Friday, 2016-11-25

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dr1337can anyone tell me why poky core-image-base systemd doesn't have the systemd-nspawn command?00:30
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RamoseWhy I am seeing     The TMPDIR: /home/atomar/bin/Sysdk/build/tmp can't be located on nfs.?07:01
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nrossiRamose: because your tmp directory cant be located on a NFS mount. I suspect your home directory is located on a NFS server?07:04
Ramosenrossi: Thanks but How do I check it07:10
nrossiRamose: you mean how to check if a specific directory is located on NFS? try the mount command07:12
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SpaghettiCatGood morning. Does Yocto have bug tracker for packages (i.e. packaging issues), like linux distros do?08:37
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aV_Voff-topic: I'm having issues with nano on minicom, it doesn't display properly. Any hint?08:54
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eduardas_maV_V, I have had problems using nano via serial too... just using vi helps08:59
aV_Veduardas_m: thats too old-school for me >.<09:00
eduardas_mit is not as bad as you might think... also available in basically any Linux environment09:01
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devaReading the docs on kernel incremental config I now know how to enable new features. But the documentation is not clear on how to disable a feature?09:35
devaI am referring to
devaMy guess is that I  have to add the commenetd-out version of the parameter?09:36
devaeg # CONFIG_FOOBAR is not set09:36
devaor should I use CONFIG_FOOBAR=n?09:36
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devaEither way an example in this specific part of the docs will probably help a lot for other users as well09:37
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Ramosenross: Yeah,home directoy is  mounted on NFS10:09
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bluelightningdeva: the "is not set" variant10:45
bluelightningI agree we should improve the documentation if that's not made clear10:46
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pedr0_hia, is this channel active ?12:09
pedr0_I have started to work with Yocto and I am coming from a buildroot mindset, I have just build my image with bitbake core-image-minimal  but I would like to clean the build while keeping the generated toolchain and downloads. What's the right command to feed to bitbake ?12:11
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neverpanicpedr0_: bitbake has what's called the 'sstate' cache, which re-uses anything that didn't change. The typical cleaning is deleting the 'tmp' folder in the build directory12:20
neverpanicThe downloads will be kept, sstate will be kept, and the next build will only build what changed.12:20
pedr0_right, I am also keen in keeping thte toolchain as I do not want to re-build the GCC, would that work in that respect ?12:23
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pedr0_but there is not bitbake command for it is it ? Something like "make clean"12:23
RamoseGetting these Failure expanding variable while bitbake, how it can be debugged12:23
SpaghettiCatDoes Yocto have bug tracker for packages (i.e. packaging issues), like linux distros do? I can't find it12:26
SpaghettiCatOK instead of packages, in Yocto it's "recipes"12:26
rburtonSpaghettiCat: if its a recipe in oe-core (meta/) then bugzilla.yoctoproject.org12:26
rburtonterminology is that a recipe generates packages12:27
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rburtonso source dpkg / rpm spec / bitbake recipe are all the same concept12:27
SpaghettiCatrburton: I see. Thanks for the info. I'm looking for bugs about connman, and I don't see a section for it in bugzilla, so I assume it's not in oe-core12:27
pedr0_I have just removed the build/tmp directory and run the build again, it has just taken 3 minutes, it is hard to believe it recompiled everything but the toolchain. Are you sure ?12:28
rburtonit reused the sstate cache12:31
rburtonso it just restored the built packages, and then build an image12:31
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JoiFWhat Toaster calls a "Project", is that a distro?12:46
rburtonnever used it but i think distro is just a varialbe you set in a distro12:47
rburtoni mean a distro is just the variable you set in a project12:47
JoiFI was just firing up toaster for the first time.. I think I'll leave it alone for now.12:47
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JoiFJust seemed something to mess around with on a Friday afternoon  ;)12:49
JoiFI think I'd rather spend time learning more about the Distro layer. :p12:51
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Guest12601Hi, could anybody hint me in the right direction on how to generate a checksum like sha1sum for my build output via COMPRESS_CMD_sha1sum e.g. in poky/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass. Can't figure it out somehow... :/12:53
Guest12601build output  = my-image.rootfs.tar.bz212:56
Guest12601As the bz2 suffix is also a compression type (COMPRESS_CMD_bz2) I tried "tar.bz2.sha1sum" as IMAGE_FSTYPES, but that didn't work either.12:59
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pedr0_How do I invalid the sstate cache in order to build everyhing but keeping the toolchain and the downloads ?13:12
