Tuesday, 2016-11-15

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #733 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-oe-selftest/builds/73305:33
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aV_VGood morning08:00
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rbuchmannHow do I set the root password ? I tried https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/FAQ:How_do_I_set_or_change_the_root_password but "-P" is unknown. "-p" does not work at all. I can't login with the password I set.09:05
rbuchmannI tried also the following : USERADD_PARAM_${PN} += "-u 1001 -G audio,dialout,colliseo -M admin ;" . This command adds  new user/group.  If I try to change the password in the same command like this, it does not work : USERADD_PARAM_${PN} += "-u 1001 -G audio,dialout,colliseo -p 'mypasswd' -M admin ;"09:09
rbuchmannI mean : it builds, I can flash the board, but I can't log in.09:09
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aV_Vrbuchmann: did u removed debug-tweaks feature?09:15
jkuthe example with -P definitely seems wrong09:16
rbuchmannaV_V: yes, I removed debug-tweaks09:17
jkurbuchmann: usermod -p takes the encrypted password09:17
jkuI _think_ you can generate one with "openssl passwd"09:18
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jkurbuchmann: yep that works ^09:19
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rbuchmannmkpasswd -m sha-256 mypasswd ?09:21
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jkurbuchmann: yeah that's a bit better :)09:32
rbuchmannthx !09:33
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robertpHi there09:40
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jkurbuchmann: actually we at least have had a modification to the _native_ useradd /usermod so they accept -P with unencrypted passwords09:42
rbuchmannjku: I use Dora. I guess it's not yet implemented since I got an error at build time.09:43
jkuyes that seems to be the case09:46
devaI have a do_compiel script failing on "git rev-parse --verify --short HEAD" stating that "fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git"09:48
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devaWhere is this script generated? Modifying it and rerunning bitbake simply overwrites it with the defective one09:49
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jkudeva: it's more likely that the upstream build system is doing that than bitbake09:54
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devaI'm not sure. It's u-boot by the way09:54
devaIt appears it triesd to run the git command inside the build directory, which it not git repo09:55
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jkuyeah and I'm guessing it's the u-boot build system doing that. Can you pastebin the compile log09:56
devaThere is none09:56
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devaIt does a cd to the build dir and then tries to run git rev-parse --verify --short HEAD09:57
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devaBut the build dir is empty09:57
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devaCould it be the unpack step that fails?09:58
jkuhave you looked into the build workdir? does "temp/log.do_compile" exist?09:59
devaYes it exists and it is that script that contains the error10:00
devaoh, sorry10:00
devayes that log exists and contains only the line "WARNING: exit code 128 from a shell command."10:01
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devaThe shell command in question is the git command10:01
devaI modified the do.run_compile to find that out10:01
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devaThe git rev command is encapsulated in a `git ref ... 2> /dev/null` so the actual error is not captured in the log file10:02
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T_UNIX_I'd like to use the same splash image for kernel splash and psplash. Unfortunately psplash squeezes the image to put the progress bar below it10:07
T_UNIX_does anybody know the LOCs that feature the size calculation?10:08
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aV_VHow do I remove a RDEPENDS item that I don't want?11:20
rburtondepends.  _remove?11:20
aV_Vthe thing is: RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${USE_RUBY}"11:25
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aV_Vso doing RDEPENDS_remove_pn-recipe = "${USE_RUBY}11:26
aV_Vshould work?11:26
rburtonyeah.  is there an option to just disable ruby?11:26
aV_Vno :(11:26
aV_Vthat what i was looking for11:27
rburtonadd that?11:27
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aV_Vrburton: sry, to add what?11:28
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rburtonwhatever recipe you're having problems with, why not add a "should i use ruby" option and then disable it neatly11:28
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aV_Vrburton: I'm confused. Adding an option? Where?11:31
rburtonyou have a recipe that does RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${USE_RUBY}", right?11:31
aV_Vrburton: yes11:31
rburtonand you don't want that RDEPENDS to be added11:31
aV_Vrburton: exactly11:31
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rburtonso, would it be possible to patch the recipe to make ruby an option11:38
rburtonso instead of going in and poking at variables and hoping for the best, you can just turn it off11:38
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aV_VUSE_RUBY is a collection of packages btw11:40
aV_Vrburton: the patch could be just USE_RUBY = "" ?11:44
ZubairLKwhen I do a bitbake recipe -c devshell11:50
ZubairLKI see a blank terminal window11:50
