Wednesday, 2016-10-19

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armpityann, maybe. krogoth is at 1.75 and morty is at 1.8.1. Log a bug
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shiftee_Curl will release a new verision on Nov 2nd with 11 security advisories, are the upcoming release maintainers aware of this??07:31
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sandsmarkhuh, anyone experienced root losing access to poweroff/reboot?08:16
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sandsmarkroot@zero-gravitas:~# poweroff08:16
sandsmarkpoweroff: must be superuser.08:16
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sandsmarkroot@zero-gravitas:~# id08:17
sandsmarkuid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)08:17
sandsmarkhmm, never seen that anywhere else, so I'm thinking it must be something I fucked up in my local.conf08:17
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fragfutterwhat about init 0?08:20
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sandsmarkah, I'll try that next time I boot the board08:26
sandsmarkbut both «reboot -p» and «poweroff» refused08:26
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muppeLocutusOfBorg: Any words of wisdom for today? Sent you an e-mail about the objcopy issue I am having with exported sdk.08:44
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LocutusOfBorgmuppe, I'll look soon08:50
muppeno problem. I added this one in qmake.conf: QMAKE_OBJCOPY = arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-objcopy08:51
muppeSeems to work now. Maybe something explodes later...08:51
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sandsmarkfragfutter: init 0 worked, thanks!09:28
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zeenixif i enable x11 distro feature, mesa-gl becomes part of the build09:43
zeenixnot sure which recipe enables it for x1109:44
Ulfalizerzeenix: can't answer for that specific case, but might be helpful09:45
Ulfalizergenerate and search for mesa-gl dependencies in it09:45
zeenixUlfalizer: well `bitbake -g -u depexp ` shows depends for mesa-gl09:46
zeenixbut not rdeps09:46
zeenixwhich is why i thought it's likely being enabled for distro feature rather than some other recipe's requirement09:46
aVVIf I wanto to modify the kernel configuration for my build, it's enough modifying the defconfig file that is in  sources/meta-somelayer/recipes-kernel/linux/09:47
Ulfalizeryou should still get some kind of task dependency in there i think. otherwise there'd be no guarantee that the mesa-gl packages are generated.09:47
Ulfalizercan't remember the details off the top of my head, but i'm pretty sure distro features just trickle through to settings inside recipes and bbclasses as well09:49
Ulfalizereverything's done via tasks in the end09:49
zeenixUlfalizer: will check but the issue is mesa-gl *is* being built09:49
Ulfalizerzeenix: did you check anything related to mesa-gl in it?09:50
Ulfalizersee the paragraph that starts with "to ensure that the..." in as well. it was rewritten recently.09:51
zeenixfile is in the process of being opened :)09:53
zeenixor dotty is hung09:53
Ulfalizeruse a text editor. without pruning, the graph is completely unreadable. :)09:54
Ulfalizerthe format is human-readable09:54
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Ulfalizerscripts/contrib/graph-tool might be useful too09:57
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zeenixhmm.. dot file points to two culprits09:59
zeenixi'll check them..09:59
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LocutusOfBorgmuppe, interesting issue10:18
LocutusOfBorgnot sure why it isn't run10:20
LocutusOfBorgdo you run the qmake from the yocto /opt sdk?10:20
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muppeLocutusOfBorg: /opt/xxxxx_raspberrypi3/2.0.2/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/qt5/qmake10:24
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LocutusOfBorginteresting I remember some qmake.conf somewhere10:27
LocutusOfBorgit should have the correct values, unfortunately I don't have anymore my sdk with qt5 stuff inside10:28
LocutusOfBorgI deleted it a while ago :)10:28
LocutusOfBorgI would like to know if maybe your qmake files have something hardcoded10:28
LocutusOfBorgbecause I don't remember such issues10:28
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muppehaven't touched them (at least no intentionally). Just created the sdk, ran the env setup and ran qmake.10:30
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LocutusOfBorgbut you need to rerun qmake10:56
LocutusOfBorgto generate new Makefiles10:56