pedr0_I  just want to be sure my image comes from the latest sources - but I do not want the toolchain to be recompiled and downloads to be fetched again13:14
rburtonrebuilding the toolchain doesn't take very long so the easy way is to just mv the sstate13:14
rburtonyou could delete everything in the sstate folder that isn't in a native directory (named after your distro, or 'universal', so rm sstate/?? -rf13:15
rburtonthat should delete everything that is for the target13:16
graphiqsbibake -c cleansstate , shouldn't that do the trick?13:16
rburtonif you list every recipe that you need to clean, yes13:16
rburtonpersonally i'd rebuild the toolchain too, it's only going to add a few minutes if you want to be sure you rebuild from scratch13:16
graphiqssame for me.13:17
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pedr0_would that result in a re-downloads of all the tarballs ?13:28
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pedr0_can I just build the toolchain so I can have an idea about how long it takes on my machine ?13:29
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pedr0_it's a bit of a pain to rebuild something I do not actually need to, as the toolchain, it looks the quickest way though.13:32
graphiqsyour downloaded tarballs are in a different directory, so a delete of tmp won't delete them13:34
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graphiqsor a delete of sstate.13:35
rburtontarballs are kept in whatever you set DL_DIR to, so if thats under tmp/ then move it13:35
rburtongcc-cross-[arch] binutils-cross-[arch] is most of the toolchain i guess13:36
pedr0_what's the bb command I can issue to get the cross gcc being compiled ?13:37
pedr0_is there any ?13:37
pedr0_I have tried gcc-crosssdk-x86_64 but I am not sure that's the right one13:37
rburtonno, its not13:37
pedr0_what's the right one ?13:38
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rburton"gcc-cross-[arch] binutils-cross-[arch] is most of the toolchain i guess"13:38
pedr0_thanks, let me hava a go13:39
pedr0_is the arch the host's one or the target's one ?13:41
pedr0_nevermind, sorry13:42
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pedr0_sorry for keep hammering newbye's question, but where is the DL_DIR set ? is it in the local.cong ?13:52
pedr0_local.conf file?13:52
graphiqsfor me it is.13:52
pedr0_oks, sorry it was commented out and it points to the {TOPDIR}/download folder13:52
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graphiqsyou sure you are looking at your local.conf and not your local.conf.sample?13:54
pedr0_is there a way to list all the recipes containing in a layer ? and to show all the layers ? :-)13:54
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ash_charlespedr0_: you might find the bitbake-layers tool helpful13:59
ash_charlesi.e. bitbake-layers show-layers13:59
ash_charlesand bitbake-layers show-recipes14:00
ash_charlesto get recipes specific to a layer, you'd need to filter the output a bit I think14:02
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pedr0_btw compiling the cross gcc is taking its bit of time, it has finished now after about 20 minutes on my machine14:03
pedr0_now a lot of time, but some time.14:03
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pedr0_is there a way to show all recipes associated with a certain layer ?14:18
CTtpollardpedr0: you could find/grep inside a layer directory for *.bb14:19
neverpanicpedr0_: It's not really a common usecase, you would usually keep sstate and let bitbake figure out whether something needs to be re-compiled for you. If the sources changed, bitbake will recompile automatically.14:21
pedr0_right, I am keeping pushing this into the way I used to work but I should give up14:22
neverpanicbitbake-layers show-recipes gives you a list of recipes and their layers14:22
pedr0_I was a bit bothered buy the fact that after removing the sstate-cache and tmp directories the toolchain is recompiled, but nevermind14:22
pedr0_yeah :bitbake-layers show-recipes | grep -B 1  'meta-whatever'14:23
pedr0_basically = rm -rf tmp sstate-cache = build from scratch - download_packages14:24
ash_charlespedr0_: it is possible to use an external toolchain if you don't want build it all the time14:24
pedr0_yap, but I won't go for  it as I do not want to overcomplicate the problem for now14:25
ash_charlesthat said, bitbake is pretty good at detecting when rebuilds are needed---I don't find the need to clean build that often14:25
pedr0_how do you manage to get a build out of a CI server ?14:26
pedr0_do you build from scratch all the time ?14:26
pedr0_yeah I do not think I will clean that often in my dev machine14:26
neverpanicUsually, you keep the sstate cache but delete tmp/14:27
neverpanicWithout sstate, CI builds are going to be slow.14:27
ash_charlesI used to run a clean build (i.e. no sstate or tmp but keep the DL_DIR) on a CI server but it could afford to take hours in that case14:27
graphiqsfrom time to time i have to do a clean build if i like it or not...14:30
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eduardas_mhello, I am using TFTP and NFS boot for testing purposes of my Yocto build14:32
pedr0_what is the point in deleting the tmp folder ?14:32
eduardas_mhowever, when I try lsmod I get an error14:33
eduardas_mError: could not get list of modules: No such file or directory14:33
eduardas_meven though I can check that the .ko files exist14:33
eduardas_mon the mounted NFS sysroot14:33