ZubairLKdoes devshell not like my terminal?11:51
ZubairLKusing linux mint + terminator + i3 wm11:51
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ZubairLKaah. color scheme11:54
ZubairLKblack on black fonts11:54
rburtondevshell just opens a terminal so that's bad defaults interaction i guess11:55
jkuZubairLK: you can pick the terminal with OE_TERMINAL (see local.conf)11:55
rburtonoh i spy a x11 series from jku11:56
jkurburton: testing this stuff is nasty. So many combinations and ways to upgrade etc11:57
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jkurburton: I expect there will be comments or complaints so probably will have to do new versions anyway... but keep in mind if pulling that I'm fleeing to the Amazon on friday12:03
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binarymis it "legal" to change PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel in an image recipe ?13:07
binarymlooks like it doesn't work for me :(13:07
rburtonwell you can13:10
rburtonbut it won't change anything useful13:10
boucman_workbinarym: an image recipe "assembles packages" it doesn't build packages13:10
binarymboucman_work: yeah .. and so what ?13:10
boucman_workso the kernel package is built before the image recipe is read13:10
binarymi have a -prod kernel, a -dev kernel, all built13:10
binarymi want my image to embed -dev package13:10
boucman_work(sortof, that's oversymplifying, but it gives you the idea)13:10
rburtonso in your image recipe, depend on the -prod kernel or the -dev kernel13:11
rburtonyou want a specific kernel, not just a kernel13:11
binarymrburton: then, bitbake complain: linux-hardkernel-dev was skipped: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel set to linux-hardkernel, not linux-hardkernel-dev13:11
*** robsta <robsta!~robsta@server.erbprinz.de> has quit IRC13:11
binarymrburton: shall i just remove the PREFERRED PROVIDER ?13:12
rburtonthis would likely be because we don't really support multiple kernel builds13:12
rburtonpaging zeddii zeddii_home13:12
binarymin fact13:14
binarymi think i don't understand the concept of image and distro is yocto13:15
binarymthe primary usage i would do of images13:15
binarymwould be a "production image" and a "dev/debug" image13:15
binarymbut that doesn't look possible "easily" following the base principles of yocto13:16
rburtondepends on what changes you want13:16
rburtonmy dev/dbg images have headers, debug symbols, and no root password13:16
rburtonall of which is done via image-specific tweaks13:16
binarymi want my dev image to boot over nfsroot BUT i don't want NFS support in my production image13:16
rburton(installing -dev packages, installing -dbg packages, fiddling /etc/passwd at generation time, respectively)13:17
binarymyeah, i saw this mechanics13:17
rburtonso modularise the bits you only want in some images and put them in dev images only13:17
rburtonie instead of building two kernels, can you not build one kernel+modules and then pick the bits you need for each image13:18
binarymit's more complexe13:19
binarymfor nfsroot, this imply a init ramdisk etc...13:20
*** robsta <robsta!~robsta@> has joined #yocto13:20
binarymrburton: maybe the solution for my problem is having two distros13:20
rburtonthat's a sledgehammer solution13:20
binarymi know13:21
binarymbut, for the specific issue of nfsroot13:21
binarymi don't see anything more "clean & light" than this13:21
rburtonyou can build an image that drops in an initrd13:21
binarymbut it would cost more time than duplicating my distro i think13:22
binarymfor a personal project, i would use initrd13:22
binarymbut at work... tic-tac tic-tac...13:23
rburtonie u-boot'd class lets you set an initramdisk for each image13:23
rburtonisn't that what you want?13:23
binarymdidn't know about this13:24
binarymi gonna have a look13:25
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:3d03:1dc2:11ec:24c> has joined #yocto13:26
binarymrburton: thx :)13:26
fmeerkoetteri have the strange problem that do_xyz_append/prepend() {} doesn't seem to have an effect13:27
fmeerkoetterdo i have to place these at a particular location?13:27
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has quit IRC13:27
fmeerkoetterend of recipe?13:27
*** robsta <robsta!~robsta@> has quit IRC13:27
fmeerkoetterbefore/after inherits x?13:27
neverpanicIt depends, but usually not.13:27
*** ka6sox is now known as zz_ka6sox13:30
rburtonthe appends happen in order they appear so ordering can matter13:30
*** rbuchmann <rbuchmann!~rbuchmann@LMontsouris-657-1-239-42.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC13:30
rburtonbitbake -e will show you what it ends up with and why13:31
*** ziggo <ziggo!~ziggo@> has quit IRC13:31
fmeerkoetterrburton: thanks! related: should an inherit be placed somewhere specific?13:31
rburtonusually before your customisations13:32
rburtonafter the SRC_URI etc13:32
fmeerkoetterrburton: thanks!13:32
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*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto14:14
ecksunis there a particular reason some files are missing from the apt recipe? Im thinking of apt-daily.service, apt-daily.timer, apt.systemd.daily ?14:17
*** hamis_lt_u <hamis_lt_u!~irfan@> has quit IRC14:19
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*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@otwaon23-3096772825.sdsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto14:27
rburtonecksun: because for some reason the apt-get recipe does a manual install, and those are not installed14:29
rburtonpatches welcome!14:29
ecksunalright, cool :D14:29
ecksunIm currently not on the latest version but I still need those files, so Im writing a bbappend's for them14:30
