Monday, 2016-11-07

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cart_manHi eveyrone08:09
cart_manHow do I make Yocto build a hddimg file with my build?08:09
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mdnneocart_man: not completely figured it out how we managed but if you have a look in ./poky/meta/classes/image.bbclass seems like you need to remove all the live image stuff08:17
mdnneocart_man: basically we do in our image IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = " ext4 " and IMAGE_FSTYPES_remove = " ext3 jffs2 btrfs squasfs ubi ubifs ext2 cramfs live" not sure if this is already the trick08:18
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mdnneocart_man: we also have PACKAGE_INSTALL_remove = "initramfs-live-boot initramfs-live-install initramfs-live-install-efi busybox udev base-passwd" but be aware that we have a really stripped down one08:19
ernstpwill there be a krogoth 2.1.2 release?08:19
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mdnneocart_man: oh not sure if this is what you needed ... like this you get a file *.hdddirect ... anyway if you have some advanced partition topics you anyway maybe should have a look at and the wic tool08:26
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cart_manmdnneo :thanks allot for the help. If I am not mistaken there is some sort of flag you put up in the local.conf file that creates a SDCARD image that you write onto a SD Card using DD09:44
cart_manI can not seem to get that to work again09:44
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LetoThe2ndcart_man: nope, not directly. some bsps bring along the infrastructure for "sdcard" as a IMAGE_FSTYPES selection, but its not generally available10:02
LetoThe2ndnamely, meta-fsl-arm has it for a lot of machines.10:02
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cart_manLetoThe2nd : Well that is quite rough10:04
cart_manDo you know of a simple example on how to build one with the gazillion files I am left with?10:04
LetoThe2ndcart_man: depends(TM) on your target10:04
cart_manone beaglebone and other imx6 NXP Sabre10:05
LetoThe2ndfor the imx, the sdcard infrastructure from said layer should be fine10:05
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LetoThe2ndfor the bbb, documentation is here:
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aurelehi everyone10:11
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aureleI'm facing some issues when I modify a package which is using "useradd", bitbake always fail to delete user or group, does anyone faces the same issue?10:12
LetoThe2ndaurele: why do you manually invoke useradd and not use the infrastructure already in place?10:13
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aureleLetoThe2nd, I'm talking about the default behaviour for pulseaudio for example, i'm using the "infrastructure already in place" ;), but everytime I modify something in pulseaudio, "the infrastructure already in place" fail to delete user or group...10:18
aureleand build fails because of it...10:18
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LetoThe2ndaurele: sorry, i can't follow completely. so you meant the pulseaudio build fails because it already treis to execute some scripts that use useradd?10:19
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aureleLetoThe2nd, the build fails with this error :  because the receipe inherit from useradd and is using useradd facilities :
LetoThe2ndaurele: does the extended log give any hints why the call fails?10:24
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LetoThe2ndaurele: is the message correct? e.g., is the ntp user really part of the group? i would guess a numeric overlap.10:27
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ZubairLKIs there a criteria allowing various fixes to be applied to morty?11:01
joshuaglfixes are good, they should go to master first with a backport request made11:04
joshuagliirc there's a wiki page which hints at the policy11:04
ZubairLKBackport makes sense. Thanks :)11:04
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rburtonZubairLK: unless a patch only applies to morty - ie is a cve that was fixed in an upgrade to master, then patches should start in master and flow back through the releases in order12:12
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Strike5150Good day,  Why does FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/init-ifupdown-1.0/qemux86:",   Result in FILESPATH="~/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown-1.0/qemux86/poky: ...         Instead of FILESPATH="~/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown-1.0/qemux86: ...12:46
Strike5150Notice the poky tacked onto the end12:46
nrossiStrike5150: FILESOVERRIDE12:48
Strike5150nrossi:  Ok, so I saw mention of this but I didn't understand how to use it12:49
Strike5150The reason i'm asking is because my file is not being selected to overlay the base init-ifupdown interfaces file12:49
Strike5150I've got everything in the right place and I can see in the env dump that everything is ok except for the fact that the base package is being used instead of mine.12:50
nrossiStrike5150: FILESPATH should expand to <A><FILESOVERRIDE-1>:<A><FILESOVERRIDE-n>:<A>...12:50
nrossiwhich means if their is version of the files in a FILESOVERRIDE directory that will be picked over yours12:51
Strike5150nrossi: Yes that is whats happening, can/should I modify FILESOVERIDES per recipe?12:51
nrossiStrike5150: What are you trying to do out of query? override the /etc/network/interfaces for qemux86?12:52
Strike5150nrossi: yes12:52
nrossiStrike5150: From your layer?12:53
Strike5150nrossi:  I've got the bbappend in a custom layer12:53
Strike5150with the FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend in it12:53
Strike5150and the interfaces file under ~/init-ifupdown-1.0/qemux8612:53
nrossiwhen you say ~/ do you mean your home dir or relative to the bbappend dir?12:54