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muppeI'm pretty sure I did that.10:59
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LocutusOfBorgnot sure sorry :/11:03
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sandsmarkLocutusOfBorg: the makefile is supposed to re-run qmake if necessary11:13
LocutusOfBorgmmm if you change the CC?11:14
LocutusOfBorgnot really sure11:15
LocutusOfBorg$(CC) I mean11:15
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rtrtwhich conf file has all the ENV variables like ${STAGING_DIR} set?14:02
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m2something is triggering a rebuild of linux-yocto every time I try to build my image. Is there something more fine grained than bitbake-whatchanged to figure out why that is happening?14:05
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m2bitbake-whatchanged's output includes lots and lots of recipes, but I suspect that there's one or two that are causing this14:06
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neverpanicm2: bitbake-diffsigs -t?14:24
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davisso if I have two versions of a recipe, how does yocto determine which version to use in a image layer specifciation?14:30
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rburtonhigher, by default14:36
rburtonyou can set PREFERRED_VERSION if you want to pick a specific version14:37
rburtonand layer priorities will kick in too, a higher priority layer with a lower version will still pick the lower version if everything else is equal14:37
davisyes, i recall layer priorities now.  Geez been a long time. many thanks14:38
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davisso i am getting a could not inherit file classes/python3-dir.bbclass14:42
davisand I have python3 in my native version14:42
davisthis means that my target does not have a python314:42
daviswhich makes sense, i don't see that in my classes as available14:43
AnticomHi all. Is there a known issue with gdb on jethro? When i run my binary w/o gdb it runs just fine, but if i start it with gdb i get this:
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rburtondavis: it means you're using meta-python or similar from master, but not oe-core master14:50
davisi guess, i see that our fs has python3 for native but not for the target, Im rsyncing things over, generally making a mess of things. im optimistic something positive will shake out.14:51
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fl0v01Does anybody know in which python package the module 'netrc' is packaged?15:10
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fl0v01because i cant find it anywhere in the .bb or inc15:11
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rburtonfl0v01: use oe-pkgdata-util15:13
rburton$ oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*/'15:13
rburtonpython3-misc: /usr/lib/python3.5/netrc.py15:13
rburtonpython-misc: /usr/lib/python2.7/netrc.py15:13
rburton(or when in doubt just pull in python-modules, and get the entire library)15:14
fl0v01Thanks! Didnt knew about this tool15:14
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BlitzBlizzi changed something in defconig, but when I recompile it, it doesn't create a new image. how can this be?15:27
*** mihai <mihai!mihai@nat/intel/x-kxfxgiauayzdxggj> has joined #yocto15:28
rburtondid you tell bitbake to make a new image?15:38
rburtonbitbake myimagename15:38
BlitzBlizzyes i did15:38
kergothwhat do you mean by changed something in defconfig? where did you change it? in your layer, or in the source tree?15:39
rburtonif you changed it in the build tree then you need to do bitbake mykernel -C compile to tell it that it needs to rebuild15:39
BlitzBlizzi changed one value in this file:
BlitzBlizzsorry wasn't defconfig15:40
rburtonthat suggests that the config file wasn't actually being pulled in15:40
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BlitzBlizzlooks like  bitbake mykernel -C compile solved it but, now i'm getting these errors: "Taskhash Mismatch" and "is tainted from a force run"15:46
kergoththe taint message isn't an error. it's a warning, and is expected. the -C and -f arguments force tasks to run despite bitbake's awareness, tainting the checksum until it's cleaned15:47
BlitzBlizzto solve the taskhash mismatch i do compile as long as the error is gone?15:48
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kergothkhem: Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I tried to use meta-clang with meta-sourcery. would it work?15:58
* kergoth adds to his list15:58
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BlitzBlizzthere is a new image, but it's still the same value in the above mentioned file.16:03
