Thursday, 2016-11-17

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benzGood morning, does anybody know if there is an existing recipe for math atlas lib?06:43
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bluelightningbenz: I'm sure I recall that Crofton was looking at that at one point07:29
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eagle_Hi. I am on master branch of poky, and i m trying to run toaster, did the setup as per doc, pip freeze confirms the required version of Django is installed, but it complains abt Django missing. What could be the reason?07:43
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robertpHi there08:31
robertpI have a little problem. First: I am quite new to yocto and could need a little help.08:31
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robertpI have a program I want to include to the build and this program uses include files from the kernel (include/linux) how can I add this to my layer whichs code needs the?08:33
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mckoangood morning08:41
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eagle_where can i get openembedded-layer from?09:31
eagle_ Error: depends on layer 'openembedded-layer', but this layer is not enabled in your configuration09:32
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bluelightningeagle_: I believe that's meta-oe:
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fmeerkoetterwhat do i have to do to generate a .repo file (for use with smart)?12:23
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Strike5150How can I append distro features? Specifically I'm toying with systemd.  Not sure if it makes sense to add systemd to poky krogoth, also where would I do that.  Should I just create my own distro?12:58
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CTtpollardthere's a systemd poky image in krogoth13:06
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Strike5150CTpollard: I haven't found any reference to the distro feature in poky, and when I build against core-image-minimal systemd is not included.  Where can I find that?13:34
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kboHello, I was wondering if a bitbake task that will archive a build content (bootloader, zImage, rootfs, manifest) exist ?14:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #975 of nightly-x32 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
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kergothkbo: doubtful. exactly what you need, and how it would be archived, would vary depending on your requirements14:57
kbokergoth: the idea is to be able to generate a snapshot or official release from a given revision (that would be set in the .bblayers for instance) and archive all components with layers sources15:00
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kergothlike i said, there isn't going to be a method of doing so that fits everyone's needs, since those needs vary. What exactly gets included, and in what format? Are there separate archives, or just one? How are the components versioned, or are they not? Where do the different elements end up on disk?15:01
kergothI can show you the recipe we're using at mentor, it might be along similar lines15:02
kergothnot all that happen with the implementation, honestly, but it meets our needs -
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HyP3rhello everybody, I have created a new layer with layer conf and so on and one image recpie. But I can't bake it with bitbake. RROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'console-metirex-image'. Close matches:15:20
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HyP3rI have followed this tutorial
HyP3rHow can I troubleshoot this ?15:20
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kergothHyP3r: did you forget to add it to BBLAYERS? or put the recipe in a path that doesn't match up with the BBFILES pattern in your layer.conf?15:21
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HyP3rkergoth: I forgot to update the BBLAYERS sorry15:29
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #377 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
rburtonkergoth: just sent v1 of my gitupstream class to oe-core if you're curious.  its target-specific so far, the hackery to make it work for native classes is non-trivial and i can break bitbake/parsing in various ways but not make it work.16:08
kergothcool, will take a look16:08
aV_VHow do I load modules during runtime? I'm looking at /lib/modules/.../kernel/ and it's empty16:08
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rburtonkergoth: v1 is pretty minimal but actually works, i've got glib and fontconfig bbappends here16:09
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kergothI played around with another bbclassextend thing a while back,
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rburtoni like that!16:11
rburtonthe fontconfig append is just16:12
rburtonBBCLASSEXTEND += "gitupstream:target gitupstream:native"16:12
rburtonSRC_URI_class-gitupstream = "git:// file://revert-static-pkgconfig.patch"16:12
rburtonSRCREV_class-gitupstream = "883b5cf48b0f699ed074b4d9b145b4bbc763b3b3"16:12
rburtonDEPENDS_append_class-gitupstream = " gperf-native"16:12
kergothah, very cool16:12
rburtonross/gitup has the hack attempt at working for native too, turns out its non-trivial to re-inherit native from inside a class finaliser16:13
rburton(it doesn't work)16:13
kergothah, interaction of multiple extends.. that sounds like a headache16:13
kergothyou might want to consider a rename, not actually git specific16:14
rburtonwell it is now, with the S assignment16:14
rburtoni'll admit thats the only part which is git specific16:14
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kergothspeaking of, we should really fix that. there's no real need to require it be 'git'16:15
kergothcould require the S change be done with the _class-gitupstream override in each append along with the rest. one more thing to remember to do, but less hardcoded16:16
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* kergoth ponders16:17
rburtonif you have any cunning thoughts on how to inherit native from inside a class finalizer…16:17
kergothi'm guessing the problem is the event handler in the native bbclass not running? or..?16:18
binarymi want, for a specific image recipe, to add a step after the do_rootfs step16:18
