Friday, 2016-12-02

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tlwoernerCrofton: what MACHINE were you building for? what BSP were you using?00:43
tlwoernerCrofton: it looks like poky+qemu* are working fine00:43
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #983 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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T_UNIXhm.. so I'm trying to integrate qtquickcompiler into meta-qt stuff (dylan). However, qtquickcompiler fails, because it misses QtCore, though it's in the sysroot. What's the recommended way to work around this?07:33
T_UNIXMy current approach is: do_compile_prepend{export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${OE_QMAKE_PATH_HOST_LIBS}:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"}07:35
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T_UNIXwhich does not work, because those "HOST" directories do not point to the native dirs -.-' so it's ${STAGING_LIBDIR_NATIVE}/${QTDIR} instead of ${OE_QMAKE_PATH_HOST_LIBS}07:47
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graphiqsGood Morning08:18
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aV_Vgood morning08:26
ernstpanyone tried chromium 52 on arm? segfaulting here08:28
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nrossiernstp: Saw the other day someone in this channel was having issues with 'aw snap', your issue might be related?
yoctiBug 1361157: was not found.08:39
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eduardas_mGood morning. I have an interesting problem. I build and test my Qt applications with two Qt kits: one for the desktop and one for the embedded system.09:19
eduardas_mEverything is stored in one project and there are different defines for different systems.09:20
eduardas_mThe defines depend on the kits present on the development host.09:20
eduardas_mBut when I try to build via Yocto the defines related to kits are lost.09:21
eduardas_mBecause the typical gitignore for qt projects makes it so that the .pro.user file is not stored in the git repository...09:21
eduardas_mWhat is the proper way to make sure that a certain platform define statement is present in the source that Yocto checks out?09:22
eduardas_mOr do I simply make a branch in git with a platform.h file that stores the define for a certain platform?09:23
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yann|workto get rid of QtMultimedia and of the pulseaudio dep in qt4, is DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "pulseaudio" the right way ?  That seems to work, but my feelings are mixed...09:42
rburtonthat will ensure you don't use pulseaudio at all (or if pulseaudio sneaks in, should be considered a bug)09:43
rburtonreally pulseaudio should refuse to build if pulseaudio isn't in DISTRO_FEATURES (same way libx11 refuses to build if x11 isn't in DISTRO_FEATURES)09:43
graphiqseduardas_m: why not add something like !.pro.user in your git ignore?09:52
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eduardas_mgraphiqs, because Qt kit configurations can be different on different developer machines10:29
eduardas_mthis file is ignored in the standard qt project gitignore for a reason10:30
eduardas_mi.e. a certain kit may be simply not present, etc.10:30
graphiqsoh okay. i don't know Qt that well10:33
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aV_V isn't there a default recipe that installs a .netowrk file for systemd?11:17
boucman_workaV_V: i'd be suprised if there were11:21
boucman_worksince it's very configuration-specific11:21
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aV_Vboucman_work: I'm talking about /etc/systemd/network/*.network11:27
aV_VI want the same as init-ifupdown recipe does with /etc/network/interfaces11:28
mathieu_laI'm using a systemd.bbappend to install my .network files, not familiar with the init-ifupdown method i will look it up it could be interesting11:29
aV_Vmathieu_la: init-ifupdown is used on sysvinit. I changed to systemd so that why I'm asking11:30
aV_Vso u have created an _install method?11:30
boucman_workaV_V: i personally use connman instead of systemd-networkd, so I can't help11:31
mathieu_layes I have my .network files under version control in my layer and a do_install_append in the recipe11:31
boucman_workbut defining a sane default network configuration for a distro (not an individual computer) is tricky...11:31
aV_Vboucman_work: the idea is to use appends11:32
aV_VI'm not saying to create a generic .netowrk configuration11:32
mathieu_laah because the init-ifupdown can just pickup your network configuration if you add them with FILESEXTRAPATH_append for instance11:33
mathieu_lait seems quite nice and maybe could be applied to systemd as the .network files are always going in /etc/systemd/network/ (I believe)11:34
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eduardas_mboucman_work, if I may ask, what is your motivation for using connman?11:35
eduardas_mI am not good at networking stuff so it would be useful to learn what people are using on embedded platforms and why11:36
boucman_workit works :P11:36
boucman_workmore seriously11:36
boucman_work* ifconfig and co : shell script based, kinda deprecated, causes lots of problems to make it reliable when there are a lot of connect/disconnect11:36
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boucman_work* systemd-networkd : very good for complex setups with multiple VM and cards, not as good when the setups change a lot (wifi, with changing SSID, password management etc...)11:37
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aV_Vmathieu_la: exactly11:38
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eduardas_mmy motivation to use networkd and resolved is to leverage the systemd infrastructure as much as possible11:38
boucman_work* connman, very good where networkd is weak, integrates well with the embedded constraints11:38
eduardas_min the hope of having a very consistent system11:38
rburtoneduardas_m: if networkd fits your needs then that's fine.  connman and networkd basically have opposing goals.11:39
boucman_work* networkmanager : does the job too, but not as comfortable ans connman when you need to have stuff fully automated. It has better UI if you need to have the network configured by a user (most of my projects don't have screens at all, so it's moot for me)11:39
rburtoncomman for for your phone, networkd for your server11:39
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boucman_workthese are my selection criteria in a nutshell11:39
