Wednesday, 2016-12-07

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kergothanyone else seeing qemu segfault in the update_fonts_cache postinst intercept?03:30
kergotheven with the qemux86-64 MACHINE03:30
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vicamohi there04:51
vicamoI know it has been asked once in 2014, but how to enable ccache globally exactly?04:51
vicamolast time it’s mentioned on irc, but it seems no one answered this04:52
vicamoccache is critical for rebuilding yocto from scratch within CI04:53
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paulg  CI ?04:58
* paulg thought a kick arse multi core xeon was critical for rebuilding yocto from scratch04:59
paulgkergoth, so -- our distro sanity tests have some gaps ; thanks for the prodding ;  will send some improvement patches tomorrow.05:01
paulgwhere "our" = yocto/oe05:02
kergothnp, glad you nailed it down05:02
paulgsurprisingly (to me) we just go numb and emit nothing if the supported distro list is blank;  one of my patches adds a bbwarn for that.05:03
kergothI could see someone wanting to explicitly disable host support checking entirely, if they're using local development distro and just don't care, so it'd be good to have a way to indicate that it's empty on purpose and don't want to see a warning for it. i.e. have a separate var to enable/disable the check vs emptying the list05:07
* kergoth ponders05:07
vicamopaulg: multi core xeon is not affordable for everyone05:09
vicamoand sometimes you just don’t have the access to replace cpu on the CI workstations05:10
vicamoanyway, that’s not the problem. Yocto requires ccache being installed in its installation steps05:11
vicamoso, how do people turn on that ccache support at all?05:12
vicamoif that’s no longer the prefered way, then probably yocto should remove ccache from its prerequisites and add multi core xeon processors05:13
kergothhuh? ccache does not have to be installed, it's not required in any way shape or form. just set CCACHE = "ccache " to enable it05:13
kergothi can't imagine ccache is of that much use with sstate, though maybe it helps when a metadata change ripples outward and invalidates a good chunk of the sstates in a given dependency graph05:14
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kergothalso, yocto is an umbrella project, it doesn't require anything. perhaps you're referring to poky, yocto's reference distribution, or the poky repository, which includes various open source components (oe-core, meta-yocto, bitbake)05:15
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paulgvicamo, the xeon comment was 1/2 in jest.  I've done recent builds on a 2007 vintage core2-duo.  They are fine ; they just take something like six hours instead of one hour.05:16
vicamokergoth: my problem is around ccache, not sstate.05:17
paulgand yeah, that is with no ccache and no sstate  -- fully from scratch05:17
kergothi have no idea what you're talking about. again, ccache is optional, and again, enabling it is trivial05:17
vicamopaulg: I have one workstation that finishes in half an hour, but that’s not good enough for me05:17
kergothi only bring up sstate because it provides task level binary artifact caching, partially reducing the need/value of ccache05:18
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kergothif half an hour isn't good enough, you're in for a rough ride. rebuilding half a linux distro is going to take a while no matter what you do05:18
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paulgI used to play with ccache and distcc but post 2010 I found it simply was not worthwhile.05:18
vicamokergoth: no, exporting CCACHE doesn’t seem to enable ccache. No tmp/ccache folder is created.05:18
kergothit's not exported at all05:19
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kergothit's set in the metadata05:19
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kergothset CCACHE = "ccache " in local.conf or your distro .conf05:19
vicamokergoth: I know it’s gonna take a while, but since I haven’t successfully try ccache, I’d like to know its limit.05:19
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paulgfair warning ; last time I poked at ccache it had a cache size limit that was truly 1998 vintage.05:21
vicamokergoth: tried setting CCACHE in local.conf, gives “Please install the following missing utilities: C Compiler (ccache gcc ),C++ Compiler (ccache g++ )”05:21
paulgso if you dont enlarge that beyond the tiny default you will get all of the overhead and none of the cache benefits....05:21
vicamoso there must be some formal way to enable ccache?05:21
kergothvicamo: that's just a bug in the sanity checker05:22
