Friday, 2016-11-11

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yannD'oh - pkg-config strips any -I${includedir} - but unfortunately bitbake does not add it systematically - and that causes problems with oe_multilib_header as noted above01:03
yann-I${includedir}/. is a workaround, but well... who's prepending the $sysroot to pkgconfig paths ?01:05
manjuMACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += " kernel-modules" will this add all the kernel modules built into rootfs?01:06
manjuI dont see all the kernel modules in my rootfs, checking if there is a different method do it...01:07
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nrossimanju: MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS is only "recommends" and not all images add those packages (e.g. core-image-minimal does not, but any core-image derived does unless it overrides IMAGE_INSTALL/CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL)01:17
manjuthanks for the tip nathan...also the lockfiles worked great01:20
manjuflock has NFS issue, so using bitbake way of lockfiles really helped01:20
nrossimanju: NFS has plenty of issues ;), its why oe-core generates a warning when you run on NFS :)01:21
manjutrue that :)01:21
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khemnrossi: infact it ends up as a RRECOMMENDS which means unless you add it to BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS it will get into image02:16
khemI think RRECOMMENDS has issues with rpm package-management too02:17
khemit works fine with ipk02:17
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nrossikhem: True, but packagegroup-base is not part of rdepends for core-image-minimal. So it skips packagegroup-machine-base entirely02:19
khem`thats right02:20
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manjukhem: so having MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS in a custom image is not recommended? custom image is based off core-image-minimal to keep the size smaller02:25
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khem`manju: it depends what you want. Adding whole list may not be ideal02:28
khem`but you may selectively add02:29
khem`which are requested02:29
khem`if you care for size then dont add MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += " kernel-modules"02:30
manjukhem: yes make sense02:31
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khem`you can select individual modules packages02:32
khem`and keep the size down02:32
bluelightningjust for clarity, setting MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS in an image recipe won't work - that variable needs to be set at the configuration level to take effect02:32
bluelightningyou can however add whatever you want to IMAGE_INSTALL02:32
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nrossiSo just curious, what is the general expectation of compatibility with regards to running Yocto/OE/Poky on RHEL 6.x (which has a 2.6.32 kernel)?05:07
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LetoThe2ndnrossi: IITC there was some check that the build system is at least on 3.0, but i might be mistaken06:13
LetoThe2ndIIRC, even06:13
nrossiLetoThe2nd: I was able to build without it complaining (oe-core master + poky distro), but the qemu recipe is broken. Just wanted to known whether it is actually incompatible rather than just broken.06:15
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LetoThe2ndnrossi: ah ok. sorry, no in-depth knowledge here on my side06:18
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aV_Vany idea where partitioning configuration is done? I want to increase my root partition08:50
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nrossiaV_V: How are you building the disk image? IMAGE_FSTYPES, wic, etc?08:53
aV_Vnrossi: IMAGE_FSTYPES = "sdcard tar.xz"08:54
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nrossiaV_V: are you using a bsp layer like meta-fsl-arm?08:55
aV_Vnrossi: yes08:56
aV_VI also have a bootscr script08:56
jkuaV_V: if you just want to increase the free space left on the rootfs look at IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE (and maybe  IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR)08:56
aV_VI'm looking at it but here are no size parameters08:56
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nrossiaV_V: sure if that applies to the sdcard imagefstype, looks like it does use "ROOTFS_SIZE" though so might work (
nrossis/sure/not sure/08:59
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jkunrossi: I think that should work fine , image.bbclass calculates that based on all the configuration09:06
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nrossijku: I'm not familiar with the fsl image types was all :)09:08
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fmeerkoetterhow can i deal with an autotools based project where out of tree builds are brocken?09:20
fmeerkoetterits an upstream project (i can not just fix the autotools setup)09:20
fmeerkoetterJaMa: thanks!09:21
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aV_Vjku, nrossi: I did IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR = "1.5"09:32
aV_Vthat gave me 50% extra free space09:33
aV_Vthank you09:33
