Wednesday, 2016-11-23

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eduardas_mtried switching from rpm to deb for my builds, also added dpkg package as IMAGE_INSTALL_append10:24
eduardas_mdpkg: warning: package architecture (armhf) does not match system (amd64)10:24
eduardas_mmultiple failures such as these... any idea on what is wrong?10:24
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rburtoneduardas_m: deb is the least tested backend, i recommend using opkg or rpm10:51
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aV_VShould I use PACKAGE_EXCLUDE to exclude a recipe of being build? e.g: qemu11:00
KakounetHi ! I'm looking for producing ipk files for my MACHINE "hachiko64", but every ipk goes to "cortexa9hf-vfp-neon". I'm sure it's simple but I couldn't find an answer on the doc (don't know where to look). Can you help me ?11:01
RPneverpanic: most of those patches look good, just wondering about the pseudo one. I think we specified all the variables just to be very sure what it was doing11:01
aV_VKakounet: whats your question?11:04
KakounetaV_V: I've made a receipe "udpclient" and it produces a ipk in  "/ipk/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon", I want that it also produces an ipk in "/ipk/hachiko64"11:06
eduardas_mrburton, aren't yocto releases supposed to be tested automatically for various package systems?11:07
KakounetaV_V: because I want to use opkg11:07
rburtoneduardas_m: yes, but bugs sneak in that the autobulder doesn't cover.11:08
aV_VKakounet: why? hachiko64 folder stores the kernel and kernel-modules packages11:08
aV_Vcortexa9hf-vfp-neon folder stores the packages for ur distro11:08
aV_Vu only need to add that folder too as a source channel11:09
KakounetaV_V: aahhh ! Ok, I thought it was a mistake I made11:09
KakounetaV_V: Thanks, I will test it :)11:09
eduardas_mrburton, can it be that a new package system requires a new build folder? because I just edited the local.conf of the folder I was doing my rpm builds in11:10
rburtonnope, i build all three at once11:10
eduardas_mtrying to build in fresh new build folder right now11:11
aV_VKakounet: remember to update ur repo index every time u generate/modify a new package: bitbake package-index11:11
eduardas_mwill see how it goes11:11
KakounetaV_V: Yep, did it. I have to change the folder of the server to point to all I guess (I'm under dora, so I use opkg)11:12
aV_VKakounet: yes11:13
eduardas_mwait... you can build all three types of same packages at once? what would that require in local.conf?11:15
eduardas_malso, what defines what type of package goes into final image then?11:16
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rburtoneduardas_m: PACKAGE_CLASSES=package_deb package_ipk package_rpm11:18
rburtonthe image type is the first entry in the list11:18
rburtonor as the local.conf template says11:19
rburton# This variable lists which packaging formats to enable. Multiple package backends11:19
rburton# can be enabled at once and the first item listed in the variable will be used11:19
rburton# to generate the root filesystems.11:19
eduardas_mrburton, thanks a lot... that is good to know. But what is the practical benefit of building all three?11:21
rburtoneduardas_m: just testing, really11:22
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eduardas_mrburton, my motivation for using deb is the "OpenEmbedded in the Real World by Scott Murray" video I watched yesterday... since it says there are no recipes in OE for yum or dnf, but there is one for apt11:27
eduardas_mjust want to see whether there is any benefit11:28
neverpanicRP: I don't think the extra variables are necessary, because pseudo's recipes seems to always configure for those paths anyway11:29
neverpanicLooking at the pseudo code, it'll arrive at the same paths without those variables, but that might have been different with older pseudo versions?11:30
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RPneverpanic: I think it was belt and braces and also to aid debugging but I don't exactly remember11:38
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eduardas_mrburton, still getting dpkg failures when doing rootfs... it looks to me that yocto is trying to use my development host version of dpkg which is unsuitable12:33
eduardas_mdpkg: warning: package architecture (armhf) does not match system (amd64)12:34
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eduardas_mno, I am actually wrong, yocto is using dpkg from the proper sysroot12:36
eduardas_mbut still huge failures12:36
eduardas_mthis is part of the error log:12:37
eduardas_mUnable to install packages. Command '/home/eduardas/BigDisk/var-mx6ul-mx7-yocto-krogoth/build-fb-deb/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/apt-get  install --force-yes --allow-unauthenticated packagegroup-core-ssh-dropbear psplash tcf-agent packagegroup-core-tools-profile u-boot-fw-utils imx-kobs util-linux-sfdisk qtbase-plugins openssh-sftp-server packagegroup-fsl-tools-audio packagegroup-fsl-tools-benchmark brcm-patchram-plus qtbase-examples12:37
eduardas_mkernel-modules qtbase-fonts fio qtbase packagegroup-core-full-cmdline packagegroup-core-tools-testapps packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer1.0-full packagegroup-core-nfs-server packagegroup-fsl-tools-gpu-external runonkeyrls packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer1.0 packagegroup-fsl-tools-gpu packagegroup-fsl-tools-testapps run-postinsts u-boot-splash bcm4343w-fw packagegroup-core-tools-debug minicom hostapd packagegroup-tools-bluetooth packagegroup-core-boot tslib-tests12:37
eduardas_mpackagegroup-base-extended tslib-calibrate' returned 100:12:37