kergothsetting CCACHE is the "formal way"05:22
kergoththere's just a bug, no doubt becuase hardly anyone bothers with ccache anymore05:22
paulgyah, seriously just run without it and then try to prove to yourself that enabling it in some way saves you time.05:23
paulgI expect you won't be able to justify the latter part of the above sentence.05:23
paulgeverybody has a different use case so maybe you'll prove us wrong, but start by capitalizing on the experience here....05:24
vicamopaulg: I recompiles yocto from a clean clone for CI. So there is no such thing called sstate in this case.05:24
vicamopaulg: I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m saying yocto supports ccache, so it’s supposed to work out of box.05:25
kergothThat really doesn't make a great deal of sense. If you're retaining your ccache dir between CI builds, then you can retain sstate between CI builds. trivial.05:25
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vicamokergoth: so in order to preserve sstate blobs, which folders do you suggest me to save?05:26
kergothsee the SSTATE_DIR variable05:27
kergothsee also SSTATE_MIRRORS, which lets you pull from a remote mirror location rather than local path. whichever is easiest for you05:27
vicamokergoth: but SSTATE_DIR doesn’t contain built binaries, how does it serve as the role ccache does?05:31
kergothwhat are you talking about?05:31
kergothSSTATE_DIR contains tarballs of built binaries05:31
kergoththat's the whole point05:31
kergothit archives all the output for its task. not individual objects, but the final output.05:31
kergothi.e. all the files put into the sysroot for the recipe are in the do_populate_sysroot sstate archive05:31
kergoththe metadata is checksummed, so it knows when it can use it and when it and its dependent tasks need to be re-run instead05:32
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vicamokergoth: thanks, I’ll check this again05:33
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madhavHello all was able to add the gcc compiler05:37
madhavCan we be able the source code05:38
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eduardas_mHello. Does anyone have a working bitbake recipe that successfully builds and packages qwt for qt5?09:19
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yannINHERIT_linux-yocto += "ccache"  in local.conf does not seem to have the same effect as adding "inherit ccache" in a .bbappend, is that normal ?09:28
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vicamokergoth: thanks, preserving sstate-cache finishes the second build in one minute09:45
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ondra__Hi, I have some  kerenel fragments and patches in BSP layer (meta-testBSP/recipes-kernel/linux/files) and everything works. But I would like to split the files to subdirectories e.g. meta-testBSP/recipes-kernel/linux/files/fragments and /patches.09:58
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ondra__I tried several solutions, but I wasn't succesfull.. Does anybody have any suggestion how it could be done?09:59
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graphiqsfile://fragments/<filename> ?10:12
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eduardas_mmy problem is that when I do oe_runmake install INSTALLROOT=${D} SBINDIR=${sbindir} MANDIR=${mandir} INCLUDEDIR=${includedir} I get permission denied because make tries to create a directory in /usr/local10:16
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eduardas_mI checked the makefile in my work folder10:16
eduardas_mit  uses INSTALLROOT10:17
eduardas_mso I am confused why this is not working10:17
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ondra__I tried that, but it will also automatically creates "fragments" directory in /tmp/work-shared/test/kernel-source/.meta/cfg/ and then bitbake ends with "ERROR: could not sanitize configuration fragments" during do_kernel_configme10:18
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graphiqsyou could try subdir10:24
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adrianf0Hi, how to maintain configuration of the given custom image ? Is the only way to store in the repository bblayers.conf  and local.conf files ? I think toaster could be convinient for that, however it's measing an option to dump the configuration file (*.json) which later could be restored on another build machine. What is the common way to solve it ?10:30
graphiqseduardas_m: guess: did you mean to use the ${STAGING_INCDIR} ?10:31
LetoThe2ndadrianf0: split it into the things that are DISTRO related, MACHINE related and IMAGE related, then create a custom distro, machine and image for your use case, and pack those up in a layer.10:32
