Monday, 2016-10-24

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #285 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #976 of nightly-multilib is complete: Failure [failed Running SDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #587 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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titankillerwhat would be the workflow to add my new application using the yocto 1.6 (daisy) build06:53
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titankillerI'm famiiar with devtools, but its not available in daisy06:53
LetoThe2ndtitankiller: basically its no different, just a little less automated. its always: have a layer and put your recipe in there. the documentation state from 1.6 concerning that process is here:
redengindevtools aren't supported in daisy images?06:55
LetoThe2ndtitankiller: you might even give the devtool-created recipe file a try, e.g. manually copy it over. probably it makes a good start.06:56
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LetoThe2ndredengin: "devtool" sepcifically wasn't around until jethro, IIRC06:56
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redenginwow, devtool actually looks pretty awesome.  does it work as simply as the documentation?07:00
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LetoThe2ndredengin: devtool is just some magic around creating local recipes and a layer to hold them, basically. the really cool stuff is in the eSDK: its, in short, a frozen sstate plus all tools needed to create images based on the original one locally. and thats really awesome.07:02
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mckoangood morning07:28
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aV_Vwhen I append packages (IMAGE_INSTALL_append), these packages from where they come? from which repositories?07:38
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mckoanaV_V: the packages listed by IMAGE_INSTALL_append are the recipes you have in the layers07:41
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aV_Vmckoan: I mean the external source, which repository?07:44
mckoanaV_V: that is described in the recipe using SRC_URI07:45
aV_Vmckoan: ty07:46
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aV_Vbuilding meta-toolchain-qt5, I will get the sdk needed to cross-compile from my host to target, is that right?11:25
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LetoThe2ndaV_V: basically thats what it is supposed to do, right11:40
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aV_VLetoThe2nd: right, then as I will develop Qt programs, my target image would have installed some qt libraries, right? How I install them with bitbake?11:47
aV_VOr after I build the sdk, and I rebuild my linux image, they will install?11:48
LetoThe2ndaV_V: they have to be included in the image recipe, usually through either a packagegroup or package, in IMAGE_INSTALL11:49
aV_Vok, then I need to specify it. But first I need to discover what packages I need11:50
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fl0v01Hi, i want to virtualise my image that i created for an arm embedded device. I would start at compiling the image vor x86_64. But what where should i go next? can i use docker or nspawn? I want to see how the software behaves when many devices are connected to the network so i want to spawn multiple container that can interact which each other. Unfortunately i dont have any experience what so ever with virtualisation12:06
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Ulfalize2fl0v01: might be simpler to just start multiple qemu instances12:08
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LetoThe2ndfl0v01: better just take the software, make it run on real hw and then kick off multiple instances.12:08
LetoThe2ndfl0v01: of course you can also beat it into shape until it runs on qemu or vbox or such, but thats only easy if it does not have any hw dependency.12:09
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LetoThe2nd(and then you would need to switch to x86, just stick to qemu-arm)12:10
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fl0v01there are some components that have hw dependencies, but i would first leave them out and later try to simulate those. My biggest interest is to see how the network is behaveing12:10
fl0v01ok so ill look into qemu12:10
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lewiatanHi. Do you know how to disable replacing symlinks when I set "MACHINE_FEATURES += read-only-rootfs" ?14:53
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lewiatanI have 2 partitions and one of them is system partition - ro and other is rw. I created links from first (e.g. /etc/resolv.conf) to the second but bitbake keeps replacing that with links to tmpfs..14:55