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RPneverpanic: I now understand why you don't see useradd errors with oe-core. Sadly we don't have good tests in oe-core for things like intrapackage user additions13:07
RPneverpanic: I think your code will also struggle with partial builds from sstate :/13:07
RPneverpanic: (I'm trying to figure out if I'm overcomplicating mine)13:08
neverpanicRP: Where do you expect problems with sstate? In combination with useradd.bbclass you mean?13:11
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RPneverpanic: if for example dbus do_package is restored from sstate, would the recipe specific sysroot have the right group/user setup to allow the sstate package to extract successfully?13:17
RPneverpanic: worse is the case that you have a recipe A which relies on the messagebus user being created by the dbus package13:18
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neverpanicOh, yeah, that probably doesn't work, because there are different /etc/passwd files and no mechanism to merge them13:21
neverpanicI must admit I didn't think of this case :/13:21
neverpanicYour sstate-based approach should be able to deal with that, though, shouldn't it?13:21
RPneverpanic: yes, I hope so. I'm just trying to see whether I'm making this harder than I need to :)13:22
igor2hi, I'm getting an error on do_rootfs: warning: user daemon does not exist - using root13:26
igor2when it is installing my package13:26
igor2but I have two packages that runs chown daemon:daemon13:26
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igor2one works and the other one shows this error13:27
igor2anyone know why?13:27
Strike5150Is the dependency missing?  Unless your creating the user in the package you need to make sure your are creating the user first13:28
igor2this user is default on etc/groups13:29
igor2it works on do_install13:29
igor2I put base-passwd as dependency13:29
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igor2but this error is happening on do_rootfs of the image13:29
igor2when it is installing the packages with smart13:30
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Strike5150I am receiving the QA host contamination warning even though I've made sure the ownership of the file belongs to user X13:32
Strike5150install -g nautel -o nautel -m 644 ${S}/config.scm      ${D}/nautel/snmp/config.scm13:32
Strike5150I've tried  chown nautel:nautel -R ${D}13:32
Strike5150What else could it be?13:32
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aV_VI've set KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += "ads7846" but it didn't work. Why?13:35
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nrossiaV_V: did the entry get into you rootfs? /etc/modules-load.d/*.conf13:51
aV_Vnrossi: no, is empty13:52
nrossiaV_V: You have added the "kernel-module-foo" to your image correct?13:55
aV_Vnrossi: I didn't13:55
nrossiaV_V: Well there is your problem ;)13:56
aV_VI need to add it to IMAGE_INSTALL?13:56
nrossiaV_V: yep13:56
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aV_VIn fact, I was searching something like that but didn't find any ads7846 recipe13:57
aV_Vfrom where it come that kernel-module-foo?13:57
nrossiaV_V: "kernel-module-ads7646" would be the name of the package. Assuming though you kernel is configured to compile that as a module13:58
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nrossisorry "kernel-modules-ads7846"13:58
aV_Vnrossi: I thought when u specify packages on IMAGE_INSTALL, then it must be a recipe for that package13:59
nrossiaV_V: IMAGE_INSTALL is packages, kernel-module-* is dynamic packages generated by the kernel14:00
nrossi(kernel recipe)14:00
aV_Vnrossi: Ok, so modules work that way14:01
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #385 of nightly-checkuri is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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eduardas_maV_V, is there a tangible benefit for your application to use the driver as a kernel module instead of making it built-in?14:36
aV_Veduardas_m: hi! Didn't test it yet14:37
aV_VI got 40-50 fps testing cinematicexperience with the builtin version, now I will try the module14:39
JoiFSo how do most people manage their Yocto distribution?14:41
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JoiFWhat I'm thinking is something like: clone poky, create a branch for my own project where I commit my local.conf and bblayers.conf, etc. and then have a script that pulls in external layers (like meta-whatEverINeed)?14:43
rburtondon't commit your local.conf, write a custom distro config that you commit14:44
Strike5150I am receiving the QA host contamination warning even though I've made sure the ownership of the file belongs to user X14:45
rburtonthen your local.conf shoud just be the template with DISTRO=mydistro14:45
Strike5150install -g nautel -o nautel -m 644 ${S}/config.scm      ${D}/nautel/snmp/config.scm14:45
Strike5150I've tried  chown nautel:nautel -R ${D}14:45
Strike5150What else could it be?14:45
*** rajm <rajm!> has joined #yocto14:45
aV_Vrburton: mydistro can be based on poky?14:46
rburtonaV_V: poky is almost nothing over the default14:46
rburtonfeel free to copy poky.conf and delete the bits you don't care about14:47
rburtonie SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS isn't relevant for *your* distro unless you test it on all of those distros14:47
JoiFSo are there any built in mechanisms for pulling in other layers, or was I correct in assuming I would need to manage that myself?14:48
JoiFi.e. pulling in a layer from a git repo or tarball or whatever?14:49
*** manuel__ <manuel__!> has quit IRC14:49
rburtonyour choice14:52