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mathieu_laI'm trying to provide a kernel update using opkg. I set up a repo and I can install and upgrade packages from there.  but opkg list doesnt show the new kernel version (even though it appears in the inventory on my webpage)12:59
mathieu_lamaybe I'm looking at the wrong package name13:00
mathieu_lalooking at kernel-4.4.18_4.4.28, current one is 4.4.13, my guess here is that the "name" is different because bitbake look at version after the _, but is it valid for opkg as well?13:01
mathieu_lait doesnt even list the new one13:01
rob_whow is the real current one name ?13:02
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ecksunwhat is running the postinstall scripts on the system at first boot?13:03
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mathieu_laopkg list-installed returns : kernel-4.4.13 - 1:4.4.13+git0+680be5e27a-r013:04
rob_wmathieu_la,  so opkg list-upgradable does not show the repo one ?13:05
mathieu_laI created a 'postinst' package that includes a few scripts13:05
rob_wwell ,sorry  cant help en-detail here13:06
zeenixrburton: the patch isn't as simple as sed/readdir_r/readdir/ btw13:06
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hunkHello, I'm building with cmake and yocto. Now i have to add some CMAKE variable on the yocto build process13:07
hunkHow i can do that ?13:07
mathieu_lamaybe it's on the server. I'll try to build new versions of other packages as well and see what happens13:08
mathieu_lawith the EXTRA_OE_CMAKE var ?13:08
mathieu_laalso your recipe need to inherit cmake13:09
hunkEXTRA_OECMAKE += "-Dtest_DIR=blub"13:10
hunkI tried this13:10
hunkthis should work or?13:12
mathieu_laI guess so yes13:13
zeenixrburton: oh and i'm try to find out what enables Werror but haven't succeeded so far13:15
zeenixrburton: is it possible there is some yocto-specific flag to enable that and i'm grepping for the wrong thing?13:15
rburtonzeenix: it may be the upstream makefile being stupid but i'd be surprised if we hadn't seen it already13:15
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jkuzeenix: so which recipe was this actually?13:24
zeenixjku: nss13:25
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zeenixjku: i get it when building it native13:26
zeenixapparently it's build system has some magic code for deciding Werror or not unless NSS_ENABLE_WERROR is defined13:27
* zeenix is grepping for NSS_ENABLE_WERROR if some recipe sets it13:27
zeenixif i understand the script correct, nss itself set it if gcc >= 4.813:29
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jkuzeenix: it's possible we don't use nss for much anything, so it might just be upstream defaulting to something stupid...13:30
zeenixthat seems to be the case13:31
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jkuyep, quick search says the only thing that depends on it is lsb packagegroup13:35
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jmesmonI'm getting some warnings about "Unable to export ... expression was ... which triggered exception ...", is there a way to see the exception backtrace in these cases so I can track down the source?14:07
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kergothRP: ping15:06
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RPkergoth: pong15:10
kergothRP: I just noticed that, with BB_NO_NETWORK, an attempt to contact upstream in PREMIRRORS immediately halts mirror processing, even if there are *local* mirrors after the upstream ones. thoughts on doing something about that, i.e. postponing the error propogation until the end of mirror processing, only aborting on the attempt to contact upstream if we couldn't get it via any other means? alternatively, reordering premirrors only with respect to file://15:11
kergoth vs non-file:// and only when BB_NO_NETWORK is set?15:11
kergothjust looking for a quick opinion on the idea before i open a bug15:11
kergothaborting the fetch when i have the file somewhere on disk is a bit silly :)15:12
kergothjust due to mirrors ordering15:12
RPkergoth: I'd have thought the error shouldn't be fatal15:13
RPkergoth: only fatal if it couldn't find anything15:13
RPso I guess that means postponing it15:13
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RPkergoth: the git handling of PREMIRRORS for existing clones is also tricky with network access :/15:13
kergothyeah, that's a tough one. i wish we knew whether a mirror tarball was better or worse than our current clone15:14
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel@> has joined #yocto15:15
kergothokay, i'll open a bug about the premirrors exception handling thing. should be enough to collect up the network access failure(s) and re-raise only if we failed to fetch, i expect. thanks15:15
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ecksunI have found what looks like a bug with the DpkgPM, it seems to call the postinst scripts without any arguments, which I think never should happen (should be called with configure argument)15:18
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mathieu_labtw I found my opkg issue : I guess bitbake updates the package manifest only at image creation, so my Package file was outdated. I updated it with opkg-make-index and now it's fine15:28