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*** rubdos <rubdos!> has joined #yocto15:08
AnticomSorry, don't know15:09
AnticomDoes anyboddy know, how to list all packages a recipe produces?15:09
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has quit IRC15:09
lewiatan@Anticom - you can use "-g" switch and you have packages in one of the generated files..15:10
lewiatanyou can also try bb tool15:10
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto15:13
lewiatanok. sorry, bb does not help, but NXP guy's suggest this beautiful oneliner: bitbake -g <image> && cat | grep -v -e '-native' | grep -v digraph | grep -v -e '-image' | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq15:13
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC15:14
Anticomjesus christ... i now went with `find` in work directory :D15:14
Anticomworked for me aswell15:14
*** maxin <maxin!> has joined #yocto15:15
Anticombut thanks anyway. I'll bookmark this for later use15:15
Anticomlewiatan: Also call me stupid but why is replacing symlinks even a thing in a ***read-only***-fs ?15:15
kergothlewiatan: bb list and bb search can both cover the packages namespace from the metadata, using the same info that comes out of -g15:16
kergothbut if you want to list packages *emitted* from a recipe, that can differ, and you'd be best off looking at pkgdata or buildhistory15:16
Anticomkergoth: hm well since i've just built my image both should be in sync, right?15:16
*** zeddii <zeddii!~bruce@> has quit IRC15:17
lewiatan@kergoth: well, you're the expert here :-)15:18
kergothAnticom: it isn't about sync, it's about the fact that binary packages aren't emitted if there are no files in them, and some recipes emit binary packages entirely based on runtime (PACKAGES_DYNAMIC)15:18
Anticomkergoth: ah i see15:18
Anticomthank you for elaboration15:18
kergoththat said, they should all be listed in some form between PACKAGES and PACKAGES_DYNAMIC in the recipe, just the latter is a regex pattern, not a list of packages, since we dont knwo what it'll emit until packaging time15:19
lewiatanas it comes to replacing symlinks when "read-only-rootfs": I think the tool somehow checks if symlink points to rw rootfs.. I would like to check how it works but I don't know where to search15:19
kergothlewiatan: see fs-perms.txt and also the volatile-binds recipe15:20
kergothwell, the latter is about bind mounting to tmpfs, not symlinking, so more likely the former is your culprit, or base-files15:20
kergothif you're curious about what exactly happens when read-only-rootfs is set, read image.bbclass :)15:21
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has quit IRC15:21
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AnticomI'd love to have this as audio-book (:15:21
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has joined #yocto15:22
lewiatanThank you @kergoth15:22
kergothHmm, there's no bb command to just show the packages emitted by a single recipe, exactly. There's bb-contents, but that only works after the recipe has been built,a dn shows both packages and their contents.. there's bb-list/bb-search, but those are about finding provides, i.e. "what packages include bash in their name", not limiting to just a specific recipe15:22
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto15:22
kergothI do recall I was going to implement a subcommand to list what a recipe provides, build time and run time, but I don't think I ever got around to it15:23
*** jonver <jonver!> has quit IRC15:23
kergothworst case there's bb show -r recipe PACKAGES PACKAGES_DYNAMIC :)15:23
Anticomkergoth: imo the entire structure of all tools is very confusing. I never really understood why there are like 10 different "utilities" that more or less seem to do similar things15:23
kergothwell, bb was created because bitbake didn't have any real tools for inspection, other than bitbake -e / bitbake -g15:24
kergothnowadays there's bitbake-layers, which provides some of it15:24
Anticomand then there's layertool and recipetool and what not15:24
kergoththey have specific purposes15:24
Anticomsure but why not consolidate them into one tool15:24
Anticomwhy would i have to remember all those tools if i could just remember the options for a single tool. IMHO way more convenient15:25
kergothyou'd clutter up that one tool with a million and one commands or arguments :)15:25
kergoth-a -f -g -fourty-two-other-options isn't exactly usable either15:25
kergotha matter of taste, i guess15:25
Anticomkergoth: systemctl is kind of like that. I still like it. But that's a matter of personal preference i suppose15:25