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adrianf0LetoThe2nd: Thank you. I understand I can create my custom distro, which will use a specific machine and packages, right ? Having such a custom distro, is there any common way to automatically add the dependency layers into conf/bblayers.conf and set (if needed) conf/ layer.conf ? Usually, such custom distro would come with some script  which would perform that ? Is there any convention for name and location of such script ?10:48
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LetoThe2ndadrianf0: hm, close. distro and machine should be orthogonal, so the distro should contain things that define your ABI. the machine, on the other hand, should contain the things that make everything work on your particular hardware.10:51
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LetoThe2ndadrianf0: and automated creation of local.conf/bblayers.conf for a given defined target is subject of many discussions these days. many people use repo in some form, you might want to look at the layers for fresscale/imx which do serve as a nice example.10:52
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eduardas_mgraphiqs, thanks a lot for the reply... its is now clear to me I was doing something really stupid11:09
eduardas_moe_runmake install INSTALL_ROOT=${D} actually works11:09
adrianf0LetoThe2nd: Did you mean meta-resin-fsl-arm layer ? Others from freescale are only BSP.11:09
eduardas_mthe thing was that the makefile for qwt requires INSTALL_ROOT and not INSTALLROOT11:09
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eduardas_mI was one symbol short11:09
*** boucman_work1 <boucman_work1!> has joined #yocto11:10
eduardas_mnot sure what  ${STAGING_INCDIR} does11:10
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yannrburton: d'oh, thx!11:29
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yannrburton: hm, that does add ccache, but it removes everything previously in INHERIT - not even those added with INHERIT+= (rm_work and the like) but also package_ipk, sstate, etc11:36
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yannand INHERIT_pn-linux-yocto += "${INHERIT} ccache" is seen as a self-reference11:39
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zzerooDoes anybody here work with:
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #633 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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rburtonyann: += "ccache"12:51
rburtonerm, _append = " ccache", even12:51
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*** RP1 is now known as RP12:57
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eduardas_mI would like to ask something: what are you more inclined to use: chromium with javascript frameworks for embedded platforms or native qt solutions?13:06
eduardas_mbecause I get the impression people are often using chromium with javascript for embedded even though it might be overkill for the application itself13:07
eduardas_mI understand people want to leverage the abundance of available web developers and web frameworks13:08
eduardas_mbut sometimes there are usecases where power consumption is an issue on handheld devices13:08
falk0neduardas_m: maybe even for embedded people are not so much worried about performance and are more worried about how many programmers I will have that can program in this language13:08
eduardas_mand you can not afford a GPU and OpenGL13:08
falk0neduardas_m: (exactly)13:09
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eduardas_mfalk0n, I get all that, but I have no grasp of the ratio here... how niche are handheld devices that do everything with qt5 and linuxfb for example?13:11
eduardas_mbecause when I talk to people I get the impression I am the only one trying to do things without a GPU13:12
eduardas_mwhich can not be true13:12
rburtonlots of boards have no gpu but lots also have very capable gpus13:13
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!d4d3bd3c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:13
rburtonif you don't have a capable gpu then you'll need to ensure you pick software that doesn't expect GLES etc13:13
*** Nilesh_ <Nilesh_!uid116340@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto13:14
falk0nmaybe its not only you but, sometimes does decisions come from above (bosses) and for them that the amount of human resources is more important than performance13:15
eduardas_mrburton, I was asked to try and do things with imx6UL without a GPU because of power requirements...13:15
eduardas_mwe want a handheld device to last for long in the field13:15