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m2neverpanic: thanks, I'm trying that...16:15
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FivefootsevenI'm trying to build an image as readonly and keep getting errors with pixbuf. Looking at the `intercept_scripts/update_pixbuf_cache` script it is trying to call qemuwrapper which can't be found. What is the qemuwrapper?17:06
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khemkergoth: meta-clang should work fine with sourcery18:32
khemkergoth: it does not replace core toolchain18:33
behanwkhem: Yet. ;)18:33
khemit just adds another one into the mix18:33
khembehanw: heh yes18:33
kergoththat's what i was thinking, k, will give it a shot. i'm wondering if the multilib configuration could mismatch18:33
khemkergoth: yeah multilib stuff is untested with meta-clang18:34
* kergoth nod18:34
behanwkhem: Great work on meta-clang btw!18:34
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khembehanw: thx18:34
khemright now I moved master to use 4.0.0 ( trunk )18:34
khemif someone is interested then we have 40 odd pakages to fix18:35
khemthis include meta-openembedded btw18:35
khemoe-core is much cleaner18:36
khemsome of the warning messages are amusing18:36
rob_wseems many are -Wreturn-type errors only ;-)18:37
khemrob_w: there are mix18:37
khemI also saw a clang crash for x8618:37
khemwhich I need to narrow down18:37
behanwkhem: Some are disturbing as well.18:38
behanwPossible pointed misalignment in mdadm on Intel.18:38
behanwNot that Intel can't handle that18:38
behanwBut it's worrying that it was designed that way18:38
behanw(with a packed structure with possible pointer misalignment18:38
khembehanw: yeah18:39
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khemthere is all sort of stuff its discovering18:39
behanwSeems clang is still giving more useful feedback to developers than gcc...18:40
behanwDespite gcc's many advances to close the gap.18:40
kergoththat's actually why i started thinking about trying to use meta-clang with meta-sourcery, i wanted to use clang for a specific recipe to see if it gave me an error that was easier to make sense of ;)18:41
behanwkergoth: I'm not sure if they still do it, but google used to compile all their C++ code with gcc and clang.18:41
kergoththat's interesting18:41
behanwif success, the binary from gcc was used, but the error output from clang was returned from the compile cluster on error18:42
behanwOnly reason clang binary isn't used (yet) is long history of gcc binary testing at google18:42
behanwgcc has improved since then of course.18:43
behanwBut compiling with 2 compilers is actually a great way to make sure your code is valid.18:43
behanwSince the C-standard is interpreted differently by different compiler implementations.18:44
khembehanw: the fact now we have colored diagnostics in gcc and gcc being compiled using g++ indicates that clang has put gcc feet to fire in positive way18:44
behanwkhem: Yup18:44
behanwThough it took them years to do that. ;)18:44
khemwhen I was asking for it as a young lad I was told to shut up18:44
behanwI just used colorgcc18:45
khemyeah I know.18:45
behanwFunny how the gcc ecosystem mostly is made of wrappers.18:45
khemmy fad for eyecandy stuff never leaves me18:45
behanwAnd the clang ecosystem has all sorts of tools containing clang compiler tech.18:45
behanwkhem: #eyecandyallthethings18:46
behanwI suppose gcc has many plugins now. But many of those have been ported from clang.18:46
behanwJust sayin'18:46
khemmay be thats why I use KDE, osx atom.io18:46
khemlist is lonh18:46
behanwLOL. Both have a lot of eye candy.18:47
behanwAtom is indeed an impressive modern editor.18:47
khemyes gcc is lot better18:47
khemthan before no dowbt18:47
khemc++ compliance has improved leaps and bounds18:47
behanwAnd gcc extensions lessened.18:48
behanwThank goodness.18:48
khemI will keep knocking the compatibility issues and submit them upstream whenever I have time18:49
behanwI wish I had more time...18:49
khemone usecase we can drive is the static analyser, we have a class for coverity internally, I dont see why we cant extend that to clang scanner18:49
khemthat itself is a good usecase18:50
khemkergoth: layer has some bbappends so keep that in mind they may not be fully covered by toolchain-clang override18:53
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neverpanicbehanw: as of last year I still heard the 'we compile with clang just for the error messages' story, so I'd expect this to be still current19:38
behanwneverpanic: Thanks for the update19:39
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