Anticomhaha o/15:25
kergothi do think bitbake should get its command-line interface revamped in general15:25
kergothI think sub-command based would be the way to go, it already has too many options, some of which are only valid in certain circumstances15:26
kergothbb was sort of an experiment with that. i was going to add build/clean commands, and long term see about potential integration with bitbake proper15:27
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto15:27
kergothbut it hasnt' been a priority, for anybody, i think15:27
Anticomfair enough :)15:27
lewiatan@kergoth - but still a lot of people use it - it's a good tool15:32
*** lewiatan <lewiatan!> has quit IRC15:32
kergothaye, it doesn't get much love, but I think it still fills a gap. hopefully we can fill that gap in bitbake proper and make it unnecessary at some point. just a matter of time15:33
* kergoth yawns15:33
joshuagldoesn't get much love? :-o15:33
*** Anticom <Anticom!~quassel@> has quit IRC15:33
kergothbb doesn't, bitbake does, obviously :)15:33
joshuaglbb is certainly loved15:34
joshuagljust like most oe tooling it's word of mouth15:34
joshuagl"oh, you didn't know about this?"15:34
* dv__ wonders how often people have confused "krogoth" with "kergoth" ;)15:34
kergothheh, true. there are a bunch of those, even within oe-core (scripts/ and scripts/contrib/)15:34
joshuaglbut yeah, we definitely need a path to integrating bb with bitbake. Or enhancing bitbake with ideas we've learned from bb, or however you want to phrase it15:35
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has joined #yocto15:37
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Ulfalizer provides some of the functionality of bb15:44
*** dv__ <dv__!~quassel@> has quit IRC15:46
*** radzy <radzy!> has joined #yocto15:47
*** dv <dv!~quassel@> has joined #yocto15:47
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kergothoe-pkgdata-util examines build output. the only overlap with bb is the 'contents' sub-command, which just wraps oe-pkgdata-util and tells the user the oe-pkgdata-util command to use15:49
Ulfalizerthat's a very important subcommand at least15:50
Ulfalizerit's kinda insane to me that oe-pkgdata-util was undocumented for so long :/15:50
kergothvery very handy tool15:51
kergothi should use it more, actually15:51
*** joseppc <joseppc!~josep@linaro/joseppc> has quit IRC15:52
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Ulfalizerbitbake-layers has some overlap too. i'll submit more comprehensive documentation for that once a patch gets in.15:56
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a_VVI have read that doing bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 is legacy method. So what would be the right way with yocto krogoth?17:51
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a_VVso it's bitbake -c populate_sdk imagename18:01
a_VVwhat must be imagename: meta-toolchain-qt5 or the system image?18:02
stephanoa_VV: yes, the system image. also, you may look at the extensible SDK.18:06
stephanobitbake -c populate_sdk_ext imagename18:07
a_VVstephano: then where it's specified that I want the Qt5 sdk?18:08
*** armpit <armpit!~akuster@2601:202:4001:9ea0:d933:aa55:d4e7:2b39> has joined #yocto18:08
stephanoa_VV: in your system image.18:08
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a_VVwith SDK_DIR variable?18:12
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stephanoa_VV: here is an example: bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext core-image-minimal outputs the sdk in ${SDK_DIR}. For qt5 you can do the same thing, but with my-image-qt5 as the imagename.18:15
a_VVstephano: hmmm, I get it. But let's say that I have core-image-base, and want to build Qt5 SDK. Then I need to edit the core-image-base recipe?18:17
a_VVI already have downloaded meta-qt5 btw18:19
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stephanoa_VV: Create your own image, do not edit core-image-base. (Feel free to base your image off it though)18:22
stephanoa_VV: check the dev manual:18:22
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a_VVI guess that I need to make do_populate_sdk(){} on my recipe18:23
a_VVok, I will check that ty18:24
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CircuitsoftHello - is there a way to clear out old entries from my sstate-cache that wouldn't be used by a build in the current config?21:03
CircuitsoftI've tried moving my sstate_cache somewhere else and pointing to it with SSTATE_MIRRORS, but that doesn't seem to try downloading native packges.21:04
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kergothCircuitsoft:, iirc. see oe-core/scripts/21:48
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