Saturday, 2016-11-19

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eagle_Hi All, I am trying to create a image with core-image-x11. During the task do_rootfs, i am getting an error E: Unable to locate package libpng12-0 and E: Unable to locate package libfontenc, which fails the do_rootfs08:24
nrossieagle_: Use bitbake -g and look at the, to see where they are coming from08:36
nrossimake sure to have the image as the target "bitbake -g core-image-x11"08:37
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eagle_nrossi_ The following packages have unmet dependencies:  packagegroup-core-x11-base : Depends: matchbox-terminal but it is not going to be installed                               Depends: matchbox-wm but it is not going to be installed                               Depends: packagegroup-core-x11-xserver but it is not going to be installed09:24
eagle_ERROR: Unable to install packages. Command '/home/mani/hob/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/apt-get  install --force-yes --allow-unauthenticated psplash packagegroup-core-x11-base apt dpkg packagegroup-base-extended packagegroup-core-boot' returned 100:09:24
nrossieagle_: You will need to resolve the issue with packagegroup-core-x11-xserver at the least09:31
nrossiwhat error do you get when trying to build it?09:32
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eagle_Please access
nrossieagle_: 1. fix up your layers, mixing daisy + master is going to cause problems. Also it looks like meta-lxde has some layer dependence on meta-oe, and others?09:40
eagle_well, i tried with master branch, was getting same error09:44
eagle_i am looking for making images with desktop env, which one shall i pick?09:45
eagle_meta-gnome also had issues09:45
nrossieagle_: depends, what sort of desktop environment after you looking for?09:45
nrossieagle_: as for meta-lxde, the layer index describes the dependent layers you need.
eagle_gnome, lxde09:47
nrossieagle_: also it looks like that meta-lxde layer does most of its work on the master-next / krogoth-next branches09:49
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eagle_ will do a fresh try09:52
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gartinhi everybody10:14
gartinI have a question about BBFILE_PRIORITY10:14
gartinI have the same recipe in 2 different layers10:14
gartineach layer with different BBFILE_PRIORITY set10:14
gartinin the layer with the BBFILE_PRIORITY set to a lower value, I have a setting in my recipe which is incompatible with certain yocto versions10:16
gartinand even though that layer has a lower priority it still gets parsed and error thrown10:16
gartinwhy is that?10:16
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gartinso question would be more like: why is bitbake parsing recipes from layer with lower BBFILE_PRIORITY?10:28
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gartinI mean I would expect it to parse recipes from lower priority layers, except for the recipes which are present in a higher priority layer - those should not be parsed at all10:55
gartinI could use a BBMASK but expected this to be done by priorities10:59
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xdenizHello guys, i want to use arm-poky-linux-gnueabi- is there a easy way to install it on ubuntu?11:06
xdenizcan i use this tutorial?:
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xdenizi just want to install poky :-/12:05
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eagle_with the standard confgif, i was able to build a core-image-x11 image. Now I want to extra features like gnome Desktop Environment, i have already added the meta-gnome layer including there dependencies, meta-lxde, meta-browser, but i don't get the DE environment. where shall i look??14:12
eagle_also, where can i add packagegroup-* recipes to includes extra features like, packagegroup-*-full-cmd14:13
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eagle_WARNING: core-image-minimal-initramfs-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Debian package install does not support BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS15:24
eagle_how to fix this?15:24
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nrossieagle_: switch to package_ipk or package_rpm15:57
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abnormalhello, anyone able to chat with me on BBB?18:54
abnormalanyone here?18:56
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abnormalI need to know what app is available for Beagle Bone Black in Angstrom, please inform me.19:03
abnormalfor chat client19:03
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abnormalhello, manju19:08
abnormalwould you be able to help me with BBB?19:08
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abnormalI need to know what chat client is available for Anstrom in Yocto project. Please advise.19:14
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hydeabnormal: it's a bit unclear what you are asking... like, what do you mean by "chat client", for starters. Anyway, might be a place to look at19:56
abnormalhyde: thank you..  I am looking for a chat client to install on the BBB like xchat or irssi.19:58
abnormalseems there is no package available in Angstrom for chat clients.19:58
abnormalgoogle chrome has CIRC.  I use Konversation in most of my Linux machines19:59
abnormalI have tried opkg install "chat clients I could think of" and all I get is unknown package in every attempt.20:01
abnormalI tried irrsi, xchat, hexchat, konversation, sirc, etc...  no luck on any of them20:02
hydewell, not familiar with BBB, so can't really advice with that20:05
abnormalok thank you, hyde20:08
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fmeerkoetteri have an overlay for the linux kernel here. meta-hili/recipes-kernel/linux21:01
fmeerkoetterit contains21:01
fmeerkoetterlinux-raspberrypi_4.%.bbappend  linux-yocto_4.%.bbappend21:01
fmeerkoetter(as i am using different kernels with these two boards)21:01
fmeerkoetterthe raspberrypi build works21:02
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fmeerkoetterthe bbb build fails with21:02
fmeerkoetterERROR: No recipes available for:21:02
fmeerkoetter  /data/projects/rpi-a2dp-sink/meta-hili/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi_4.%.bbappend21:02
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fmeerkoetteri gues i can't have "unmatched" append files?21:03
fmeerkoetterdoes this mean i have to create a per machine adaption layer?21:04
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