* LetoThe2nd hands rburton his nokia 101 brickphone11:39
LetoThe2ndrburton: REALLY?!?11:39
eduardas_mboucman_work, thanks for the information, was useful11:40
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: :)11:40
eduardas_manyone using the new iwd daemon stuff?11:41
eduardas_mthat is under active development11:41
boucman_workhavn't had a chance yet11:41
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boucman_workwifi is a mess, so having people attempting to clean it up is a good thing. whether iwd will succeed or not is... too early to tell11:42
eduardas_mapparently the iwd code was opened just very recently11:43
eduardas_mso its really early days11:43
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mathieu_lawell with sailfishOS you actually have connman on your phone12:09
graphiqshmmm... thanks for the information guys.12:16
fmeerkoetteri've compiled an sdk for the core-minimal image12:18
fmeerkoetteri've installed the resulting sdk12:19
fmeerkoetternow i want to use the resulting gdb12:19
fmeerkoetteri've source the sdk enviroment12:19
fmeerkoettergdb now gives me: Python Exception <class 'NameError'> Installation error: gdb.execute_unwinders function is missing:12:19
fmeerkoetterstackoverflow tells me that this typically happends with self-compiled gdbs where something is missing12:20
fmeerkoetterany idea how to fix this with poky?12:20
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m4hoHi, how can i set automake options in a recipe? especially AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE is something I am interested in13:03
eduardas_mI have a QA issue: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:13:04
eduardas_mI basically tell to install executable to /home/root13:04
eduardas_mduring do_install()13:04
eduardas_mthis somehow breaks package generation...not sure why13:05
graphiqsFILES_${PN} =" /home/root/<file names> "13:05
graphiqsit makes sure every file has a package, so that if you update or remove the package, it know which files to modify13:06
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eduardas_mgraphiqs, thanks, but just adding that line with my executable name did not help13:07
eduardas_mI did a bitbake -c clean on the recipe before rebuilding13:08
eduardas_mstill same error13:08
eduardas_m1 installed and not shipped files.13:08
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eduardas_moops, wrong recipe file XD13:09
graphiqscan you post the errror and the .... okay13:09
graphiqsdoes it work non?13:09
graphiqsgod dammit13:09
eduardas_mwell, now I have a different error13:10
eduardas_m The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used.13:11
graphiqscan you post the error?13:12
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graphiqs"Please check the log '/home/eduardas/BigDisk/var-mx6ul-mx7-yocto-krogoth/build-fb-fods/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-neon-poky-linux-"13:16
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graphiqsthis isn't related to the files thing, it's a different issue in you recipe afaik.13:17
graphiqsor your Apps Makefiles13:17
graphiqsdid you link it correctly?13:19
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eduardas_myes.. I pretty much need to look at the source13:20
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graphiqsthat's where i love sublimes search in folder thing.13:26
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eduardas_mgraphiqs, apparently its my colleague using his development host headers during cross-compilation13:31
graphiqsthe more you know13:33
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #646 of nightly-deb-non-deb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
eduardas_mgraphiqs, yeah, that was the problem... resolved by using pkg-config in the pro file13:37
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #347 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
eduardas_meven though my package explicitly requires qtbase in recipe, I still get a qa warning ...13:55
eduardas_mwhat is file-rdeps?13:55
eduardas_mI need to sepcify the rdeps for my binary , not onl the package?13:55
eduardas_mI need some kind of RDEPENDS_file-rdeps-AppName = "qtbase" ?14:00
kergothno, that's not needed. the qa warning is when the automatically determined file rdeps don't match up with your recipe's dependencies (DEPENDS/RDEPENDS)14:01
kergothso it's the latter you need to fix, not the former14:01
eduardas_mthe package and executable require
eduardas_mI already have RDEPENDS_${PN} += "qtbase"14:02
kergothyou also haven't shown the actual error message14:02
kergoththat i can see, anyway14:02
eduardas_mand I checked that the library is in that package14:02
kergothhuh, apparently nativesdk doesn't work with INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS, and therefore allarch. you have to explicitly override BASEDEPENDS. something to do with the extend class mappings14:03
kergothguessing its an ordering problem14:03
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eduardas_mkergoth, you lost me there... can that just be solved via a few lines in my .bb recipe?14:06
kergoththe last two things i said had nothing to do with you. you aren't using a nativesdk recipe14:07
kergothwas an unrelated bug14:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1016 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1019 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
fmeerkoetteri try to tweak the compile flags for a single recipe via my local.conf.14:25
fmeerkoetteri tried "TARGET_CFLAGS_append_pn-rrdtools = "-DSOMEFUNKYFLAG""14:26
fmeerkoetterbut that seems to be wrong14:26
fmeerkoetterhow do i do this?14:26
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graphiqswrite a bbappend for the package14:26
fmeerkoettergraphiqs: do i have to?14:26
graphiqsit's recommended14:27
fmeerkoetteri know14:27
fmeerkoetterbut i want to learn what i can14:27
fmeerkoetterits this specific bit i am after14:27
fmeerkoettershould this work?14:27
graphiqsthat, i can't say for certain.14:28
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #327 of nightly-musl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
graphiqsthink about it this way, you are trying to set a setting for a single package in a file that affects ALL packages.14:31
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #996 of buildtools is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Strike5150Mornin,  I have a recipe complaining about missing License file but the license is there, any ideas?