ecksunshould be easy to port upstream14:30
rburtonalways worth looking at why this does do_install manually and doesn't just use the upstream rules14:30
ecksunhmm, I dont think Im qualified enough to figure that out14:31
ecksundo you have any tips/references/something I can look at to get started?14:34
ecksunIm also curious why the `apt` binary is not included, however I can't easily figure out if it should be in this version or not14:35
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ecksunmost of the do_install script was written 10 years ago in abfc1dbd14:52
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ecksunhow come python3-core provides python3 and not python3-modules ? (its very confusing when installing python3 doesnt give you all of python3)15:27
*** ntl <ntl!~nathanl@cpe-24-242-74-130.austin.res.rr.com> has joined #yocto15:28
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kergothecksun: core is specifically intended to be just the core, not the entire stdlib, to allow more granular module installation.15:40
kergothimo 'python3' should be everything, but 'python3-core' not15:40
ecksunright, thats what I figured15:40
ecksunand I agree with what you are saying15:40
ecksunin that case python3-core should not provide python3, should it?15:40
kergothyeah, I'd think we should have a meta package that pulls in the entirety instead15:41
* kergoth shrugs15:41
rburtoni'd like to see "python3" be a meta package for everything yeah15:41
rburtonpatches wecome15:41
ecksunyes, which is what python3-modules is, afaik15:41
ecksunso just changing it from python3-core providing python3 to python3-modules providing python3 should work, shoudl it not?15:42
kergoththeres' also python-misc, iirc15:42
kergothso i don't htink so15:42
ecksunwhich I think is a dependency of python3-modules15:42
rburtonyeah i fixed that a while back15:42
kergothi don't think making python3-modules provide python3 is ideal. the two arent' guaranteed to stay the same15:42
kergothbetter to have a new meta package15:42
kergotheasier to change going forward15:42
kergothchanging what package rprovides something is a large pain in the ass to handle upgrades15:43
ecksunrburton, what did you fix?15:43
kergothyou have to set conflicts/rreplaces/etc15:43
rburtonecksun: python-misc not being depended on by python-modules15:43
ecksunah, okay15:43
ecksunthats unlucky for me because I just made that assumtion locally :D15:43
ecksunso do you suggest I do with changes like this, should I create an issue somewhere so anyway can fix this? (I probably wont do it right now)15:45
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*** davis <davis!~davis@50-76-27-165-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #yocto15:47
kergotha bug in the yocto bugzilla would be best15:47
*** davis is now known as Guest6860115:47
ecksunalright, then I will do that both for this and the missing apt files I mentioned earlier15:48
ecksunhttps://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/ I assume15:48
*** Guest68601 is now known as davis15:50
*** mekuto <mekuto!~mekuto@unaffiliated/mekuto> has joined #yocto15:52
aV_Vhow do u change keyboard layout?15:59
*** Hunk <Hunk!ce7a6654@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:05
Hunk|   The imported target "Qt5::Core" references the file |  |      "/qmake" |  |   but this file does not exist.  Possible reasons include:16:05
Hunkanyone know this error?16:05
HunkI try to use Qt5 with cmake16:05
paulgleading "/" makes it look like some path variable was never assigned..16:06
Hunkthis variable should be set by qt16:07
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HunkHow I can check with recipes file is used by my build process16:46
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stephanokergoth: is package_manager an acceptable prefix for that commit summary? i can see how subprocess might be too vague.17:08
rburtonstephano: yes, package_manager: is better17:09
stephanorburton: k, thnx17:09
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khemrburton: the lsb broke archlinux17:50
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has quit IRC17:51
khemthe latest fixes for lsbstring that is17:51
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~ttorling@fsf/member/moto-timo> has quit IRC17:53
khemhere is output of /etc/os-release http://pastebin.com/p0DJAGys17:56
rburtonjoshuagl: what khem said ^^^18:00
kergothoe.package_manager would be better yet, since the oe python package namespace makes it clearer that it's referring to a python module, lacking the .py extension, but package_manager: works well enough, i wouldn't resend for that18:01
khemhttp://pastebin.com/90Qq5wxz works for me18:04
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stephanokergoth: okay, thanks for the pointers. i'll keep that in mind for next time.18:23
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joshuaglkhem: can you share the output of `lsb_release -ir`?20:39
joshuaglkhem: actually, forget that20:39
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stephanojoshuagl: arch does not have VERSION_ID in /etc/os-release20:47
joshuaglstephano: yep, writing a patch now20:47
stephanojoshuagl: cool, I'm patched my os-release ;)20:47
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aboseleyI had a weird problem today, I've bumped the SRCREV in a package but its not rebuilding.  Is this expect?  I thought yocto detected this sort of thing23:46
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aboseley'meta/classes/base.bbclass:123:do_fetch[vardeps] += "SRCREV"'23:57
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