Strike5150relative bbappend12:55
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nrossiStrike5150: And what is the full value of FILESPATH for this recipe?12:56
Strike5150Its selecting /home/nautel/poky/meta/recipes-core/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown-1.0/qemux86 before /home/nautel/poky/meta-nautel/recipes-core/init-ifupdown/init-ifupdown-1.0/qemux86/12:58
Strike5150I believe thats the issue12:58
Strike5150nrossi:  I've checked all the other paths before that entry they don't exist or are empty13:00
nrossiStrike5150: Oh its a simple bug, remove the "qemux86" from your prepend. FILESOVERRIDE already includes MACHINEOVERRIDE which has "qemux86" in it. So qemux86/qemux86 and core/qemux86 are before nautel/qemux8613:01
Strike5150nrossi:  wow, yes good catch.  Thank you :D13:01
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benzHey, can somebody help me with building libgfortran?13:23
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benzI added all necessary lines in the local.conf, but it is always giving an error during buildprocess of libgfortran. I tried it the whole day but it just doesn't work. It would be really nice if somebody could provide me with some help13:27
CTtpollardyou'll need to provide some more information about your system & the error benz13:28
benzI'm working on a x64 ubuntu system with a corei7 and I am building fo a x86_64 system13:29
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benzI'm using the latest yocto from the master and the lates meta-openembedded13:29
benzThe current gcc version is 6.2 and the libgfortran version is also 6.213:30
benzI added  the following lines to the local.conf:13:31
benzFORTRAN_forcevariable = ",fortran"13:31
benzRUNTIMETARGET_append_pn-gcc-runtime = " libquadmath"13:31
benzgcc-runtime is building fine, but during building of libgfortran I always get an error during the do_compile task, saying that backtrace-supported.h is missing13:32
benzDo you need any additional information?13:32
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CTtpollardsounds like a race13:38
benza race?13:39
CTtpollardit's trying to compile before a header is available13:39
benzactually gcc-runtime is building a header backtrace.h, but not backtrace-supported.h13:41
benzeverything is stock in my yocto project, I just added the two lines in local.conf as the internet told me13:43
benzdid you try to build libgfortran?13:43
binarymbenz: backtrace support is optionnal (see variable DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC ). As far as i remember, the support is activated in poky distribution. You may also ensure it's present by adding DISTRO_FEATURES += "libc-backtrace" in your local.conf13:49
binarym(note taht DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC is a subset of DISTRO_FEATURES)13:49
benzkk, I'm trying it right now13:51
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benzstill missing the backtrace-supported.h14:42
benzit is looking for it in poky/build/tmp/work/corei7-64-poky-linux/libgfortran/6.2.0-r0/gcc-6.2.0/build.x86_64-poky-linux.x86_64-poky-linux/x86_64-poky-linux/14:43
benzi think there is an option or package missing in gcc-runtime14:44
benzany clue?14:44
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binarymwhen i add KERNEL_DEVICETREE="overlays/ads7846.dtb" (touchscreen support), i can see the Image-ads7846-overlay.dtb in build/tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi2/ but it isn't installed in /boot partition of my sdcard (i use dd if=15:02
binarymif=my.img.sdcard of=sdcard15:02
binarymany idea?15:02
binarymif i copy by hand ads7846-overlay.dtb into /boot/ads7846-overlay.dtb my touchscreen works15:02
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AnticomHi all. This might be a stupid question but in depexp when i click through reverse dependencies untill there is no reverse dependency anymore, how can i figure out why this package is even built? (no runtime dependencies either. To be precise i'm talking about libx11-native)15:04
Anticomwe're building a headless system and i've noticed xcb was being built along the way. I'm not sure but from what i see we should not need this package15:05
rburtonqemu-native, probably15:05
rburtonif you never run qemu you can change that in your local.conf15:06
nrossi(or remove sdl from its packageconfig)15:06
rburtondefault is to have PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-native = " sdl" in your local.conf15:06
rburtonjust remove that and you get a headless qemu without a x11 dependency15:06
Anticomthanks, i'll give it a try15:07
Anticomi assume i can remove the PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-nativesdk-quemu aswell15:07
Anticomqemu* idk why i always missspell that lol15:08
rburtonif you don't want a graphical qemu in your SDK, sure15:09
Anticomrburton: i wouldn't need that for a headless system or would i?15:09
AnticomI'm a bit confused. Is it about qemu having a UI or what exactly do you mean with graphical qemu?15:10
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rburtonthe 'sdl' packageconfig for qemu controls whether your qemu binary can show you the system that its is emulating on screen, instead of either being proper headless or only over VNC.  if you only ever build for a 'real' target and never run system qemus then you can turn that off.15:12
rburtonmy build machine is over gigabit and qemu over x11 over gigabit is painful, so i can turn it off as if i want to see qemu's display i tend to vnc to it instead15:12
Anticomthank you for elaboration15:15
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lewiatanHi all15:16
lewiatando you know if it is possible to suppress the output from bitbake build?15:17
rburtonbitbake foo >/dev/null?15:17
lewiatanand thanks15:17
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winoHi o/16:25