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fmeerkoettergraphiqs: understood. its not scaleable. but its nice for a quick hack (for example disabling the optimizer, building with a sanitizer, etc...)15:10
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aV_Vis possible to get a 5-6 seconds of boot time with sysvinit? and it's too hard to get that?15:22
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eduardas_maV_V, I haven't tried boot time optimization myself... from what I've read, an uncompressed kernel helps for slower processors15:26
eduardas_malso kernel size can usually be reduced15:27
eduardas_mbecause I have noticed my BSP kernel default configs include a lot of drivers I do not really need15:27
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eduardas_mas far as I understand the initialization of some userspace processes can be deferred to boot to userspace faster15:31
eduardas_mthat is what I am planning to use systemd for in the future15:31
eduardas_mhaven't really gotten to it yet15:32
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fmeerkoetteris there anything special i have to do to build a (gcc) toolchain which has the address sanitizer?15:38
fmeerkoettersysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/libexec/arm-oe-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-oe-linux-gnueabi/6.2.0/ld: cannot find libasan_preinit.o: No such file or directory15:38
fmeerkoettersysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/libexec/arm-oe-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-oe-linux-gnueabi/6.2.0/ld: cannot find -lasan15:39
fmeerkoetter^ is what i get when trying to use it15:39
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kergothRP: uhh, i just wrote a ConfigParsed event handler in a bbclass added to INHERIT, this class does a .appendVar(). If i examine bitbake -e <some recipe>, it shows [5392 operations] for the variable. ConfigParsed was fired for every single recipe, and all of them retained for each16:08
kergothRP: ever seen this?16:08
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*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto16:13
jdkHello, I have a quick question about adding the FTP utility to my image.  I've included with my image, and I do have some of the libraries included by that recipe.  However, I am still missing most, including ftp.  What else do I need to do to properly configure this package?16:15
kergothRP: nevermind. wow. we really need to make eventmask mandatory at some point. i typoed the flag set, and it was being run for every recipe we have :)16:15
kergothRP: s/recipe/event/16:16
rburtonkergoth: this is RPs answering service, he's on leave today but no doubt will return this evening16:17
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas_@> has quit IRC16:17
kergothhehe, fair enough16:17
kergothgoddamnit, even with eventmask fixed, it's still running multiple times and doing the append multiple times16:18
*** tlk <tlk!d997f20e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:20
* fray needs to remember to ping RP's answering service in the future.. ;)16:20
tlkHi! I am trying to add a new task after 'do_deploy' in my recipe. Is there anything special to do?16:21
frayadd task name after do_deploy before <other task>16:21
tlkI have added mytask() { ... } at the end of the recipe. And then 'addtask mytask after do_deploy'16:21
frayyou can skip the 'before ...' but then you have to manually run the task16:21
kergothwithout 'before', it won't run by default, only with -c16:21
kergothfray: :)16:21
frayi.e. bitbake -c mytask ...16:21
tlkOh, I see16:21
tlkbut do_deploy is the last task, right?16:22
kergoththe default task when -c isn't specified is do_build16:22
tlkhow can I add it after do_deploy, before 'end'?16:22
kergothaka do_${BB_DEFAULT_TASK}16:22
frayyou can do a do_deploy_append ...16:22
frayand isn't there a postfunc setting as well?16:22
kergothso no, do_deploy isn't the final task16:22
kergothyeah, postfunc would do too. really depends on what you're trying to do16:22
tlkIs a task for signing/encrypting the artifacts which should only modify the already deployed artifacts16:22
frayI thought someone had come up with a signing (package) method already16:23
frayor are you signing other content?16:23
tlk"<kergoth> so no, do_deploy isn't the final task" which is the final task?16:23
kergothi just told you16:23
tlkfray is quite specific, for firmware images (U-Boot, etc)16:23
kergothlook up about 10 lines16:23
frayIn some of my implementations, I did that signing as part of the image generation.. not the package/deploy side16:24
kergothwhy modify the deployed artifacts rather than the generated image?16:25
tlkOh, sorry kergoth I didn't saw it16:25
kergothseems like an image postfunc or a task before do_image_complete would be better16:25
* kergoth shrugs16:25
tlkI will give a try adding 'before do_build'16:25