rburtonrepo, git submodules, whatever14:52
JoiFOk.. but how? Where?14:53
*** zibri <zibri!~zibri@2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:febb:9538> has quit IRC14:54
CTtpollard? repo is a tool from google, git submodules is a standard git tool14:54
*** zibri <zibri!~zibri@2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:febb:9538> has joined #yocto14:54
JoiFWe are so far from being on the same page, right now  ;)14:54
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JoiFHow do configure my external/remote layers? Do I just add the URI to BBLAYERS and it pulls it automatically?14:55
JoiFbecause right now, my BBLAYERS are all local directories..14:56
rburtonlayers have to be local directories, yes14:56
CTtpollardYou'd use git submodules/repo/whatever to bring in the layers locally14:56
kergothyou arrange to clone them yourself and point to the local cloned path14:56
* kergoth yawns14:56
JoiFAhh, exactly. So there ISN'T a built-in mechanism to pull them.14:57
kergothindeed, rburton was referring to the third party tools you could use to do it, not built-in mechanisms14:58
rburtonyeah, that's why i said "your choice" :)14:58
JoiFOk, cool14:58
JoiFThanks  :D14:58
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JoiFBoth of you  :)14:58
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kergothtotally OT, but seems interesting14:59
kergothwouldn't be the first time someone tried to replace requirements.txt, but we shall see15:00
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frayJoiF -- check out the new component:
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC15:01
fraywe're working on that to help manage initial project creation.  It uses the layer index (public or your own if you have one) to figure out what to download for a project..15:01
fraythread introducing it:15:01
frayhope is once the public layer index is handling the distro setting, we can look at making this a part of OpenEmbedded itself..15:02
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* CTtpollard would prefer not to rely on Google tools in OE15:03
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto15:03
fraythe program is broken into two parts.. resolving the items and constructing the repo file.  I need to use repo for my own purposes, but I'm open to someone working through the code and doing and alternative for the repo functions15:04
fraycreate a new python module and move the repo, submodule, hg, or whatever into there..15:04
fraythe actual processing of the index and determinging everything needed would be common no matter what the backend is15:05
JoiFAhh, it's using repo.15:05
JoiFDidn't get where CTtpollard was coming from at first15:05
fray(from the people I've talked to over the past few years, repo is the most common approach I've seen.)15:05
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aV_Veduardas_m: I'm getting the same performance testing cinematicexperience with the fscl-community driver15:22
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kergothokay, it's annoying that postinst intercepts are hardcoded to a specific path15:29
kergothmakes it so another layer can't override or extend / add intercepts15:29
kergoththis should really be searching bbpath15:29
rburtonkergoth: i'd love to rewrite the intercept stuff15:32
rburtonso i'd happily review any patches ;)15:33
kergothfound a bug in the gio module cache script, and our poky is locked down at the moment for the mel release :P15:33
kergothugh, even worse than i thought. not only does it not search BBPATH, the intercept dir can't even be overridden, because it's not a varaible15:34
kergoththe .py hardcodes the path15:34
kergothoh, no, i'm blind15:34
JaMadidn't I add variable for that?15:34
kergothPOSTINST_INTERCEPTS_DIR is what i needed15:34
kergothyeah, i missed it :)15:34
JaMaiirc I had to override it even back in dizzy to fix intercepts15:35
JaMagood :)15:35
kergoththanks :)15:35
kergothnot ideal copying the entire dir, but it'll do in a pinch15:35
JaMaI needed to get it backported 3 releases back so I went with least intrusive path :)15:36
kergothHmm, I could probably hack it by injecting a prefunc to do_rootfs in an extra image class to assemble an intercept dir in workdir from BBPATH and then set taht variable to it :)15:36
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kergothhmm, no way to tell at do_rootfs time which intercepts will be run, so either none of them are in file-checksums, or all of them are15:52
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kergothnice, my hack works15:58
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kergothJaMa, rburton:
JaMakergoth: nice16:12
kergothobviously should be revamped more thoroughly upstream, but gets the job done :)16:12
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igor2hi guys, anyone knows what package installs /etc/groups?17:23
igor2I'm getting a problem with a package, when it is been installed on a image via do_rootfs task, it complains telling that the user daemon does not exists17:24
igor2but I have another package that runs chown daemon and it works on do_rootfs17:24
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Strike5150is there a syslog or something similar in poky?  I'm looking at var/log and it seems to belong to root/root.  So if I create a user how can I allow it to write to /var/log18:23
Strike5150other than the obvious :)18:23
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JaMaStrike5150: syslog is provided by busybox18:28
JaMaand there is proper syslog and rsyslog in meta-oe18:28
Strike5150jama: so I just need to include syslog in my image?18:29
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