio, Does it need any collaborators other than you?19:59
bluelightningkratsg: ok so you'll either need to patch it out or set CFLAGS / CXXFLAGS on the make command-line to override the value set there19:59
otaviohalstead: later yes, but not for now19:59
kratsgbluelightning: I think the patch way may make more sense. I'm still very new to bitbake features, so I don't quite know how to create a correct patch.20:00
bluelightningkratsg: which version of the build system are you using?20:00
kratsgbluelightning: I'm using jethro right now.20:00
*** behanw <behanw!uid110099@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto20:02
bluelightningkratsg: you should be able to use this to patch the source fairly easily:
halsteadotavio, All set. E-mail incoming. I can list it after the first push.20:03
otaviohalstead: thx!20:04
*** tlwoerner__ <tlwoerner__!> has quit IRC20:04
kratsgbluelightning: so I would run "devtool modify root path/to/local`, go in there, make the modifications to remove -m64 flags, commit those, and then run `devtool update-recipe root` and that would make appropriate patch files?20:05
bluelightningkratsg: yes20:06
bluelightningkratsg: you can do a build before you do the devtool update-recipe just to check if the changes are OK20:06
kratsgHow do I run a build to check if changes are ok?20:06
kratsg`bitbake root` wouldn't point to the local changes?20:06
bluelightningyes, when you do "devtool modify" that ensures that the directory you specify will be used for building the recipe rather than bitbake unpacking the source as it normally does20:09
kratsgOh, interesting. But that's purely for development work? Cool.20:10
kratsgI've run `devtool modify -x root ~/localROOT` right now.20:10
armpitotavio, will the name change affect the layer index? does it need to be cleanup20:10
otavioarmpit: meta-freescale will support master and morty only20:11
armpitotavio, k20:11
bluelightninglayers are pretty easily renamed in the layer index, but you'll have to create a separate entry if you want the old and new names to persist with different supported branches20:11
otaviohalstead: done20:12
armpitotavio, also the patchwork has meta-fsl20:12
bluelightningoh and editing layers is probably broken atm20:12
otaviobluelightning: yes; once it is announced we will add it20:12
otavioarmpit: it has all; all use same mailing list20:12
bluelightninghalstead: we should probably look into that when you get some time20:12
halsteadotavio, Published.
kratsgbluelightning: I'm wondering now, because it's currently at the "NOTE: Patching..." message and it seems to have been hanging(?).20:13
bluelightningkratsg: it may take some time, it's not the most optimal process20:13
kratsgI'm surprised there's actually patching. Since this is a recipe I wrote with no patches anywhere else...20:14
kratsg[unless I'm missing the meaning]20:14
halsteadbluelightning, Would getting the 1.8 branch up on a preview site be a good first step?20:14
bluelightningkratsg: yes, that is odd...20:14
bluelightninghalstead: well we do need to do that but I'd like to know why the editing doesn't work20:14
bluelightninghalstead: I can't reproduce the editing issue locally20:15
halsteadbluelightning, okay fix editing first then look at 1.8. I'm working on patchwork a litle longer then I can do that.20:16
kratsgok, it just finished.20:16
kratsgI'm a little confused, should I remove -m64 from EVERYTHING?20:17
kratsgor just linux and see how that changes?20:17
*** tlwoerner__ <tlwoerner__!> has joined #yocto20:18
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*** hsthirumalesh <hsthirumalesh!~hsthiruma@> has joined #yocto20:20
*** present <present!> has joined #yocto20:20
kratsgOk, so I can't seem to make this work at all. I ran the above devtool modify command. And without making any changes, I wanted to see if bitbake would build and get the same error.20:21
kratsgHowever, it complains that it can't find CMakeLists.txt
kratsgand looking at the directory, it's empty! (which is weird, I think)20:22
*** hsthirumalesh <hsthirumalesh!~hsthiruma@> has quit IRC20:23
kratsgI think I screwed things up somehow. I then try running `devtool build root` and it has the same error, pointing to a different path to look in.20:25