binarymwhat would be the cleanest way ?16:18
binarymlooks like i can't override IMAGE_CLASS on an image recipe16:18
rburtonbinarym: addtask mytasks after do_rootfs before do_build16:19
binarymrburton: on the image recipe ?16:19
kergothdepends on what it does, but might need a different 'before' than do_build, if it needs to be done before the images are produced, kor if it needs to be done before do_Image_complete to satisfy deps16:19
binarymthat's sounds nice, thanks16:19
kergothcould also use a postfunc16:19
binarymhmmm, i would like to do it as last step16:20
binarymi need images to be generated before16:20
kergothdo_rootfs doesn't generaet images anymore16:20
kergothif you want images built first, you'd need to run after do_image_complete, iirc16:20
kergothcourse it depends on waht version you're using16:20
binarymit is to add a task to mount -o loop,rw the generated .ext4 to a NFS export16:21
binarymhmmm, i'm on 2.216:21
kergoth2.2 is new enough that do_rootfs only generates the rootfs, no the image files16:21
binarymso "addtask export-nfsroot after do_image_complete" should do the stuff16:22
rburtonand before do_build so it always runs16:23
binarymthanks :)16:23
rburtonotherwise you're adding a leaf task that won't be on the path for do_build16:24
binarymok, got it16:24
binarymand, to define my export-nfsroot task , i just have to add a export-nfsroot.bbclass to my meta class/ folder, right ?16:25
rburtonno, you can do it inline in the recipe16:25
*** benjamirc1 <benjamirc1!~besquive@> has quit IRC16:25
binarymok, just like a regulard shell function definition ?16:25
rburtongrep addtask in meta/ and you'll see lots of examples16:25
kergotha bbclass is just a way to include common functionality in multiple recipes16:25
kergoththe syntax is identical to the recipe itself16:26
kergothif it's a one-off, there's no need for a class at all16:26
binarymok, i see16:26
kergothrburton: hmm, I'm guessing if you fired the event from within your own handler it might cause an infinite recursion :)16:26
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kergothI wonder if you could dig through the handlers to find the native one and run it16:26
HyP3rkergoth: please watch this: I have created the layer, added to the BBLAYERS but it still not working16:27
kergothas i said, your recipe is in the wrong location for your BBFILES16:28
kergothBBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"  â€” recipes-images/ does not match recipes-*/*/*.bb16:28
kergothyou put the recipe in the root of recipes-images, not a subdir of it16:28
kergothmove it into a subdir and it'll work fine16:28
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HyP3rkergoth: I thought the wildcard beteween /*/ can be empty too16:29
kergoththat's not how shell wildcards work, and it's not how oe wildcards work either16:30
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HyP3rkergoth: ok thanks16:32
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miceopedeapologize if this is a stupid question. my mental model of the sdk may be broken19:58
miceopedei'm trying to build my application for a poky distro based on core2-minimal19:58
miceopedeit relies on a third party library19:59
miceopedeif i make two recipes under my devtool environment, A and B, and A depends on B19:59
miceopededoes 'devtool build' B populate the sysroot correctly so that 'devtool build A' should work?19:59
miceopedewhen i look at sysroot-providers, after building B, the directory is empty20:01
miceopededo i need to build the recipe and populate the sdk somehow?20:01
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miceopedeokay. maybe i can phrase it a different way. i have a third party blob i need to play into /opt. i've overrideen do_install() to cp my files to ${D}/opt/. the image/ directory in tmp looks correct, but nothing is copied to my sysroot-dirs21:00
miceopedehow do i populate the sysroot with shared libraries, includes, etc?21:00
miceopede"Recipes should never write files directly into the sysroot. Instead, files should be installed into standard locations during the do_install task within the ${D} directory. A subset of these files automatically go into the sysroot. The reason for this limitation is that almost all files that go into the sysroot are cataloged in manifests in order to ensure21:01
miceopedethey can be removed later when a recipe is modified or removed. Thus, the sysroot is able to remain free from stale files."21:01
miceopede"which subset" of these files?21:02
kergothonly certain paths are sent to the sysroot. see staging.bbclass21:03
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bluelightningmiceopede: right, /opt is not in the default list of staged directories21:15
bluelightningmiceopede: with the latest release there are SYSROOT_DIR* variables that you can use to add to the list though, it's no longer hardcoded21:15
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miceopede@bluelightning so just add SYSROOT_DIRS += "/opt/mystuff"?21:16
bluelightningmiceopede: that should do it yes21:16
miceopedethat worked :D. many thanks. the documentation could probably use some clarification21:17
bluelightningyes, I think we've missed incorporating that in a few places, I'll make a note21:17
bluelightningthanks for the pointer21:17
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jmesmonhmm... something in the distro detection recently broke building entirely on arch linux:
jmesmonprobably needs to just not presume that distro_data is populated...21:23
bluelightningyeah I think joshuagl was fixing that21:24
jmesmonIt used to just warn me that arch linux wasn't supported... appears to have lost it's ability to figure out the distro entirely though.21:26
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bluelightningjmesmon: you should be able to revert 81afedc905280f4bfc5fd5f2806a0c6baf657055 locally to fix21:42
jmesmonI actually just hacked up the code so it says I have ''. Works for now, though I imagine my sstate isn't happy.21:43
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kergothhmm, valgrind's not too happy building for x3222:15
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joshuagljmesmon: bluelightning: yeah, there's been a patch on the list for a day or two22:33
bluelightningjoshuagl: ah ok, I couldn't immediately see it, I should really have used patchwork22:33
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