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1026 of nightly-x86 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
eduardas_mdoes anyone have a recommendation for a plotting solution that handles lots of points efficiently without OpenGL requirements?13:17
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto13:17
eduardas_mand preferably has a well-maintained recipe on the OE index?13:17
rburtongtk? cairo directly?13:18
rburtonqt5 doesn't need gl for everything13:18
eduardas_mrburton, I am aware of that... it satisfies most of my needs13:18
eduardas_mactually, I have just finished debugging my qwt recipe that now builds with qt5 linuxfb13:19
eduardas_mnow I need to make my qt5 SDK use it somehow13:19
eduardas_mrburton, they both work directly with framebuffer? how many people actually implement their plotting this way? I guess not that many...13:21
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: we for example are rendering directly to a DRM plane13:21
zzerooeduardas_m: And here we use a wayland/ weston window manager with a gtk3 app.13:23
rburtoneduardas_m: both on x11 on a framebuffer13:23
eduardas_mLetoThe2nd, is that fundamentally different from how linuxfb works on qt5?13:23
rburtonnobody bothered to maintain gtk3 on directfb13:23
rburton(or wayland)13:23
LetoThe2ndeduardas_m: um yes? no qt involved?13:23
eduardas_mI am not familiar with DRM... that confused me a bit13:24
eduardas_mDRM plane is the same thing as fb device, no?13:25
LetoThe2ndroughly, yes.13:26
eduardas_mzzeroo, do you do any serious plotting in the gtk3 app?13:27
zzerooIt depends what you mean with serious plotting. Here we have a gas detection systemd where wo draw a user interface with some graphs. No 3d acceleration or something like that needed.13:30
zzeroos/systemd/system >< But the system is with systemd, wayland, weston and gtk3. Nothing else ^^13:31
eduardas_mwait, wayland/weston builds without OpenGL just like x11 does, no?13:31
viengelmI have a working yocto build with matchbox for raspberry pi 2. I wanted to trim it down a little, but now I get "QA Issue: glibc-locale: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package" all the time.13:32
viengelmalso after deleting tmp, sstate-cache etc.13:32
zzerooviengelm: Include the files in FILES
eduardas_mzzeroo, by serious plotting I mean like 600 000 points with zoom in capability13:34
zzerooeduardas_m: No I haven't :)13:34
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has joined #yocto13:36
viengelmzzeroo: I'd rather not include them (as I said, I am trying to trim it down)... I'm mostly wondering how/why they get where they are when they aren't included then. Why would a recipe do such a thing?13:36
eduardas_mzzeroo, since you're using systemd, what are your motivations for using it? I am also building my distro with it13:36
eduardas_mit would be interesting to hear what other people think of systemd on embedded13:37
eduardas_many common problems with it for embedded applications?13:38
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eduardas_mmy motivation is basically just to make my machine more accessable to developers who are used to desktop and server distros (that usually involve systemd)13:39
zzerooeduardas_m: It's more modern, faster and I have to formulate some dependencies in startup which I could only under systemd get running so fine. I like systemd and I use it heavy in all my projects.13:39
jkueduardas_m: wayland itself depends on very little but weston needs opengl13:40
*** adrianf0 <adrianf0!808deacb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:40
eduardas_mjku, wayland is unusable without weston, no?13:40
eduardas_mI am absolutely not familiar with this13:41
jkueduardas_m: in the sense that weston is the only compositor shipped with yocto13:41
jkuI'm guessing the other compositors require opengl as well...13:42
rburtoni *think* there are ways to run weston without GL now13:42
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eduardas_mthank you for the information, everyone... this has been very educational13:46
boucman_work1eduardas_m: I use systemd on deep-embedded a lot13:46
boucman_work1and, honestly, it's pretty good13:47
boucman_work1one of the pb we have with systemV in general is robustness. not sso much that systemV crashes, it's pretty solid nowdays, but it's almost impossible to have a system that properly reacts to network down and back up, various timmeouts, USB plug and unplug, wifi coming and going13:48
boucman_work1all that in shell scripts as systemV more or  less forces you to do13:48
boucman_work1so systemd's system is a great way to save some sanity13:49