eduardas_many ideas why that can happen?14:33
neverpanicpedr0_: when you move files from one package to another and remove the old package from your build, you'll get a file conflict in the shared sysroot if you don't delete tmp14:35
rburton"I was a bit bothered buy the fact that after removing the sstate-cache and tmp directories the toolchain is recompiled, but nevermind" <— you deleted everything, so yes the toolchain was rebuilt.14:35
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pedr0_yes sorry, bad writing - I was looking for a way where everything BUT the toolchain would get rebuilt and rm the two folders did not make ti14:43
pedr0_make it14:43
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #981 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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eduardas_mI get "mount: only root can mount proc on /proc" during NFS boot. Am I missing a kernel config or something?15:24
ash_charleseduardas_m: are you seeing this error when you do something like 'depmod' on the system?15:25
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eduardas_mI got this during boot15:26
kergotheduardas_m: my guess is you extracted the rootfs as a user, not root, so the ownership is wrong, which breaks setuid binaries15:26
eduardas_myes, I did15:26
eduardas_myou might be right15:26
eduardas_mbtw, kergoth, you are the tslib maintainer, no?15:27
kergothwas, yes, recently it ownership was handed off to someone who actually has touchscreen hardware to test with :)15:27
kergoththe github repo is the same, though15:28
eduardas_mI am actually trying to get my Qt app to work with resistive touchscreen15:28
eduardas_mts_test works wonderfully, but on Qt app there is y axis inversion15:28
eduardas_many ideas?15:29
eduardas_mI know its something with environment variable configuration, but can not get a feel of what it actually is15:29
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hydeHi, is there anybody here, who can educate me about environment (or make?) variable SDKTARGETSYSROOT? For example, should it be set in `bitbake -c devshell...` ? Should it be set automatically, or do I need to set it somehow?15:32
kergoththat variable is set in the environment setup script for the sdk, which is used to do builds without bitbake. it has nothing to do with bitbake builds.15:33
hydeBecause I have a kernel module recipe, which uses it, but fails to compile, because '"__LINUX_ARM_ARCH__" is not defined', and at this point it seems to me, the reason is, that the variable is blank.15:33
kergoththat's not appropriate. a kernel module recipe should inherit module and use the kernel source tree path15:34
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hydeyeah. so what is this "sdk" thing, compared to building with bitbake? (keywords for google or relevant link would be great)15:35
hyde(yocto/openembedded newbie here).15:38
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ash_charleseduardas_m: I've used something like
ash_charleseduardas_m: to invert for X11 but I suspect there is a Qt-specific config15:45
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kergothhyde: an sdk is used for development outside of bitbake. i.e. to build with make and do active development rather than mucking about with recipes15:55
kergothuseful to hand off to app developers who don't want to deal with systems stuff15:55
eduardas_mash_charles, yeah, that is unapplicable in my case since I use Qt with linuxfb15:58
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ash_charleseduardas_m: ah okay---'fraid I don't know a Qt conf off hand16:04
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gjsousaHello everybody!16:05
gjsousaI'm trying to generate an extensible SDK for my image, it complains it can't find the module oe.recipeutils.16:05
gjsousae.g., I get that error if I run bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk_ext16:05
gjsousaHas anyone run into that kinda of problem before?16:05
gjsousaThat happens when it tries running the devtool command16:06
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paulgis there a fix for the getVar mess lurking on some -next branch somewhere?16:43
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas_@> has quit IRC16:44
rburtonwhat mess specifically16:45
paulgException: AttributeError: module '' has no attribute 'getVar'16:45
paulggetting reams of those in the last 2d or so.16:45
paulgon master16:45
paulgI think zeddii mentioned it was some flag day type change that was still making its way through...16:46
rburtonfor what recipes?  oe-core only had one user left which is fixed already, and there's a patch for the two recipes in meta-oe o the list16:47
paulglet me check...16:49
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rburtonthey're fixed in the patch16:51
rburtonsearch oe-devel for patches from RP, it's the latest one16:51
paulgok, guess it has yet to be merged by joe or similar.16:51
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* paulg looks at joeythesaint 16:55
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khempaulg: git-am
khemgm all19:54
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paulgkhem, thanks.19:58
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* vmeson has a reverse epiphany....23:58
vmeson anyway see the email list for ross' epiphany and libwnck4 reverts to morty.23:59

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