winoI would like to build two images with component built with different compilation flag. I have two recipes for the component and one common include. I pass OECMAKE -D argument which compiles library16:26
winoIs this good approach ?16:27
*** armpit <armpit!~akuster@2601:202:4001:9ea0:9136:a90d:9a5a:97f8> has joined #yocto16:27
winowhen I build second image I got QA information that library is already in sysroot/rootfs (staging area) as library name is the same due to common include16:28
winoshould I add do_install_prepend() { install -d <clean file> } ?16:28
*** zeddii <zeddii!~bruce@> has joined #yocto16:29
winosorry not install -d but rm -f16:32
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rburton1wino: its not a good approach as you have the problem you just said.  have a configuration in the recipe that you can fiddle from your local.conf or whatever.16:38
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winorburton1: I found just old post  and RCONFLICTS_${PN} = "another_conflicting_package_name"16:41
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winostarted to work16:41
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kergothhmm, no morty branch for meta-ti yet?17:12
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denixkergoth: not yet17:30
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AnticomHey. When using CMake's FindGit bitbake refuses it to find it (probably due to )17:43
AnticomIs there a standard solution?17:44
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igor1hi guys, im trying to add a package to the native sysroot on SDK18:21
igor1I extended my recipe to inherit nativesdk and add to SDK_RDEPENDS this nativesdk-recipe18:22
igor1but it is not going to the native sysroot18:22
igor1anyone knows how to add?18:22
kergothas the yocto project documentation states, you use TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK to add packages to the nativesdk sysroot, not SDK_RDEPENDS18:24
kergothSDK_RDEPENDS just makes sure it's built, it doesnt' install it18:24
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igor1thank you very much Mr. kergoth.19:07
*** zeenix <zeenix!> has joined #yocto19:35
kergothwhy does meta-intel set EFI_PROVIDER to rmc-systemd-boot regardless of whether we're using rmc?19:37
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seebsbecause otherwise rmc-systemd-boot cries. it *cries* kergoth. what kind of heartless monster are you.19:40
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto19:40
kergothit cries when i build it already :) (errors out)19:40
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seebsyeah turns out rmc is sort of a whiner19:44
bluelightningsgw_: ^19:45
kergothwhat the hell? meta-intel overrides scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/systemd-bootdisk.wks from oe-core19:47
kergothregardless of what MACHINE i have selected19:47
kergothand it removes the serial console from the kernel append in so doing19:47
kergoththis violates our BSP layer policies, IMO19:47
kergothimpact on layer inclusion without setting MACHINE19:47
kergothif you want to customize a .wks, provide your own damn wks, don't override another layer's19:48
Crofton|workdl9pf, ^^^19:48
frayI agree that is a bug, open a defect.. we talked about this type of problem a bit (not wic specifically) at OEDEM.. I suspect they don't even realize they're doing it19:49
fray(or they don't understand the ramifications of what they did)19:49
rburton1yeah it does violate the rules, file a high severity bug19:49
rburton1i think every bsp has done this as some point…19:50
frayya -- it's why we need to get those test RP was talking about written and enforced.. I know my guys keep doing things like this, and I keep having to tell them no.. (they're learning)19:50
Crofton|workwe jsut set very high standards for Intel :)19:50
dl9pfCrofton|work: ok, good test to try out the script19:51
dl9pfcheck my github, I started the script - not yet to the point where RP can inject his magic on the hashes19:52
dl9pfneed some more cycles to finish it19:52
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kergothi've been running a script to check bsp and distro layers for this by using bitbake-whatchanged for a while. not official, but it works19:53
rburton1there's a bug for that, and that's essentially it19:54
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kergothwould need to make sure it checks all recipes that might change behavior, not just the ones the layer appends (mine did the later, but would have missed this, since it affected a file search due to BBPATH, not just a recipe the layer appended)19:56
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* kergoth yawns19:56
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rburton1kergoth: should be trivial enough to do a stamp comparison against universe20:02
kergothindeed, good point, just need the sigbasedata, i guess20:03
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sgw_kergoth: Oops, sorry about that, I had not tested that directly and did not realize the impact, I will revert the .wks change22:08
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esenneshhi.  silly question: is there any documentation like a hello-world on how to add a new userspace-application recipe to poky and then build it into an image?22:12
esenneshI'm looking at the mega manual and it seems to assume I already know how to use devtool, while my actual attempts to add my application have suffered deep build errors.22:12
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kergothsgw_: np, it happens, i was just surprised more than anything22:26
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stephanoesennesh: There's a lot of info on how to use devtool in there.22:53
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rburton1esennesh: sounds like you want to read section 5.3 and then 5.2 in
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