boucman_work1stuff like socket activation, timer activation, dependencies on device units, watchdog on services are awesome, but just the fact that it can properly stop and restart services is already a major selling point13:49
eduardas_mboucman_work1, yes...those are the same features that I also find attractive when I read systemd documentation13:54
boucman_work1the big downside of systemd is mainly (convincing your devs to) relearn how to do stuff13:55
zzerooboucman_work1: Full Ack, not to forget the log abilities13:55
boucman_work1zzeroo: agreed, but technically that's not systemd, it's journald :P13:55
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boucman_work1and if we talk about the whole systemd galaxy, i'd like to sell d-bus, which is pretty awesome too13:56
zzerooboucman_work1: ^^13:56
* boucman_work1 has discovered bustle, to make sequence diagrams out of d-bus... and then include them directly into the customer documentation13:57
boucman_work1next to the SVG with the whole boot process decomposed :)13:57
eduardas_mwell, you can have d-bus without systemd13:58
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eduardas_mand I think there is a separate bootchard tool outside of systemd that does similar stuff13:58
eduardas_mbut yes, integration is very nice13:59
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boucman_work1eduardas_m: I think the other bootchartd is about measuring the boot time of the kernel, not of userspace (but I may be wrong)14:08
rburtonthe systemd bootchart is a clear evolution of the standalone one14:09
rburtonusing the improved data you can get when in systemd14:09
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto14:12
* graphiqs compiles a image with systemd14:14
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eduardas_mboucman_work1, I was talking about bootchart 2 by Michael Meeks14:16
eduardas_mand it does userspace too14:16
eduardas_mas far as I can tell14:16
eduardas_mand there's also an OE recipe14:16
eduardas_mhaven't tried it myself though14:17
boucman_work1havn't used that forr a long time, I have to admit...14:19
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vapulaare there any OS other than Linux that Yocto supports? or that exists?14:31
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto14:36
LetoThe2ndvapula: do you mean running an openembedded/poky build *ON* something other than linux, or *producing* something other than linux?14:36
LetoThe2ndvapula: the former is kind-of supported through the CROPS project which utilizes docker containers, the later not at all.14:36
vapulaproducing something other than linux14:36
vapulasay, freertos, qnx, or something else14:37
LetoThe2ndnope, i've never heard of such a thing.14:37
vapulait's interesting that the Yocto material (code and docs) are totally generic, yet only Linux is supported as generation target14:39
LetoThe2ndvapula: i'd say that the code is all but generic14:39
LetoThe2ndas it has extensive special cases and infrastructure for the linux kernel14:40
adcaHi, does anyone know if is possible to use 2 kmeta repos and have reference/include scc file from a repo to other? For example to create a new bsp(new kmeta repo) but include standard ktype,...14:41
LetoThe2ndvapula: plus, always remember that yocto is (only) an umbrella project and you are most likely referring to the openembedded build system, respectively the poky distribution that uses it.14:41
vapulaLetoThe2nd: sure, but actually is OpenEmbedded also Linux-specific? Couldn't you have a FreeBSD OE?14:42
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1018 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
LetoThe2ndvapula: anything I just said holds especially true for OE. but of course, its only software. i don't think its impossible to add freebsd or minix as kernels, it just is not there at the moment. and i'd say that its fairly advanced to go for that.14:44
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abelloniisn't zephyr compiled using OE ?14:57
LetoThe2ndabelloni: the sdk is built using OE14:57
LetoThe2ndbasically its just baking 4 or 5 toolchains for different architectures, bundling them up, done.14:58
abelloniok :)14:58
LetoThe2ndAFAIK zephyr itself uses the Kbuild/Kconfig style14:59
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nrossiadca: you can, for an example have a look at how the meta-xilinx layer which uses multiple kmeta to support linux-yocto and linux-xlnx with a common BSP config repo (
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adcanrossi: thanks, I will have alook! for some reason config.queue is empty when I include from newbsp.scc the standard.scc(from yocto-kernel-cache).15:09