kratsgOk, there's good news. Removing `do_configure(){ cmake .}` from the root recipe fixes that path error.20:26
bluelightningright that shouldn't be necessary20:27
kratsgYeah, I'm just a moron. So re-running gives me a different.. error than I've seen before: "| CMake Error at interpreter/llvm/src/cmake/modules/HandleLLVMOptions.cmake:350 (message): |   LLVM requires C++11 support but the '-std=c++11' flag isn't supported."20:27
*** hatter <hatter!~hatter@> has quit IRC20:30
bluelightningkratsg: that sounds like maybe llvm is expecting a newer gcc than is in jethro20:32
kratsgHrmm, so maybe I should just bump up to a later stable release first then.20:32
kratsgI'm guessing jethro is super old by now. >.<20:32
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has quit IRC20:33
kratsgI mean, I'm using pkg-config -- and I have `DEPENDS += "llvm3.3 libx11 libxpm libxft python-core"` in my recipe.20:33
behanwkratsg: Jethro is ancient now.20:34
behanwLLVM project is now working on a 4.0 release (latest is 3.9)20:35
kratsgbehanw: yay :( I like things that don't change too much. which is why I use OSX10.9!20:35
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC20:35
behanwkratsg: 3.3 had minimal C+11 support20:35
kratsggood point.20:35
behanwkratsg: Get used to dissappointment20:35
behanwDevelopment tools change *FAST*20:35
behanwIF you want stable tools, you have to use older C standards.20:36
behanwC+11 is still very new.20:36
behanwMost compilers still implement only a fraction of it.20:36
kratsgbehanw: Yep. ROOT uses it now. I could switch over to ROOT5. but nobody likes it.20:36
behanwA lot of things use it.20:36
kratsgso switch over to krogoth?20:37
behanwBut while people only test on gcc, there will still be issues without people porting code to clang.20:37
behanwkratsg: Not guaranteed to fix the problem.20:37
behanwBut might help.20:37
behanwI'd suggest always using the latest release regardless.20:37
behanwConsidering krogoth is about to be replaced with morty.20:38
kratsgso... morty then?20:39
kratsgactually, I can't use morty.20:39
behanwIf you want to use the pre-release.20:39
kratsgkrogoth only exists on all of my layers.20:39
neverpanicFWIW, that's also my experience with C++11. Use modern tools, or you're going to have a headache sooner or later.20:39
kratsg -- this is the main one I need for the machines.20:39
behanwBecause morty isn't released yet20:39
kratsgok, let me try switching to morty.20:40
behanwkratsg: Probably using krogoth is your best bet20:40
kratsgerr, krogoth*20:40
behanwIf you're using meta-xilinx20:40
behanwGood luck.20:40
kratsgwhile I have you, a silly question, since I can't find good documentation with bitbake recipes.20:41
behanwneverpanic: I always know where my towel is...20:41
kratsgIs there a way to split up these into options through the recipe rather than hard-coding?20:41
kratsgI know there's a way to get a recipe split into packages like ${PN}-core, and so on.20:41
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto20:42
behanwSplit it up how?20:42
behanwYou only configure once.20:42
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC20:42
behanwPackages happen after the compile/install tasks.20:42
kratsgWell, so the same recipe can be called like "root_Drootfit_Dminuit" instead?20:42
kratsgROOT has 100+ configuration options, and maybe someone wants root + one thing turned on / enabled on top of the default.20:43
behanwExtend the recipe.20:43
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has joined #yocto20:43
kratsgoh, i see.20:43
neverpanicEasiest way is probably to use PACKAGECONFIG with some options, then write (or generate) a handred recipes that all include a central .inc file and just set PACKAGECONFIG20:43
behanwCreate a new recipe. require the old. Make changes to variables20:43
kratsgi see, ok. that's what I was wondering. I thought there was a more clever way.20:44
behanwIf in a different layer you can use a .bbappend20:45
kratsgI might go the way of an "inc" file20:45
kratsgand then create a bajillion recipes that do something like20:45
behanwWhatever works for you.20:45