tlkkergoth thanks for the suggestion, I will think about it in my context. I am not sure yet what would be the best thing to do16:25
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kergothoh for fuck's sake man16:57
* kergoth grumbles16:57
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kergothtoday is not my day17:02
rburtontime for a pint instead?17:03
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fraypint sounds good.. but it's only 11am here.. :P17:04
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deuplohello #yocto19:15
deuploI have question of simple19:17
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deuplowhat is the best way for me to make GUI interfaces on a raspberry pi 3 yocto build?19:18
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*** deuplo is now known as deup19:20
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deuphi everyone! happy friday!19:21
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deupwhats the best IDE for me to make interactive GUIs with a yocto build on a raspberry pi 3?19:26
*** igor2 <igor2!~igor@> has joined #yocto19:26
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JoiFdeup: I think your questions are a little bit misguided and/or being asked at the wrong place.19:41
*** ntl <ntl!> has quit IRC19:41
deuppossibly, I'm getting help in another chan, thanks though!19:42
deupI'm a bit new to this realm, so forgive me19:42
JoiFNo problem  :)19:42
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JoiFdeup: If you have any Yocto questions, go ahead and blast them right here, this is the place  :)19:52
*** jonmason <jonmason!sid36602@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto19:52
JoiFBut I'm not sure the guys here have much to do with IDEs or GUIs in general. But I do know that there are lots of example recipes for building Qt projects into your build. And Qt has lots of nice features for embedded systems.19:53
deupI feel stupid asking this one, but I need to: Why should I build an OS for an RPI3, over using Debian? My end goal is a fullscreened GUI that takes data from temp sensors, some HID devices, some human keyboard input, and outputs it all to databases.19:53
*** roxell_ <roxell_!> has quit IRC19:54
deupit's for in house QA data gathering, will probably change over time, as most GUIs do. My boss wants a yocto build, but I'm hesitant after looking into it19:54
JoiFAre you going for mass-pruduction where you need to flash lots of devices on a production line?19:54
deupno, it's just to be a tool, for use on a mass production line, lol19:54
JoiFFor a one-off unit, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to me.19:55
deupwe might make a good 10-20 of them19:55
deupbut yeah19:55
JoiFBut your boss may (or may not) have a hidden agenda where he wants you to familiarize yourself with Yocto in case he's got some other future project in mind.19:55
deupoh, good point....19:55
Strike5150Hello,  I have a recipe complaining about missing License file but the license is there, any ideas?
JoiFKeep in mind: Yocto is not a distribution. It's a build system.19:55
deupsince we do mass production with embedded windows, and he wants to get away from windows embedded...19:56
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel@> has quit IRC19:56
JoiFIn that case you should perhaps go elbow deep into Yocto.  ;)19:56
deupyeah, I think he has a hidden agenda now that I think about it, lol19:56
deupthanks for the help there, I hadn't thought about it that way19:57
JoiFNo problem, dude  :)19:57
JoiFI actually have to go AFK19:57
JoiFTake care  :)19:57
fmeerkoetteri currently try to enable the coredumper feature of systemd19:59
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel@> has joined #yocto20:00
fmeerkoetterits available via a PACKAGECONFIG20:00
fmeerkoettermy first attempt was PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-systemd = " coredump" in local.conf20:00
fmeerkoetterno effect20:00
fmeerkoetternext i tried a bbappend file with this content:20:01
fmeerkoetterPACKAGECONFIG_append = " coredump"20:01
fmeerkoetterit gets picked up20:01
*** roxell <roxell!~roxell@linaro/roxell> has joined #yocto20:01
fmeerkoetteran the builder warns me about an invalid packageconfig20:01
fmeerkoetterwhich is strange (at least to me) bc there is:[coredump] = "--enable-coredump,--disable-coredump"20:02
fmeerkoetterhow do i debug this?20:02
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RPrburton: thanks :)22:12
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel@> has joined #yocto22:13
RPkergoth: that does sound odd/worrying. I know we part the base config multiple times so is it possible the history just isn't getting reset?22:13
RPI did look into why it was doing multiple times but gave up for some reason when I found out why, can't remember what that was now though :/22:13
kergothpossible, i'll open an issue. it's fairly minor, easy to work around. something we should dig further into eventually though22:13
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