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:28
kergothmathieu_la: there's also a package-index recipe which just wraps the opkg-make-index for you, for that purpose15:28
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto15:30
mathieu_laoh nice thanks I'll use that next time, it's safer than the doing manually15:30
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rburtonecksun: file a bug please (we do say that dpkg is the least-tested backend)15:32
ecksunrburton, cool, I mostly wanted to discuss with someone that Im correct about it15:33
ecksunin debian the postinstall script is called with the argument "configure", which is missing from bitbake, which breaks my postinst scripts15:33
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ecksunI will write a patch and send it to the mailinglist now15:37
ecksunbut speaking of patches, I sent a patch earlier to the mailing list, got a positive reply but I dont know what to do next, how do I get it merged?15:37
rburtonecksun: it is likely queued or already merged15:40
rburtonwhat patch?15:40
rburtonpatches haven't flowed in for a few days due to various "it all breaks with this patch in" problems15:40
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khemrburton: did the new V2 musl patch help15:41
rburtonkhem: yes! thanks.15:41
khemthere was a pagesize related regression which had caused the crashes15:42
rburtonecksun: that was marked here as "need to look at carefully" :)15:42
ecksunrburton, alright15:43
ecksuncan I see that somehow?15:43
rburtonecksun: marked here in that the patch has a star next to it :)15:43
ecksunah :D15:44
ecksunso I just need to have patience then15:44
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jmesmonHi folks, I'm trying to use `bitbake my-image -c populate_sdk_ext` to build an extended sdk, but bitbake appears to be using some other DISTRO (not mine, at least) when it is fetching (???) things in copy_buildsystem, which leads to the build failing. Normal sdk builds without issue. Is there some caveat I need to be aware of wrt the sdk_ext?16:00
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rburtonjmesmon: there is a problem that has just been resolved where if you use uninative on the host it fails when building the sdk, so current master enforces use of uninative as a workaround.16:25
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jmesmonrburton: I'm not quite sure I understand: so populate_sdk_ext is setting DISTRO to uninative? Is that only for nativesdk related bitbake targets or all of them? Do I just need to ensure everything for target parses properly with DISTRO=uninative, or does it use some of the target metadata while DISTRO=uninative?16:35
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ecksunis there some test-suite for the poky python code?17:26
ecksunnvm, found a tests folder17:26
ecksundoesnt seem to have much though17:27
lolsborn_on Beaglebone etc is the clock voltage set in the device tree now or some board specific code?17:28
rburtonecksun: fwiw your systemd patch is now in my local branch17:29
rburtonecksun: non-trivial to review but fell out the front page of my mail…  sorry17:29
ecksunrburton, cool!17:29
ecksunno problem17:30
ecksunI never realized until now that build-time systemctl command is just a shim17:31
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rburtonhalstead: are you doing admin on the ab tonight?19:56
halsteadrburton, Not at the moment. I'm working on testopia issues.19:57
rburtonhalstead: should i be safe to fire a build?  or can i ask you to fire one when you're done with yocto admin19:58
halsteadrburton, It looks like a good time right now. Shall I do it and ping you when it's ready?19:58
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halsteadrburton, How about you go ahead and fire it off. I'll get the work done afterward.19:58
rburtonok.  it might be a quick run.  kill it if you need, it's just a test.19:59
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floobI'm trying to boot Yocto on Xen / EC2 and there is no eth0 device.  Can anyone suggest what I need to do to enable eth0? thanks20:37
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manjuHi all, how can I remove certain package information in sstate-cache? We want to publish sstate-cache for our customer, but we cannot have certain libraries (due to licensing issues) even though they are required during the build.22:27
dreynamanju: I would think you cold run one of the bitbake clean command against the recipe(s) in question22:39
manjudreyna: yeah i was thinking on same lines probably -c cleansstate on that particular recipe22:40
dreynayes that is what i was thinking and have used in the past, when the sstatecache gets out of sync (recipes with untracked changed files). There is also  "bitbake -c cleanall package" in the YP documentation22:42
dreyna.. and also the documented example "bitbake -c cleansstate linux-yocto"22:43
dreynaat (
kergothmanju: cleansstate task, or, or manual, depending on what you need to remove22:46
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #374 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
manjukergoth: thanks, is what i needed23:16
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