kratsgIMAGE += "root_rootfit root_minuit2" and so on.20:45
kratsgwhich I hope would combine all the EXTRA_OECMAKE flags.20:45
neverpanicThat will probably not work, because those recipes will install the same files and conflict?20:46
behanwThat would build the root package multiple times20:46
behanwAnd conflict20:46
kratsgOh. sigh.20:46
kratsgI just rather make it so they can just add a specific image with extra configurations. Rather than a custom root image hard-coded their way.20:46
behanwYou can always set variables in the image recipe for specific packages20:47
behanwvariable_pn-packagename = "foo"20:47
neverpanicWhat you could do, iff all those combinations are binary compatible, is enable package management, build a package feed with multiple different versions of root that all RPROVIDE a single name and then use a package manager to switch between the packages20:47
behanwneverpanic: If he just wants to change a single variable (EXTRA_OECMAKE) that is overkill20:48
kratsgall the combinations are compatible. It's just a switch and ROOT takes care of it. It's only about the flags.20:48
behanwSetting EXTRA_OECMAKE_pn-packagefoo in the image recipe will work.20:48
kratsgEXTRA_OECMAKE_pn-root += "...." will work exactly as intended?20:49
behanwShould do.20:49
kratsgif so, that might be exactly what I want. It leaves it up to the user.20:49
behanwThere are many ways to do this.20:50
behanwSome follow the intention of the build system more than others.20:50
kratsgI really like the EXTRA_OOECMAKE flags way, because that doesn't try and hide anything from the user.20:50
behanwSome solve the problem more easily than others.20:50
kratsgSo on my end, I've updated meta-oe, meta-xilinx, and poky to `krogoth` and I am re-running `bitbake root` now.20:51
behanwgood luck.20:51
kratsgthanks! :beer:20:53
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CTtpollardis it possible to leave the license field blank in a recipe?21:21
frayno, you must fill out something21:21
neverpanicCTtpollard: for your own code, you should set LICENSE = "CLOSED"21:23
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has quit IRC21:24
*** lamego <lamego!jose@nat/intel/x-ldtrqiqgsinzrrhl> has quit IRC21:24
kergothgit -c core.editor=/bin/true rebase -ix 'cd ../build && . ./setup-environment && bitbake-selftest -qf' || git show -s21:25
*** Snert__ <Snert__!> has joined #yocto21:27
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CTtpollardneverpanic: thanks!21:33
*** ntl <ntl!> has quit IRC21:35
*** simfir <simfir!> has quit IRC21:36
fraywhy use -i if editor is /bin/true?21:36
frayjust don't use -i?21:36
*** simfir <simfir!> has joined #yocto21:37
kergoth-i is mandatory when using -x for some reason21:37
* kergoth shrugs21:37
frayhuh.. didn't know that21:38
seebs           This option can only be used with the --interactive option (see21:39
seebs           INTERACTIVE MODE below).21:39
seebsYeah, not obvious why, but there it is.21:39
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has quit IRC21:40
frayI've deifnitely always used them together, but didn't realize it was required.21:42
bluelightningneverpanic: CTtpollard: assuming "your own code" is actually closed source rather than being under an open source licence21:45
neverpanicOf course. Also, make your code open source!21:45
bluelightning(or it is, but you're in the middle of development - if that's the case then don't forget to go back and fix it)21:45
bluelightningneverpanic: if possible, yes :)21:45
*** present <present!> has quit IRC21:54
CTtpollardbluelightning: what about if the upstream source has no license file?21:55
fraythen you really need to figure out the license before you use the component..21:55
frayyou don't want to get caught violating a license in the future21:55
bluelightningCTtpollard: poke upstream to fix that, in the first instance21:56
neverpanicYes, go clarify, or avoid using it.21:56
bluelightning(sometimes there's a licence stated somewhere, but not in a form that LIC_FILES_CHKSUM can point to, that's more what that FAQ was answering)21:56
bluelightningI should really clarify that, I'll do that now21:57
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