*** Snert_ <Snert_!> has joined #yocto15:11
nrossiadca: there are some rules about how the kmeta stuff picks up the root .scc, so make sure its doing that. The config.queue, meta-series, etc files should help debugging though.15:13
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Ox4hello gusy, could somebody help me with do_rootfs function failure: ?15:59
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eduardas_mhow do I make the files of an additional package appear in the meta-toolchain-qt5 sysroot?16:06
eduardas_mfor example, by qwt recipe builds packages libqwt-dev and libqwt-features16:06
eduardas_mI bbappend my qwt-qt5 recipe to meta-toolchain-qt516:07
rburtoni've no idea why meta-qt5 has its own toolchain stuff, but bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk will generate a toolchain for your image16:07
rburtonso if myimage has qwt in, your toolchain has qwt-dev16:07
eduardas_mrburton, without a qmake for cross-compilation IIRC16:07
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #436 of nightly-uclibc is complete: Failure [failed SendErrorReport] Build details are at
igor1if you want to install this packages on the host sysroot, set the TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK with the packages you want16:07
rburtonTOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASKS += nativesdk-qmae?16:08
rburton(add the k)16:08
eduardas_migor1, rburton thank you, will look into it16:09
*** ojdo <ojdo!~ojdo@unaffiliated/ojdo> has joined #yocto16:12
eduardas_mso I need basically three text files I need to ship with the libqwt-dev package that are not packaged with it automatically16:12
eduardas_mhow can I force bitbake to add them to this package during do_package?16:13
igor1bbappend libqwt appending do_install task and FILES_${PN}-dev16:14
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1002 of buildtools is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
igor1with the files you want16:14
eduardas_migor1, thanks16:15
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eduardas_mI expected that stuff I added to the libqwt-dev package via FILES_${PN}-dev += " usr/features " to be present on the sysroot the SDK installs16:41
eduardas_mbut its not there16:41
eduardas_mit is present in the package itself as I have checked16:42
eduardas_mI naively expected meta-toolchain-qt5 to take everything that package has16:43
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koletoI’m looking for abd and fastboot executables for yocto on Intel Edison? Is there anything available out there?16:55
igor1eduardas_m: did you see the nativesdk-libqwt-dev or libqwt-dev?16:56
igor1on the sdk, you installs nativesdk-packages16:56
eduardas_migor1, interesting information, thank you16:59
eduardas_mwill investigate tomorrow16:59
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas_@> has quit IRC16:59
yannrburton:  _append = " ccache" also ends up with just INHERIT = " ccache" according to "bb show" - and so does _append += " ccache" (which I'm not sure makes any sense at all anyway, tried just in case ;)17:01
rburtonINHERIT_append_pn-[recipename] = " ccache"17:02
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kergothHmm, anyone played much with x32 builds? have a pile of local fixes, and still a couple failures remaining17:10
rburtonoh yay17:10
rburtoni filed a bug just last week saying "world doesn't work"17:10
yoctiBug 10697: normal, Medium, 2.3 M2, saul.wold, NEW , x32 world build fails badly17:11
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NathanI_hello, i'm having a gcc_runtime build error with Jethro.
NathanI_anyone able to have a look?19:07
NathanI_build config:
rob_wis that the compile log from a single packkage ?19:08
NathanI_yeah, gcc-runtime_5.2.bb19:09
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NathanI_problem solved. I'm compiling the agl distro, and they have a workaround for an issue with rust, this workaround was causing the issue19:41
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hecmundoHi! Has anybody worked with the meta-web-kiosk layer? I'm having issues with the webkitgkt compilation...22:10
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lamegohalstead: Are you around?22:48
halsteadlamego I'm online but not totally available at the moment.22:49
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lamegohalstead: Got it. Please take a look at my latest email when you have the time. thx22:50
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halsteadlamego I will check those 3 things and get back to you.22:52
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mattsmdoes BBMASK prevent parsing a recipe, or just remove it after the fact?23:32
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